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This is really short. Sorry!


The war has ended and the world returned to peace. The saviors are known worldwide. Each name holds a legend: Aang, the Avatar, Katara, the Water-Bender, Sokka, the Planner/sword fighter, Toph, the best Earth-Bender ever and the first Metal-Bender, Zuko, the honorable crown-prince of the Fire Nation, and a few others.

After the War, they remained in touch, and stayed friends. They locked up the wicked Fire-Lord Ozai and his twisted daughter Princess Azula and let the future come.

Over Twenty years, the world healed and grew. The Southern Tribe got rebuilt. The Fire Nation changed its ways. The Earth Kingdom regained its land and ways.

The heroes got settled down and had kids.

But then… after twenty long peaceful years… Azula…broke…out.