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Hey, lookie here! It's the name Farali! Well, here is the first origin I used this name for.


A figure darted between trees. A tall fourteen year old girl with golden wavy hair and bright blue eyes looked down into the clearing, this was Esmeralda Farali.

She had a flash back as she looked into the clearing.

She was the daughter of two geniuses, more or less. Her mother was an earthling, a tall beautiful woman with dark black hair. Her father however, was Doctor Eggman. He had abducted his love, a certified genius Sasha Farali, an English princess who was about to be crowned when abducted by Eggman, which then gave Esmeralda the title Princess, which her father loved but she hated, and had Esmeralda. Her mother was a very curious genius, and while expecting Esmeralda, she had drunk strange formulas she had concocted.

These potions had given Esmeralda psychic abilities, such as being able to levitate, and therefore fly as fast as to create a sonic boom, could track any living creature, move any item with her mind, suck energy from animals, transform into an animal of any species she has seen, can shrink, grow to an enormous size, can use/control elements such as fire, by placing her hand on a living creature, preferably one she is closer to, she can read their 'pain' and tell health problems, she can heal, use telekinesis and recover stolen memories.

She was generally nice, sweet, and the kindest person you'd ever meet, but if you rub her the wrong way, she would slash through your heart with one of her daggers.

Her mother died giving birth to her, and because of her father's broken heart, he cast her out of his life.

He was only pleased with the fact that her breathing was labored, and would be if doing too much physical activity and other things that could cause it to take place like very impure air. He took her into a testing chamber, and to make sure she could live a long time but still suffer, he made her highly resistant to most normal diseases but poisoned with a special poison that got activated when she was surrounded by lots of metal, or when she was in a space over ninety nine degrees or below ten degrees.

This would render her into a fevered state, with her hallucinating. If in a condition like this for too long, she could die.

Of course, when her father was near, he could control her by telling her what to do like a robot. That was one of her 'glitches' as her brother liked to call them.

After torturing his daughter, he placed her on the ground, everyone from nearby coming out. Two year old Sonic was there, but he would never remember the day.

A megaphone sounded, "This is my daughter, Princess Esmeralda Farali Eggman. Do with her what you wish."

Most of the crowd parted, except for a pretty fox woman, Mrs. Prower. She knelt, her skirt brushing the ground, and scooped up the sleeping infant. She ran home, and for six years, raised the child.

When Esmeralda was six, Mrs. Prower had had a son, and soon later her husband had died. When the baby was a week old, the mother had fallen ill.

Esmeralda sat next to Miss. Prower, her adoptive mother as she would say now that her husband had died, and rocked the baby, and her mother looked up, "We haven't named him, how about Ferdinand?"

Esmeralda shook her head, sending her golden hair flying, "No, I can't say that; something shorter!"

Her mother smiled, "Okay then, how about Miles? But, if you want to give him a nickname, you can do that."

Esmeralda nodded, and looked down at her step brother, "Well, for one thing he has two tails! That is odd but I like it! Okay then, how about… Tails, yes Tails is what I will name him. "

Miss Prower nodded, and then lay back in bed, "Take care of him will you? You, my brilliant girl, avenge your mother. She was kidnapped by your insolent, horrible father, Eggman. Never fall into his influence, or, at least try. You are a blessed child. Take care of Miles…Tails."

Those were the last words she had spoken. When Esmeralda was ten, and Tails four, Eggman had seen his daughter's potential. So he decided to give her a shot of DNA, the same DNA of Tails's species. This would help her fit in, he thought.

But he dropped the vial on his way out, and it landed near a similar vial. He picked up both, and decided he may as well use them both.

The first one he used on Esmeralda when she was asleep had not made her look any similar to four year old Tails; instead she grew angel wings the size of plates, but could expand in flight larger than her arm span.

He then used the second vial on her. As he poured it in her mouth, two orange fox tails appeared, and some of her teeth grew sharper like fangs. He then slipped out of the house and left.