It had been a few weeks since Naruto's "lesson" with Tsunade, and her resulting life altering decision. Her friends were a little wierded out at first, but grew to accept it. She had purposefully left out that she still had a dick, for obvious reasons. He, or rather she, was and still is their hero. They all agreed that she deserved to find happiness in any way she saw fit after all that she had done for the ninja world.

Currently the young blonde kunoichi was in the middle of training ground 7. She had decided that she needed to train more so she could get used to her new body, and had enlisted the help of some of her closer friends. She couldn't help but marvel over the differences her female body had over her male one.

'I'm lighter, faster, more nimble, and have better chakra control!' she thought to herself as she gracefully dashed from tree to tree with ease. She made it back to the central field of the training ground and flipped her hair away from her face. 'Not to mention its sexy as hell.'

She turned her head back to the tree line and yelled out "Looks like I win again you bastard!"

As she said this, a brunette man came out of the woods gasping for breath. "I still can't believe you're this fast now. It's unreal…" Sasuke Uchiha said, as he walked towards Naruto. He 'No, she…' he reminded himself had changed. A lot. He stopped a few feet from her and marveled at her appearance. Her hair was now in a style reminiscent of Tsunade's, except the pigtails were braided in the back. She also now wore a black miniskirt, showing off her mile long legs. Of course she had decided to keep the same orange and black sweat shirt, saying that orange was too awesome to give up.

'The more things change, the more they stay the same I suppose…' Sasuke mused to himself.

Seeing her friend checking her out Naruto let a smirk her face. "Like what you see, asshole?"

"What if I do? What would you do about it?" Came his cool reply.

"You know I don't swing that way. I like girls!" Naruto reminded him with a cute laugh.

"I wonder…" Said the raven haired man as he walked closer to the blonde, pressing his hard stomach against her front, his now rapidly forming member rubbing against her leg. Naruto let out an audible gulp, making Sasuke smirk more. "You say that, but for some reason I don't believe you." He said noticing the blush forming on her face.

Naruto was a little confused about what was going on. She was sure she absolutely loved women and women only. She was a guy after all! Yet here she was, getting turned on by her best friend's penis stuck against her leg.

'Am I bi now…? Was I always bi…?' She wondered to herself, mentally debating what to do. 'Ah, fuck it. I said I wanted to see if I liked dick or not earlier right? Well let's find out!' With a sudden pulse of energy she dropped to her knees and started unzipping Sasuke's pants. "I don't believe me either. So wanna help me see if I like men?" She said with a cute smile.

"Dobe… I wouldn't still be standing here if I didn't. Now get to work." He said in a demanding tone.

Naruto stopped what she was doing and grabbed him by the crotch and looked him straight in the eyes with a mild glare. "Talk to me like that again and this goes bye-bye. Understand?" She asked as she squeezed harder for emphasis. "I'm in control hear, not you. Are we clear?" She asked again.

"Yes ma'am…" Sasuke replied with a whimper as Naruto continued to squeeze his balls.

"Good, then let's get on to business." Naruto said with a sexy air. She continued to undo his pants, and when she took of his silk underwear Sasuke's harden member sprung out and lightly tapped her face. 'Looks like I'm still bigger…' She thought to herself with a grin. Sasuke was about eight inches long and two inches in girth. She licked her lips and dove right in.

Sasuke let out a groan as Naruto wet mouth engulfed his penis. She continued slowly sucking and licking her tongue around the tip in her mouth, and then brought the rest of his length into her mouth. She relaxed her throat and let it slip down further. When her lips reached his pelvis she let out a sigh of contentment. 'It's not nearly as big as the dildo Tsunade had, but I guess it will do…' With another sigh she started to bob her head up and down on the raven's hard dick.

With another groan Sasuke dropped his hands to play with Naruto's silky soft hair. This girl was driving him wild! And this was his best friend! God did it turn him on. Without really thinking, he grabbed her hair tightly and started to thrust into her mouth and throat. Cought off guard by the sudden action, Naruto gagged a little but soon adjusted and let Sasuke have his way with her mouth. 'This is actually pretty awesome. Surprisingly so… I guess I do like the D… but he is gonna be punished for being so forceful.' Naruto mused to herself.

With another loud grunt Sasuke thrusted into her gaping lips once more, and released a torrent of his spunk. Naruto pulled back so only the tip was in her mouth, and took as much of the delicious treat in as she could. When her mouth was full, it started overflowing onto her lips and chin. She swirled the semen in her mouth around her tongue, enjoying its taste. 'Tastes almost… like a black berry? Yup! It does!'

After swallowing the load in her mouth she got to her feet and pushed herself against Sasuke. "Did you like that babe?" His response was a feeble nod accompanied by a large gulp. "Good, because now you get to be punished for breaking the rules. I am in charge here, not you. Now clean my face up and I'll reward you." She continued with a twinkle in her eye. Sasuke gulped again. He knew that look. Naruto would always get that look whens he had an especially devious plan cooked up in her brain. Not wanting to get into any more trouble, Sasuke did as ordered and started licking up his own spunk off of Naruto's face.

His face turned a deep shade of red as he continued with his chore.

'This is so humiliating' He thought to himself. 'But at least it doesn't taste half bad…'

Wait what!? Sasuke Uchiha did not just think to himself that he enjoyed the taste of himself. 'What the fuck wa-'

His thoughts were cut off as Naruto spoke softly. "You like this don't you? The taste of your own sperm? The embarrassment of licking it off my face in an open location? Anybody could be watching." And she was right. Anyone could be watching, the training grounds were a pretty populated place, for both ninja and civilians. But the idea of not knowing who was watching, the thrill and danger involved in the act, it really turned him on.

"Looks like someone is getting hard again. We'll take care of that. Now get up and strip." Sasuke got away from the girl and started to take his clothes off. He quickly discarded his pants and underwear hanging around his feet as well as his loose fitting shirt. He turned to look at Naruto, only to see the girl had stopped to look at his physique.

Naruto had to admit; for a guy, Sasuke was pretty hot. A bit on the effeminate side, but still hot. It was no wonder that many of the girls from their academy class had a crush on him. She stopped staring and went back to taking off her clothes. She sexily took off her top and bra in one fluid motion. With the flick of a rest, both garments of clothing were cast to the side as she slowly walked over to him with a sway in her hips. She got a a little closer and decided to abruptly turn around. With her back turned to him, she looked over her shoulder and gave him a sexy smile. 'Oh, he is in for a big surprise.' She placed her thumbs into the edge of her skirt and panties and lowered them to the ground, making sure he had a good look at her ass.

Sasuke gulped once more. Damn his friend was hot! And that ass was to die for! He watched as she stood up, and slowly turned around. 'Show me those tits again! Wait…' "What the FUCK is that!?" He all but screeched.

"Oh, this little thing?" Naruto answered as she wrapped a slender hand around her erect shaft and started jerking it off. "This is my penis. Duh. Or did I forget to mention I still have one?" The tone she used was completely innocent, as if her having a dick was the most normal thing in the world.

"Yeah, you kind of did forget to mention that. And now I'm leaving." The raven said as he went to go pick up his clothes. As he turned around though, he ran into a pair of soft pillows.

"You're not going anywhere Sasuke, you have to take responsibility for your actions" Said the person in front of him. Sasuke took a step back only to see it was another Naruto, a shadow clone to be more precise. The clone grabbed the naked boy and shoved him to his knees. The original Naruto grabbed the base of her cock and walked over to the now kneeling boy, watching him struggle to escape.

"Hey now, stop struggling. I promise I won't hurt you" Said the blonde haired girl as she stopped right in front of him. 'Much…' she added as an afterthought. As she brought her dick to his face he turned his head away and continued to struggle. "Look, if you're a good boy, and suck my dick, I'll let you play with my pussy. Deal?" She said trying to placate her friend.

Sasuke stopped struggling and contemplated his situation. He was restrained and being forced to have oral sex with one of his best friends; who just so happened to be the sexiest piece of ass he had ever seen. In a normal situation, there would be no struggle. But this was not a normal situation. She had a dick! 'She has a vagina too…' he reminded himself. 'And an epic pair of tits. Hn… if I have to suck a dick to get to that, so be it.' With his mind made up he looked up to Naruto. "Alright, you have a deal."

"Good boy." She replied, and placed her dick in front of his mouth. "What are you waiting for? Get to work!"

Sasuke gave the large phallus a nervous look. He knew it was big when he caught a glimpse of it before, but it looked massive in front of him. 'She's bigger than me for sure…' he noted. He gave the tip a tentative lick. Then another, after enjoying the gasp Naruto released. After that he ran his tongue up and down the large member, all the while keeping eye contact with the beautiful blonde girl. He finally took the tip in his mouth and sucked on it. He paused for a moment. What was he supposed to do now? As if reading his mind, the girl answered him with mirth in her voice. "Just do what you enjoy when receiving head."

With that in mind he slowly brought his head down the shaft as far as he could. To his surprise he made it all the way down, his nose touching her bare crotch. "No gag reflex? Looks like someone is a born cock sucker." Sasuke turned red from embarrassment upon hearing her words, but decided to get by back by lightly biting her member. "Ok, I'll stop teasing. I just can't believe how hot you look doing this." She said as she brought her hands to the down to the boys head, and entwined them in his hair. Taking this as a sign to continue, he brought his head back up and started to bob on her shaft. 'This really isn't that bad' he thought while increasing his pace, 'I could actually get used to this.'

Naruto mewled in pleasure as she watched the boy starting to get into it. 'No doubt about it. He's a fag.' She thought with a grin. She turned to her clone and gave her a nod. The clone released Sasuke from her grip and laid down on her back, her head next to his ass. She grabbed his hips with her delicate hands and brought him down to her face. The original Naruto heard Sasuke gasped and start groaning as her clone started licking his ass. Naruto came at the sight of Sasuke wiggling his ass into his clone to get more. 'Damn that's hot..!'

Naruto continued to spray her spunk as she pulled out of his mouth and covered his face. He paused to catch his breath, and then brought his hand up to wipe the jizz of his face. He brought it to his mouth and cleaned it off, his eyes still looking up at Naruto's. 'I'm already hard again from that. Damn.' With a speed not seen since her father, Naruto picked Sasuke up and turned him around so he was facing her clone. The clone came forward and started rubbing their bodies together. The raven haired boy grunted in pleasure at the feeling of her breasts pushed against his chest and the friction caused by their two dicks rubbing against each other

"I thought you said I would get to play with your pussy if I sucked you off?" He said in a pained expression as he felt two fingers enter his virgin asshole and start scissoring him. "I have altered the deal; pray I do not alter it further." Naruto replied with a commanding voice as she took her fingers out of his ass. She quickly brought her dick to his asshole and started to teasingly rub it around the gaping hole. Sasuke's face flushed again as his dick twitched against the clone's from the feeling. He started to groan as Naruto continued her ministrations.

"Now tell me" she started, "what is it that you want me to do, slut?" Sasuke bucked his hips and mumbled incoherently. "What did you say? I couldn't quite hear you…"

"I want your cock in my ass! Happy?" He said a bit louder while looking at her over his shoulder. "Very." Was Naruto's simple reply as she slowly slid her length into Sasuke's puckered hole. She moaned at the feeling of the raven boy's insides tightly gripping her length. She paused for a few seconds to let her friend adjust to her massive length and girth, and then continued when she felt him buck his butt back into her hips.

Sasuke was in a state of self-denial. 'There is no way I'm enjoying this…' He thought as he moaned from Naruto hitting his prostate. 'There is no way I'm a… I'm a…' "I'm a total ass slut! Go faster!" He shouted. Not one to disagree, Naruto increased his tempo in and out of Sasuke's tight hole, making sure to hit the boy's g-spot with every thrust. 'At this rate I'm gonna cum fast…' Naruto thought.

"Hurry up and cum in my ass idiot, I want to know what it feels like to be filled with semen." Said her new ass slave.

"Don't worry; I have a better idea to make this feel a lot better. Hey, you! Get over here." Naruto said while gesturing to his clone. "You're going to join me back here and together we will fill this sissy boy's ass up to the brim" She continued. Not needing to be told twice, the second Naruto brought her original and Sasuke down to the ground, with the anal loving boy in a doggy position. She slid herself underneath the boy and aligned her throbbing prick with the boy's already occupied hole.

"This may hurt a little, Uke." Said the clone as she slowly slid into his ass. Both Narutos shuddered from the feeling of their cocks sliding up against each other, and the warm tightness of Sasuke's virgin ass. 'I've never felt so full before…' Sasuke thought as he groaned out in pleasure. He thrust his hips back into the two girls; their twin dicks in his ass jack hammering his prostate making him go crazy. Naruto looked down at her clone and gave her a mischievous smile. Knowing what her creator was thinking, the two of them increased their rhythm to almost break neck speeds. 'Oh shit…!' Sasuke cried out in his mind. "I'm about to… ugh…!" And with a guttural moan the boy ejaculated on the clone's stomach. The two Naruto's, upon seeing Sasuke's primal release, soon came to bliss themselves; coating the raven haired boy's innards with their sperm. The three of them collapsed on each other in exhaustion, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss.

"That was amazing." Was all Sasuke was able to say as he was sandwiched between the two Naruto's. "Yeah it was, I had no idea you were such an ass slut." Said Naruto as she made circles with her finger on his shoulder. "Well, I hate to say it Uke; but I got to go. Places to be, people to screw…" And with that, she pulled out with her clone and got up, watching the excess semen drip out of Sasuke's stretched ass hole. "That is SO hot Uke…" Said the Naruto clone. "Why don't you two clean each other up, I have to go find Kakashi-Sensei." Stated Naruto as she put her clothes back on. "Have fun you two!" And with that, she turned and left; the sounds of her clone's and Sasuke's moans fading into the distance.