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Naruto was lying down on Sasuke's bed, reading one of his best friend's manga books. Sasuke had such a nice, large bed with lots of pillows, perfect for reading. The blue sheets and black pillows just lacked some orange, but Naruto had learnt how to compromise. He glanced over at Sasuke, the dark-haired teen sitting by his desk immersed in a text on his computer, probably for school. The bastard was such a nerd sometimes. Wait scratch that – the bastard was such a nerd all the time. He went back to the manga and read a few more pages. Why Sasuke had yaoi mangas he didn't know, and the funniest part was that he hadn't even noticed Naruto finding them!

Apparently Sasuke thought that the top shelf behind lexicons and history books was a good hiding place (and it probably was considering Naruto hadn't found them before during their years as best friends) but Naruto had been bored and decided to look at every book in the raven's possession. And he found a huge amount of yaoi! Well, Naruto didn't know the term yaoi from before but since it read 'yaoi manga' on the cover he figured it was called that. He already knew that Sasuke was gay – it was really obvious after all – and at first he had snickered at the thought of Sasuke reading romantic stories about gay people. But then he noticed the mature rating, and had decided to look one of them through. He had almost fallen off the chair he was standing on, but Sasuke hadn't noticed. So Naruto put the scary book back and figured he'd do something else. But then a thought struck him – Sasuke always claimed that he didn't watch porn, so maybe this was his porn? Like the Playboy magazines Kiba had a collection of (Naruto didn't dare to have any of those at home because his mother would most likely find them and kill him).

Since Naruto's natural state was curious, he decided to take a look at Sasuke's porn. After all, he'd never really thought about Sasuke and sex in the same sentence before, the bastard was just so nonsexual to him. And since they were best friends Naruto thought he was entitled to know things like this. He didn't have any trouble telling Sasuke about some good porn he'd seen, even though Sasuke always made a disgusted face and disapproving noises. And Sasuke had always refused to talk about his sexual preferences. He claimed that as a straight guy, Naruto didn't really want to know. And maybe he was right, but right now Naruto very much wanted to know. So he took three of the manga and proceeded to lie down on the bed and read.

The first story was actually pretty cute, with only some kissing in it. The hyper-active blond surprisingly liked it. The second one was more perverted, with two sex scenes. It was rather fascinating to read those parts, he'd never thought about gay sex before. Why should he have? But it was really strange to see one guy so submissive (it was a very exaggerated uke in this one) and strangely… hot. He blushed. It shouldn't, but the thought of maybe having a guy underneath him instead was a little arousing. He convinced himself that it was because the guy resembled a girl. Although it was hard to make that parallel when the guy was riding the other one, his cock very prominently drawn in the picture.

Anyway, the funny part was that in both mangas so far one guy had been extremely submissive to the other one. So the question was which one Sasuke saw himself as. Naruto almost laughed at the thought of a blushing, moaning Sasuke begging to be taken, but then realized that the thought of his best friend being the dominant one was even weirder. Sasuke might seem like the kind of guy that always took charge, but he wasn't. He much preferred just following Naruto around (well, Naruto had to convince him first) or being by himself. He wasn't as meek as the guy in the manga, but still. He was just too thin and… cute. Or something like that.

Well, that's what he had been thinking as he had glanced at Sasuke, and now he turned his focus onto the third book. It was the one that had almost made him fall off the chair. It was so kinky! The uke in the story was really poor, and accidentally broke the rich seme's phone (the seme was his boss). And as payment the boss forced him to do all kinds of 'sexual services'. Again, so kinky! There was bondage and toys and lots of explicit pictures. And the worst part was that Naruto found it pretty hot. He closed his eyes and imagined himself and Sasuke instead of the characters. And Sasuke looked hot like that. With a yelp he shot up into a sitting position, staring wide-eyed at the scary book. What the hell was this book doing to him? Making him like gay porn?!

"What are you doing dobe" came an irritated voice from Sasuke's direction. He hadn't turned around yet. Naruto wasn't sure what to do. So he did like he usually did – told the truth.

"I was just reading this manga I found in your bookcase."

"Hn" was Sasuke's uninterested reply.

"It's called 'Love Slave'. It's really interesting!" Naruto said with an innocent grin, as if he hadn't just been reading Sasuke's porn. Sasuke had frozen in chock. He slowly turned around, seeing Naruto lazily wave the mature-rated book at him. He slowly closed his eyes and swallowed, before opening them again.

"There's a reason those were hidden" he bit out through gritted teeth.

"Oh come on teme, you know you can talk with me about anything right? And if you wanna talk about your fantasies of being tied up, blind-folded and fucked up the ass while you beg your master for more, then I'm right here to listen to you." His grin now threatened to split his face in two. But Sasuke didn't react the way he wanted him to. He just narrowed his eyes dangerously, and stood up from the chair. As he walked towards his blond idiot for a best friend, in a graceful and obviously seducing way, he purred (yes purred!):

"And what, exactly, makes you think I'm bottom, Na-ru-to." By now he had reached the side of the bed, and observed Naruto coolly. Naruto had to struggle to explain his reasoning.

"Um, well, you know, 'cause you're kinda cute and, uh, thin, and uh, not so tall?"

"I'm taller than you" Sasuke replied, again in that silky deep voice. Maybe Naruto needed to revise his thinking of Sasuke as submissive, because now he had climbed onto the bed, crawled over to Naruto and was currently leaning over him, staring into his eyes with a mocking expression. And it looked pretty dominant to him.

"Poor little straight guy, thinking that being gay automatically equals being unmanly and only liking to 'take it up the ass'. But you know," and here his voice lowered to a husky whisper, "it takes two to have sex right? Even between guys. Which means one guy has to fuck the other." He now leaned in closer, breathing into Naruto's red ear, letting way too much of his body press against Naruto's. "And there's also such a thing as switching, and being able to enjoy both." He leaned back up, and picked up the book that had fallen out of Naruto's hand. "And this" he said, waving the book the same way the blond had done earlier, "is porn. Not necessarily something I want to try."

He got off the bed, returning to his computer and putting the book down beside him, leaving a very flustered and confused Naruto on his bed. When Naruto had calmed down a little, he glared at Sasuke's back. That bastard, making him blush like that when he wasn't even gay! And even if he was there was no way he would be the uke! Just no! With a determined look set in his eyes, he rose from the bed and stalked over to Sasuke's large bookcase. He again climbed onto the chair, and proceeded to take out every yaoi manga that Sasuke had in his collection. Sasuke noticed this, and sighed.

"What the hell are you doing you moron?" Naruto didn't answer, just let the books fall down on the floor, and once he was done he hopped down as well and picked them all up before carrying them to the bed. Sasuke simply watched. He was used to Naruto's crazy antics and stupid ideas, and how he always interpreted stuff in a completely surprising way. Such an idiot.

"Seriously, don't tell me you are going to read all those?" he asked, in a slightly disbelieving tone.

"I'll just be quiet then" was the answer he received, as Naruto flopped down onto the bed again, grabbed the closest book and started reading. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever, have fun reading my porn then" he said, turning his focus back onto his computer.

~Line breaker~

A couple of hours later, as he had finished all of his homework and a large portion of Naruto's as well (if the dobe failed high school it would fall on Sasuke's shoulders to tutor him, and since that was extremely annoying it was much more simple to just do his assignments and then force him to pass at least some of his tests), he turned around in his chair to look at said idiot who had actually managed to be quiet this whole time. He expected him to have fallen asleep, but to his surprise he found that he was still reading intently, the pile of books on his right side containing the already read books surprisingly large. If only he could study the way he read porn.

"It's really that good?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow. Naruto jumped in surprise and dropped the book, called 'In your arms'. It was one of Sasuke's personal favorites. The perfect mixture of plot and smut.

"Jeez you scared me! And, it's not so much good as… um… interesting."

"Yeah, right. Wanna make dinner?" Naruto nodded fervently at this question and shot up from the bed, pouting and holding a hand to his stomach.

"Man I'm sooo hungry!" he said.

"You're always hungry" Sasuke said with a snort as he started walking out of the room, Naruto following behind. They were alone at Sasuke's house since his parents were at some social event in another city, and his brother had moved out when he started his university studies. They walked the rest of the way to the kitchen in silence, which was unusual, but when Sasuke glanced over his shoulder he saw that Naruto was still reading, and stumbling a little as he walked, too far gone into the story to pay attention to his surroundings. Sasuke shook his head. If he'd known that gay porn would shut his best friend up he would have shown him his collection a long time ago.

When they'd reached the kitchen, Sasuke proceeded to make dinner while Naruto sat down on a chair and continued his reading. It felt a bit weird to not have to listen to the dobe's numerous complaints about how slow he was cooking, or why they couldn't eat ramen. He kept glancing over at the blond, finding it very amusing when he blushed at the smutty parts, or furrowed his brows at the more dramatic scenes. Naruto always did everything so expressively. But it was one of the things he liked about him he supposed. He recalled leaning over him and whispering in his ear, and almost blushed himself. Naruto and he had been good friends for a long time, and there was never any awkwardness between them because of Sasuke being gay. Naruto probably just didn't think about it, and Sasuke was very good at hiding his emotions.

Naruto was clingy, and had it been anyone else Sasuke would have hated being touched, but Naruto could touch him any way he wanted to. Okay that sounded a bit weird. But the truth was that Sasuke couldn't help being attracted to the blond messy idiot, and therefore he didn't mind when Naruto touched him. If there were any instances when he liked it a bit too much, he just pushed Naruto off himself and that was that. Luckily Naruto didn't touch him so often in ways that could be misinterpreted as sexual. But anyway he was happy just having Naruto as his friend.

He was brought out of his musings by said friend smacking the book down onto the table.

"You know this story was pretty good" he said, sounding a little surprised.

"I know" Sasuke replied, "I have read it." He brought the now finished food over to the table, and they started to eat, this time Naruto filled the silence with his usual chatter in-between chewing. He was a little too enthusiastic though, and Sasuke couldn't help but wonder if he'd been affected by the yaoi and now tried to hide it.

Later, when they were back in Sasuke's room, Naruto looked at the piles of manga on the bed with a contemplative look on his face.

"Let's get drunk" he suddenly said.

"Hell no."

"Oh come on Sasuke, don't be so boring!"

"We don't have anything to drink anyway, and why the hell would you want to get drunk now of all times? It's just the two of us so if you want to do embarrassing things it won't matter to me if you're drunk or not." He expected Naruto to lash out at him and yell that he didn't do embarrassing things when he was drunk, but instead he blushed and looked to the side.

"No reason" he mumbled and shrugged as if it wasn't weird that he suddenly wanted to get drunk. He flopped down on the bed again, his favorite place in Sasuke's house. This time he had to push some books away though. Sasuke decided to tease him a little.

"So you didn't want to get drunk so you could try out some of that stuff you've just been reading about?" he asked with a smirk.

"Fuck no bastard! Why would I wanna do that?" But he blushed again and looked much too embarrassed to be completely truthful.

"Haha oh my god, you actually want to do that?"

"What, no I said no asshole!" But Sasuke was already crawling on top of Naruto again, pinning his hands down above his head when he started to struggle and try to wriggle away from him. Sasuke thought this was incredibly amusing. He was now straddling Naruto, leaning forwards a bit so that Naruto's hands were still secured by his grip. He smirked at him, and let go with one of his hands to instead pinch one of Naruto's nipples playfully through his yellow t-shirt.

"Eep! What the hell do you think you're doing! Let me go!" But Sasuke just tsked and pinched it again.

"So sensitive dobe, how cute. You look the perfect uke right now."

Naruto stared up at Sasuke, his mouth formed into an unbelieving o. He tried to wriggle his way out of Sasuke's hold again, but to no avail. Sasuke had him successfully restrained.

"Hmm, maybe I should tie you up so you can't escape" Sasuke said thoughtfully. He was still just messing with Naruto, wanting to scare him so that he wouldn't tell anybody about his porn collection. That would be very embarrassing. But Naruto didn't react like expected. Instead of panicking, he blushed and suddenly looked very shy. As if he would have liked getting tied up but would rather die than admit it. Sasuke could hardly believe his eyes. This was Naruto, his straight best friend right? Well he looked goddamn fuckable right now. He decided to push his luck a little.

Naruto had been busy mumbling about Sasuke being a bastard, trying to look anywhere but at him, so he didn't notice said bastard leaning forwards until it was too late. The long lick he received to his neck made him freeze and shudder at the same time. What the fuck? Then Sasuke sucked lightly on his pulse and pinched his nipple again, and Naruto momentarily lost control of his body. He closed his eyes and arched into Sasuke's touch, letting out a small contented 'aah'. Shit.

Both of them froze at this point, and Sasuke figured this would be a good point to stop before he did something regrettable. But first he really wanted to make Naruto panic and wake up from his uke fantasies. So he put his mouth next to Naruto's ear and mumbled jokingly into it.

"You read my porn and turned me on, so now I think you'll have to pay the reading fee" he said. It was a very bad pick-up line, and he could have taken it directly from some poorly written yaoi he'd been unfortunate to buy, but again Naruto didn't react the way he expected. What the hell had happened to him?

When he heard Sasuke whisper huskily into his ear, it was like all his inhibitions broke. It was as if his brain thought: Being submissive can't be that bad right? I mean, they sure seemed to enjoy it in the books. And Sasuke's being really sexy right now. Let's get turned on and go with the flow! So instead of shoving Sasuke off of him and yelling at him to stop his bad jokes, he found himself once again shuddering and blushing like crazy. He closed his eyes and swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. He felt dizzy, and Sasuke's body felt very warm against his. He turned his head so that they were nose to nose, and shyly opened his eyes again. What he saw made his breath catch.

Sasuke was so close, and he could feel his hot breath against his own mouth. He didn't dare to look into the dark eyes in front of him, so instead he concentrated his gaze on those pink, slightly parted lips. So close. He licked his lips. And then… even closer? Sasuke was… Sasuke was kissing him! It was just lips against lips, but the pressure felt strong and soft at the same time, and Naruto couldn't help but move forwards so that he was pressing back. And damn it felt good. He parted his lips a little to release a shaky breath, but then Sasuke slid out his tongue and traced Naruto's bottom lip with it. Naruto had to bite it to suppress a moan.

Fuck Naruto looked really sexy like that. Sasuke pushed his whole body closer to Naruto's, aligning them perfectly against each other. His right hand came up to entangle in blond locks, and his left released its grip on the tanned wrists, and instead snuck behind Naruto's back and pulled him closer. As he did this he pressed his lips against Naruto's again, and was rewarded with a moan. Shit he was so turned on right now, and all thoughts about Naruto being straight and his best friend flew out the window. He just wanted Naruto, and he wanted him badly. He started molding his lips with Naruto's, letting his tongue poke out again and coaxing Naruto's to come out and play. When it finally did, they both released low moans and pressed their bodies even closer to each other.

By now Naruto had his arms around Sasuke, gripping him tightly. Naruto was such a good kisser. Sasuke had never felt so good from just kissing before. He pushed his tongue deeper into the hot mouth connected to his, and snuck his left hand underneath the yellow t-shirt, caressing Naruto's muscled back. He pressed his hand flat down, and rolled over so that he was fully on top of Naruto, using his left arm to pull him slightly up from the bed so that he arched into Sasuke. Naruto happily complied and slid his own hands lower, so that he was now hugging the small of Sasuke's back. He just felt so good right now. He recalled some pictures from the manga he'd just read, and blushing furiously he spread his legs so that Sasuke fell between them, causing their groins to touch. Sasuke didn't waste any time and started grinding, the friction feeling wonderful. He was already almost fully hard. He gripped Naruto's hair a little harder, and tilted his head backwards, causing them to break their heated kissing.

As Sasuke started sucking on his pulse again, only much harder this time, Naruto grinded back against him while spreading his legs even further. He couldn't possibly miss the feeling of the hard length between Sasuke's legs pushing down onto him, and it made him happy, confused and turned on at the same time. Since it was easier to concentrate on being turned on, he eagerly pushed upwards, only vaguely surprised that he too was really hard. It felt crazy good, but nowhere near enough. He needed more! Sasuke seemed to think the same thing, because he suddenly ceased all movement and snuck a hand down, expertly unbuttoning Naruto's jeans and pulling them down to mid-thigh. He then did the same to his own, while nibbling on Naruto's earlobe and relishing in the happy moans he received. He felt Naruto using his legs to take off his jeans all the way, leaving him in only t-shirt and boxers.

Still too much clothing.

Sasuke struggled for a moment but managed to rid himself as well from the much-tighter-than-Naruto's pants, and then he lowered his mouth to Naruto's stomach and pushed the t-shirt up using his nose. He pressed sloppy kisses everywhere on the abs he found there, and felt Naruto shudder underneath him. He finally pushed the yellow fabric over equally yellow hair, and then quickly let his own shirt follow the same fate. He paused for a second, looking down at Naruto. His best friend was looking appropriately flushed, a nice hickey already forming on one side of his neck.

Before Naruto had time to gather his bearings though, Sasuke bent down to kiss him deeply and slowly. He used his right hand to push a tanned strong leg upwards, gripping it tightly, before he once again started grinding. It felt a lot better now, with much less separating them, and Naruto moaned loudly while wrapping his arms and free leg around Sasuke's moving body. They were both shiny with sweat, their hearts beating rapidly in their chests and their breaths coming out in loud pants. This was so much better than the wet dreams he'd had about fucking Naruto. He never wanted it to end.

And neither did Naruto. In fact, Naruto really did want to try the stuff he'd just been reading about. Well, maybe not the really kinky stuff. They could save that for another time. But it would be a shame to stop here when they'd already come so far. So with a tremendous effort he managed to make Sasuke stop kissing him, and looked squarely into the bastard's dark and sexy eyes. Sasuke slowed his grinding, but still kept some movement. He too looked flushed, and his dark bangs were plastered to his forehead.

"You look really sexy Sasuke" Naruto mumbled, and Sasuke's eyes darkened with even more lust. He leaned down to kiss Naruto again, but was stopped by a finger to his lips.

"I…" Naruto started. He tried to find a good way to put this so he didn't sound completely like an uke. He swallowed nervously. Was he even sure that he wanted to go the whole way? There wouldn't be any turning back once he'd said what was on his mind, burning just behind his lips. Sasuke had now stilled completely, looking down at him slightly concerned. He sure as hell didn't want to stop, but he couldn't just carelessly move when Naruto was trying to talk seriously with him. He wasn't that much of a bastard. Naruto seemed to have gathered his resolve and looked confidently at Sasuke, although the raven could see nervousness behind it.

"I want us to have sex. And I don't mind being bottom. I wanna try it. Can we?"

Sasuke simply stared at him. Did he fall asleep at the computer and was currently having a very realistic wet dream? Because there was just no way that Naruto would want to have sex. It was insane!

"But you're straight! What the hell is going on anyway?" he asked. Naruto blushed.

"Well, I thought I was straight. Maybe I am. But this feels really good and I liked reading your porn and… and you seem to really like it. So I think I can trust you to make me feel good." Sasuke stared at him for a moment.

"Fair enough" he said while shrugging his shoulders, and leaned down to kiss Naruto again. It would be torture not to. He also continued his grinding, and snuck a hand inside Naruto's orange boxers to grab his ass. The ass that was finally his. He heard his evil inner pervert snicker. Oh, he was going to make Naruto feel good alright.

Naruto could only moan when he felt Sasuke's hand grabbing him, pushing their groins harder together. And then Sasuke's mouth relocated to his nipple, and started sucking and biting it. Sasuke sure as hell wasn't hesitating to do this, and Naruto found himself gaining courage as well. He thought of the manga he'd read, there was so much he wanted to try! All of it seemed to feel really good. And he wanted to make Sasuke feel good too.

"Sasuke" he groaned, "can I, uuhn, can I suck you?" he asked, heavily embarrassed but eager to try it out. Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks, and stared at Naruto's blushing and sweaty face, and if it hadn't been such a sexual situation Naruto might have laughed at Sasuke's surprise. Instead he just smiled a little, and nudged Sasuke's chest to show him that he wanted him to turn over. Sasuke did, and leaned back against the pillows, one arm behind his head in a comfortable position. Naruto slowly sat up and glided his hands along Sasuke's thighs. Even if he thought of Sasuke as rather thin, he sure had a lot of muscle, and he had so little hair. He caressed the pale stomach as well, and all the time Sasuke watched him with dark, smoldering eyes.

"Come on dobe" he smirked. "You're not a virgin are you? You asked for it after all, and I'm not feeling so patient right now."

Naruto glared at him, and then looked down at the outlined erection in black boxers. Always such boring colors. But when he thought about what he was going to do, he felt his heart pounding stronger and he swallowed nervously. But he wasn't a goddamn virgin! And he could bet ten bowls of ramen that Sasuke was still smirking at him, so he quickly pulled down the boxer's and threw them on the floor. With a determined look he started pumping Sasuke slowly, and bent forward to lick and nibble the inside of a strong thigh. Touching another guy's cock was weird, but it was Sasuke so it wasn't so bad. And Sasuke seemed to like it a lot, since he made appreciating noises.

He felt a hand grab his head to try and push his mouth closer to where Sasuke wanted him the most, and he glared at the raven as he removed the hand, pushing it back against the mattress. Naruto was the one in charge right now thank you very much. But he still did as Sasuke wanted, and hesitantly wrapped his lips around the swollen head. He gave a small suck, and heard an appreciating moan and felt Sasuke trying to buck deeper into his mouth. He secured Sasuke's hips with his not busy hand and continued sucking and licking on the tip and moving his hand up and down. It didn't taste very good, but it made him feel hot to be so intimately close to his friend. After perhaps another minute, just as he had decided to try and take a bit more of Sasuke into his mouth, the bastard interrupted him and pulled him up for a kiss.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's ass again inside his boxers and pushed him down so that he was lying against him. Then he took hold of the annoying boxers and pulled them down roughly, making Naruto moan. Once the boxers were gone he turned them around and wrapped Naruto's legs securely behind his back, and grinded down on him, a lot harder than before. They were panting hard against each other's mouths, their skin slick from sweat making the grinding easier. Naruto kept moaning like crazy and Sasuke loved it. He loved having Naruto underneath him, pushing up against him to gain more friction, holding Sasuke tight with his arms and legs. But he could feel his orgasm slowly approaching, and reluctantly stopped.

"Nn why did you stop teme?" Naruto asked breathlessly.

"You wanted to have sex right? I'll have to prepare you and I'm a bit too close to coming right now anyway."

"Oh" Naruto said, and blushed as he watched Sasuke raise himself up and reach into a drawer in his bedside table. He looked at Sasuke's toned body, lean but perfectly muscled, his cock standing out proudly. He looked really really good like that. Naruto bit his lip and shivered in anticipation. He was way too turned on for a straight guy, and his reaction at seeing Sasuke naked like this kind of hinted at him being gay. Or at least bi. He didn't have any problems with that though, not if it felt this good. Sasuke returned with a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms, putting the condoms to the side for now. He rolled Naruto over onto his right side, clearing some books off the bed, and pushed his left leg up towards his chest. Then he slid his own cock in between Naruto's legs, letting it rest alongside Naruto's. He leaned over and started sucking at the dobe's nipple and collarbone, rubbing his entrance simultaneously. Sasuke was so fucking good at multi-tasking!

"Mm, it feels good Sasuke."

Sasuke smirked against his collarbone, and removed his hand to quickly coat it with lube. Once he'd warmed it up a bit, he slowly pushed a finger inside Naruto, moving it in and out. Naruto blushed for the umpteenth time and pushed his head down into a pillow. It felt really strange and embarrassingly good. But when Sasuke added a second finger and started stretching him he squirmed a little in discomfort. Sasuke noticed this of course.

"It'll probably hurt a bit in the beginning; you'll feel better if you touch yourself."

Naruto nodded, face still buried in the pillow, and reached down to stroke himself. It took some of his attention away from the fingers pushing deeper, seemingly searching for something. When Sasuke found his spot, he let out a small gasp and then moaned and started to stroke himself faster. Once in a while he'd brush against Sasuke's length, still resting between his legs, and Sasuke would have to bite his lip to prevent a moan. He added a third finger, careful to hit Naruto's prostate as often as he could while stretching him, and felt himself slowly reaching his limit again. With a curse he lifted himself off of Naruto, removing the fingers as well. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, as he looked at Naruto who had stopped moving his hand as well.

He still had his hand around himself though, and seemed to wait for something to happen. He felt a little tense, wondering what Sasuke was doing, and since he didn't want to be surprised he turned his head to look at Sasuke. The raven was sitting on his knees, looking at Naruto with lustful eyes. For a while they simply stared at each other, unable to tear their gazes away, but then Sasuke reached for the pack of condoms and Naruto zoomed in on that instead. He watched transfixed as Sasuke opened it, pulled one out, and lifted it to his mouth and tore it open with his teeth. Fuck that was sexy. And all the time Sasuke stared at him with those dark eyes, as if already fucking him but with eyes only.

He watched as Sasuke rolled it over his tip, where some precum had already gathered, and then as he smoothed it down his hard erection. Naruto felt as if all sounds had disappeared, and he couldn't breathe, only watch mesmerized as Sasuke came closer, slid his hand up and down his bent leg, and then bent down to breathe into his ear. He felt his whole body shiver at hearing Sasuke's voice, so low and husky and arousing.

"Try to relax, okay?" He kissed the spot below Naruto's ear tenderly. "I'll go slow, tell me if you want to stop."

Naruto felt as if he was going to start hyperventilating, even though he could hardly get any air in his lungs, but nodded anyway and tried to relax his slightly tensed muscles. His heart was beating so fast he thought it would burst out of his chest, and when Sasuke pushed him onto his stomach and used an arm to pull his ass upwards he couldn't help but release a loud moan that had been building up since he saw Sasuke take out that condom. Sasuke was really going to fuck him. To enter him. And he wanted it. He wanted it so bad right now. His whole body trembled in anticipation as he felt Sasuke nudge his opening, and he swallowed nervously. Sasuke kissed him between his shoulder blades and rubbed his stomach to calm him down, and Naruto relaxed a little. And then Sasuke started pushing. He felt as if his ass was burning, being stretched like that, but it wasn't more than he could handle.

Sasuke paused for a second, pressing his face into Naruto's sweaty back. Naruto felt insanely good and tight around him, and he wasn't even halfway in yet! He started stroking Naruto's dick which had softened a little due to the pain, and he felt him relax a bit more around him. He slowly pushed in a little deeper, unable to suppress a moan, and heard Naruto moan in return. He started thrusting shallowly, since it was impossible to stay still any longer, and he heard Naruto groan in pain or pleasure, it was difficult to determine which of the two.

But Naruto started pushing back against his thrusts, and he pushed in even deeper, causing Naruto to make strangled noises. It was as if Sasuke was trying to shove a truck inside him or something. He didn't look nearly as big as he felt! But he supposed it was because he was so tight and tense, and he tried to relax even more but it was hard. Thankfully Sasuke was moving slowly and kept stroking him, distracting him from some of the pain. And then Sasuke finally managed to hit his prostate, and he felt his body shudder and relax some more, making it slightly easier for Sasuke to enter.

"Keep hitting that spot Sasuke" he choked out, and Sasuke did just that. He started to thrust gradually harder, in sync with Naruto's gradually increasing moans, and he felt as if an eternity had passed when he finally sunk in the whole way, pausing there for a minute to just enjoy the feeling and let Naruto catch his breath. He pressed butterfly kisses everywhere he could reach, and gave a long lick along Naruto's spine, causing him to arch upwards and moan contentedly.

"You okay?" he asked Naruto, his voice raspy and filled with pleasure.

"Yeah, I think so. You're too fucking big though" was the panting answer, together with a half-glare thrown over a tanned shoulder.

"Heh, you're lucky I'm not as big as my fangirls think" he shot back, laughing a little.

"Yeah yeah very funny bastard" Naruto muttered, and then decided that he'd had enough of rest and was ready for the real deal, so he started pushing up against Sasuke's cock, causing it to move slightly inside him.

They both groaned, and Sasuke took it as the invitation it was and started thrusting again, slowly first but then harder and deeper, making Naruto moan and gasp as he hit that spot repeatedly. He gripped Naruto's hips tightly and raised himself up so that he could see his cock pushing in and out of Naruto, the sight making him groan out loud. It was so erotic to see Naruto bent over in front of him, gripping the sheets hard with sweat running down his neck. He paused for a second to apply some more lube, and then he started thrusting roughly, moving both himself and Naruto now. Naruto kept gasping and cursing, panting with his mouth wide open, head turned to one side so that Sasuke could see his face. And what a sexy face it was. His cheeks were bright red, his lips slightly swollen from all their kissing, hair sticking to his face. His beautiful blue eyes were glazed over with lust, and suddenly Sasuke was gripped by the painful knowledge that if this was the only time they would do this he would surely die. He quickly pushed those thoughts away and sped up his thrusting as fast as he could.

Naruto felt as if he was being assaulted with pleasure, the pain long gone and completely forgotten. He never wanted this to end. He couldn't think anymore, just try not to fall apart as Sasuke sped up again, finally pushing him over the edge. He released with a long outdrawn moan of pure bliss, feeling his whole body tense up and tremble. His hands fisted the sheets fiercely, and he could feel Sasuke leaning down on him, overwhelmed by his own orgasm. Panting harshly they slowly came to their senses, and with a satisfied sigh Sasuke pulled out and rolled onto his back. Naruto collapsed as soon as Sasuke let go of him, landing in his own cum and not caring one bit. He vaguely heard Sasuke moving around a bit, before he settled down beside him and slung an arm across his back and pulled him close. The spent raven-haired teen nuzzled Naruto's neck and kissed it softly, then sighed once again and rested his cheek against Naruto's shoulder.

For a while, they just lay like that, too content to move or talk. But Naruto, being who he was, couldn't keep the silence for long.

"Sasukeee, I'm feeling sticky and itchy" he whined.

"Am I supposed to care?"

"It's not funny teme, I really wanna shower." He turned over and pouted, still in Sasuke's arms. "You know, you could be a little nicer considering you just took my ass virginity."

"Well, it was hard not to when you offered it up to me like that."

Naruto searched his eyes for a moment. He had one arm uncomfortably squeezed between them, the other resting on Sasuke's side. He slid his free hand up towards Sasuke's face, pushing back some of the hair covering his forehead. He cupped Sasuke's cheek, caressing it slowly with his thumb. Sasuke looked at him affectionately, and Naruto felt a rush of something warm run through his body.

It was really rare that Sasuke looked at him with that expression on his face, and he always treasured those moments. He couldn't help smiling, and surprisingly enough Sasuke smiled back. Not a smirk or an amused quirk of lips. It was a genuine smile and Naruto suddenly found himself kissing that smile, as if that could make him keep it forever. Sasuke kissed back, it was a slow and tender kiss, the kind you see in romantic movies. When they stopped, Naruto didn't really know what to do. A couple of hours ago he was still 100 percent sure that he was straight, and here he was post sex-cuddling with Sasuke and loving every second of it. Sasuke frowned a little.

"Are you okay?"

"You've already asked that" Naruto mumbled, opting on pushing his nose and lips against Sasuke's throat instead of looking at him. Sasuke kissed the top of his head.

"I'm asking for a different reason" he then said.

Naruto was quiet for a while. He didn't know what to say.

"I don't know what to say" he whispered, brushing his lips against the sensitive skin on Sasuke's throat. Sasuke closed his eyes and pulled Naruto even closer.

"You could say that you liked it, or that you hated it and want to forget all about it" he whispered back.

"You're my best friend" Naruto finally mumbled. "Is it weird that I liked it?"

"Shouldn't you say 'I'm straight, is it weird that I liked it' instead?" Sasuke sounded faintly amused.

"Shut up" Naruto said and punched Sasuke lightly on the shoulder. "And no way in hell am I straight anymore!"

"Good" Sasuke suddenly said, his voice thick with emotion. "Because I don't think I could have lived with you saying that you didn't like it."

They were quiet for a while again, neither knowing what to say now. After a long time, and mostly because he really wanted that shower, Naruto broke the silence once more.

"So, are we like, more than best friends now?" he asked.

"Do you want to be?" Sasuke's voice cracked a little, showing that he was nervous about hearing the answer.

"Yes" Naruto whispered. "I think so."

Sasuke was silent for a second; then he cradled Naruto's head in one hand and carefully pushed it back again so that he could see his face. He smiled, and Naruto gave a small smile back. He gave Naruto a small peck on his lips, and smiled again when Naruto blushed happily.

"So, can we go take that shower now?" Naruto asked, amusement and affection dancing in his eyes, making them sparkle.

"Sure" Sasuke replied. "And Naruto?" Naruto looked at him expectantly.

"I'm really glad you were stupid enough to read my porn."

"Bastard!" Naruto yelled and punched him, harder this time. Laughing Sasuke pulled them up to finally go take that shower. And what a nice shower it would be.

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