Owen Elliot walked quickly down the street, making sure to avoid any surveillance cameras.

He had just been to the First United Bank of Montreal and secured his black box in a safety deposit box as directed by Percy.

His second directive was to find lodging.

He cut down an alley to avoid a surveillance camera, turned a corner and spotted a For Sale sign on an unassuming brownstone apartment building. The sign also said to inquire inside. The brownstone looked like the perfect place to stay and it fit all of Owen's requirements. A back door, no security cameras, and it didn't stand out.

Owen went in and, within an hour, was given keys to his apartment.

Well, that was easy. Now he'd just have to buy a few things and he'd be set.

He opened his apartment door, dropped his bag and turned to lock it when the door across the hall opened and a beautiful woman with bronze skin and emerald green eyes exited. She noticed him standing there and stopped.

"Hello" she said smiling at him. "You just move in?"

"Yeah" he said, regretting not just staying in the apartment. The last thing he needed was a curious neighbor.

"I'm Emily" she said. Owen stood there, not saying anything. Somewhat uncomfortable, she asked, "What's your name?"

"Owen." He replied.

"Where are-"

Owen cut her off abruptly, "I have to go".

He left her standing in her doorway with a somewhat irritated expression on her face.

Good- He thought. The more irritated the better. He had a hunch that she wouldn't be asking anymore questions.

But he just couldn't get those piercing green eyes out of his head.

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