(The setting takes place in the Tokyo Dome, one of The Gazettes concerts)
The gazette (band) was crying. Everyone in the crowd was crying. It was all because of two special girls
who wrote songs for the band, and hanged with them alot. It changed their life. But the problem was that...well...
there are several problems. Those girls are american...one of them is going on tour. Japan never liked americans. Ruki (the singer
of the gazette) wanted to protect one of the girls. But, Kai (The drummer of the gazette) trusted the other girl and thought she
can go on her own. One day she got humiliated because of the people from Japan. So she left...her friend was sad, the band was sad.
Oh, and just so you know those girls names are Skylar and Briana. (Well that makes it easier!) Now that we got things settled lets
start from the beginning!

"Well I guess this is the end of the Japanese School." I said with a cute face.
"Yep, now we can go to Japan!" Briana said with her pervy look. My eyes widened but then we both smiled and jumped up.
"JAPAN!" We both yelled. But that isn't the best part. For Briana's birthday I'm gonna take her to a Gazette concert.
Its her favorite band and I wanted to surprise her. I had a little mourning look on my face.
"Are you okay, Skylar?" Briana asked with a raised eyebrow. I gasped and then had an embarrased look on my face.
"Um, no I'm very excited for living in Japan! I can't wait!" I said with a smile. She smiled to...

After me and Briana were done packing she drived us to the airport.
"Hey Skylar, did you say goodbye to your parents?" Briana asked.
"Um...yeah." I said with a fake tear in my eye. I wiped the tear away from my eye and then me and Briana went to the plane.
I felt a little plane-sick but I just tried my best to leave it in if you know what I mean? I was on my Ipod for two hours, then
I fell asleep.
I felt a push on my arm whiched opened my eyes.
Briana sqealed. "AHH! WE'RE IN JAPAN" She yelled. I yawned and looked at my phone. One message...I deleated it.
"SKYLAR! " Briana yelled. My eyes were widened and I looked at Briana.
"W-W-What?" I asked tired.
"You were asleep for five hours lets get out of this plane and grab something to eat, on me." She said nicely. My stomach groweled.
"I agree, lets go!" I begged. We went out of the plane with our suitecases and went to the hipest five star restraunt in Japan.
Briana and me went to the Ninja Star Restraunt With Hotel place. Suddenly we saw some fangirls with little posters saying
'GAZETTE GAZETTE AHHH!'. Me and Briana weren't amused cause they were blocking the door. We pushed them away and
then they pushed us back down. Japanese girls stared down at us and yelled at us 'Go away stupid foreiners! Go die in a hole
and go back to where you came from!'. I tried protecting Briana cause she looked sad, suddenly a guy grabbed our hands.
I felt like I couldn't hear a thing. This guy just pulled me and Bri (Briana) into the door. I started hearing again.

The guy unhoodied himself and it turned out to be Ruki (The lead singer of Briana's favorite band.). Briana was shocked
then she fainted. I cought her as she fell.
"Oh my god is she okay?" Ruki asked. As I wasn't looking Ruki was holding Bri's hand the whole time. I used my little
technique called the faint healer. You start tickling someone's neck then karate chop their neck slowly. Suddenly Bri woke up.
"Briana, calm down, all you see is me and Ruki." I said. Briana was about to scream until I put my hand on her mouth.
Ruki laughed a little.
"Briana if I put my hand away from your mouth, will you calm down?" I asked. She nodded normaly. I let go.

"Ruki, w-w-why are you here?" Briana asked shocked. We both looked at him.
"I just wanted to help you guys from that fight. Fangirls can be crazy and cute, just like you." Ruki said looking at Bri.
I gasped and I got mad. I stood up and pulled Bri back up.
"Ruki we were just going somewhere to eat not to meet you." I said. Ruki and Bri gasped. I took Bri's hand.
"Thanks Ruki for helping us but we have to go." I pulled Bri's hand and we ran away as Ruki was waving.

We got our tables and we sat down.
"What's wrong with you, that was RUKI!" Bri said. I sighed.
"Yeah I'm happy to but...my stomach was just growling I get mad when I'm hungery!" I said with a sad angry look.
"Well, yea gotta be nice to people, especially if it's Ruki from my favorite band."
"I-I know but he's too flirty for you." Suddenly the waiter came over to our table.
"Um, exeuse me!" A shy waiter said. The way she said that made us calm down. "Um...you're kinda being too loud, can you
please take it down a notch?" She asked.
We both said sure. The shy waiter named...Sky..(Wow almost like my name!) took our order and left.
Suddenly Briana had a extremely happy look on her face and I wondered. She pointed at a table which...had the whole Gazette
band eating.
"Briana, don't disturb them from their meal." I commanded. Briana gasped.
"But..but they're the GAZETTE lets interput them!" Briana said with a laughing face. Suddenly,...a guy went to our
table and sat near us with a smile. Me and Briana were silent looking at him.
"O.M.G you're Kai, the drummer of The Gazette!" Briana yelled. Kai nodded and started staring at me. Close, close, TOO
"Ruki just wanted to say hi to you guys and wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out with us?" Kai asked. Briana gasped.
I wasn't amused. But then Briana pushed my arm...
"OKAY!" I blurted out. Briana's eyes widened. So did mine.

"Um, great so do you want to meet us at the hotel tonight, you know right after you guys are done unpacking?" Kai asked.
"Yes!" Briana smiled. Then Kai smiled and waved at me as he left.
After me and Briana ate we talked again.
"Briana, I don't know about this...what if they aren't nice as we thought they were?" I said with a sad look.
"Don't worry, if they insult you I'll BRIANA CHOP them in half!" Briana said. We both laughed.

As me and Bri were going to our hotel room Kai was with us. We looked at our room, amazing. It had a
kitchen, a bathroom, plus a game room. Briana doesn't know that I bought this with my own money. I told
her that it was for free. Kai helped us unpack . Suddenly I couldn't get my diamond pan out of the luggage.
"Grr! I can't-" I said but I gasped. Kai put his hands on my arm trying to help me pull it out. Once it came out, Kai's eyes sparkled.
"Wow, it's beautiful." Kai said looking at the pan then me.
"I know right, I cook really great pancakes with this pan." I said smiling at him.
"You cook?" Kai asked. I nodded then he smiled. Briana got her clothes out of the luggage and put them in the drawer.
"Okay I'm done unpacking, what about you Skylar?" She asked.
"Yep, let's go!" I said with a happy face. Kai smiled at me then took us out of the room.

Kai opened the door for us and we started seeing Uruha (guitar), Aoi (guitar), Reita (bassist), and...Ruki (Oh you know
who he is!). Briana had a happy look and sat near Ruki. I didn't know who to sit with until Kai told me to sit next to him. So I
"So...HI!" Aoi said smiling at both of us. I did a shy but emo-like wave at him. But Briana blushed.
"Hi!" She said with an energetic voice. Suddenly my phone rang.
"Sorry I need to take this." I said standing up, getting out of the room.
"So, do you guys like Japan yet?" Ruki asked.
"Well we just got out of the plane four hours ago and we started to get used to it." Briana said.
"What do you guys like to do on your freetime?" Reita asked.
"I like to play with my guitar, I like to sing, and I like to draw." She asked.
"What about Skylar?" Kai asked. Briana had to think for a second.
"She's into singing and playing piano, but mostly she likes to cook." Suddenly Aoi and Uruha said 'OOOOO' in a funny voice.
"What is it?" Briana asked.
"Well it's just that Kai likes to cook as well." Ruki said raising an eyebrow at Kai. Kai looked both ways with an embarrassed face.
"Uh...that doesn't mean I like her." Kai said. Briana laughed.
"Skylar is not a girl you can please unless she pleases you." Briana laughed. Skylar opened the door and sat next to Kai.
"So what were you guys talking about?" I asked.
"UM NOT YOU!" Uruha yelled with guilt. Everyone laughed.

Ruki dropped us off at our hotel room.
"So, when can we see you guys again?" Briana asked. Ruki had his thinking face on.
"Well, we're going to perform at the Peace and Smile Carnival tomorrow, wanna come?" Ruki asked. Briana nodded smiling, that
made Ruki very happy. Ruki gave Briana a cute kiss on the cheek, Briana was extremely pink. As Ruki left Briana closed the door
slowly. I went out of the bathroom with my gothic pj's.
"Briana why are you on the bed so happy?" I asked.
"Well, I have a big crush on Ruki already!" She blurted out. I gasped.
"Why? Its only been a day!" I said shocked.
"Well, crushes happen easily." After she said that I understood it. Maybe finding love could happen fast.
"After all, you like Kai, and Kai likes you." Briana said with a pervy look. I gasped.
"I like him but...I don't love him yet, I don't know what we have in common." I said sadly.
"I DO!" Briana yelled. "You and him like cooking, that's a connection." I gasped and looked away at Bri.
"I-I-I just..." I muttered. Briana had her hand on my shoulder.
"It's okay, he'll let out his feelings for you, I can be a little bit of a pshycic." She said smiling. We hugged. 3