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Naruto winced as he heard the rage flowing through Tsunade's voice. Currently he was sitting in the recently rebuilt Hokage's office with a pissed off village leader.

"I can't believe you would do that! You're supposed to be the village's hero! Not some… some damned pervert!"

Yup. Very pissed.

This whole predicament had started off innocently enough. In the years following the fourth shinobi world war, Naruto found himself frequenting the hot springs by the Hokage monument to relax after missions and training. The only problem was that it was a women's only spring. However, Naruto had ways around that little problem.

"To think you would use your stupid, childish, and perverted technique like that. It shows that you have NO respect for women, their bodies, and their privacy at all. I have no choice but to teach you a lesson." Naruto sighed in defeat, resigning himself to his imminent punishment.

"Alright… how will I be disciplined Hokage-sama?" He figured being respectful to her would help ease his punishment.

"Come over here." He sighed once more and trudged over to Tsunade.

"Now perform your… technique." She ordered. Naruto raised an eye brow at this and gave the Kage a perplexed expression.

"Don't give me that look. I gave you an order, now do it!" Naruto brought hands up into the familiar set of seals and mumbled a halfhearted "Sexy Jutsu!" A cloud of smoke enveloped Naruto and when it cleared, a very buxom, very naked, and very female version of Naruto had taken his place. Her long blonde hair was much softer and longer, almost falling down to the small of her back. Naruto had decided a few years back to do away with the pigtail, preferring the look of the long blonde locks that were styled the same as his deceased mother's. Her bust was also significantly larger than in previous years, now a match for Tsunade's massive mamories. Her large breasts were incredibly perky too, seemingly able to defy gravity at a whim. Tsunade wasted no time, and as the smoke cleared went through a series of hand signs.

"Transformation sealing technique!" She yelled and pushed her hand to the fellow blonde's toned stomach. Upon impact, Naruto felt pain shoot throughout her entire body. Light slowly faded from her eyesight and with a dull thud she fell to the ground unconscious. Tsunade stared down at the boy now girl and raised an eyebrow.

"Well that might complicate things…"


Naruto awoke with a groan, wondering where she was. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on the sofa in the Hokage's office with a blanket covering her nude body.

"Is somebody awake? Good!" She heard from her left. She turned her head to see Tsunade rise from behind her desk and walk over.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" Naruto asked in her new voice. It was airy, sexy, and sultry. The ideal female's voice, Tsunade mentally noted.

"I placed a seal on you to lock you in your transformation. My idea was that if you were to become a woman then perhaps you could learn to respect them more. If you couldn't already figure it out, there was a complication." Tsunade said while shifting her eyes down the younger blonde's body.

"What do you…?" Naruto started as she followed Tsunade's gaze. At her crotch was a very noticeable bulge in the blanket.

"What the actual fuck!?" She shrieked as she pulled the blanket off and stood up. What met her gaze only made her more confused. At the part of her body where her legs met her torso was a large erect phallus, 10 inches if she had to guess and a good three to four inches in girth.

'It's even larger than before…!' She thought to herself. As she continued to inspect her crotch she noticed that it was completely hairless and smooth. Also, below her new and improved male bits was a pink moist slit. She was also surprised to find that she didn't have a pair of balls to accompany her new dick. The sight of it all only made her even harder and lit a fire in her belly.

'This is really fucking hot! I'm turning myself on…!' She thought as she gripped her cock with her right hand as her left hand went to play with her new large boobs. She teased her nipples and kneaded her breasts, and then after a while she slid her left hand lower and lower, leaving Goosebumps in their wake. When they finally made it to their destination, she slowly glided them over her wet cunt. A spark of lightning traveled through her body.

'This feels SO fucking good!' While the new girl was trapped in the pleasures of her new body, Tsunade watched with a heavy blush on her cheeks. Her legs squirmed a bit as she felt her moisture start to drip down her pant leg. It was even turning her on! As her hands subconsciously traveled to her crotch and breasts, a stray thought entered her mind.

'I wonder if it still… functions properly.' A mewl of pleasure came from Naruto as Tsunade witnessed the girl experimentally insert a finger into her dripping pussy.

'Well I suppose there is only one way to tell…' With a devious smirk, Tsunade walked up and pressed her chest to the blonde girls back while wrapping her arms around Naruto.

"Let me help you with that" Whispered Tsunade into the young girl's ear. She brought her hands down to the girl's crotch and batted Naruto's hands away. Naruto let out a groan as Tsunade's delicate fingers wrapped around her cock. The Jinchuuriki was in cloud nine. This was the most pleasurable and erotic thing she had ever felt. The feeling of Tsunade's impressive breasts squished into her bare back and the softness of her hands on her dick felt beyond amazing. Naruto let out another moan as Tsunade's other hand gently glided over Naruto's clit, causing the girl to tremble to a blinding climax. Tsunade released the girl from her grasp and took a step back.

'Looks like it DOES work…' Tsunade thought to herself as she started licking Naruto's sperm off her hand.

"Holy shit…" Naruto panted "That was awesome!" Once she caught her breath she turned and around only to be left breathless again. She was greeted with the sight of Tsunade slowly and sensuously liking the sperm off her hand digit by digit with a sly smile on her beautiful face, looking right into the younger blonde's eyes.

"You taste really good Naru-chan, why don't you try some too?" And before Naruto had the chance to protest, Tsunade had closed the distance between them and shoved her index finger, and a dollop of the girls own jizz, into her unsuspecting mouth. Naruto was surprised by the action as well as the taste. She half expected it to be bitter, because that is what she had read sperm had tasted like from the various "novels" she had read. She was happy to find that it in fact tasted like… oranges? She twirled her tongue around Tsunade's finger to get a better taste. Definitely oranges. She smiled around the digit and pressed her massive breasts into the fire shadow's matching pair and continued suck every last bit of her superior's finger. With their bodies flush against each other, Tsunade could feel every sign of arousal from the blonde girl rubbing against her. From her pert nipples and erect member, to the sopping wetness now leaving a trail down her pants. Tsunade's clothes suddenly felt very constricting.

"I didn't think a measly hand job would satisfy you, hold on and let me take my clothes off." Tsunade said as she reluctantly pulled away from Naruto's warmth. The young girl pouted as Tsunade backed away from her to shed her clothing when thought passed through her head.

"You seem experienced in this… Tsunade-sama…" The way Naruto purred her name sent a shiver up her now bare spin.

"It's actually not uncommon for kunoichi to relieve stress like this. You should ask your friend Ino about this, she has more experience in this then I do. I bet even Sakura has indulged in this form of relaxation from time to time…" Tsunade said with a smirk on her face as she slipped off her pants and underwear. If the thought of her friends indulging in the pleasure of the female flesh didn't cause Naruto's breath to hitch, then the sight of the naked goddess before her did. For a fifty something year old women, Tsunade didn't look a day over 25. Her breasts, large and supple, had a sexy droop as their nipples hardened akin to two pebbles. Her hips were shapely and her tummy flat and toned, evidence of her active ninja career.

Tsunade wasted no time in closing the distance between them. Both girls shuddered at the feeling of their nipples rubbing together. Naruto positioned her legs so that her knee was rubbing against Tsunade's drenched pussy. She then brought her lips to the older blonde's and kissed Tsunade. The feeling of soft lips meeting soft lips caused both women to moan into the kiss. After a few minutes of enjoying the new sensation, Naruto pulled back to fill her burning lungs with air. With a smirk, Tsunade leaned back in, darting her tongue into the jinchuuriki's mouth. Naruto's eyes shot wide open when Tsunade's tongue started invading her mouth, but her initial surprise was replaced by pleasure. She closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss, dueling Tsunade with her tongue.

After several rounds of 'tongue dueling', as Naruto would come to call it, Tsunade took charge and pushed the younger blonde onto the couch not far away. Tsunade stood over Naruto for a few seconds, admiring her new body; the way her breasts heaved in an attempt to regain her breath, the way her face was flushed red in desire, the way her juices stained the fabric of the couch a deeper shade, and especially the way her cock stuck up in the air. While abnormally large, the protruding sign of masculinity looked surprisingly feminine.

With a sensual smile Tsunade laid herself down over the shinobi turned kunoichi, squishing their breasts together again. She leaned down to the girl's ear and gave it a lick. "I'm gonna make you come so hard…" she whispered breathlessly. She then brought the ear into her mouth and lightly nibbled it, making her mewl and squirm in pleasure.

"And I'm not even gonna touch your girl cock!" She continued, making the girl feel a little uneasy. Naruto wasn't sure if she was quite ready to experience the exquisite pleasure Tsunade had promised her. She had just became a girl!

"Don't worry; I won't do anything to hurt you I promise. You trust me don't you?" Asked Tsunade, sensing Naruto's shift in confidence.

"It's not that…" replied Naruto with a slight shake of her head "It's just…"

"It's just what…?"

"What if I like too much? What if I like it so much I want to stay a girl!?" Naruto all but shouted with a sour expression.

"Then you stay a girl…" was Tsunade's simple reply. Before the girl could reply, the fire shadow latched her mouth to one of Naruto's pert nipples. Naruto arched into Tsunade's mouth, letting out a groan. It just felt so good! Tsunade then snaked a hand down to the girl's stomach. With a feather light touch she slowly glided her hand lower and lower down Naruto's body, making the poor girl whimper and squirm. Tsunade brushed the tips of her over the kunoichi pussy, causing her to buck into her hand.

"You're so sensitive…" muttered the Kage around the girl's breasts, as she continued her feather light petting.

"S-stop..!" Mewled a barely restrained Naruto.

"Stop what?" Tsunade asked innocently with a matching grin as she lifted her head from the girl's bosom.

"Stop teasing me!"

"Then what would you have me do, my dear?"

"F… f-f…"

"Come on, tell me what you want."

"FUCK ME! Fuck me like the little slut I am! Stretch me to my limits! MAKE ME A WOMAN!" Was Naruto's desperate reply.

"You asked for it." Tsunade said as she dipped her head down to the girl's crotch. She wasted no time and started licking the tight cunt below Naruto's raging hard on. Naruto was in ecstasy. This was the best thing she had ever felt.

'This is so much better than having sex as a guy…!' thought Naruto as she started playing with her own breasts. She could feel every gentle like of Tsunade's tongue, and it felt like heaven. She just couldn't believe how much pleasure she was in! When she didn't think it could get any better, the older Kage started thrusting her tongue into her soaking wet cunt making circles with it, while one of her hands played with her clit. Naruto felt a tight coil start to wind in the pit of her stomach, and her body started to spasm.

'I feel like I'm gonna explode!'

Feeling the younger girl's body spasm, Tsunade stopped her ministrations with an evil smirk on her face; taking pleasure in the fact that she had delayed Naruto's much needed release.

"Why the fuck did you stop!?"

"Because the anticipation and build up will make what we're about to do that much more amazing…" Tsunade walked behind her desk and opened up pulling out what seemed to be a large object. Naruto couldn't really tell. When Tsunade came back around the desk she saw what hands was in the slug princesses. Her eyed widened at the sight of the large double headed dildo grasped firmly in Tsunade's hands. It had to be about three inches in girth and at least one and a half feet long. Naruto watched in utter fascination as Tsunade took that long phallus and brought into her mouth. After a few minutes of bobbing the toy in her mouth and licking it, she brought it down to her crotch and slipped it into her pussy, moaning in content. Tsunade picked Naruto up off the couch and brought her to her feet.

"Before I put this in you, I need you to lube it up a bit. Get on your knees sweetie." Said Tsunade with a comforting smile. "I know you may feel uncomfortable about this, just keep an open mind, relax your throat, and who knows? You might just like it." She continued with a wink.

Naruto sat on her knees feeling a mix of embarrassment, fear, trepidation… and excitement? She'd be lying to herself if she said she didn't want to at least give it a try. She gave the phallus a tentative lick. Then another. And then, with a sudden burst of courage she took the head of it in her mouth, vigorously playing with it using her tongue. She lowered her head on it until it hit the back of her throat.

"That's it babe, just relax your throat and slide it down." Tsunade encouraged.

Naruto did just that and slid the remaining length down her throat. She gagged a bit once her mouth met the base of the dildo and the top of Tsunade's shaven pussy. It was quite the conundrum for the girl; despite how uncomfortable it was, she kind of liked it. Did she like dick?

'I need to investigate this later…' She mentally told herself.

"Good girl. That should do fine. Take it out and lay back down on the couch with your legs spread." Tsunade said with a soothing yet commanding voice. The combination a sensual effect that put shivers down Naruto's spine.

The girl quickly took the toy out of her mouth and did as she was ordered, sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her hand spreading her pussy lips. Naruto kind of liked how red it made her Kage's face. Tsunade walked over to her brought the tip of the dildo to the other girl's virgin entrance and traced the opening with it.

"Stop teasing and put it in…" Naruto whined.

"You're not nervous about it? Afraid it will hurt? Anything?" Tsunade asked with a little confusion.

"I am a little nervous, but I want this. I want to know how it is for women, so I can… respect them more." Naruto answered.

Tsunade gave a smirk at that. "That's bullshit if I ever heard it. You want this because you're a little slut. You want me to fuck you, to make you moan my name, to turn you into a little whore." She said as she slid into Naruto, making the young girl moan. She kept going until their crotches touched, and breasts once again brushed against one another.

"You have no hymen? Well that just makes things more fun…" Tsunade said as she started grinding their pussies together, enjoying the wonderful friction it caused. While doing this she pressed her chest closer to Naruto's and went in for a deep passionate kiss. Naruto was going crazy. The feelings this made her have was just too much! The feeling of a large cock in her pussy made her feel so full, and Tsunade's soft yet firm stomach rubbing against her dick was almost enough to make her come then and there.

"Hurry up and fuck me hard!" Naruto said while breaking the kiss for air. Tsunade didn't give a verbal reply; she simply smirked her sexy lips and started to rapidly thrust into Naruto, who gave out a guttural moan.

"TSUNADE-SAMA!" The young girl yelled at the top of her lungs while thrusting back into the Kage, matching her rhythm. Naruto was at her limit; she was gonna come hard, and soon.

"I think I'm gonna…" Naruto tried to say, too enraptured in the pleasure coursing through her body.

"Me too! Let's come together!" Tsunade grunted out between thrusts. Tsunade and Naruto thrusted into each other several more times, and with one hard final thrust both girls reached their climax. Naruto saw white as she was consumed in orgasmic bliss, her pussy and dick squirting a gratuitous amount of cum everywhere. She took the dildo out of herself and Tsunade, and proceeded to lick her jizz off of Tsunade's toned abs. She brought her lips to the elder blonde's and gave her a passionate kiss, sharing some of her cum with her. After a few breath taking minutes, Naruto broke the kiss off and laid her head down on Tsunade's shoulder.

"That was beyond amazing. There is no way I can go back to being a guy, please tell me this is permanent?" Naruto whispered.

"You like women that much more now eh? It will last as long as that seal I put on you is in place" Tsunade answered.

"Good… And I do. I have learned my lesson; I will never peak on women again. Just seduce them and have mind blowing, life altering sex." Naruto said in a seductive manner as she crawled on top of Tsunade.

Tsunade simply smirked and brought the girl into another kiss.