Naruto x Courtney
Story Start

Courtney found herself turning and tossing in her bed. She hugged her pillow and and covered herself with her blankets. No matter what she did, she couldn't manage to sleep. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop thinking about him.


The cheerful blond plagued her thoughts. Then again, she was the one who approached him first after all. She knew the advantage of working with someone capable and how much it would improve her chances in the game, but as the weeks went on something had changed.

The blond had began filling her thoughts. It was grating to say the least. She came here to win, not to find romance but she was, acting like a lovestruck teenager. Well she was a teenager but still.

That smirk of his was so infectious. It was like nothing bothered him. His cerulean eyes was full of energy that Courtney couldn't help but get lost in them.

The whole thing was just confusing her. There was something about him that attracted her to him. Was she falling for the blond enigma? 'What if he feels the same? Then again, what if he doesn't?'

She sighed, curling on one side of her bed. This was going to be a restless night. The following morning Courtney was finally able to get a few winks of sleep. She decided to go for a walk and clear her head.

She traveled quite a bit of distance into the woods. The sound of tweeting birds filling her ears along with the shuffling off animals in the distance. She was surprised to spot deer so close to the camp site.

The sound of giggling drew her attention and she followed the source origin. That was when she saw him, with Bridgette, carrying a picnic basket. Though when she saw Bridgette kiss Naruto on the cheek it was more than she could take.

She had broke off in a sprint. Apparently she was noticed because the sound of running and Naruto, who was shouting her name trailed after her. The next thing she knew a body collided into her, knocking her into the ground.

It took a few moments for her to gather her wits. That was then she felt his hand copping a feel. A moan escaped her lips as she realized the warmth and form of the blond was against her.

She bit her lower lip and became flush, she could feel his bulge against her. The position they were in was quite intimate. ''Courtney I...'' he couldn't help but react to her. Courtney shot him a flare before pushing him off.

Naruto watched her as she retreated, his eyes catching site of her cute, plump ass as it swayed with her hasty retreat. How did things end up this way? It was suppose to be a simple outing with Bridgette to clear the air. This was not what he had in mind for how is way was suppose to end.

'Fucking hormones!' Naruto angrily thought. He followed her back to the girl's cabins. ''Courtney I'm sorry. It was an accident.''

''Leave me alone.'' she miserably called out from inside. ''Why don't you go back to your surfer girl.''

''Courtney, Bridgette and I are just friends.'' he informed her. Bridgette was a great girl, but she simply wasn't the girl for him. She was a great friend and very dependable, but they didn't really click.

''Yeah right, do I look stupid to you?'' she bitterly asked from beside. ''I'm miss A-class remember. Bossy and bitchy, who wants me when you can have the pretty, cool surfer girl.''

''You're right,'' he admitted. ''I do like Bridgette and you can be bossy not to mention you have been pretty bitchy to the others.'' he added as he heard a small sob escape Courtney's lips. ''But you're intelligent, driven, and a hard worker. You're a hell of a spitfire Courtney and everyone has their flaws. I like you Courtney, flaws and all. What you saw was me and Bridgette clearing the air. We're great friends but nothing more. I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry.'' he said as he turned to leave.

''Don't go.'' Courtney softly pleaded. She hated this feeling. She hated not being in control and having her emotions in a turmoil but more than anything she hated giving up and losing. Especially when this person was one of the few people seemed to be one of the only people that seemed to genuine care about her.

Her eyes were red and slightly puffy. She had been crying.

''I didn't mean to hurt you. Just please, give me a chance to show you that.''

''One chance...'' she suggested with a raised finger. ''You break my heart and I'll break your head and sue your ass for everything you have, got it?'' she asked as Naruto nodded and grinned. What am I doing? This isn't like me at all. This is all his fault. Stupid boy with his gorgeous eyes and sweet nature

''That's all I'm asking.'' he replied before he was surprised by Courtney's next action. She stepped up on her tippy toes as she leaned forward, her dark cheeks stained pink as she pressed her lips against his cheek. Her eyes softened as she pulled back. Maybe just this once she could listen to her heart instead of her head.