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It had been almost a year since the Autobots had arrived on earth, eleven months to be precise, eleven months since Optimus had adopted Ellen, nine months since Ironhide had taken up Eve as his own charge and six months since Ratchet had taken Rochelle as his charge, well he says she isn't.

So now the base had a little group of children running around base and three was enough!

Ellen was a handful alone, but she is naturally a sweet girl if not a little naive and curious, though Optimus wouldn't want her any different but he does wish that she be more careful, she has a humorous side to her one that involves jokes aimed at Optimus or any Autobot for that matter, which can cause some problems for those who lack a sense of humor or don't know Ellen's way of making a joke, like Ironhide for example.

Eve is seven years old has long jet black hair and has a back story of abuse from the world, and because of this she is very wary of everyone other than her close friends, Ironhide and maybe Optimus. Now her language is colorful but it has vastly toned down, she is very feisty and starts on anything mainly any Autobot on base, though only teasingly towards Ironhide and Optimus; she starts on Galloway with every visit he attempts sometimes she has tried to attack him. Will Lennox is her Uncle.

Rochelle is from Scotland and has a strong accent; in fact Eve is her translator for most people, though the more researched Autobots understand her, excluding the twins. Like Eve she is seven years of age, Rochelle was the house next door to Sams, the one whose greenhouse got destroyed by Ratchet, she is somewhat of a know it all and will correct anyone if they have expressed misinformation which can be frustrating for her friends, she has a passion for wanting to study instead of play, she wants to be a doctor like her father and has started to study at an early age, but there was one problem she has a fear of the sight of blood.

Three kids, three Autobots, fluff, humor and chaos can only ensure.

Ellen woke up in Optimus's berth she had her own bed but nearly always she would sleep with him, this morning was a usual school day but Ellen lay there with a pale look on her face, she would sniff consistently and she would groan every time she attempted to move, she couldn't breathe so her mouth hung there, she felt so hot and would turn the pillow other every few seconds just to get the cold feeling.

The only thing that would move on her face was her eyes as they looked up slightly, a metal finger was then placed on her forehead, her eyes closed slightly to the feeling of how cold it was...soothing.

"D-Dad" she managed to groan as Optimus knelt down to her bedside.

"Try not to speak Ellen." He said, pulling the covers over the parts that were exposed.

"I feel so horrible." She groaned again as she lifted a struggling arm to him a sign she had been giving him ever since she had fallen ill, her eyes were so dull but she was so vulnerable how could he reject such a plea.

So Optimus gently lifted her up as he held her close, "i cannot keep holding you like this Ellen, Ratchet has made it clear for you to stay warm." He said as Ellen took relief in how cold Optimus' Armour was.

"I'm too hot." She moaned as she bathed in the coldness, "hey you can shade us all in the coming summer." She said cheerfully, at least she can still make jokes at his expense.

Rolling his optics he kept to the first comment made, "It'll pass, as long as you stay in bed." He said firmly as he placed her back into bed, though it didn't go without an attempt to cling to him before he could do so.

"Urgh" she moaned as she was placed back in the hot berth, "i hate being ill, it's boring and i can't see my friends and...D-Dad my t-throat hurts" her voice croaked half way through mid-sentence.

"It may be because you are talking little one, four hours have passed since your last intake." He said turning his vision to the medicine bottle that lay at his work desk; Ellen dreaded the sight of the horrible thing.

She stuck a tongue at it followed with a 'bleurgh' sound."Isn't there another way?" she said in a begging voice.

"No sweetspark, its not just your throat that needs tending your senses are all connected." He said with guilt in his voice, having his own Daughter to care for has made him terribly soft towards her, and it followed with the other human children as well. But he still knows his place in commanding the Autobots, but when it comes to having to give Ellen anything that would upset her, defeat was always eminent.

Ellen let out a groan again as she reached an arm out for her medicine in a stubborn fashion, Optimus plucked the little bottle between his fingers as he gave it to her, "are you sure you do not require my assistance?" he asked keeping his hands on standby.

"Yes i can do it." She said rather stubbornly unlidding the child proof bottle with her teeth, much to his displeasure as he hadn't expected her to perform such an action. "Besides your draining our funds, this is the fifth bottle we've had to get out because of your fingers, you can hold up planets with those bad boys." She scolded in a teasing manner; she would always grin widely after she made a joke just in case people didn't get it.

"Though i know you are only speaking out of humor, if it were to be a real compliment I would say that i appreciate how exceptional you think my abilities are." Optimus said.

"Yeah good thing it was only a joke huh?" she said teasingly shooting Optimus' pride down in flames.

Optimus merely ignored that last comment and handed her the spoon, "thank you." She mumbled, she then poured a measured amount of the liquid substance onto the spoon, she winced slightly at the sight of it, it was yellow and thick and with Ellen's imagination it also looked as though it bubbled. But she shut her eyes tight as she put the spoon in her mouth, surprisingly after expecting a nasty after taste she looked content, "that was banana flavored." She announced awed.

"I changed to a more fitting medicine for children." He said placing a finger over his mouth in a 'shh' motion, Ellen slightly giggled as she coughed again, "though Ratchet is only thinking of your well being." He said more seriously.

"So you're saying the more horrible stuff he gives me the more he cares?" Ellen said with disbelief in her expression.

Optimus chuckled lightly, "He is more subtle when it comes to the expression of affection." He said.

"So chocolate equals vegetables and an allowance equals a savings account, are all those his way of affection too?" she said with an odd expression.

"yes." He simply said.

"One minute he's really nice then he turns ugly, i don't understand him at all." She said holding her head, taking in that thought she then announced, "he's like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!" she exclaimed as she instantly regret it as she wheezed and choked some more.

"Yes, well you need to rest." He said as he nuzzled her, Ellen giggled in response as she returned the gesture.

But that giggle turned into instant panic as Optimus stood up to his full height, "Don't leave me." She said her voice slightly broke as though she were about to cry.

Optimus sighed, she was definitely a master in the art of manipulation, "i will stay but only so i can encourage you to sleep." He said raising an eyebrow at her stating his authority.

"Okay." She said, smiling sadly, definitely manipulation.

"Hmm."Optimus added as he went around the other side of his berth, he sat down and got himself into a casual position. "So, what must i do to get you to sleep?" he said stroking her cheek.

Ellen grinned slightly as she moved her hands under her pillow and pulled out a surprisingly thick book, "story!" she announced then she choked a few times as she held her throat to her huge error.

Optimus then accessed his memory banks "I have that piece of creative writing memorized." He said.

"Yeah but i want to make this look like a nice scene." She said, making a box shape with her fingers and looking through it like a camera.

"You intrigue me youngling." He said shaking his head, she placed the book in his palm, he sighed as this book had been read many times and many times to come he feared, "Star wars the novel." He read, "Do you not think you should be reading age appropriate books? For example the human who impossibly turned into an amphibian?"

"Nope, i like frogs but I'm not really into princesses and stuff." She said slightly frowning.

"Other children seem to find it engaging." He said.

"What other kids like doesn't mean i like it too." She retaliated.

"A fair argument." He said smiling; she was quick to answer when questioned. He opened the book between two digits a human equivalent of this action would be opening a pistachio nut, it was a random page he had opened on and he didn't read from it he merely read from memory, but Ellen requested it and Optimus believed it was for reasons of nostalgia, "where shall i begin?" he asked.

"From the beginning." She snickered.

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away... It is a period of Civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy..." he stopped there as he looked at Ellen, she had her eyes shut.

"Keep going, you read it so well." She said in a bossy tone motioning her hand for him to carry on.

"The awesome yellow planet of Tatooine emerges from a total eclipse, her two moons glowing against the darkness. A tiny silver spacecraft, a Rebel Blockade Runner firing lasers from the back of the ship, races through space." He continued.

Ellen was deep in blankets and she shuffled her way even closer to Optimus as she lent on his side, Optimus continued to read but he placed a hand behind her back as he rubbed it in a comforting gesture, it was always a nice feeling for Ellen, then again she likes hugs and cuddles she was very demanding of it actually and sometimes refusing to let go.

"It is pursued by a giant Imperial Stardestroyer. Hundreds of deadly laser bolts streak from the Imperial Stardestroyer, causing the main solar fin of the Rebel craft to disintegrate." Optimus stopped himself as he looked down again, he had only read two paragraphs off the book and already Ellen was in slumber much to his relief, he put the book to one side and carefully slid her back into a sleeping position.

He then slowly raised himself off his berth as he crept towards the door, the doors opened on approach and Optimus was greeted with the sight of Ratchet, Optimus motioned him to back away as the doors closed behind him. "You know i went to my storage to grab that children's medicine for Ellen and i find them all gone and in their place was banana flavored watered down ingredients instead." he hissed.

"I wanted to allow Ellen's healing be as bearable as possible." He said with slight guilt in his voice.

"Healing isn't supposed to be pleasant, understand that I'm trying to get her back to a regular status I'm not doing this for my own pleasure." Ratchet sternly stated.

"I am fully aware of that Ratchet but still if there was any way to ease her suffering i would use every option." He said.

Ratchet sighed heavily as he pinched the bridge of his nose, then he wiped his face as he looked at Optimus "I'm glad you think this way again." He said relieved.

"I do not understand." Optimus responded with.

"Never mind, i guess that other stuff works just as well to human standards but in future try to consult with me first instead of acting upon your own initiative." Ratchet said.

"Of course Ratchet, it was poor judgement to not seek out your advice first... I was just thinking of her." He said.

Ratchet shook his head in amusement, "don't be so solemn, and don't think that you're the only one who wishes to see her well, we have our own charges too you know." He said, as Optimus look at him intrigued, "that is...to say...Ironhide has been asking of her well being and i have a human that won't stop asking questions, nor will she leave me be." he expanded.

Not wanting to get into a debate with Ratchet the mention of Ironhide reminded him of something, "How is Eve settling in by the way?" he asked, Eve was now a residence at the Autobot base too staying in Ironhides quarters but stuck to her own bed...she's way too macho for that mushy stuff that's what she says anyway.

"She's a little wary still but she's found some common ground with us but is still unable to allow physical contact from us except Ironhide." Ratchet explained as he looked at his hand. It was as though he tried to pick up an angry cat, failed and if his hand were a person he would be dead.

"And by 'us' you mean?" Optimus asked.

"Every other Autobot besides Ironhide." Ratchet confirmed.

"I hoped i would be able to greet her in such a fashion." He said regrettably.

"She's still mentally healing." Ratchet reminded, Eve had just learned how to trust again and the Autobots had to be very careful around her, there was a fine line between trust and fear.

"I have every confidence that Ironhide will speed up that process, and how are you coping with your newly found charge? Rochelle was it? I believe her father is the medic for the nest team." Optimus said hopeful.

"She's not my charge, i just know her father that's the extent of it." Ratchet corrected. "It's not my fault she follows me around like a plague." He added with a moan.

"And yet you allow her." Optimus argued.

"Well...she's...very knowledgeable more interesting to listen to her then to access the internet, not at all detailed." He argued back.

"Learning about humans on hand is more refined i feel." Optimus pointed out.

"Yes well if you'll excuse me i need to check on Ellen." He said moving past him, before Optimus extended an arm out in front of him.

"Must you wake her?" He asked.

"Stop being such a mother hen, you keep smothering her like this, she's going to be clinging to you like a scraplet!" He said slightly raising his voice.

"And that is a problem?" Optimus said, he thought it would be better if she was at his side then off exploring and not in the good way either.

Ratchet gave him a shake of the head as he firmly pushed him to the side, he treaded lightly into the room towards the berth as he heard the snuffled breathing coming from Ellen's mouth, he sat on the berth gently as he reached a hand out to her, "Ellen?" he spoke gently lightly placing a finger on her.

Being so ill she was a light sleeper as she lifted her head up so weakly she moaned slightly as her eyes gazed passed Ratchet, but unsure of who was in the room and as such was slightly wary "Daddy?" she said in an almost whisper, "Daddy!" she then exclaimed panicking as she couldn't identify the intruder.

"It's alright it's just me." Ratchet said as Ellen finally made out who was in the room.

"Ratchet? Where's Dad?" she said slightly scared.

"He's busy but don't worry he'll be back soon." He sighed.

"Oh, how come you woke me?" she said slightly annoyed.

"I wanted to check on you how you're progressing, are you still feeling achy joints? Fever?" he asked.

"y-yeah." She uttered.

"I'll ask because i know you're touchy about it but may i scan you?" he asked.

"I'm not touchy...but okay." She said switching from a complaining tone to a cheery one in an instance.

Ratchet rolled his optics as he scanned her, a red wall of light ejected from his arm as it glanced over Ellen's form, it then disappeared as he checked the results "hmm, your temperatures very high, your fever should break soon allowing you to fully heal." He said.

"Am i going to be like this for years?" she asked.

Ratchet chuckled under his breath, though not loud enough for her to hear, "you'll feel much better in the morning, not completely well but you'll feel the improvement."

"I thought you didn't know anything about human medicine?" she asked.

"Yes well i asked chief medical officer McKenzie, no point in learning human medicine when there is a one whose expertise are already on hand." He said rather smugly.

"I guess so." She said as she snuggled back into the covers. "Night Ratch...er i mean morning Ratch?" she then collapsed in exhaustion onto her pillow.

Ratchet sat there for a while until he was certain she was sleeping, then he gently tucked in all the sides that were allowing the cold to get in around her, then he finally stood up as he headed towards the doors, upon exit Optimus hadn't moved from his spot, "Get back to your post!" Ratchet exclaimed in his face.

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