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Chapter 2 - The Day After

Late Breaking News! Golden Trio Member Arrested!

By Rita Skeeter

Ministry of Magic, London – In a shocking turn of events, the scarlet coiffed member of the famed Golden Trio was arrested at 5:45 yesterday afternoon for assaulting a referee. Ronald Weasley, 22 of London, hexed the Referee for the Chudley Canons vs. the Winborne Wasps game yesterday after a play was called against the barely adequate keeper. The Referee, whose name is being withheld pending notification of the family, was severely injured and is in St. Mungo's as we speak. St. Mungo's representative, Healer Clearwater declined to comment.

Mr. Ronald Weasley is the youngest son of Ministry of Magic Department Head Arthur Weasley and Homemaker Molly Weasley both of whom were heavily involved in the war against You-Know-Who. The youngest son has been in constant trouble since his break-up with fellow Trio member Hermione Granger. Ms. Granger, you will remember has been known for her difficulty in sticking to one man, she went from Harry Potter to Viktor Krum in one year during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Mr. Weasley, her latest victim, is obviously not taking the break-up well.

We will be watching this situation closely, readers! Move to come soon.


Severus Snape Returns!

By Parvati Patil

Wiltshire, England – In the social coup of the season, Hostess Narcissa Malfoy presented longtime family friend Severus Snape to an appreciative crowd at the unmasking ceremony last evening. Mr. Snape has been absent from our fair shores for the last five years following the war. The former Spy for the Order of the Phoenix and Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been working abroad on the cure for Lycanthropy after his extensive recovery, being bitten – almost fatally – by You-Know-Who's snake.

Mr. Snape, was presented with his long overdue Order of Merlin – First Class last evening in a short ceremony by Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt.

See page 4 for more on the party and descriptions of the costumes.


Hermione woke the next morning feeling better about herself than she had in a long time. She was almost feeling high from reliving the expression on Merlin's face. She made herself a cup of tea and toast for breakfast and was sipping and contemplating when the owl arrived with the morning paper. She untied the paper and gave the owl his two knuts in the pouch for payment, then sat and unrolled the scroll to read about the party which was sure to be front page news.

"What's this?" she said reading the front page story. "Has Ron lost his mind? You don't go around hexing people in public!" Then she read the article thoroughly, but read no further. Her hands were shaking as the paper slid to the table. Oh, no! Ron was arrested last night, so he wasn't at the party. If Ron wasn't at the party, then I just…. But who! Hermione rested her head in her hands on the table and gave it a bang for good measure. Then she slowly walked to her fireplace to flu Ginny with the news. There were some things you could only deal with when you confided in your best girlfriend. Ginny is going to flip!


Severus Snape was reading the paper, with his own tea and toast in the breakfast room at Malfoy Manor. "Can you believe this tripe!"

"Some things will never change." Lucius drawled. "I really never read that rubbish anymore."

"Well, this should amuse you," handing Lucius the front page "Young Weasley's temper has finally gotten the better of him."

"Couldn't happen to a nicer person." Lucius quipped, laying the paper aside for his wife to read later. "That boy's ego has become as large as the Eiffel Tower. You would have thought his mother taught him better manners."

"He was always like that in school, he was actually the worst of the three, despite how much I complained about Potter. Constantly making snide little comments, horrible homework. Do you know he actually left the other two that year they were on the run?" Severus poured himself another cup of tea while contemplating.

"That actually does not surprise me. Draco always complained that the boy acted more the spoiled child than he did – complaining when Mr. Potter got this or that present, ignoring the other two when events didn't go his way. Oh, and the table manners! Apparently, he still eats like a pig." Lucius said while laughing.

"Amazing Ms. Granger put up with him as long as she did. It seems it was quite the spectacular break-up." Snape said fishing a bit.

"Oh, yes!" Lucius said enthusiastically. "Some six or seven months ago, apparently, Ms. Granger had come home early from a business trip and hurried over to join her fiancé at their usual meeting place. Leaky or some such establishment. She walked in on Mr. Weasley and another woman exploring each other's anatomy right at the table! Ms. Granger of course called him on his behavior, rightly so. Weasley was an absolute beast! He apparently blamed the whole thing on Granger and her refusal to have sex with him prior to marriage. Called her all sorts of names and it seems Potter had to rescue her. The Prophet had a field day with it, mostly blaming things on the girl of course, that Skeeter woman really has it in for her. Good to know that some muggleborns have some sense of propriety though. She actually isn't all that bad for a mud - muggleborn. To be fair, she has been quite a friend to Draco in the last several years."

Snape stared at Lucius with his jaw open. "Close your mouth, Severus. We are not a codfish." Lucius told his friend with a chuckle.

"You just had complimentary things to say about a muggleborns, not just a muggleborns, but THAT muggleborn and you don't expect me to act surprised?" Snape said his eyebrows moving closer to his hairline each passing word.

"Well, the Yanks have this phrase, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. A matter of self-preservation in these times, and it is not as if Draco is going to marry the girl. We aren't that far gone." Snape felt anger rise on the mention of Draco. "However, the girl isn't that bad actually. Good for a decent conversation if you can ignore the rest of her entourage. Though, to be fair, now that Potter has married the Weasley girl and has grown up some he is not so bad." Lucius took a last sip of tea. "Who would have ever thought that I would socialize with the likes of them and enjoy it! Speaking of enjoying it, I saw that delicious feline leading you around the dance floor last evening. Who was she, I didn't recognize her, and don't think I didn't notice you both disappearing afterwards."

"Lucius, I have an idea but I am not entirely certain. I need to check on a few things." Severus filled Lucius in on the general happenings, though not the details of his rendezvous last evening. "I will tell you this much though. I will discover who she is."

Lucius was dying laughing inside at what seemed to be a case of mistaken identity and the best luck a man could have. "Severus, I haven't seen that look in your eye since Hogwarts. The woman doesn't have a chance. Hmmmm. I believe you should start with Luna Lovegood. She was the coordinator last evening. Her staff arranged all the costumes and the Party-Juice for last evening."

"Yes, I know it was our largest order this year to date." Severus said with a smile. "Who knew that the profits from a silly little potion like that would pay for the research of the Wolfsbane. It makes me understand those awful twins a bit more, Merlin help me."

"Ms. Lovegood it is then." Severus stood up and exited the room with a billow of robes.


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