Howling for fortune

Chapter 1 Bad night for a stroll

It had been in her family for centuries. But she'd never known it. It was the real reason why her parents divorced. It was what would happen to her when she was 16 and 7 months old. It happened to her at the end of August. She didn't know what was happening. But it happened.

This story starts in Heatherfield, almost a year after the defeat of Cedric. The girls all managed to pass their school year and were relaxing during their summer vacation. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin. Better known as W.I.T.C.H. had spent their summer with swimming in the sea, slumber parties, barbeques and going to Meridian to spend some time with Elyon. The summer vacation was nearing its end and the last Friday night fell over Heatherfield. Will Vandom went to bed early, being tired after spending a whole day in Meridian, helping farmers. She and the other girls had a bet running with Caleb. If they would work on a farm for a full week and eat Meridian food without complaints he would do their chores (especially Hay Lin's) for a full month. Caleb had thought he would easily win the bet. Unfortunately for him, the girls weren't passing this opportunity and they worked their butts off, resulting in winning the bet. As Will turned around with a smile on her face she fell asleep. If she'd been awake for a bit longer she would have noticed her mother entering.

Susan Vandom walked to her daughter's room. She sighed slightly at the mess that had spread through the room. Her daughter seemed to have a problem with keeping her room clean.


Will didn't react and Susan bit her lip. Should she awaken her daughter? Tonight would be a full moon after all…Her first. She shook her head and decided against it. With some luck her human blood was stronger and nothing would be wrong. She walked to her daughter and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead before making a small cross with her finger on it.

"Be save." She said before returning to the living room.

The sky was darkening when Susan went to bed. If she'd been up a little longer she could have seen that her presumption was incorrect. The full moon was slowly coming up. It took a while before its beams shone through Will's window but during this time Will was tossing in her sleep. Dreams of blood, trees and power were running through her mind, making her almost scream. When another nightmare passed, which ended in Irma being ripped to pieces by something, she shot awake. She panted heavily as she hugged herself.

"Everything's cool." She said slowly to herself. "It were just nightmares. Such a thing won't happen."

The Heart was pulsing soothingly next to her on her nightstand but Will resisted the urge to take it. She needed to take control of herself. As she breathed slowly she noticed something strange. According to her clock it was 1:00 A.M. but yet there was enough light for her to see her table and her rather messy bedroom. She searched for the source of the light and discovered it came from her window. A sudden urge swept over her and she slowly got out of bed. She slowly walked to the window and looked out of it. She saw a beautiful full moon, which was beaming its heavenly light on her slightly tanned skin. A sensation came over her and Will closed her eyes as she swooned a bit. She suddenly felt herself becoming very hot. A shiver ran over her spine and she felt a strange tingle all over her skin. She had the urge to scratch but at the same time she felt a pain she couldn't describe. As if something or someone was pulling her limbs and face. Something seemed to grow from her rear as well. She could hear her nightgown rip before slowly everything became blank. And slowly the sensation ceased.

Now standing in Will's room was a wolf like creature with human features, completely covered in red fur with some rips of a nightgown hanging over its shoulders. The eyes of this creature were blue-ish white, almost lightning like with a black wolf pupil in the middle. The claw-like hands were slowly moving and the creature first looked strangely around, as if it couldn't remember what had happened. Then it looked at the window. It saw the bright full moon and a shiver went over its spine. It opened the window and jumped out of it. The high fall the creature made didn't seem to harm it. It landed with a great crash on the ground. It looked again at the moon. It stretched its back and pointed its mouth at the moon. Flickering teeth, the size of pocket knives, shone in the moonlight. A heartbreaking, dangerous and longing howl erupted from the beast's throat. In the distance howls or whimpers of other dogs were heard.

Matt Olsen shot up from his bed. Earlier he had felt an uneasy feeling but now he shot up when he heard a howl. The howl was obviously inhuman and it made his hair stand straight. He noticed that Huggles too seemed to have noticed the howl. His hair was standing on end and he was hissing like mad. Matt tried to pet him but Huggles kept evading his hand and kept hissing.

"Mr. H. What's your problem?" Matt asked concerned.

Before he could get an answer from his critter (not that it would have said something in human speech) a greenish light appeared. When the light subdued a black cat was sitting on his bed.

"Good you're awake." He said rather agitated and scared. "Cause we're in a pinch. A big one!"

Matt blinked slowly at the small animal. It was rare that the black cat lost its cool.

"Calm down Napoleon." He said, still not completely aware of what was happening.

"This is no time to calm down, Mattie-boy." Napoleon said as he licked his fur in a hasty manner. "Cornelia should be coming in a couple of minutes."

Matt raised his eyebrow. "Cornelia? Why? How?"

Before Napoleon answered a greenish light appeared again. This time it appeared to be Cornelia. Cornelia looked around and then sighed.

"Thank God!" She exclaimed. "This is my third try! I was just in a house with a couple who were…quite occupied."

"No time for complaints, Pinky." Napoleon said serious. "What's the news from the others?"

Cornelia looked at him and Matt noticed that her eyes were a bit bigger in concern.

"All of them heard the howl and all replied…" She started. "All except for Will."

Matt got up and walked to Cornelia. He grabbed her shoulders and started to shake her.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with her?" He asked concerned.

Cornelia looked sadly at him.

"I…I don't know…According to Taranee she never responds at nights…But Taranee can't even read her dreams." She said before releasing herself from Matt's grip. "But don't worry. Knowing Will she's just trying to get some sleep while the Heart makes sure she gets it."

Matt didn't seem convinced but Cornelia ignored it. She turned to Napoleon.

"So…What's wrong? Why did only the six of us and Lilian wake up?" She asked.

"I never thought I would hear it." Napoleon said. "But I've heard of them. You too Pinky. There are stories about these creatures. Creatures that live with a full moon."

"Werewolves?" Cornelia said surprised. "But they are just horror stories. Fantasies."

Matt's look darkened considerably and seemed to speak but Napoleon interrupted him.

"Fairies, magical queens, kingdoms on other planets and evil witches are also just stories and looky here. We know all about those, don't we?"

"But Napoleon, a werewolf? Come on! That's ridiculous." Cornelia said.

"That's what you think. Then so be it." Napoleon said. "Return to home Pinky. Matt, Huggles and I will investigate this. This is, after all, Regent work."

Cornelia frowned a bit at the command but then yawned. She shrugged, she would ask Taranee tomorrow what she thought about it. But before she teletransported a new howl was heard. Again the heartbreaking sound. The windows seemed to tremble at the power of the sound. She turned scared at Matt, Huggles and Napoleon. Matt and Napoleon had a serious face and all three of them transformed.

"Go home Cornelia and watch over Lillian." Matt said. "We handle this."

Cornelia nodded and teletransported away. Matt turned to his two fellow Regents.

"Anyone an idea from where the howl came from?" Matt asked.

Huggles grumbled a bit and opened the window. Napoleon and Matt quickly followed and they ran, or in Matt's case flew, through Heatherfield. Long no word was said until they reached the outskirts of the town. There a battery cage was laying and it was one of the things many inhabitants protested against. He himself and the girls were often participating in the protest events in the hope of setting the chickens that were caged free. A man was sitting in front of it, sobbing loudly. The three Regents quickly detransformed. Huggles and Matt went to the man while Napoleon went for investigation inside the battery cage. When Matt and Huggles arrived they saw trails of blood and something that looked like intestines on the ground near the man. The man was sitting in a puddle of blood and he seemed to hold something. A broken gun lay next to him.

"I swear that I'll find you, you monster, ya know!" The man yelled angrily in the air in a southern accent.

"Sir…Sir, what happened here?" Matt asked cautiously.

The man turned around and saw Matt. He had a feral gaze in his eyes but seemed to relax a bit. Matt noticed that the man's clothes were a bit torn but other than that he seemed fine. He also seemed to be holding a dead chicken

"Boy! Boy please go home!" The man said in a broken voice.

"Why?" Matt asked confused.

"Heatherfield isn't save anymore, ya know." The man said scared. "Something is lurking around. Something big. Monstrous!"

"Sir, calm down." Matt said. "What happened?"

The man calmed his breathing.

"I…I live here nearby, ya know. The owner of the battery cage asked me to keep an eye on it in case some radical demonstrators try to break in and free the chickens, ya know. Tonight, after the moon came up, I heard some noise of breaking glass, ya know. I took ma gun and went outside, looking for what I thought to be humans, ya know. When I arrived here I saw a complete massacre, ya know. Lots of blood and chicken bodies littered over the floor, ya know. Ma stomach turned and I nearly puked when I heard heavy panting, ya know. I slowly turned around and saw something terrifying, ya know." He said.

"What?" Matt asked, feeling that they were near their werewolf.

"It was something that resembled a wolf and a human, ya know." The man explained. "It had blood red hair, was at least your height, had whitish bluish eyes with a black pupil like a wolf, had claws the size of daggers and teeth the size of pocket knives, ya know. It looked at me and gave a terrifying howl, ya know. I could see the blood seep from its' teeth, ya know. I pointed my gun at it but before I could shoot it grabbed it and broke it in two, like a toothpick, ya know! It then started to gurgle, ya know. Something like: "EEEEEEERRRRRR Ma Lair!" ya know? Then it ran away. Just wait. When I find it's lair it'll be dead, ya know!'

He then spit at the floor angrily. Matt had been silent. A red furred werewolf was terrorizing Heatherfield's battery cage…And it said something about its lair. Lair…. Matt's eyes widened in realization. He needed to get Napoleon. A meow was heard and both the man and Matt looked up.

"I'm sorry, must be my cat I've been looking for." Matt apologized.

The man just nodded and went back to his cursing and sobbing. Matt hurried inside and saw Napoleon sitting in front of some lines of blood.

"Look at this, Matty-boy." He said darkly.

Matt's eyes widened. His suspicion was right. On the ground was something written in chicken blood.


Matt turned to Napoleon.

"We need to get to Irma, right away!" Matt said.

Napoleon nodded and swept with his tail over the blood, making the letters unreadable. Matt transformed and grabbed Napoleon and Huggles. They flew in high speed at Irma's house, hoping that they weren't too late.

Irma couldn't sleep. Not after the first howl and certainly not after the second one. The sound of the howl made her shiver to her very core. What could have made such a sound? And why didn't Will react to any of their attempts to contact her? She turned again in her bed. The full moon was shining mysteriously through her window. She closed her eyes and let the moon beams hit her face. During full moon she noticed that her powers over water were a bit stronger than usual. She felt more at peace as well. As she opened her eyes again to look again at the full moon a shriek of pure terror escaped her mouth. In front of her window was a sort of wolf human standing. And it looked hungrily at her. Her parents and Chris stormed her room in at the same moment that the wolf smashed her window. Glass flew everywhere and Irma yelled even more. Her mother joined in and her little brother shrieked in pure terror. Her father pulled his gun from his pocket and pointed it at the wolf.

'Of all times that an enemy of us decides to attack us and it chooses tonight!' Irma screamed in her mind, while still panicking about her parents' lives. 'I seem to have all the luck in the world!'

"EEEEEERRRRRMMMMAAAA LAAAAIIIIRRR." The beast pronounced hoarsely.

Irma temporarily thought that it had a more female sounding voice than she'd first thought. That thought was quickly put aside when the wolf let out an piercing howl, breaking anything made out of glass in her room.

"Stand back!"

Irma looked frightened at her father. What if the beast would attack him? This thought seemed to be quickly realized as the beast started to advance on her father.

"Stay where you are!" Her father demanded, scared as well, but the beast continued with closing the gap between them.

A shot and howl of pain. The beast was clutching its right ear as it let again a howl of pain. Her father had shot it in the ear. Before Irma could breathe out of joy she gasped in terror. The beast had slashed at her father and had ripped his arm open while his gun fell on the ground. It advanced further to her father when it got a pillow against its head.

"Hey ugly!" Irma said. "I thought you wanted me?"

The beast growled at her and bared its teeth. Now that were some frightening teeth! Irma held her hands together.

"Come at me bro!" She said, knowing that there was no other way.

The wolf jumped at her and at that moment Irma shot the most powerful blast she could muster. The wolf got blown back against the wall, soaking, while her family looked terrified at her. She shot an apologetic look at them.

"I'll tell you later." She said.

It seemed that her mother was planning on interrogating her now when the wolf again let a howl loose. Irma rolled her eyes as she placed her hands on her ears.

"Yeah yeah! You're a wolf! We get it!" She said.

The wolf glared at her and leaped at her again. She shot another blast of water at it but this time the wolf was prepared. It pointed its claws at it and for a short notice Irma thought she saw some electricity coming from the claws. Whatever the wolf did it worked cause her water disappeared and the wolf landed on Irma.

"Irma!" Her mother and brother yelled.

Her father tried to get up with his injured arm while Irma was looking terrified at the monster on top of her. The wolf was breathing heavily and for a short moment Irma thought she'd recognized something in the eyes of the wolf. A slightest brown. She then felt how the claws were piercing her skin and she yelled out in pain. She felt blood seeping from her shoulders. She saw from the corners of her eyes how her brother jumped at the wolf.

"Leave her alone, you big bad wolf!" He yelled as he started to pound the wolf.

The wolf didn't seem to get harmed by his attacks but it did push him away with one of its rear paws. Chris tumbled back against a wall, out cold. Irma looked scared at the wolf. Who'd ever thought she'd ended up as dog chow? As the teeth gleamed in the moonlight a roar was heard. Irma and the wolf looked away and they saw Matt flying in front of the window while Huggles and Napoleon were standing in her room, fully transformed.

This proved to be too much for her mother as she passed out. The only thought Irma had was that her room was getting too crowded. As Huggles rammed the wolf off of her she slowly got up. Her nightgown was red from her own blood.

"Are you okay, Irma?" Matt asked in his Shagon form.

Irma nodded timidly as she watched how both Huggles and Napoleon were trying to keep the wolf under control.

"What. Is. That?" She asked scared.

Matt couldn't answer because her father pointed his gun at him.

"Irma stay away from it!" He said. "You! Get to the wall! Put your hands in the air!"

Irma went to stand between her father and Matt.

"Dad! Stop! It's Matt!" She said.

"Matt?" Her father asked confused.

All their gazes returned to the wolf when it again released a terrifying howl. A sudden burst of electricity came from it and blasted Napoleon and Huggles against the walls.

"Napoleon! Huggles!" Irma and Matt yelled out concerned.

The wolf got up and Irma and Matt saw the sparks of electricity running through its red hair. It looked confused before it focused its gaze on Irma and Matt. Both noticed that a brownish iris started to appear around the black pupils.

"Ir…ma? Matt…?" It growled confused before it clutched its head and howled again.

Irma and Matt looked confused at each other but their focus returned to the wolf when they heard a dangerous growl. They saw that the eyes returned to their first appearance and the hairs on the wolf's back were standing on end. Huggles jumped at it but the wolf forcefully stopped him and threw him again against the wall. Napoleon then jumped at it and bit it in its neck. The wolf howled as Napoleon forced it back out of the window. Both tumbled out of it. Napoleon had released the wolf and landed lightly on the ground while the wolf crashed to the ground. Matt flew in the air while Irma looked down.

"Is it…dead?" She asked scared.

The wolf got up at that point and shook its head. It growled at Napoleon who hissed back. Huggles jumped out of the window as well and growled also at the wolf. The wolf turned to Irma and Irma looked in the bluish white eyes. Again she thought she saw a shimmer of brown in the eyes. Then it took off without a warning. Napoleon and Huggles immediately went after it but Matt stayed with Irma.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Sure, this is nothing." Irma said, still being shocked from what had happened.

"I should call 911 anyway. Your father is injured as well and your mom is out cold." Matt said.

"Irma…Who is that?"

Both teenagers turned around and saw Irma's father advancing on them.

"Dad….I've been lying to you and mom for some time now." She said softly. "But I want to tell this with the other girls, if you're okay with it? Besides, you need the get treated."

Irma's father raised an eyebrow but nodded when he felt the pain in his arm. He walked to Chris and started to try and wake the boy.

"Matt…What was that thing?" Irma whispered.

"Believe it or not Irma, but Napoleon thinks it's a werewolf." Matt replied terrified.

"Why would it attack me?" Irma asked scared.

"I don't know. I truly don't know." Matt replied.

"Matt, we've lost it."

Matt and Irma turned around and saw Napoleon and Huggles standing outside. Both seemed to be tired and were panting a bit.

"It was too fast for us." Napoleon panted.

Matt nodded when they heard the sirens. He flew a bit up and noticed that the ambulance was coming. He looked at Irma.

"Your help is here. See you tomorrow." He said.

Matt then flew away with Napoleon and Huggles jumping after him. Irma felt her throbbing and bleeding shoulders. A werewolf in Heatherfield. Who'd have thought? She turned to her father who was still looking a bit afraid at her. She smiled weakly at him.

"I'm fine dad." She said. "I swear I'll tell you, mom and Chris everything tomorrow."

Her father just nodded and took Chris' hand and led him to the ambulance helpers. Irma looked outside as she heard more helpers walking the stairs. She wondered how the others were doing and decided to inform them tomorrow.

A pair of yellow eyes glowed in the alley. A wolfish grin appeared under it, revealing teeth bigger than the red werewolf's.

"That was her first night. She's quite the charmer. And her will is stronger than I thought." He said softly. "Now she'll get the Wolf Bane potion. But after that, she'll be mine. Tala, you will accept your destiny."

A wolfish snigger escaped him before he disappeared in the night.

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