It's been two years since 'that night'. Meaning Jasmine and Valentina almost died, but didn't. Zane died, or was killed by Alek. Chloe died twice, once at the theater and the other saving her Merideth. Merideth was kidnapped by Whitley Rezza and Chloe saved getting herself stabbed. Chloe had to tell her mom everything that night. She told her about the Mai, explained she was going to meet her dad, and killing two people. Those two people meaning Xavier and Brian. Her mom ended up kicking her out, not excepting who she was like Chloe thought she would. She had wondered the streets for hours until getting a call from Amy, wondering where she was and if she was okay. Chloe broke down over the phone, and ended up staying with Amy for the night. Since there was no school the next day, it being Saturday they just hung out. That was until, she got a call from Alek. He was freaking out about her being missing and Chloe reassured him she was fine. After he slightly calmed down, he asked where she was. After he had went to get her, he told her about Jasmine and Valentina. Jasmine was weak, but alive and resting. Valentina on the the hand, was in a coma. Alek also told her about Zane, leaving out the part about him being his brother. Then she told him about the theater and Brian. Brian had died that night. He didn't freak out like Chloe thought he was going to. She also told him about her mom. She started crying slightly but tried to act like she was fine. Alek put an arm around her and continued walking back to the Mai penthouse.

But that was two years ago. Now Valentina and Jasmine are as well as before, and Chloe actually lives with them. Only because her mom never got into contact with Chloe again. Amy, Paul, and Chloe have stayed best friend. Alek and Chloe don't talk much. They only talk when needed. Chloe wasn't sure about how she felt about Alek, but she knew she didn't want him to stop talking completely. And that's where the story starts...

"Chloe!" Jasmine yelled from their living room.

"Yeah, Jas?" Chloe got up from her position on her bed, walking towards the living room. After peeking her head around the corner Jas waved her in. Chloe smiled at her and proceeded forward. "What's up?" She asked sitting down on the couch beside Jas.

"Nothing..." She went silent and looked at Chloe nervously. Chloe gave her a weird look."Well, I have to talk to you." She stated simply. Chloe and Jas had become very close since everything happened. Chloe told her to go on. "Me and Valen-my mom, have to go to New York for a week or two." Jas gave her another weary look.

"And?" Chloe didn't see anything wrong with that.

"You have to stay here...Meaning you can't leave...You have to stay with Alek 'til we get back." She said quietly. Chloe knew what she was saying. It was going to be awkward for the two of them to get along and talk.

"That's okay, I'll just see you when you get back." Chloe told the worried girl.

"Are you sure? I mean there isn't really anything I could do about it if you weren't bu still..." She trailed off. Chloe chuckled.

"I'm sure Jas. No biggie!" She said raising her arms and got a laugh out of Jas. "Does Alek know?" She asked.

"No, but I was going to tell him when he gets home from the game."

"Ohh, okay" Chloe smiled at her and got back up to go to her room. Two weeks with Alek couldn't be that bad...could it? Chloe thought to herself for a while about it until she heard the front door open, signaling Alek's arrival home. She crept over to her door, hoping to get a better chance of hearing his reaction.

"Alek?" Jas tried to get his attention.

"Jas, I want to get a shower if that's okay." He was mad about something, but Jas needed to talk to him.

"Actually Alek, I really need to talk to you." He was heading towards his room but stopped. He sighed and turned around.

"Fine. Talk." He set his back down and sat on the couch.

"Me and mom are going to New York for a week or two. You can't leave the house, but you have to stay here...with Chloe." She finished quietly.

"She can't go with you?" He replied quietly. Chloe honestly didn't think he hated her that much, but maybe she was wrong.

"No, Alek. She can't" Jasmine sighed.

"I'm leaving then, I'm not staying here." Alek said and stood. Chloe couldn't let Alek leave them. After all, she was the reason he was leaving. Chloe ran around her room getting her stuff together quickly. She grabbed all she could. She only had two bags. She ran to her door and listened to make sure of his decision.

"C'mon Alek. We can talk this through, you don't have to leave!"

"Jas, I can't live here with her when your here. How am I supposed to do it when your not?"

"Please Alek! Please, just stay!" Chloe had enough. She walked out of her room, and walked to the front door. Jasmine and Alek had paused to look at her.

"I have been here way to long. It's been two-years. I'll find my own place. I don't want to leave, but this is your home. Not mine." Chloe told the two. Jasmine looked seconds away from crying while Alek looked expressionless.

"Chloe, please wait!" Jas was begging her to stay.

"Jas, it's your home. Alek shouldn't leave. I'm not the one that's been living here since I was 12." She nodded her head towards Alek. Alek was genuinely surprised that she had remembered that. "So, bye." Chloe gave a small smile and waved. Her eyes started to tear up, but she couldn't let them see her cry. She turned around and walked out of the door. She only stood by the door for a couple of seconds, but enough time to hear Jas yelling at Alek to go and get her back. She started walking faster, not wanting Alek to see her cry or do something he didn't want to do. She made it to the elevator and stood with her eyes closed and her back against the wall. The doors hadn't closed yet, and she heard foot steps coming towards her. She hoped they were Jasmine's but no such luck. Alek walked inside the elevator, but Chloe didn't turn around to face him. After a couple of seconds, she heard the doors close and thought he'd left. She turned around and found Alek leaning against the wall. He was staring at the floor, and she was looking at him. After she got sick of silence she said something. "Can I help you? I would like to leave now..." She said pointing towards the closed doors.

"Stay." He lightly whispered. Chloe might not have heard it if she weren't Mai.

"No one wants me here, plus I'm eight-teen. I should be finding my own place anyways." She said looking down. This is the first time the two had 'talked' in two years basically.

"Jas wants you to and the Mai usually live together. Especially since we have such a small pride here, you should stay." He wouldn't look at her, and his voice was still quiet.

"Will you at least look at me?" Chloe was getting tired of talking to someone, that she felt wasn't listening. He looked up at her. For the first time in a long time, she saw his face. Lack of sleep, anger, sadness, and-if you can believe it-puffy eyes from what looked like crying. She was surprised at the sight in front of her. She wondered why he looked the way he did. "Are you okay, Alek?" She was sort of worried about him.

"I haven't been sleeping for a while now." He said simply.

"Why not?"

"This isn't about me, Chloe!" She jumped at the way he raised his voice.

"Look, the only reason you came out here to get me was for Jasmine. I'm not coming back, Alek. You don't want me here and I'm not gonna let you leave." The elevator doors opened, and Chloe reached for her stuff. Alek's hand reached for hers. She looked up. "Let me go. I want to leave." She was slightly mad now. They stood staring at each other for several seconds. Chloe yanked her arm out if his hand and grabbed her stuff. She headed towards the front doors of the building, without hearing footsteps behind her. She let out a sigh and kept walking. Once at the front doors, she set her stuff down to open the door. After she was outside she found a bench and took a seat. She cried for minutes, but then she realized she needed to stop feeling sorry for herself. She wiped her eyes aggressively, trying to make the tears stop. She wasn't crying for herself, she was crying for Alek. She didn't want Alek to hate her, no matter what. Whatever it takes, she was going to get him back. Eventually...

She took out her phone and called Amy. Right now, Amy was the only person she could run to. Plus Amy had her own place now, and she could stay on the couch. After a couple of rings she picked up.

"Hey, Chlo."

"Hey, Amy." Amy heard something wrong in Chloe's voice.

"What's wrong Chloe?"

"I-umm- I need somewhere to stay." Chloe tried to keep her voice together.

"Why? Not that I have a problem with you staying here, I mean of course I don't! But what happened." Chloe cracked a small smile at her best friend.

"I just decided it was time for me to leave. I overstayed my welcome." Chloe got up and started to walk to Amy's, but she was carrying two bags. "Hey Amy?"

"Yeah Chlo?"

"Do you think I can get a ride from you?"

"Yeah, definitely! Where are you?"

"Just pick me up in front of the penthouse."

"Alright. Everything's gonna be okay Chlo. And you are going to tell the the whole story later!"

"I will Ames." Chloe cracked another smile. They hung up after that. Chloe's phone rang again and she went to answer it without looking at her caller ID.

"Ames what do you need now?" Chloe laughed.

"Uh, this is Jas Chlo"

"Oh my gosh! Sorry I didn't look at my phone before answering."

"It's okay." Jasmine didn't say anything after that.

"Umm, Jas? Not to be mean, but what do you need?"

"Ohh, sorry! I just wanted to make sure you got somewhere to stay and have everything you need." She said quietly.

"Jas, I wasn't going to see you for two weeks anyway, right? I mean we'll hang out once you get back! It's not like I wont see you ever again!" Chloe laughed a little bit.

"I know. I just feel bad because you had to leave. Alek can be such a pain in the ass sometimes!" Jasmine laughed and Chloe couldn't help but laugh too.

"I promise you, I'll be fine! I can protect myself, so Alek doesn't have to watch over me. When you get back, we'll hang out!"

"Okay, we better!" They laughed again and said there good-byes. Minutes later, Amy pulled up. After she got in in and everything Amy gave her a look to explain. Chloe explained everything to Amy. Chloe was on the verge of tears. Amy comforted her and told her everything was going to be okay. After a while, Amy started up the car. Chloe got comfortable in her seat and looked one last time at the penthouse. She saw Alek. But that's not what surprised her the most, he was staring directly at Amy's car. Even though they were yards away from each other, they managed to make eye contact. After Amy pulled away, she looked over at Chloe.

"You okay?"

"Uh-yeah! I-I'm fine!" She said looking down, blushing.

"O-kay! Whatever you say." Amy laughed. Chloe smiled at her and laughed a bit.

"So do you think Alek and I will ever go back to the way we were? Amy stopped at a red light and looked over to Chloe.

"Give it time, Chlo. It will." She said giving her a small smile and patting her shoulder.

"I hope your right." Chloe said looking out the window.

Alright so kinda long first chapter! Tell me if I should continue it? Lemme know! (: