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The long lazy hills rose and fell outside the window as they moved by. A foreboding blue-gray sky seemed to swirl around them as if it knew the unspeakable place they were headed to, and was attracted to its malice. The insurmountable aura that seemed to radiate from their vicinity refused to cease, causing others to avoid them. Miles flew by like birds, but their speed was not nearly what it needed to be.

Infamous city of lights, wonders, and disappointments slowly came into view. Towering structures of steel rose from the ground, looming over all that dared come near. Second came the noise, hitting them like a tidal wave, making them reverberate down to their bones. Sheer panic was enveloping them, testing them, determining their resistance to the monstrosity called time.

"Ah!" they screamed at the same time. One was a boy of black hair and vibrant emerald eyes, and the other a girl with hair the color of bronze and light brown eyes. They had met years earlier, when they were in a life or death situation hundreds of miles below the surface of the Earth. However, I suppose before I tell you this story, I must recall the beginning.

Eight years had passed since the Prophecy of Time had come and gone, taking much with it in its wake. Six of these years, Lizzie and her family had spent in Virginia, following the death of their Grandma. Lizzie suffered, having lost first her friends, and then her Grandma, almost everyday. What kept her going all of these years was her brother, Gregor. He had suffered more than the rest of her family combined, but had tried his best to return to normal life. Seeing her brother work so hard had inspired Lizzie, causing her to excel in school, especially with math.

As of right now, she was driving down the old dirt road near the family farm. Lizzie had just gotten her permit, so Gregor was teaching her how to drive. "Ok now, you're doing good Liz," he said, smiling in the front seat. "Take the road on the left." Lizzie's gasped in shock. "But that's the—"

"You can do it! Have confidence in your skills!" her hands beginning to shake, Lizzie turned the wheel so they glided into the turn headed for the main road.

"Alright, good job. Take your foot off the gas and let the weight of the car slow you down." Lizzie did as she was told, and the vehicle eventually lost momentum. "Now break." Gregor directed. The old car came to a stop, right at the main road. Lizzie looked both ways, and turned left. "What do you need from the store, Gregor?" Lizzie asked. Gregor smiled and looked straight ahead, reclining with his hands behind his head, and feet on the dashboard. "Oh, whatever do you mean? I'm just trying to teach my sister how to drive!"

Lizzie smirked. "I'm not dumb, Gregor. And get your feet of the dash! I can't see my mirror with your legs in the way!" Chuckling, Gregor returned his feet to the floor. "Wow, you're no fun! Anyways, let's head to the corner store. I could sure use a slurpee right about now."

Five minutes later, they were in the parking lot of the closest Circle K. Gregor swung out of the car, landing softly on his feet. "You want anything?" he asked. Lizzie simply shook her head, conventionally getting out of the car. "You know, you should treat your car better, Gregor." Gregor shrugged, already walking to the store.

"Yeah, I guess."

Lizzie stood outside by the car, staring at the scenery around the station. Tall trees stood on either side of the road, allowing the road to snake through them. Careless driving could kill you on these roads, making Lizzie extra careful.

Not many people lived in this area of Virginia, thankfully. It made it that much easier to conceal their encounters with the Underland, especially for Gregor. School was the only drawback to that benefit, but they handled it with grace. They had only encountered trouble when Gregor had a fight in PE one day; when the other boy had ripped his shirt. Other than that, life was alright in Virginia; an Oasis away from New York, and namely, the Underland.

That was in the eyes of their parents though, and them alone. Gregor and Lizzie bore the brunt of the responsibility from the secrecy they were forced to keep. Boots was a different story, having forgotten the majority of the adventures and terrors of the Underland; as for the few memories that lasted, those were passed off as dreams. Lizzie knew what Gregor was going threw the most; but that wasn't saying much. He was in an entirely different situation than the rest of them. Occasionally, she would catch him daydreaming for long periods of time, most likely about the Underland.

"Hey Liz, you alright?" Lizzie heard her brother's voice, rippling through her thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm ok." Lizzie said, opening her door. "Ready to go?" Gregor nodded. Starting the car up, Lizzie checked her surroundings and drove to the side of the road. Seeing no one within range, she revved up the gas and accelerated back towards their house. Everything was going smoothly, there was good music on the radio, the road was nice, and the weather was perfect. That was before a red bag of colored candy was thrown in front of her eyes, blocking her vision; a cackling Gregor saying, "Distraction!" while laughing his rear end off.

Lizzie screamed and almost swerved to the side of the road, but kept her cool, and stabilized the car. "Gregor!" she yelled. "What the hell!?" Gregor sat in his chair, clapping his hands and laughing harder than Grace did at Comedy Central.
"Hey! There is no reason for that kind of— pfffffft!" Gregor tried and failed, still laughing hysterically. "I can't even say it with a straight face!"

The rest of the car ride was spent in utter silence, as Gregor had been stabbed with the daggers reaching through Lizzie's eyes.

It was about five when they rolled into the driveway, smelling the delicious dinner their mom had prepared for them that night. As they walked in the door, their father looked up from that morning's paper, eyebrows slightly raised through his small rectangular reading glasses. "Hey guys, where you been?"

"Well! Don't I have a story for- gah!" Gregor said, as he felt a heel slam into his toes.

"Just driving Daddy!" Lizzie said, almost skipping into her father's already occupied arms. "Ok princess, maybe you can give Gregor a few tips one of these days!"

"Woah now, I don't know about that!" Gregor said. "She'd have to reach the pedals first!"

"Why you!" Lizzie said, jumping at Gregor, which he swiftly avoided. Their acrobatics lasted about five seconds before Grace came in and declared dinner was ready. When they did not hear her, she added weight to her tone, which made everyone form a single file line to the dinner table.

Very little conversation was had that night during and after dinner, not really deviating from the norm. Lizzie just fell onto the couch and watched TV until about eleven, finally getting up and deciding she was ready for bed. It was the end of the school year; summer let out in less than a week. What little homework was assigned to her, Lizzie had already finished. Yawning, she banished school from her mind, and dragged her feet to her bedroom. Before she reached it, she encountered her brother.

Without saying a word, he picked her up and ran her outside without a sound, clamping her mouth shut so she couldn't cause any unneeded noise. He set her down in front of the barn about a hundred feet away from the house.

"What do you think you're doing?" Lizzie demanded, hands on her hips.

"Inviting you." Gregor said, a more serious tone than he had had in years. Eight years to be exact.

"On what?"

"A trip."

"To where." A breeze picked up, alerting Lizzie of what could be the only answer to that question.

"The Underland."

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