Every dream I have is always perfect. Until someone pushes me off a bed.
"WAKE UP!" Briana yelled into my ear. I stood up.
"YES SIR!" I yelled back. We both laughed. Once we ate breakfast, we got our clothes on. Briana wore a black tank top
with a pretty sassy black skirt. She wore black high heels as well. For me, I wore a black long sleeved shirt with see-through
sleeves, plus black rock on jeans and black boots. Yeah, we may be gothic but WE ROCK! Uruha opened the door.
"Hey, are you guys ready, WOOOOOAH, whats up hotties?" Uruha asked with his pervy look. We threw clothes at him as
we laughed.
"OKAY OKAY, let's go!" Uruha smiling. He took us to the lobby where Kai, Ruki, Reita, and Aoi are getting ready.
"Wow, you guys look amazing." Aoi said. We both blushed as we got our purses.
"Yeah...I'd like to put my microphone into your-" Ruki said till he got punched in the arm by Kai.
"HEY! Stop being a perv!" Kai yelled. I sighed.
"Anyways, the concert won't be open for about five hours so, do you wanna visit Tokyo it's like four miles from here?" Reita asked.
It gave me and Briana a minute to think.
"I don't know?" I whispered near Briana.
"It's okay I mean if they don't treat us with respect...- Briana whispered until Ruki held her shoulders.
"Come on, I mean it'll be fun, we'll do our best to make you guys happy." Ruki said with wise words. Briana was frozen with
her cheeks extremely pink. I was shocked. I...I thought he was a billionare singing midget who is a mean perv to everyone. But,
apparently I was wrong. I took Briana's hand.
"Skylar?" Briana asked. I smiled as happy as I could.
"Let's go with them, after all, it'll be fun!" I said. Everyone smiled as I said that and we got in the tour bus.
I checked my phone. I deleted three text messages...execpt one.
[Don't make us call you or else!]
I was sad yet angry as I deleted that stupid text. Suddenly, someone had my shoulder.
"Hey." Kai said with a concerned smile on his face.
"Oh, um, hi Kai." I said concerned but not smiling.
"What was that text about?" He asked. I gasped nervous.
"It's...It's nothing." I said trying to smile.
"Um...okay, do you mind if you listen to this on the way?" He asked giving me his Ipod.
"Okay...but..why?" I asked.
"You seem upset, and we want you to know more about our kind of music." Kai said patting my head. I nodded blushing
and he left.
After thirty minutes I've done nothing but listen to The Gazette's songs. But they were insanely catchy. I can't wait to see
them at the concert.
"Okay we're here!" Kai said standing up. Everyone including me was out of the door. I was amazed of all the shops that are
"Okay so, where do you guys wanna go first?" Ruki asked. Me and Briana shrugged.
"Hey how about we take them to ROCK ROCK?" Aoi said.
"Hmm? What's that?" I asked.
"It's this gift shop that sells all kinds of antiques and toys, it's hip and what not." Uruha said. Briana was amused and so was I.
We followed them to ROCK ROCK and the shop looked awesome! I got to see some great toys and other stuff like
a Nyanko Burger Coin Bag, a Yumemiya "Rurl" Hair Clip, and a "POCHI-BIG" Silicone Make-up Pouch.
As we were browsing Kai walked right near me.
"See anything you like?" Kai asked. After he said that I suddenly heard a pretty sound. It sounded like a lullaby. Kai and me
followed the sound and it was actually a plain music box. It's all dark and wooden, plus the title itself says ~Lillium~.
"It's beautiful." I said. Kai started looking at me with pretty eyes.
"Yes you are." He said.
"NOTHING!" After he said that I chuckled a bit yet my eyes were set to this music box.
"I want this." I muttered.
"Why?" He asked.
"I...I have trouble sleeping, that's when I have bad dreams that make me cry." I said sadly. Kai felt bad for me I can tell.
"Well I don't think I have enough money to pay for this music box, that's too bad." I said leaving. Briana ran into me.
"SKYLAR SKYLAR SKYLAR!" Briana yelled excitedly.
"WHAT WHAT WHAT!" I asked.
"Ruki gave me this pretty bracelet, isn't he so nice!" She said jumping. The bracelet around her hand had black sparkling letters
saying ' U'. I was a little jealous yet it was so nice of him to buy her a pretty
bracelet like that.
"Hey guys its six o'clock right now, do you guys wanna go to that new karaoke diner over there?" Reita asked running into us.
"Sure." Briana said grabbing my hand.
As Briana, Kai, Reita, and me went through the door, Aoi, Uruha, and Ruki saved us four spots. Once we sat down the waiter
named Haley took our order.
"Hey Skylar have you ever tried soumen noodles?" Kai asked.
"Um, nope but I would like to try them." I said.
"Well they're really good! Hey Haley!" Kai yelled. Haley went near our table. "We would like to order soumen noodles please."
Haley nodded and left.
"Skylar, Briana told us you sing a little." Uruha said with a pervy grin. I gasped and whispered into Briana's ear.
"Why the hell did you tell them?!" I whispered.
"I'd thought they'd never bring it up!" Briana said. Suddenly Ruki took my hand.
"Come on Skylar, you're singing!" He said. I was nervous really bad.
"N-n-no!" I yelled trying to get my hand off of him. He took me on stage. There was a guy named Armin but we call him
DJ A cause it's funky and hip.
"So what do ya guys wanna sing?" He asked. Ruki and me browsed.
"Hey how about My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence?" Ruki asked. I nodded and went to the piano. I sat down and tried
to remember the piano notes and the words on the top of my head.
"WOOO GO SKYLAR!" Briana yelled. I smiled and started playing. The piano playing got everyone's attention including
the DJ.
"I will wander till the end of time torn away from you..."
Suddenly the drums started playing. Everyone started smiling and feeling the beat. Once I continued singing the guitars were
"I pulled away to face the pain, I closed my eyes and drift away...over the fear
That I will never find a way to heal my soul...
And I will wander till the end of time...torn away from YOU!
Sweet sleep my dark angel, deliver us from sorrows hold..."

Once the music stopped everyone jumped and clapped at the same time. Everybody was happy which made me happy.
I went to the table where it had my food soumen noodles.
"Skylar, how were you able to sing like that?" Ruki asked. Everyone in the table wanted to know. I started getting sad.
"Skylar?" Briana said concerned. I tried wiping any of the tears coming out of my eye.
"Hey, you'll be happy once you try the soumen noodles, go ahead." Kai said. I looked down at the noodles and tried it. I was
shocked yet...happy when I tasted it.
"Its...amazing." I muttered smiling.
"It's something I always wanted to cook but...it's really exquisite and fancy, I could never make it." Kai said sadly.
I put my hand on his shoulder trying to make him feel better.
"It's okay, you'll be happy once you start drumming in the Peace and Smile Carnival." I said smiling. He smiled too.
"Speaking of that, it starts in two hours, let's go guys!" Uruha said looking at his watch. I set the money on the table and we all
We were on the tour bus on our way to the Peace and Smile Carnival. I still had Kai's Ipod. I thought I'd keep it for a while so
that way I could get to know their music better. Today's pretty great so far. I just wish I could have that music box. It sounded
so beautiful.
"We're here!" Kai said sneaking up behind me. We all stood up and got out of the bus. Turns out the carnival was just a concert
nothing else. Ruki and his friends gave us front seats in the concert how cool is that? As we sat down we had to wait an
hour before it started. I coughed.
"Are you okay Skylar?" Briana asked. I nodded feeling like I couldn't said a thing. Even though I felt sick we got to see alot of
cool J-rock bands like Screw, Alice Nine, and suG! Suddenly I kept on coughing threw the concert. A person behind me
was ticked off about it.
"Hey you! Stop coughing you're ruining the concert!" A girl behind me said. Then Briana stood up mad.
"Hey! It's not her fault, she's not the one who's yelling!" Briana said angry. They started pushing each other because of me. I tried
stoping them, then...
I was unconcious.

One of my eyes opened and suddenly I was in a bed. I was confused, what happened to me?
"Hello? Hello!" I yelled. One of the nurses came in.
"You're awake?" She asked. I nodded and she smiled. Once she opened the door the whole gazette band and Briana came in.
"G-g-guys what happened?" I asked scared. Kai sat near me.
"You got punched by one of the people in the crowd." Kai said. I gasped.
"Briana did you get hurt?" I asked. She shaked her head.
"Well, the good thing is you're alright!" Ruki said happy. I smiled yet my cheek was hurting.
"OW..." I muttered. Kai took the ice pack near me and set it near my cheek. Instead of my cheek being red it turned pink.
"Hey! Why can't you do those stuff to me?" Briana asked.
"Briana I'm a pervy midget not a romantic nice person!" Ruki said.
"Whatever you say...pedo..." Briana muttered.
Everyone laughed. As it was night time everyone was gone...except Kai.
"Skylar?" Kai asked.
"Yes?" I said back. He took something out and I gasped. It was the music box.
"Kai...I...I don't know what to say." I said. Once he opened the box I heard the pretty music. I hummed the whole song and when
it stopped I hugged Kai.
"Thank you so much Kai." I said. He hugged back as he was swaying. The music started all over and we both swayed.
"I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom okay?" Kai said leaving.
Once he left he gasped.
Kai saw Ruki and Briana kissing.