Okay, so I've gotten a total of four reviews. One mentioned this being over and that they were surprised, one said continue (literally, that's all it said), and one said update soon. Only one said they loved it and didn't say anything about the last chapter being the last one (thank you, Raychaell Dionzeros). I'm not meaning to be mean or make fun of the people who reviewed or thought I was continuing, but I AM NOT CONTINUING! I finished this fic here because I was running out of inspiration and I knew if I tried to continue I'd ruin the entire thing. I'm really sorry about this, but it's the truth.

If any of you want to continue it or do any companion stories for it, please review or PM me with your idea and I'll see what I can do. That also means I'll be advertising your fanfic (if I allow you to do it) on here. Please think about it, I'd love to see what you can do!

Thanks, Bookdancer