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Chapter 4

"Owen. Owen. Owen." It was like a mantra being repeated over and over again in his head.

The voice spoke again. "Owen. If you do not open your eyes right now, I WILL call an ambulance."

Owen's eyes popped open. "Okayyy!" He whined. "I'm awake, I'm awake."


"Are you still feeling lightheaded?" Emily asked Owen.

"Kinda…mmmm…my head hurts." Owen said, slurring his words a little.

"Okay. You definitely need a blood transfusion. Right now." "Owen, what's your blood type?"

"Huh?" Owen said, confused.

"Your blood type, Owen, what is it?!" Emily said, sounding a little hysterical.

That can't be a good sign- Owen was just coherent enough to think. "I'm A positive".

"Good. That's my blood type. I can use my blood" Emily said calmly.

That woke Owen up. "Wait, WHAT?" he said.

Emily wasn't listening to him. She quickly stuck a needle in her arm, drawing blood, stuck a tube hooked to an IV bag at the spot, and started filling the bag.

"Emily, wha…what are you doing" Owen said.

Ignoring him, Emily disconnected the (now full) IV bag and attached it to a new tube.

"What are you…OW!" Owen yelled. Emily had stuck him with a needle in the vein of his arm and hooked up the IV bag to it.

Emily finally spoke. "I'm giving you a transfusion, you big baby."

"Next time a little warning would be nice" Owen said.

"Are you expecting a next time?" Emily asked, squeezing the IV bag to keep the blood flowing into Owen's body.

Owen hesitated and Emily changed the subject.

"Are you in any pain?" she asked softly.

"You'd be surprised at my threshold for pain" Owen said. Then he winced.

"So yes?" she asked, smiling and barely managing not to laugh.

Owen groaned. Emily's smile vanished and she picked up a bottle of liquid and filled a syringe.

"What is that?" Owen asked.

"Something to help with the pain" she said and injected the liquid into the IV (the blood bag had been replaced with a bag filled with saline solution to keep him hydrated).

"Oh…That's nice" Owen said as the painkiller started to take effect.

"You're pretty" he said.

"You're delirious" Emily responded.

As Owen started to slowly lose consciousness he said, "This better just be a painkiller…because I can kill you in two seconds and clean…up…after…"

The last thing Owen saw before he passed out was Emily. Her face had gone pale and she looked terrified.

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