Flora returned with Ogron, wrapped in his dark leather jacket, a dark shade of red coloring her cheeks. The jacket swallowed her small frame, her hair dripped with sea water and her legs shook from exhaustion. She looked pitifully delicate next to the tall, well built men around her and she knew how quickly the situation could turn for the worse. But her brief interaction with Ogron instilled a little of her trust in him.

His blatant honesty in voicing that saving her wasn't worth his time while continuing to act in the opposite puzzled her but his honesty led her to believe he lacked any ill intentions. But that did not rule out the other three men who continued to eye her as she clung to Ogrons side. Anagan was first to break the silence.

"Do you want to go back inside?" His finger pointing over his shoulder at the juice bar.

At the mention of the bar, she couldn't help but replay the events from earlier. She was heartbroken from the words Helia threw at her, his pacifist belief shining as he hurt her so deeply with his words rather than fists. She wanted to know the root of his outburst but the more energy she pushed into summoning a valid reason the more angry she became. Humiliated by his outburst that could have easily been resolved in private, humiliated by the public scene free to be seen by anyone, and humiliated by the lack of defense from her friends. No one came to her rescue, even now she was on the beach alone, surrounded by their greatest threat. Her heart ached and her body sympathized, her frustrations built up and tears began to flow freely down her rosy cheeks.

Anagan froze at the sight of her tears, stunned by how his question could spark such a reaction. Her body trembled from the release of the emotions she had tightly bottled up.

Confused, he mouthed silently at his companions. "What did I say?" Before he reached out in an effort to comfort the nature fairy.

Her lack of trust in Anagan caused her to veer back at his hand, pushing herself further into Ogrons embrace. Her sobs then only seemed to increase in intensity as she clutched onto the red-haired wizard. In an attempt to comfort her, Ogron wrapped his arms loosely around her waist noting how delicate she. His hands could easily wrap around her waist.

Meeting eyes with his brothers he smirked, bragging silently of his instantaneous bond with the brunette. He saw Anagans immediate annoyance, a small vein making its appearance near his temple and his smirk deepened when he muttered,

"Should've gave her my jacket, and chased her into that damn ocean."

After Flora's clear indication of wanting to stay away from the bar, Ogron telepathically told his brothers that he wanted to bring Flora back to their hideout and with their simultaneous nods the four dematerialized in a puff of smoke bringing their new interest with them.

The Wizards' hideout was a large, modern house built into a mountainside hidden by a waterfall and their magic. Large glass panels outlined the structure of the house uncovered by the enormous mountain providing a grand view of the clearing around them. When the wizards rematerialized Flora had been lifted into Ogrons arms, bridal style, her sobs no longer audible. He wasted no time marching into his home, clutching her close to his body with his sights set for his bedroom.

As he disappeared behind his onyx sliding door, Anagan looked worryingly over at his brothers.

"He won't try anything right?" His eyes darting to the doors that had long been shut.

The two brothers laughed at his uneasiness.

"Dude, see? You've already fallen for her."

They clapped their hands on his back, assuring him that Ogron would soon reappear with Flora dressed and warm, calmed from his care.

"You know, you might win her heart faster if you cook up a little meal."

Anagan rolled his eyes at their antics, knowing full well that they instead were the ones that were hungry but continued to the kitchen anyway. Their idea wasn't entirely unreasonable.

Once the black doors shut behind him, Ogron wrapped Flora in his blankets and continued to his bathroom where he started his shower, steam quickly gathering in the large area. He dug out an old turtleneck sweater small enough to fit her, before he returned to find her dazed out on his bed. Her emotions had completely drained her. Slowly, he unwrapped her from his blankets and led her to the steamy bathroom, her eyes remained dazed.

Grasping her jaw with his gruff fingers, he tilted her head upwards so they maintained eye contact before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Immediately Flora's conscience ignited and she jumped back away from him. Her cheeks flushed and her fingers lingered over where his lips grazed her. Her voice trembled when she raised her voice.

"Wh-why did you do that."

A predatory smile graced his lips while he closed the gap that Flora created. His hands wrapped around her waist, completely encompassing her before he whispered, grazing her ear with his teeth.

"You looked so muddled that I wanted to eat you up."

Her reaction came so quick that Ogron jolted from the impact of her hand swatting at his chest. Her blush spreading down her chest, visible since she remained only covered by his jacket. Steam practically escaped out of her ears, eyes downcast refusing to look at him any longer.

Taking pity on her, he nudged her into the bathroom handing her his turtleneck before shutting the door and offering her privacy. From the other side Flora heard him say,

"Anagan says dinner will be ready in ten, call out if you need anything." She practically his smirk at the end.

She never noticed until now how stupidly attractive the man was, blinded by their differences. But she shook off her sudden realization and hopped into his shower. Quickly rinsing herself off she lathered up in his soap and began washing out her hair.

The fragrance was earthy and smoky reminding her of his closeness when he grazed her ear with his teeth, whispering his crude comments. She shivered at the thought, her imagination filling her mind with images of him devouring her, taking her over and over before she quickly shook the images away.

She reminded herself of who he was and how he treated her in the past. She reminded herself of who she was dealing with, but a little voice in the back of her head reminded how gently the Wizards have treated her, and the desire in their eyes when they saw her. Their gazes left her feeling cherished, and her body grew hot remembering how tall and muscular the men were. Their broad shoulders and thick torsos, biceps bigger than her, hands that wrapped completely around her waist.

She shivered at the thought and quickly rinsed off, turning off the shower and drying off.

Shaking and wringing the water out of her hair, she quickly toweled off and slipped the grey turtleneck over her head. It was long but tight, Flora wondered when Ogron ever fit a shirt so small. Pulling on the lacy light blue thong from earlier, Flora looked for pants before cursing the man on the other side of the door, the turtleneck barely covered her cheeks.

Stalking out of the bathroom she approached the man, now changed and laying down shirtless on his bed. His stormy eyes looked her up and down, clearly approving of his choice in leaving her pantless, and Flora wasn't any better. Ogling the muscles Ogron left on display, his massive chest and chiseled abdomen leaving her speechless.

Seeing the clear want displayed in her sparkling jade eyes, Ogron sat up, his muscles flexing and twisting from his movement before pulling Flora onto his lap.

"Do you like what you see?" He questioned, amusement laced in his voice.

Flora nodded, unable to speak, her bright eyes downcast in embarrassment from being caught. But Ogron relished in her honesty. His hands gripped her waist, his head lowering to graze light kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

"Good girl," he growled out, before biting down on the lobe of her ear, tongue swiping after.

His experienced movements, left her breathy and tingling. She grew dazed as he continued to mouth at her neck, lightly sucking and nipping releasing quiet moans that slipped past her lips. Flora wanted him to kiss her forehead and for him to once again call her "good girl" but she loved his lips at her neck and his hands at her waist, gripping and messaging. Torn, Flora let out a whine which pulled Ogron off her, his lips leaving a dark mark on her delicate skin.

"Yes princess?" he asked, his lips turning upwards at her blatant hatred of the nickname.

"Kiss me."

Her sparkling eyes shone bright as she peered upwards at him, challenging him. He took her challenge, a frightening grin rising to his lips.

"Here?" he asked, motioning at her forehead.

"Or here?" fingers grazing along her plush pink lips.

Flora's body quivered at the thought, envisioning how he would dominate their kiss. She shuddered with need, starved for the feel of his lips against hers. Wrapping her trembling arms around his neck she pulled him closer, rising so their lips were even. Leaning into him, she pressed their foreheads together, their breaths mingling before she leaned in but a calloused finger pressed at her lips and pushed her back.

He chuckled before brushing his lips against her forehead.

"Anagan might actually kill me if we don't leave my room in the next five seconds," he replied, his enjoyment clear from the smirk settling on his lips.

Together they stood, Ogron's interest standing tall against his sweatpants and Flora's need showing in her dusty pink cheeks and trembling legs, before they walked out of his room towards the kitchen accompanied by a grumbling Anagan.