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(Lizzie's POV)

When Mira landed on the Wall, Lizzie couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu, being back in Regalia. The ancient city seemed eerily welcoming; so much different than when she first arrived seven years ago.

They were quickly surrounded by the guards on the wall, and there was an envoy of bats and soldiers already heading their way.

Hearing Gregor sigh in exasperation, Lizzie laughed in understanding. It was surprising that Regalians, soldiers especially, would not remember them after the War of Time.

"Frustrating, isn't it?" her brother elbowed her playfully. "You break a code, I kill an enormous white rat, we end the War that was supposed to annihilate them, and they still can't remember you!" Lizzie broke out and laughed, pushing aside the slightly angry feelings towards the Underlanders.

Some scuffling attracted their attention, to see a girl with flowing silver hair moving her way through the circle of guards surrounding them.

She was kind of tall, around five eight, and her hair reached down to around the bottom of her shoulder blades. She was about Gregor's age, and had a dignified aura around her; Lizzie could immediately tell that this girl was very smart, and not someone Lizzie wanted to mess with.

But the shocked expression on the girls face when she saw them, that look of surprise reminded Lizzie that she knew this girl.

"Luxa," Gregor said, taking her in. "Long time no see." Luxa didn't respond, still reeling from the fact that her and Gregor were back in Regalia, after they supposedly left forever.

Lizzie considered speaking up, and maybe starting a conversation that would let them go back to the Palace, but decided against it. These two had been apart the greater part of a decade; she would let them have their time, for now.

"Lizzie?" someone said, causing her to turn to the source of the sound. It wasn't Luxa, she was still staring at Gregor. "Jeez," Lizzie thought, still looking for who called her name. "Get a room you guys." Finally, her eyes landed on a boy with jet black hair. Lizzie's initial thought was that there was another Overlander here; one that knew her from school. Then she saw the boy's pale skin, and sea green eyes.

"Oh no." Lizzie thought, feeling a slight heat rush to her face. "Hazard?" she said.

Thankfully for all four of them, someone interrupted the awkward silence.

"What are we all doing sitting around gawking at each other for?" Ripred said, successfully becoming the center of attention. Breaking through the crowd, he saw Gregor and Lizzie, and was taken back a bit.

"Oh, well what do you know?" Ripred said, after recovering. "The Warrior is back, yippee. But you brought your sister!"

"Ripred!" Lizzie exclaimed, throwing her arms around the rat. "How are you?"

"Oh, you know," Ripred said, carefully embracing the fragile girl. Really, she needed to eat more seafood. "Just getting by. That's about the best you can do with them around."

"Them?" Lizzie asked, confused.

"The humans." Ripred said, motioning his muzzle towards Luxa. "They're very difficult to get along with. Luxa glared fiercely at Ripred.

"We are difficult to get along with?" she said, voice challenging. "You are the ones who refuse to reasonable!"

Lizzie laughed awkwardly, trying to remind them that her and Gregor were back. She had hope that this would stop their bickering until she knew enough to prove them both wrong, but they were more stubborn then she remembered.

"What you count as reasonable, your highness," Ripred countered. "Is not nearly substantial for what we need!"

Luxa was about to argue back, when Gregor put his arm in front of her, getting in between the bonded delegates.

"Hey!" Gregor said in a reproaching tone. "Can we at least solve this over dinner? I'm starving!"

After the unexpected excuse, Gregor ushered everyone on bats.

"Ripred, meet us there, will you?"

"I'll actually be flying with you, if you haven't risen above the likes of me." Ripred responded. "This is Atlas." Ripred introduced, gesturing to the gigantic brown bat now standing behind him. "He's my chauffer when I'm in Regalia. So much different than before, wouldn't you say?" Gregor nodded to the bat, who covertly nodded back.

"Whatever, as long as you aren't late for dinner. Besides, it looks like you are finally in capable hands."

Gregor hopped up behind Luxa on Aurora, and they flew off to the Palace.

Lizzie laughed inwardly at her brother's honest excuse for breaking up the argument. It was so typical of him to he so friendly in a difficult situation. It made it almost impossible to go after him for interrupting.

"Well," Ripred said. "You two might as well head to the Palace after those kids. It may not seem like it, but they are pretty bash when they are alone. Go keep an eye on them for me while I run some errands, will you?"

Not even leaving them a chance to respond, Ripred nodded to Atlas, and jumped off the wall, gaining pretty good distance with the limited running start he had.

Lizzie and Hazard stood awkwardly next to each other, looking opposite ways. The guards had dispersed after Ripred left, leaving the two teenagers unattended, and very uncomfortable.

"So, um, Hazard?" Lizzie said, trying to break the ice. "Should we go? Ripred's right; we should keep an eye on those two."

"Y-Yeah." Hazard responded, finding an immediate interest in his sandals. "Let's go."

Hazard led the way back to Cyrus, with Lizzie following shyly behind him. One soldier noticed the situation, and chuckled at how obvious their feelings were, to everyone but themselves.

"Hey, Cyrus." Hazard said to his friend. "This is Lizzie. She's Gregor's younger sister."

Cyrus nodded in understanding. "Yes, right, well… who is Gregor?"

After face palming, Hazard replied, "The Warrior, you know, the one that killed the Bane?"

"Oh yes! Yes indeed. Okay, I understand the situation now. So are you two…?"

"What do you mean?" Hazard asked, honestly not getting the implication.

"Ah, never mind." Cyrus said. "I suppose it would be wrong if you guys were intimate."

Lizzie couldn't hold back the raging blush behind her cheeks, and neither could Hazard, even though his was way more noticeable. They stood there, embarrassed, until Cyrus said, "We should probably follow them, don't you think? It doesn't seem standing here would be the best way to spend the time before dinner."

The two teens nodded, and mounted the bat. Lizzie's hard beat went up when Hazard had to help her up on to Cyrus; actually coming in contact with him.

None of them spoke a word their entire trip back to the Palace.

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