So umm... better late than never? Just suddenly got the inspiration to finish this... I blame adgxvnetu:3

Warnings! This chapter contains Narusasu, because I believe in switching and it's really funny like this. Sasuke hasn't turned into a girly blushing uke or anything, but if you're a super hardcore Sasunaru fan who can't handle some switching, then that's a shame and don't bother complaining. I never said this 'story' was strictly Sasunaru. X) Oh, and it's Naruto's turn to reveal some kinks...

Hope you like it! And I'm totally not procrastrinating about other stuff, I finished my homework for this week! So proudXD

Sasuke pulled out, and with a satisfied sigh he fell down on the bed next to Naruto. The blond sighed equally satisfied, and for a few moments they lay like that, spent and just happy to be next to each other. Then Naruto rolled over on his stomach and sat up on his knees, giving Sasuke a contemplative look before crawling over to sit on top of his thighs. Sasuke wiped some sweat off his forehead and raised an eyebrow.

"You're not initiating a third round are you? I don't think we have time."

Grinning but shaking his head Naruto traced Sasuke's hip bones with his fingers, his eyes trailing the path his cum had made, continuing upwards to meet dark eyes.

"I'm just thinking, I know exactly what I want for my birthday present!" Naruto said cheekily, his grin widening in response to Sasuke's sarcastic look.

"If that's what you were thinking of while we were having sex I might need to shape up a bit" the dark-haired teen said, smirking when that adorable pout formed on his boyfriend's kissable lips. He raised a hand to push a finger against his mouth. "Don't look like that, you know it makes me want to call you cute."

"Bastard" Naruto said and swatted his hand away. "I wasn't thinking about it during sex, just afterwards. But yeah, you were a bit slow today."

It was Sasuke's turn to give his own version of a pout, which he claimed was a frown but Naruto knew it wasn't. It was a definite pout, and it only appeared when Sasuke was in a pouty mood. Point proven.

"Well it's not my fault, we had a killer exercise in gym class today."

"I know, I was there remember? Maybe you're getting old too" Naruto teased and leaned back to avoid the hand trying to smack him on his head. "But seriously, my present, this is important stuff teme!"

Naruto nodded to himself and crossed his arms, which looked pretty ridiculous since he was naked, sitting on Sasuke and covered in cum. But he didn't care about that, he hadn't really felt embarrassed about anything like this since that skirt. And yes, they still used it occasionally.

"Let me guess; it has something to do with sex?"

Naruto widened his eyes and gasped.

"Why how could you know that?! And I was trying so hard to keep it secret too! You really must be a genius!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Sure, he loved Naruto, but sometimes the dobe just got on his nerves. But then Naruto grinned and got on his hands and knees, leaning over Sasuke and letting his tongue trace his bottom lip.

"Sometimes I feel like the only thing you want from me is sex" Sasuke said, sounding half-accusing but his eyes were showing hints of arousal again.

"Nah, I love you teme. I just really really like doing it."

Sasuke snorted but accepted the kiss Naruto gave him, feeling reluctant to go take a shower like they had to before the parents came home from work. Sometimes he couldn't wait to finish high school and move out with Naruto.

"Mm what are you thinking about?" Naruto mumbled, kissing the corner of his lips and then continuing down along his cheek.

"How much sex we'll be able to have once we move in together after high school."

Naruto paused and raised his head to look at him, tilting it to the side as if curious.

"I hadn't thought of that" he admitted. "So we'll live together, sounds nice."

"You know I have every intention of marrying you dobe, so of course we'll be living with each other" Sasuke smirked and snaked his hands around Naruto's back, pushing him down to lay flush against himself.

Naruto blushed, moving his arms to a more comfortable position on each side of raven hair. Then he pouted, tugging at a few strands of that dark hair.

"Well that's romantic and everything, but don't you want to know what I want for my birthday?"

Sasuke sighed. Naruto really didn't have any tact when it came to romance.

"Yes Naruto, I'd love to hear what you want for your birthday."

"Teme you're so mean, at least try to sound enthusiastic."

Sasuke returned Naruto's put out glare with a flat look.

"I do everything short of officially proposing and all you can think of is your present?"

Naruto huffed.

"Oh please, our marriage has been obvious for a long time, not to mention it's way off in the future. This is so much more interesting right now."

Sasuke kept looking annoyed for all of three seconds, before he caved to Naruto's impatient self-assuredness. Sometimes he wondered who really was the bastard in this relationship.

"Fine, tell me about your amazing idea."

But instead of talking, Naruto just looked at him worriedly.

"What?" he asked, annoyed when the blond stayed quiet.

"You're not mad are you? I mean, calling my idea amazing, you really must be-"

"Naruto, just tell me okay? And hurry up unless you want your dear mother to find us like this."

"Jeez fine! Okay so remember how on your birthday, we did one of your kinks?"

Oh yes, Sasuke remembered. And he took every chance he got to bribe Naruto into wearing that uniform again. He raised an eyebrow pointedly. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"So I was thinking now we could do one of mine!"

"You know, all you have to do is ask, it's not like I'm against it or something."

Naruto chuckled nervously, which of course made Sasuke suspicious.

"Just what are you planning?" he asked.

"So I just read this awesome yaoi on the internet last night, and it made me think that you know, wearing army uniforms is pretty hot right? Or it's fine with just camouflage pants and a tank top, boots and maybe that necklace thingy?"

Sasuke didn't get what Naruto was so nervous about. What part of that didn't sound hot?

"And you're acting all nervous because?"

"Umm…" Naruto looked down, well as much down as he could considering he was still lying on top of Sasuke. "I was thinking, that maybe I could be on top for once…" he mumbled finally.

"Hn" Sasuke said, both of them silent for a while.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked eventually, peeking up at his boyfriend's face, where conflicting emotions ran wild. "What, why are you looking like that? You're the one who said it's possible to enjoy both!"

Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed.

"Yes, I said that, and I guess I don't really mind, it's just…"

"Just what?" he heard Naruto's voice say irritated.

Sasuke was quiet. It was true he didn't mind, of course he didn't. He'd trust Naruto with anything. He just had a feeling that Naruto was going to like it, and he'd end up with a sore ass more often than not. And he'd gotten used to being the dominant one in bed. Okay that was a lie, most of the time it was Naruto deciding when, where and how. Topping really was the only thing he had left to keep in some sort of control.

"No, it's nothing" he ended up saying anyway, smiling slightly and looking into blue, faintly worried eyes.

The smile he got back was probably worth it. And if he wanted to marry the idiot he might as well accept the fact that when Naruto wanted something, he ended up getting it. Resistance was futile.

But then again, sex was sex regardless of who topped or bottomed, and Naruto wasn't the only one who happened to really really like doing it.


"Umm Naruto, what's that in your hands?" Sasuke asked, eyeing the piece of cloth warily.

"Oh this?" the blond answered with an innocent smile. "Well, in the yaoi the guy taking it sort of had a blindfold so…"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at that. Sure, he'd agreed to bottom, and yes, the fact that he'd had to suffer through an entire party last night on the dobe's birthday and not even getting any afterwards had caused him to end up a little sexually frustrated, but a blindfold? On him?

"I don't know…" he mumbled, feeling his role as seme little by little slipping out of his grasp.

"Aww come on teme, you promised!" Naruto whined with a pout, poking his stomach.

They were wearing the full attire Naruto had planned for them, and he'd gotten pretty damn aroused seeing Naruto dressed military style. Maybe he was a little bit too cute to pull it off perfectly, but hey, if this was his boyfriend's kink he wasn't going to ruin it.

Especially since his own involved girl's uniforms and bondage…

"Fine" he relented with a sigh, earning another poke.

"Well try to get in the mood Sasuke, and do like I told you!"


Naruto gave him a look.

"Yes sir."

Naruto grinned and gave him a pat on his chest, then left the room. They were at Sasuke's place, his parents gone for the night to a dinner party (thank god for dinner parties) and Naruto had not only showed the manga he based his kink on, but also given him some stern 'orders'. And if that wasn't enough he'd threatened him with a week without sex if he didn't do as told.

Why, he couldn't possibly think Sasuke might have some second thoughts about this idea, could he?

Running a hand through his hair and comforting himself with the fact that he'd at least get to have sex, he walked over to the wall and proceeded to lean against it in a careless, 'manly' fashion as the guy in the manga. At least he didn't have to play the part of virgin uke.

A few moments later Naruto opened the door, an annoyed expression on his face when he saw Sasuke.

"So this is where you're hiding private" he said, walking closer and standing in front of him with crossed arms.

It had been much more impressive in the story where his character had towered over Sasuke's.

"I suppose so sir" Sasuke replied in a bored voice.

"Well, you do remember there are quite severe punishments for skipping out on your duties, don't you?"

"This is so tacky Naruto" Sasuke couldn't stop himself from commenting.

"Says you 'sensei'" Naruto snapped, accompanying his retort with quotation marks. "Now do as I say or the only naked skin you'll get to see today is your own!"

"I thought I was going to wear a blindfold?"

"Oh wipe that smirk off bastard" Naruto pouted, kicking his shin with the leather boot he wore.

It didn't stop the smirking, but Sasuke complied without protest when Naruto turned him around and slammed him into the wall.

"The army is not a place for smartasses" he mumbled against the base of Sasuke's neck, not reaching any higher with his mouth.

He was pressing his body into Sasuke's, one hand gripping his hair forcefully and the other curling around his waist.

"Then maybe you need to discipline me, sir" Sasuke teased, finally starting to get aroused. "Or am I more than you can handle?"

Naruto didn't answer at first and instead let his tongue trace Sasuke's neck, standing on his toes so he could nibble briefly on a pale ear. When Sasuke tensed momentarily he grinned, more perverted than his usual one (or maybe to Sasuke the perverted one was the usual one) and tilted Sasuke's head backwards. Sasuke made a small grimace at the new uncomfortable position, and Naruto chuckled evilly.

"Oh, I think you're going to enjoy this, Sas-uke" he breathed in the raven's ear, thrusting his hips against the ass in front of him for emphasis.

Sasuke gritted his teeth, making a strangled protesting sound, cursing his body for reacting so heavily to Naruto's seducing voice. Then Naruto leaned back again, and once again turned him around forcefully, pressing their hardening members together.

"Having a problem, are we private?" Naruto said huskily, and Sasuke briefly wondered when Naruto's voice had gotten so much deeper. Wasn't he already out of puberty?

Naruto still had one hand in his hair, now tilting his head downwards so that their mouths were brushing. The blue eyes were already clouded over with lust, and Sasuke felt a small shiver of anticipation run down his side. He had to admit that he was starting to like this dominant side of his boyfriend.

"Is it too obvious if I say you're my problem?" Sasuke asked, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips as his hands moved on their own accord to grab the blond's ass.

Naruto furrowed his brows and then reached to take a hold of Sasuke's wrists, lifting them up and pressing them against the wall on each side of his head.

"I'm the one asking the questions here" he complained, then gave Sasuke a searching look before leaning up just a bit to give him a small but lingering peck. "And I think your eyes are a bit too smug-looking right now, so I'm just gonna have to do something about it."

Letting go of Sasuke's left wrist he reached a hand down a pocket in his cargo pants, fishing up the black blindfold. Grinning at the put out look on Sasuke's face he put it on, tying it securely and checking to make sure he wasn't peeking.

"Better" he mumbled, and stepped back briefly to admire his work so far.

Sasuke was perhaps not looking as aroused and flushed yet as he should, an annoyed crease between his eyebrows, but Naruto had to mentally pat himself on his back for the outfit he'd picked. The raven was wearing the same camouflage colored pants as he was, tightly laced black boots and a just as tight black tank top. Naruto was wearing a grey one, and both their necklaces dully reflected the light from the lamp.

He ran his hands up and down Sasuke's chest, first over the tank top and then sneaking his fingers underneath it, tickling his boyfriend a little with feather light caresses. He started pressing kisses on his shoulders and collar bones, his nails scratching up and down Sasuke's sides. He licked and bit at the smooth skin, knowing how much hickeys annoyed the bastard, thighs pressed against each other and heating their bodies up. Going lower with his mouth he bit a nipple through the fabric, twisting it between his teeth and enjoying Sasuke's involuntary squirm.

Being a seme sure was fun.

"You've been behaving bad lately private Uchiha" he murmured against Sasuke's chest, noticing his breathing had sped up a little. "That dirty mouth of yours has gotten you into all sorts of trouble."

Sasuke hummed in agreement, his fingers running gently through blond hair, biting his lower lip when Naruto's hands slid around to his back and dug his nails into it, creating long scratch marks. He shivered when Naruto licked his nipple, still through the dark fabric, his fingers making soothing circles over his reddening skin.

"Where the hell did you learn this?" Sasuke groaned, trying to catch a glimpse of the currently very sexy blond but failing.

"Here and there" Naruto replied mysteriously, going up again to lick the side of his neck. "Hmm, I think it's time we put that offensive little mouth to better use" he mused, removing Sasuke's hands from his hair and then shoving him down on his knees, managing to force a quiet surprised sound out of him.

Bracing himself against the wall with one arm he secured the other in dark silky hair, pushing the raven's mouth against his crotch.

"You know what to do baby" he said in a sing-song voice, moving his hips back and forth a few times to rub the outline of his cock against Sasuke's slightly parted lips, hot arousal causing more blood to rush south.

Sasuke raised his hands to still the moving hips, instead letting his tongue slip out to lewdly trace Naruto.

"Fuck" Naruto hissed, sucking in a breath and deciding that hell yeah this was a great idea.

Giving open-mouthed kisses Sasuke unbuttoned the pants, pulling down the zipper and then letting them fall down, leaving the green boxers on. He brushed his lips along the hard cock again, then replaced his mouth with a kneading hand.

"That's quite the impressive weapon you have there sir" he said, licking his lips and pushing some hair out of his face. "Should I be worried?"

"I think you should put it in your pretty little mouth" Naruto replied impatiently, thrusting into the hand a few times.

Sasuke made a snorting sound, finally hooking his fingers over the hem of Naruto's boxers and pulling them down as well. Even if he couldn't see at the moment it wasn't hard to guess the location of the straining appendage in front of him, tracing the side of it with his lips before wrapping them around it, giving a small experimental suck.

He blew Naruto fairly often, not as often as the dobe blew him but certainly enough to know exactly what he liked. With one hand he played with Naruto's balls, and with the other he massaged a thigh. Taking it in deeper he swirled his tongue around, coating it in his saliva and enjoying the musky taste. Naruto gripped his hair tighter, releasing appreciative noises and starting to thrust lightly in and out of his mouth.

"Mm, you always look so fucking good like that" he panted, his eyes glued to his dick sliding in and out of that warmth. "Can't wait to find out what your ass feels like."

Sasuke swallowed, feeling his own dick twitch slightly at that. Even though he preferred being in charge the switch in position certainly spiced things up a bit. He took a hold of the base of Naruto's cock and let I leave his mouth, giving small licks to the tip and sides since Naruto had requested him to act a bit 'cute'. Rubbing the slit with the tip of his tongue he felt Naruto shudder and then step back.

"I guess you really are eager" he commented when he was hoisted up to his feet and pushed in the direction of his bed.

"No kidding" Naruto said, giving him a sloppy kiss and stumbling a bit with the way his pants caught at his ankles. "I'm gonna fuck you harder than you fuck me."

"Hn. I'd like to see you try."

Naruto pushed him so he fell backwards onto the bed, and then he pulled his pants back up so he could crawl on top of him, not covering his hard-on though. Once they were both comfortably positioned with all limbs on the mattress Naruto captured Sasuke's mouth in a heated kiss, almost forgetting he was the one on top now and losing himself in it.

Sasuke was just way too good at kissing.

Sitting up he slid down in-between Sasuke's legs, eyeing the bulge in the cargo pants with hungry eyes. Today Sasuke's dick was going to be the one releasing on the sheets though, and he grinned at the thought. He pushed the tank top up to reveal Sasuke's chest, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. Sasuke moaned quietly and moved his arms upwards, grabbing a hold of the pillow underneath his head and making a definitely sexy pose. Oh Naruto had been waiting for this, he really wanted to show Sasuke that he could be the one to make the other fall apart and still be in control. Even if the 'staying in control' part was pretty difficult right now.

"You turn me on so bad Sasuke" he groaned, leaning down to kiss him briefly and then press butterfly kisses along his jaw and neck.

"If you want to fuck me you better hurry up and do it before I get tired of your slow pace and turn things around" Sasuke threatened, his voice raspy from arousal.

"Right" Naruto said, chuckling a little nervously.

He reached over to Sasuke's bedside table, taking out lube and condoms. Sasuke had made it pretty clear he wasn't going to have cum dripping out of his ass. Putting them on the side he unbuttoned Sasuke's pants, freeing his erection and getting a relieved sigh as a thank you. Pouring some lube in his hand he felt a little anxious, hoping he'd be able to make Sasuke feel good.

"Umm, I'll put one in…" he mumbled, glaring at Sasuke's raised eyebrow.

With a determined face he pushed it in, watching Sasuke's face for his reaction and getting absolutely nothing.

"What's with the poker face?"

"Hn. It's not like I've never had anything in there."

Naruto's chin dropped, and he stared in shock at Sasuke.

"Naruto" Sasuke said tiredly. "I'm gay. And I did stuff before we got together. And you know, sometimes when you're not here…"

Naruto's mouth kept opening and closing in stupor, until he finally seemed to come back to his senses and snapped it shut. Then he pointed a shaky finger at him, giving him one of his rare scary glares. Too bad Sasuke was still blindfolded.

"What, exactly, have you had in there?" he hissed.

"Jealous much? Don't worry, you'll be my first, just put in another finger or two and, yeah…"

Naruto kept glaring for a few seconds, then he pushed three fingers in at once.

"Gah fuck, not so hard dobe!"

"That's what you get for keeping secrets bastard! I'm totally going rough on you!"

Naruto pushed his fingers in and out, searching for his prostate and sadistically enjoying his squirming. When he found it, the most amazing thing happened. A shudder went through Sasuke's body, and a loud moan slipped out of his mouth. And the best part? A real honest blush reddening his cheeks.

"And how often have you been doing this to yourself?" Naruto asked teasingly.

"Ugh, shut up-aaah."

Sasuke couldn't help himself, this was another of the reasons he was reluctant to bottom. He gripped the pillow tightly and rolled his head back and forth, biting the inside of his cheek and trying not to meet Naruto's fingers halfway.

"God dammit Sasuke why have you never let me fuck you before?!"

"You never asked" Sasuke gritted out, letting out a gasp when Naruto spread him painfully.

He was writhing quite embarrassingly, hair plastered to his forehead and breaths coming out in sharp pants. He had a feeling it would just get worse once they got to the main part.

"Fuck just get on with it –nnnngh- dobe" he groaned, pressing the heels of his boots against Naruto's thighs.

"Jeez I know I said rough but I know how it feels, you're not stretched enough."

"Fuuuuck" Sasuke moaned, his head slumping back against the pillow as he lifted his hips slightly so Naruto could reach better.

At this point Naruto pretty much lost the ability to speak. Sure, he'd imagined Sasuke was going to be incredibly hot underneath him, but this was so much more than he'd expected. Seeing his usually so composed best friend losing it like this was insane. His blood burned in his veins and he could hear his heartbeat thumping as if on a loudspeaker, he was forgetting to breathe and all the time Sasuke kept moving and making those noises, and in the end he just couldn't resist him anymore.

He rolled Sasuke onto his side, the pants were in the way for the missionary but he wanted to be able to see Sasuke's face. Forgetting all about condoms he smeared himself with the clear liquid, then removed the pillow from over Sasuke's head since he'd brought it with him when he turned over. He pushed Sasuke's pants a little further down, revealing more of his tense thighs, nudging them to make him fold them closer to his upper body so Naruto had better access. Leaning over the raven he kissed his cheek, then his ear.

"I'm gonna…" he started, his voice failing him and forcing him to swallow the nervous anticipation in his throat.

Sasuke nodded, releasing a shaky breath and trying to make his body relax. He closed his eyes underneath his blindfold and tried to even out his breathing; if he'd known he'd get this worked up from bottoming he would have objected to the role-playing and stuff, but-

Shit! Naruto had started to enter him, and it was just so much different from fingers! Naruto paused, lips pressed to his shoulder blade and one hand sneaking around Sasuke's body to stroke him and help him relax.

"Are you okay?" Naruto breathed against his skin.

"Yes dobe I feel like a fucking princess!"

"Teme you don't have to be so prissy about it, I was just asking! You asked me the first time didn't you?"

Sasuke thinned his lips, not bothering to answer. He was rather impressed by Naruto now, being able to take it so easily and so often. Maybe he'd just gotten used to it.

Naruto started to lap at his shoulder, his hand working its magic and finally succeeding in relaxing Sasuke's body enough for him to slide in a little further. It felt crazy good. Nothing could compare to it! Okay maybe getting fucked by Sasuke could compare to it, but that was beside the point. He was seriously entering Sasuke, finally replacing that stick up his ass, and seeing him beneath him –and in those sexy army clothes nonetheless – was going to become a very distracting memory for an indefinite amount of time.

Going so slow was torture, but he reminded himself of how he'd felt during his own first time, and he could bet ten packs of ramen that Sasuke was tighter than him. Tch, he just always had to exaggerate didn't he? Wincing when Sasuke's hand hit his forehead he was just about to ask what the hell the bastard wanted when the hand finally found its way into his hair and brought him forwards for a kiss, Sasuke twisting his body and causing Naruto to sink in even deeper.

Both of them moaned into it, sloppily playing with each other's tongues, Naruto almost shaking with the effort of holding back now. When Naruto managed to reach his prostate Sasuke broke contact, throwing his head down again and groaning into the mattress.

"Hey teme" Naruto panted, clutching at the sheet with the hand holding him up, the other briefly pausing around Sasuke's dick, "Do you see now why I'm such a sex addict?"

Sasuke mumbled some garbled versions of curses and Naruto chuckled breathlessly, pushing the rest of the way in and sucking in a breath. It was tight, hot, and shit there was just no way he could stay still for much longer.

They were so going to start switching after this.

Going slowly he pulled out a few centimeters before pushing back in, watching Sasuke's face intently. Even though the blindfold had been pretty hot, it was just in the way now, so he reached over and pulled it off. Sasuke had his eyes squeezed shut, but the expression on his face was still enough to increase Naruto's heartbeat a notch. He started moving, picking up a slow and steady rhythm, his necklace moving with him and occasionally hitting Sasuke. Not that either of them noticed.

Sasuke's mouth was open, his breaths coming in quick, shallow pants, his knuckles clenched around sheets and pillows and whatever was within reach. Pleasure was replacing pain, especially when Naruto got more skilled at hitting that certain spot that had him almost seeing stars after particularly hard thrusts. And Naruto had picked up speed, sending bolts of pleasure up and down Sasuke's spine, his body tensing in sync with them.

It felt better than he was willing to admit, he was vaguely aware of the moans he was letting out but at this point he was beyond caring. Naruto was the one moving inside him, the one breathing heavily against his skin, and he could hear his sappy alter ego jumping around in a shimmering golden haze somewhere in his mind.

If Naruto didn't marry him after this he was going to beat him to crap.

"Haah, shit, Sasuke I'm gonna…" Naruto groaned, speeding up again and going way too fast for Sasuke's pride's liking.

"Mm, aaah" was all he could produce himself, knowing now why Naruto seemed to forget about words whenever they were approaching climax.

He felt the muscles in his ass clenching, making Naruto groan and grip Sasuke's cock a tad too hard, but he didn't mind. He just desperately wanted the release building up inside him, teasing him with words of promised bliss, his toes already tingling. And then he was coming, a gasp slipping out of his closed mouth, his body shuddering violently just like every time they had sex. He didn't have the observational skills right now, but if he'd had then he would have felt Naruto clasping his body, abandoning his dick and the sheets, clutching him harshly as he too stiffened and came with a loud groan.

When he'd calmed down and landed on earth again he noticed Naruto's arms around him, and the lack of something hard inside his ass. He sighed, unclenching his knuckles with a grimace and intertwining his fingers with Naruto's, his other hand moving so that he could rest his head on his arm.

"This is a bit weird isn't it" Naruto commented after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"Well I don't mind going back to being seme" Sasuke said drily.

"That's not what I meant, I meant the spooning" Naruto answered, raising his body so he could peek over Sasuke's shoulder and catching his eyes. "And the boots" he added after another moment, wiggling his foot and hitting it against Sasuke's.


Naruto was quiet for a few more seconds, then he pushed Sasuke onto his back and snuggled up to him in his favorite position.

"Better?" Sasuke asked him.

"Mm much better" the blond mumbled. "But hey, admit I make a pretty good seme."

"I admit nothing."


Sasuke chuckled quietly and embraced Naruto tighter, kissing his forehead.

"But Naruto?"


"Maybe you should cut down on the porn."

Naruto only smacked his face for that.

Hmm I wonder how mad Sasuke will be when he sits up and notices what Naruto left for him... heh. Anyway, as for a fourth part, if I get any inspiration it might happen, but if not, then it might not. So yeah thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! :3 (And I just love Naruto being so badass and still adorableXD)