Naruto x Courtney


Story Start


It was during one of the off days that the contestants had that the two decided to take time to get to know each other. Naruto and Courtney found themselves going for a walk out in the forest. The landscape was really beautiful when it was the setting for some life threatening game. They soon found themselves in a meadow with soft grass and blooming wild flowers.

"This is so amazing." Courtney said in awe. She had never seen anything so beautiful.

"One of my hobbies since I was a kid was watering flowers. I've come to learn how to identify and care for many species of plants. It didn't take that long for me to find them." He said as he ran his fingers along one of the petals of the flower. Naruto then trailed down to the stem and picked one of the flowers.

"A flower for the princess." Naruto offered as the stem of the flower was softly nestled between his middle and ring finger.

Courtney had found herself growing irritated and really disliking the name of Princess. Mainly due to Duncan's incessant sarcasm whenever he would call her that, but the way the blond said it now had such an underlying sweetness Courtney couldn't help but smile. Naruto promptly brushed back some of her hair and placed the flower in it. "That was so cheesy."

"Hey, don't knock the classics." He playfully jibed.

Courtney walked over and placed a kiss on his cheek. That didn't mean he wasn't sweet nonetheless. Without a doubt he was the kind of guy she could fall for. He pulled back enough to look into her eyes. A smile formed on her face when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. For a moment Naruto wondered if he was being too forward when she started kissing him back. She even went as far as allowing him to explore her mouth with his tongue. When she broke away for a breath, he moved his lips to her neck. He gently nibbled and sucked on her neck, which elicted a small moan from Courtney.

"Whoa! Looks like the party has already started over here." A voice called out with a cheer.

The two blushing teenagers pulled apart. Naruto quite annoyed and Courtney horribly embarrassed. "Damnit Geoff! Get out of here you pervert!"

"Sorry, just passing through." He apologized, but it was evident by the smirk on his face he found the situation quite amusing. Nestled under his arm was a six-pack, most likely nabbed from Kuiinshi's private stash.

The romantic moment ruined, the two of them decided to head back to camp and get as much rest as they could for the next event. Sure enough the next challenge was that of a canoe trip. The event was that of a race to Boney Island which also included a two-hour hike and building a rescue fire. As expected their team performed well as expectantly.

With that another challenge soon followed the following day. Chris continued on. "Today is a survival challenge. We're going hunting!" He said, springing out a paintball gun. For a brief moment distress formed on Bridgette's face. She was an animal lover and she couldn't stomach killing them, even if that meant losing the challenge and possibly being voted off.

Duncan smirked. "Now that's more like it!"

"Isn't that a model X345 paintball gun?" Harold asked Chris.

"Why yes Harold. It is.'' he said as he promptly shot said boy causing him to fall back with a thug.

Bridgette frowned. "So we won't be killing anything?''

''Negatori.'' he answered as the surfer girl relaxed. ''This is the first ever paintball dear hunt!''

''BOO! Don't reuse challenges you cheap bastard!" Naruto booed as he dove out of the way only for a recovered Harold to get hit and go down again. ''I'll announce the teams once we get into the woods.''

"Nothing will be killed during this challenge." Chris assured. "I hope." He muttered, just loudly enough for Bridgette to hear, so she would freak out a little. "This is the first ever televised reality show paintball shoot-a-thon! I'll assign roles in a minute after we get to the woods. So...finish brekkie!"

A half an hour later the campers came together in front of a stand with seven paintball guns.

"And now for the team breakdowns. Foxes, you Harold, Geoff and Bridgette!" He threw them their guns. ''Locked and loaded with orange fox paint. And using Red paint are the Gopher hunters will be Leshawna, Beth, and Eva!" Chris exclaimed, handing out the last set of guns. "You also get these styling glasses and wicked gear.'' He said, handing out visors and camo caps.

Eva inhaled, a look of rapture spreading across her face. ''Nothing like trailing after prey and gunning it down.'

''The rest of you are dear. Here are your antlers, a cute little nose and a fluffy tail!"

"Yeah right. I am not wearing that.'' Heather refused.

Duncan growled. "There is no way I'm a dear...'' He was interrupted when Chris slipped the costume on him.

''Take these off and your team is toast.''

''I swear to god Chris. Fucking bow and arrow to your knee!'' Naruto threatened. At the very least they got a head start.

''At least we get a head start!" Courtney said.

''So much for mini-challenges and all the rest of that crap. Something isn't right, I can feel it. That damn K is just going to pop out of nowhere or they're going to change the rules again for a ratings stunt.''

"I don't know about yall," DJ began," but I'm outta here." He said, crouching down and running off like a deer.

The other Foxes stared at him in disbelief. "What the hell did I just see?'' Naruto asked.

"Start your paint-balls! Game on!"

''So a raise of hands. Who wants to help me get payback on Chris when this challenge is over?'' Naruto didn't even have to ask. A show of hands was unanimous.