Here is Chapter 6. Sorry for the wait!

Chloe started walking to Alek's around 5:30, deciding she could take her time. After Amy's chants of good luck, and 'using protection' she left. Amy said she would bring her stuff by tomorrow and Chloe agreed. Chloe was really nervous for her and Alek's date. She stopped walking.

"This isn't a date," She resumed walking then stopped again. "Is it?" She was surely going crazy. She was talking to herself! She was about halfway there and it would only take her about 5 minutes. She had about 20 minutes until there date. "Getting there early won't hurt anyone..." She trailed off. I really need to stop talking to myself...She thought. She kept walking until she hit the front of the building. She took a deep breath and stepped inside the doors.

"Miss King, good seeing you back." The doorman, who was Mai nodded to her.

"Good to be back." She breathed out. She nodded to him and made her way to the elevators, obviously not in a rush. She looked at her phone '5:47' it read. Well, I guess I'm early...She thought. She made her way to 18.03 and knocked.

"Hold on!" She heard Alek yell. She smiled. She heard him mouth off a few curse words and come towards the door. When he opened it, she had a feeling he knew exactly who it was when she saw him smile.

"You're early," He stated a bit confused. She laughed nervously.

"Yeah, I uh, I just thought I'd take my time." She said putting her head down. He laughed and stood in the doorway, unknowingly blocking Chloe from coming in. She looked back up at him and her eyes glanced behind him. "Are you trying to keep me from coming in?" She laughed. He looked confused, then realized what she was saying. He took a step to the side, running his hand through his hair.

"Sorry, come in." She made her way past him and the smell of something made her stop.

"Are you really cooking?" She spun around to look at him. He smirked.

"Didn't believe me, King?" He walked towards the kitchen.

"Not really," She laughed and walked with him. "Watchya making?" She peeked over him, placing her hands on his shoulder. Alek almost fell into her, but he didn't let himself. He turned around and Chloe was standing a bit close to him. She took a step back and Alek saw her blush.

"That, is a surprise. Go watch Tv. You are the one who showed up early." He smirked again. She rolled her eyes and turned around. She made her way to the couch and turned the Tv on. There's never anything good on anymore...Chloe whispered to herself. She flipped mindlessly through channels until she came across a certain show she couldn't pass. She smiled in victory over the Tv and relaxed. She heard something crash behind her and jumped up. So much for relaxing...She spun around and saw Alek cursing himself, she walked over to him. He was kneeling and she noticed he dropped a pan of something.

"Alek..." She trailed off. He stood up and he looked disappointed at himself.

"I just officially ruined dinner." He told her simply. She looked behind him, on the floor and saw what looked like Chicken Stir-Fry.

"Awwe," She looked at him. She kinda wanted to start laughing at how mad he looked. It was just food! She couldn't hold it anymore, and she exploded. She laughed right in his face, not meaning to. She backed up into the counter and tried to compose herself.

"What's so funny? I-I'm lost," He looked like someone just took away his ice cream cone and that made Chloe laugh even harder. She tried to stop herself, and tell him but she couldn't. "Chloe...?" He trailed her name into a question. He took steps towards her trying to see what he missed. He stood in front of her looking at her face. When she opened her eyes and wiped away the cloudiness she stopped laughing, the moment suddenly became serious. He was standing quite close to her, she leaning up against the counter. They just stared into each others eyes, almost communicating without saying a word. Suddenly things became clear through their eyes. Alek leaned in slowly, placing his hands on the counter behind her, effectively pinning her down. She leaned up a bit, as he leaned further into her. Their faces, not even an inch apart as their eyes flickered between their eyes and lips. Finally, Chloe closed the distance, it wasn't rushed. Her lips brushed his, and he was frozen waiting for more. She pulled back, only to go again and kiss him gently on the lips once. She pulled away again, looking into his eyes. His lips curled into a small smile, and he leaned in. Their lips finally touching in one motion as they met. It wasn't fast paced, it was loving and gentle. Alek ached to feel this feeling for the past two years, not caring about the kiss they shared that only made them fight. He couldn't actually believe it was happening. They both broke apart and looked at each other once again. They both smiled and Alek unpinned Chloe letting her walk back to the couch as he followed. They sat down in silence, him beside her.

"So, do you mind telling me what was so funny?" Alek asked, still trying to get over their kiss. Chloe was in her own state of shock. She smiled at him.

"The fact that you were so heartbroken after spilling the food. Which reminds me...Should we go clean that up?" She laughed. He laughed too and stood up.

"Here's what I say. You go and get take-out or pizza or something, and I'll stay behind and clean up. Deal?" He asked, holding his hand down to her. She accepted and took his hand as she stood.

"Deal!" She smiled. He let go of her hand, not really wanting to and went to the kitchen to clean up his mess. "Be back in fifteen!" She yelled as she left. Alek smiled, but then looked down at his mess.

"Way to go, Alek. Finally have a chance to do something, and she's still the one that get's to do it..." He grabbed a rag and started picking up what he could.

After getting it all cleaned up he wanted to see if he could at least make the room a little more...Romantic. Alek still had his mind set on this being their first, real date. He took out two emergency candles Valentina had stashed inside one of the drawers. Kind of ironic they had candles for blackouts, considering all 4 of them could see in the dark. If he turned off the light for the living room and left on the kitchen light, there would be a soft glow. The candles would be the perfect thing, Alek thought. He placed the two stick candles in there holders and lit them with matches. He felt it all looked good, but what about him?

Alek stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at himself. He couldn't believe he was worrying about his looks! He never worried about how he looked! Well, unless he was around Chloe. He made sure he looked casual still in his dark blue collared shirt and jeans. There was no way he was actually changing. He messed up his hair a bit and maybe sprayed just a bit more of his cologne. After being satisfied, he made his way back to the living room. It had been about fifteen minutes, so he couldn't help but wonder where Chloe was. Why was he so nervous? He was never nervous. Again, unless he was around Chloe. Chloe made him do such weird things, and act such weird ways. He could never figure out why. The day she threw his ball down the hall, and into the trashcan he made a risky move of almost kissing her. He could've killed her! She always made him do crazy things. He heard the door open and spun around. He saw Chloe carrying a bag of what looked like Chinese take-out. He smiled and took the bag out of her hands.

"I'll get it, you go sit down." He told her, waving her off. She laughed and went to sit. He heard her footsteps come to a stop.

"Umm...Alek? Are those candles?" He was definitely worried he made the wrong move, but played it off.

"Yeah, never seen any before?" He turned around smirking at her.

"No, Alek. I've seen candles before. I just...Oh, never mind." She laughed nervously and took a seat. He took a deep breath, feeling calm again. He grabbed the plastic dishes and the silverware and made his way to sit beside her.

"Which one is yours?" He asked her after sitting.

"They're the same." She smiled and took the one from his left hand. He handed her the silverware and they dug in.

They both would say it was the best date they've ever had. Of course they would, considering it was their only date. After they ate, made small talk, smiled at each other, and Alek making quite a lot of his cocky and sexual remarks, they watched Tv. The Tv was basically ignored as they laughed a lot, making jokes. They filled each other in on the last two years and became maybe closer than they ever were. Alek and Chloe moved closer to each other on the couch. They eventually tired out and Chloe layed against Alek's chest, making him and her quite comfortable. They watched shows and movies until Alek heard Chloe's heartbeat start to even out. He smiled down at her as he raked his hands through her hair unintentionally.

"Chloe, we need to get to bed now." He laughed. She woke up calmly and looked up at him.

"How long have I been out?" She asked sitting up. Alek turned the Tv off, blew out the candles, and stood.

"Not long," He held his hand out for her again. She also accepted again. He held onto her hand as they made their way to her room. Even though they both lived here, this was his way of 'dropping her off at home'.

"Tonight, was maybe one of the best nights of my life." She told him smiling. He smiled down at her, even though she wasn't that much shorter.

"I had a great time too. And can I just say, I think we finally made it to our first date." His smile turned to a smirk, even though he was hoping he hadn't taken it too far. She laughed and looked back up a him.

"Yeah, I guess we did." She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. They said their goodnight's and finally went to bed smiling. Both of them.

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