Okay, so this is my first ever Avengers fic, and first ever Avengers/Percy Jackson crossover fanfic. I also planned for this to be a three-shot, only with the parts after Nico shadow traveled in. That changed when Authorwannabe101 gave me the idea of starting when Clint first entered the demigod world (aka when he first meets Clarisse). I also realized I wanted it to be longer than a three-shot. So this is a story.

Also, I'm currently breaking my promise of 'never publish a fanfic unless it's completely done'. The reason for that is that I am really excited for this and I've finished about half in one day. Unfortunately for you, it also means the chapters are short. Sorry about that.

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Chapter One: Maybe

January 19, 1981

New York, New York

Clint is five.

Clint turned and raced away from the street vender, clutching his prize in his small, dirty hands. He heard a shout from behind him and picked up his speed, weaving skillfully through the crowds. He'd been doing this for as long as he could remember, ever since his father discovered he wasn't really his. He was nobody's now. Nobody wanted him and he didn't want nobody.*

Suddenly, as he passed by an alley entrance, a bigger hand reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket, hauling him back and into the alley before snatching at the warm loaf of bread in his hands. Clint gave a cry before reaching up wildly, trying to get back what he had, in his opinion, earned. The bigger and older boy gave a laugh before shoving him down, causing Clint to land on his bottom in the dirty snow. The teenager - leader of the gang in these parts - laughed again before snickering with his friends and turning away, leaving the five year old on his own; hungry, cold, and dirty.

That was before another shout sounded throughout the alley, and a girl - big for her age (13) with dirty, stringy, brown hair, wearing jeans, boots, and a warm looking jacket - appeared. She looked very angry.

"What do you boys think you're doing to my younger brother?" She asked, causing Clint's mouth to drop open. The boys just opened their mouths and howled with laughter.

"Your younger brother?" The leader, Jet, asked. "This puny excuse for a human being is your younger brother?"

"As a matter of fact, Jet." The girl replied. "My answer would be a 'yes'. Now leave him alone!"

Then she took out a sword. For some weird reason, though, the teenagers got wide eyed looks on their faces and they turned and ran out the other side of the alley, leaving Clint to stare, scared, at the girl.

"Hi." The girl greeted. "I'm Clarisse."

Maybe somebody did want him.

* Purposeful mistypo.

Like I said, short chapters.

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