A/N: Hello! This is a sorta fluffy Fic and mainly Romance and Friendship

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Sprit's POV

'Justin Law, Used to look after my Maka' I Remembered


"Maka!" I shouted as I saw her reading Cinderella "What, Papa" she said "Your going to have a babysitter who's 3 years older then you but he's very well manned and I hope you will get along" I told her as she went back to her book. "Want to know the Guys name?" I said as she shrugged "Justin Law" I said "Okay" she said not looking up

"5 more minutes" I said. 5 minutes Past and the door bell rang as I opened it, it was Justin with his headphones in "Hello Justin" I said as he took them out "Hello " he said "Bye Maka!" I shouted as no reply came. "I'll take very good Care off her" he said as he shut the door"


'That's all I remembered' I thought staring into Space "Ne, Sprit-Kun, Are you okay?" Shigamai-sama asked "Yeah" I replied 'I wonder what happened'

A/N: I know it's short but! it will be a hint longer in Justin's POV :P!