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Home Part 1

Ratchet was patching up a wound on Bumblebees arm and took the chance to show Rochelle some basic Autobot anatomy, "Well this solves mah fear ay bluid." She said standing up on the table as she watched Ratchet work she found that glowing blue blood was more appealing to look at, "But then again thes isn't exactly whit Ah wanted tae dae oan a seturday." She moaned.

"I've got my hands full as it is; if you're going to keep being with me then you can chip in and help." He said.

"I'll lit ye know, Ah hang aroond ye fur observation, i'm secretly studyin' ye."She argued.

"Studying me for what purpose?" he asked.

"Fur any kin' ay intelligent life." She jested cupping her two fingers in circles as she placed them over her eyes pretending she was using binoculars.

"Well that was an axe to the spark." He stated sarcastically.

Bumblebee beeped nervously amongst the two, when Ratchet repaired him he would be too nervous to use English, "what's his problem?" Rochelle said.

"I'm getting round to fixing you Bumblebee, stop being impatient." He said flatly to him.

"Like ye know whit patience is." Rochelle continued as Ratchet threw gloves in her face, "Hey!" she exclaimed throwing daggered eyes at him.

"Put those on, you want to be a medic I'll start you off from an early age." He said. As she put them on she looked at Bumblebee as she snapped the wrist part of the glove into place.

Bumblebee beeped again in utter fear of the duo, Ratchet shook his head wearily it was only the simple injuries Bumblebee would make a fuss of, plus it seems he doubted Rochelle's abilities partially to her youth and partially to her size though he didn't 'beep' that as his exact words but Ratchet took it that way anyway, "Bumblebee just grin and bare it, Rochelle needs to learn hands on as well as from informative sources and with your particular frame its perfect for her to practice on." He said pulling on Bee's arm in not the most gentle fashion as he then turned to Rochelle, "as well as preserving life, you also need to develop good people skills to be able to reassure the patient and keep them calm...as well as do the job quickly before they can complain about the pain." He said lightly. Bumblebee then sat up as he was about to comment on the whole 'good people skills' before Ratchet pushed him back down again, "move again or make any kind of noise and I'll put you out." He said in a demonic tone making Bumblebee become submissive and starting to slightly tremble, "see? Now you say something to him." He said casually.

"Mind if Ah quote ye?" she asked.

"Quoting me? Flattering." He said holding a hand on his cheek.

So Rochelle cleared her throat as she decided to say something Ratchet has said to her on a number of occasion, "You better sit still or I'll throw you into your atmosphere then watch you burn up on re-entry!" she yelled mimicking his tone and voice. Then she grinned at him innocently pretty pleased with herself.

Ratchets expression dropped to the mocking impersonation, "Right...let's just move on to the wound itself, come here." He said mustering her to move closer to Bumblebee's arm wound, she then lent in for a closer look as she squinted her eyes. Ratchet rolled his optics, "put your glasses on if you want to see it clearer." He lightly pointed out.

"What's th' benefits of seein' ye clearer?" she said casually.

Ratchets jaw quivered as he held back a comeback for he had only his self to blame for her growing sarcasm, "w-we just need to seal the wound around here." He continued pointing to the arm. "But why don't you clean it up first?" he offered.

"erm okay j-joost aroond it reit?" she asked slightly hesitating to clean it as she let her hand hover with a simple cloth, Ratchet then placed his hand on hers as he guided it around the energon.

"Something you'll be doing on humans except a different type of biological make up." He said.

"i-i jist hope, that Ah can get ower that phobia, cruel irony eh?" she said as Ratchet continued to guide her hand.

"I'm sure you will, but even if you don't i can always do with a couple more hands." He said getting a slight sparkle from her eyes and a slight hang of her mouth she almost looked like a confused toddler, "don't you act so surprised girl" he thought to himself amusingly. After cleaning Bumblebees wound Ratchet then transformed his arm, "now i just seal the wound." He said brushing her to one side.

Bumblebee slightly winced mostly to how long this was taking, "Rochelle, patients distressed." Ratchet said as he continued working.

"God don't be sae melodramatic." She moaned at Bee providing a slight forceful slap against his leg.

Bumblebee beeped sadly as he never made another sound, he wasn't going to get any kind of sympathy here, "there all done, don't know what you were getting so worked up about." Ratchet said transforming his arm back.

Bumblebee sat up with tired optics, he beeped wearily as he got up, saluted the two casually and left, well it was more of a slow walk and then a quick dash out of there. "Weel there's gratitude, ye fix heem up an' he jist walks aff without a thenk ye or a kiss mah crease." She said folding her arms.

"It comes with the job." He shrugged. "Now help me clean up." He said wiping the Energon from his hands.

"Yoo mean all thes Energon?" She scoffed.

He turned to face her as he put some tools away, "of course, we start with seeing if you can endure all the little jobs, that's the first test if you want to be a doctor." He said as she gave him a hissy fit expression. He then poked her lightly in the stomach, "but it is quite a quantity of Energon, I'll let you off easy this time." He said.

Rochelle grew a large smile, "Cheers Ratch." She said pulling off her gloves carefully, "Hey?" she then said.

"You want me to dispose of your gloves now?" he said hands on hips.

"No, Ah wanted tae ask a question." She said, she then closed her eyes in a smug manner as she dangled her gloves in his direction, "but ye can dae that too, seein' hoo yoo're nae daein' anythin'." She said opening one eye to him.

"Ho-ho, girl, your treading on thin ice." He threatened but blindly disposed of her gloves anyway. he then stopped with his back turned, "w-wha...?" he uttered before he suddenly held a hand to where his spark was, he groaned in absolute agony as he gripped the med table with his other hand, then he completely fell to the floor.

Rochelle ran over to the edge as she saw Ratchet collapsed on the floor, "Bloody heel! Ratchit ur ye alright! Ratchit!" she cried.

Ratchet lay there still as he casually opened his optics, "had you fooled didn't i?" he said casually.

Rochelle's face went red with rage, "the heel is wrang wi' ye?! Ye pig headed auld bot!" she yelled at him.

He grinned at her flushed cheeks, "i was merely having a small spark attack, i mean you want to ask a question? I was that taken back i didn't know what to feel." He stated with light sarcasm.

"Damn it you nearly gave me a heart attack." She hissed holding a hand on her chest as she calmed her thumping heart.

"Almost?" he said casually.

"Naw that's nae funay, you'd realize whit ye were missin' when somethin' was suddenly gone." She argued.

"Oh? So now you're referring to yourself as a 'something' now?" he said wiping the med table down.

"Mr Comedian." She scoffed scuffing her feet across the table, "now, can Ah ask ye somethin'?" she said.

"Go on." He said continuing to clean his table.

"Would ye miss me if Ah left?" she asked.

He stopped mid clean as he processed what she just said, then whipped his head to her, "What?" he said in a breathless tone.

"yoo heard me, Ah don't really like repeatin' myself." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"Fine, let me rephrase, your leaving?" he said questioning why she would ask such a thing if she didn't really mean it.

"Weel, Ah, might be." She said eyes wandering towards the floor.

"Why?" he demanded throwing a fist on the table making Rochelle stumble slightly, "u-uh I-I mean, why now?" he said in a calmer tone.

"My Dad wants tae move back tae Scootlund." She said.

"For what purpose?" he said slightly raising his voice going back and forth in denial of what he actually wants to sound like at this point. "What i mean to say is, well, what are his reasons?"

"Weel Ah think he misses me Mam, I've heard heem oan the phone a few times talkin' tae Mams side ay the family." She said.

"Aren't they...separated?" he questioned.

"Yeah but he still cares abit 'er, as in he worries abit 'er." She said.

"What is the worry?" he said.

"She is kind ay, what's th' word? North, South, bipolar? Yeah bipolar. Mah time wi' her is bonnie blurred but Ah remember hoo it was wee tae start with but then she just got worse Dad thought he could deal wi' it and help her through it but when she started throwing verbal abuse of hatred it became a wee bit unbearable for him." She said.

"Verbal abuse?" he said.

"i do remember th' way she acted, she'd say she hated us ur she didn't know who we waur Ah don't understand it really, he wants tae be able to wark somethin' out with her, th' main reason we moved haur is coz, well th' final straw fur my Dad was when Mam grew violent, even threw a lamp at mah heed." She said.

He frowned at that comment "at your head? How much force was behind it? Was the damage substantial." he asked looking her over tilting his head to the side in doing so.

"weel Ah was unconscious, is what mah Dad told me anyway, and Ah have a scar." She said moving a part of her fringe to reveal a noticeable scar behind her hair. Ratchet trailed a finger across it slightly pressing it, Rochelle flinched slightly to how cold it was not to mention how unexpected an action it was.

"It must have hurt." He said quietly still exploring the old scar, "poor little femme." He blurted unknowing.

Though Rochelle mentioned nothing just watched his oblivious expression as she continued. "Anyway she probably didn't mean it but it was tay much fur Dad the fact that Ah ended up hurt, sae we moved here, Dad has family here so...but fittin' in a new coontry wasn't onie easier ye know coz ay mah accent an' all but I've learned to tae try an' speak a wee bit slower." She said.

"When-when are you leaving?" he said a faint tone of panic.

"Three days." She said holding her fingers up.

"t-three days but I've only just...i mean i want..." he sighed as he found his words, "he's your Father." he said wavering his hands about seemingly unaffected by the news, "and, you're at an age where you need to depend on him to make the decisions for you." He said calmly.

Not really the reaction she wanted, though she could tell he was repressing it and constantly changing his tone, why can't he defend her once in his life? as in protest against this? "Yeah." she said instead as a sigh, "an' I'd loove tae see mah Mam again mabbe she is getting better." She said. "Weel Ah, better gang start packin'."

"Why did you not mention this before?" he asked sounding annoyed.

"Coz Ah jist foond out myself, lest night, hoo could Ah tell ye when Ah was cr-upset?" She said holding her arm and rubbing it, she noticed Ratchet turned his head to the side as she said that, she smiled to herself anyway even if he had his problems with being straight with his words, well these kind of words but never mind she's used to it, "I'll jist be across base, gathering a few things I've left here from time tae time." She said swaying.

"Er, right of course, you better start now you've only a few days left and i don't want to find a whole pile of your scrap under my berth." He lightly scolded with a forced laugh. "H-Here I'll, help you down." He said solemnly placing his hand flat on the table she walked on as she kept her vision on him though he never looked at her from there out as he placed her on the floor. "Oh, speaking of scrap." He said turning to the side he brushed allot of stuff out the way as he brushed a hello kitty notepad into his palm, "here it's, actually been there for a few months i forgot to return it to you." He said as she took it from his palm.

"Oh?" she started as she flicked threw the pages, "hae ye bin lookin' through thes?" she asked suspiciously.

His optics gazed to the left, "No." He lightly scoffed though still not looking directly at her.

"u-huh, sure." She said smiling, she then turned towards the door, "I'll see ye in a bit 'en." She said walking out.

Ratchet lent up against the side as the doors closed behind her, "of course." He said wearily.

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