"And I just couldn't believe it, Kurt! Can you believe it?"


"Have you heard anything I've said?"

"Yes, Rachel. I heard every painful detail."

"Then. why. aren't. you. responding?" Rachel replied, poking him on the shoulder as she said each word.

"Because I'm trying to concentrate on driving, Rachel," Kurt replied, trying to bat her hand away.

"Oh, we're almost home, Kurt. Fifteen minutes away. You can stop being so uptight."

"It's my first drive from New York to Lima, okay? Excuse me for being a little nervous."

"But you've driven on these streets dozens of times. We're not even on a main road, Kurt. You can calm down now."

"I'll calm down when I'm in my driveway."

"Should we try some of the breathing exercises I learned this past semester? I remember them perfectly. It's really a shame it wasn't on the final. I asked Professor Smart why it wasn't and he just looked at me really funny. I took notes on it and everything though. A girl asked to borrow my notes once, but she gave them back and borrowed someone else's instead. I guess mine were just too much for her. I bet she regretted it come final time, though. I had everything written down in that notebook. Seriously, Kurt, everything. I recorded each class then came home and wrote every single word down. I suppose I could have typed it up, but there's something so much better about writing it down by hand. I think I learn better that way or something, you know? Besides, I-"

"Rachel!" Kurt exclaimed, cutting in as Rachel took her first breath since she started talking, "Please, just stop," He said, looking over at her. "I will be glad to hear everything when we're back in New York, but while we're here can we just…"

His voice trailed off to Rachel as she looked out the windshield. Her eyes suddenly widened. "Oh my God, Kurt, stop!" She screamed, hitting his arm frantically.

Kurt's head jerked forward to see what she was looking at, thinking it would be some raccoon.

But no, it wasn't an raccoon, it was a human. Oh God, it was a human!

Kurt slammed on his breaks, but he was too late. Whoever Kurt was about to hit looked him right in the eyes before Kurt's car crashed into him.

Then it was silent. Everything was just silent.

"Oh… Oh my God," Rachel stammered, coming out of her trance first. "Oh my God!"

Kurt's heart wasn't hammering in his chest. In fact, he was almost sure that it had stopped beating completely.

The boy couldn't be seen from inside the car, which meant he was laying in front of it.

He was just laying there. He wasn't getting up.

Why isn't he getting up?

"No." Kurt said, not even realizing he had said it. "No, no, no."

Everything seemed to be moving so slowly, when only a few seconds had actually passed.

"Come on, Kurt!" Rachel yelled as she shakily tried to get her door open. "We have to- we have to help him."

Suddenly, Kurt jumped into action. He wasn't even sure what he was doing. He quickly put his car in park and jerked the car door open.

He and Rachel both got around to the front of the car at the same time. Rachel was by the boy's head, and Kurt by his feet.

There was a lot of blood by his head, and his left arm was bent in a way that it shouldn't bend. He looked… dead.

Kurt couldn't move. He just couldn't. He had done this. Him. He didn't mean to. He'd never do that. No. This couldn't be real. This wasn't real.

Thankfully, Rachel was there. She dropped down onto the hard, gravelly road, not even concerned about the perfect yellow dress she was wearing.

"Call 911, Kurt!" She yelled up at him.

This drew Kurt out of his second trance. He rushed to go back into his car and get his phone when a man ran over.

"I called 911," The person said, looking at Kurt. "An ambulance is on its way. I saw everything," He continued, and Kurt's eyebrows furrowed cause he hadn't even noticed another person around. "He practically ran out in front of your car. It wasn't your fault."

Kurt just stared at the man. Of course it was his fault! It couldn't not be his fault! He hit a person!

"Kurt!" Rachel yelled to him. Kurt immediately ran back to the front of the car. Rachel was now in front of the boy, with two fingers pressed against the back of his right wrist. "He's alive, Kurt. I- I have a pulse." She was crying. Tears running down her face. It was clear that she was shaking. She was practically vibrating. Yet, somehow she was handling this better than Kurt. "It's s- small, but it's- it's something, right?"

Kurt just stared down at her. He nodded once, then dropped down beside her.

"Wh- What can we do?" He asked, feeling so helpless.

Rachel shook her head. "I- I… Nothing."

The ambulance arrived shortly after, followed by the police. Kurt tried to listen as best as he could to the name they called the boy once they found his I.D. in his pocket, but he wasn't sure if he heard right.

While he was talking to officers, Rachel thankfully called his dad for him. Rachel, of course, had to talk to the officers after Kurt. And the other witness spoke to them as well.

It felt like it took forever. Rachel's eyes were bloodshot, tears still pouring down after she was finished talking. Kurt, however, couldn't cry. He couldn't find any emotion really. It still just didn't seem real.

After taking everyone's statements, the officers told Kurt that they wouldn't be pressing any charges at the moment. By what the other witness had stated, it sounded almost as though the victim wanted to get hit by the car. Kurt couldn't believe what they had said, and Rachel gasped and began crying even harder, but they told them that it was actually more common than one would think.

Although both Kurt and Rachel seemed to be fine, they were still sent to the hospital to get a few tests done to make sure.

Once Kurt was finished, he began making his way to the waiting room. Rachel, since she had been crying so much, was taking a little bit longer to get done, so Kurt figured he'd go wait and make another call to his dad.

He walked out with a blank face. He didn't notice the people passing by him, he didn't hear anything going on around him, in fact he was pretty sure he hadn't truly heard anything since the crash had occurred.

He didn't expect to see his dad, step-mom and brother waiting for him in the waiting room. As soon as he stepped out and saw them, he stopped, just staring at them.

Burt immediately stood, followed quickly by Carole and Finn.

Kurt wasn't sure why, but that seemed to make him break. This was real. All of this was real. He had hit a person. He possibly ended their life today. He could see the blood on the ground, some seeping onto Rachel's dress. The sirens blaring, bright lights twirling around and around. One officer after another asking questions. Hearing the thud at first impact. Seeing the boy slam into the car then drop. He didn't come up! Why didn't the boy just stand back up!

Kurt began hyperventilating before his dad could even reach him. It wasn't a slow build up either. He held onto his stomach, doubling over, almost falling onto the ground as he fought for breath.

Burt grabbed onto him, holding him close, speaking to him even though Kurt couldn't hear anything he was saying. Couldn't hear him because he was crying too hard.

Sobs racked his body, making him cough and choke. He sucked in small breaths, but felt like he wasn't breathing at all.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to come home for break, eat, laugh and talk with his family for a few weeks, then go back to New York. Tonight, right now, he should be on his way to bed, getting stopped by his dad to give him another welcoming hug.

Then, he was throwing up. He shoved his dad away just in time, vomiting on the waiting room hospital floor.

He could hear people around him yelling. Hands touching him and people moving him around, but he couldn't see them. Everything was a blur. And eventually it all just faded away.

When Kurt woke up he felt groggy. Nothing made sense in his head.

He could hear people talking by him. It took him a moment, but he realized it was his dad.

"Can you open your eyes, buddy?" Burt asked.

His eyelids felt so heavy, but his dad sounded worried so he opened them slowly.

"Good job. How are you feeling?"

"W- weird."

"That's the medicine they gave you to calm you down. It'll get better soon."

Kurt blinked a few times, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked around the room. Carole was there, by his other side, and Finn was in a chair near the end of his bed. Rachel was sitting beside Finn… wearing hospital scrubs.

Then it hit him… again. Rachel was in scrubs because he hit a boy with his car and the boy's blood got on Rachel's dress. Oh god!

"Calm down, Kurt," Burt said sternly, noticing his son beginning to panic.

Kurt shot up into a sitting position, ignoring the dizziness he felt as he did so.

"What's happened? Are you okay, Rachel? How long was I asleep? What about the person I hit? Please tell me you found out something about him! Are-"

"Whoa!" Burt interrupted. "Just pause for a second, okay?"

Rachel stood up, coming closer to Kurt and taking his hand. "I'm fine, Kurt. It's you we're worried about right now."

"Me? No, no, I'm the one who hit a person with my car!" He exclaimed, his voice getting louder with each word.

Kurt began to stand, fighting against his dad, Carole, and Rachel, who were all trying to keep him down.

Finn was standing up, but looked unsure of what to do, so he kept his distance.

"I- I have to figure out who the person was," Kurt began, pacing the room. "I have to make sure he's okay and alive and make sure I didn't just murder someone. I have to make sure-"

"Kurt," Rachel tried to stop him, but he kept going.

"that I didn't break his neck and tear his family apart. What if he had a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend? Or-"


"if he had brothers and sisters that loved him? And his parents will be devastated! And I'll pay the bills! I will. They can say it wasn't my fault and say that he ran out in front of me but I still took my eyes off the road and I still hit him-"

"Kurt, shut up!"

That ended Kurt's rant and his pacing. Everyone stared at Rachel with wide eyes, never hearing her talk like that before.

She cleared her throat, then took a step closer to Kurt.

"While you were sleeping," She began, "I did a little searching. It took a while, as I couldn't get any information from the three nurses I spoke to, but I overheard them talking a bit later. I don't have a name, but after surgery, he'll be in room 323. I know it's the right person too, cause one of the nurses asked how many car accident victims they've had tonight, and another woman said only one. Oh, and I checked around, and 323 isn't a 'family only' room, so you should be allowed to go in."

"Are… How… What di-"

"I know you, Kurt. I know you'd want to make sure he was alright… and, seeing as it was somewhat my fault that you ran into him, I'd like to be able to check on him too. We can't get any medical information, but you can at least look over him and see for yourself how he's doing."

"Th- Thank you, Rachel," Kurt said, his voice quiet as his eyes filled with tears.

Kurt was forced to go home that night. He wanted to stay and check on the boy right then, but it was way past visiting hours and both he and Rachel needed their rest.

Kurt never slept that night. He just kept thinking of the poor boy he had possibly killed. He stared at the clock almost all night, waiting for a reasonable time to get up, get dressed, and go to the hospital.

He left for the hospital at eight o'clock that morning, calling a cab to pick him up. Kurt didn't want to drive. There was no way he was getting behind a wheel right now.

They had gotten in so late the night before that everyone else was still asleep, which he was thankful for.

When Kurt got to the front desk, he pulled out his I.D. and handed it to the security guard.

"Room?" The guard asked, his voice kind, but a little bored as well. Like he had said the same things over and over every day for far too long.


Kurt was nervous. What if the man said there wasn't anyone in that room. Would that mean he was dead? Or would that mean he got moved to another room? But what if they don't have a record of the previous resident of that room being moved to another room? Then he'd definitely be dead. He'd see his name in the obituaries in just a few days, only knowing it was him because of the picture on the side, and the fact they'd talk about how a teenage driver took his life... Or maybe they just had to airlift him to another hospital. Oh god, what if he was brain damaged for life!

"-ir? Sir!" The guard yelled.

Kurt jumped. "I'm sorry, what?"

The guard sighed. "Long day already?"

"You have no idea."

He nodded in understanding. "I said to stand on the blue X that's on the ground so I can take our picture for the sticker I'm gonna give you."

"Oh. Okay."

Kurt stood on the X, wanting this awkward moment to just be over. Was he supposed to smile? Look depressed? Bored? Angry? What?

"Done," The guard said before Kurt had time to make a decision.

Kurt stepped back up to the desk and, a few seconds later, his sticker was being printed out.

"Make sure this is on you at all times." He turned and fished a badge out of a file cabinet that was beside him. "Clip this on you too. Preferably your sleeve. The nurses have to see it before they let you in the doors up there. I'll keep your I.D. until you come back down. Okay?"


"And you know not to take the regular elevators, right?"

"Um… no."

The officer nodded. "It's a new wing in the hospital. Just finished a few months back. So, you'll pass the first set of elevators just down there," He began, pointing to Kurt's right, "and you'll keep going down until you hit a hallway on your left. Go all the way to the end of the hall and there will be two double doors. Open those doors and there's an elevator. You can only go to the second or third floor. You'll, of course, be going to the third. Once you get up there, you'll see a doorbell. Ring it and wait. If they see your badge through the camera, they'll just open the door. If they don't, they'll ask you to show it to them before they open the door. Once your in, you just follow the room numbers until you find 323. Got it?"

Kurt swallowed hard. That was… a lot to take in. Security hadn't been so tight when he was last here. He nodded shakily. "Yeah, I-I think I got it."

"Okay. If you get lost, come back and ask again, or find someone to help you. Any of the workers here can let you know how to get there."

"Thank you," Kurt said quietly before walking off.

He didn't get lost, but his whole body was shaking by the time he reached the elevator. He was all alone, so he paced back and forth the entire ten second ride up.

When the doors opened he stepped out, shaking his sweaty hands to try and cool them off. He pressed the doorbell that was to the left of the doors and waited.

About five seconds later he heard a buzz and what sounded like the doors unlocking. He gave the right door a test push and, sure enough, it opened.

God, it was all so… real. He just couldn't believe he was walking down the hall to see a boy he had hit with his car. He hit a human being with his car! He was so going to hell.

Kurt continued down the hallway, just waiting for his knees to give out on him, until he reached room 323.

What if his parents were in there? Or his boyfriend? Or girlfriend? He didn't look old enough to be married. What if his brothers and/or sisters were in there? What if they were mourning because he's about to die? God, what if he's dying right now? What if, the second I walk in the door, he flatlines?

Kurt took a deep breath. He really needed to stop thinking.

Not allowing himself another thought, he pushed the door open.

Then he froze. The boy lying there was definitely the boy he hit, but he almost looked… worse. His head was wrapped up and his neck had a brace. It was obvious that surgery had been done on his arm, and it was now wrapped up and in a sling. One leg was covered with a blanket, but the other one was above the covers and had a cast on it. There were bruises practically everywhere. Well, everywhere Kurt could see at least.

"Excuse me," A voice said from behind him, making him jump slightly. He turned around to see a nurse standing there, her rolling cart in front of her.

"S- Sorry," Kurt replied, moving closer to the bed to get out of her way.

"It's alright, Hon," The nurse said, a slight country accent in her voice, "I just need to do a little checkup on his IV's here. Make sure everything's doing okay."

Kurt nodded at her, looking back down at the badly broken boy in front of him.

"Are you two related?"

"Hm?" Kurt questioned, his head popping back up to look at her. "Oh, um… no. I'm just… I'm a friend."

She nodded, continuing to check all the IV's.

They were both silent for a while. Kurt stared back down at the boy, his eyes filling with tears. He just couldn't get past the fact that all the bruises, broken bones, and whatever other injuries, were all his fault. He caused the neck brace, the head injury, the broken arm, broken leg, bruises… everything.

"Hon, are you okay?" The nurse asked softly. He hadn't even noticed that she was now standing beside him, or that tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"Um, i- is he going to… Will he make it?" Kurt asked, his voice breaking. "I- I know you can't give any details o-or whatever, but I just-"

She stopped him by placing a hand on his arm. "Fifty-fifty right now. Honestly though, in other situations, I wouldn't be giving a patient that much of a chance. He seems like a fighter to me though."

Kurt couldn't find it in him to reply. He couldn't even nod. He just stared at the poor boy who had a fifty percent chance of dying because he looked away from the road for a few seconds.

"My name is Maggie, if you need anything. I work until eight o'clock tonight, so I'll be here for a while. Okay?"

"O- Okay."

Maggie patted his arm before taking her cart and leaving the room, cracking the door behind her.

Kurt sunk into the chair that was beside the hospital bed. He was simply lucky it was behind him, otherwise he would have been sitting on the floor.

Kurt broke down. His elbows rested on his legs, and his head was in his hands as he began to sob. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

He stayed there all day, never leaving. He didn't even get up to eat, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. He only looked away from the boy three times that day. Once when, after receiving 'Where the heck are you?' texts from Finn, Burt, Carole, and even Rachel (who had been banned from leaving her house once she got there. Her dads insistent that she stay in bed while they take care of her), he texted them all back saying he was fine, just needed to get away; the other two times were when Maggie came back in which startled him a bit. She came in more than twice, but he didn't notice the other times.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped. He looked back to see Maggie staring down at him. "My shifts almost up, which means visiting hours are almost over. Why don't you go home and get some rest, Honey?"

Kurt only now noticed how tired his eyes felt. It was as though he had been swimming all day. There was no doubt they were red and puffy as well. His cheeks felt wet to him… Had he really been crying all day?

"I- I guess so. Is… Is he doing- I mean, how-"

"It's the same as earlier. No better, but no worse either."

Kurt sat up a little straighter in his seat and took a deep breath. He forced himself to stand, his muscles feeling tense and tired.

But, before he could leave, he took a step closer to the boy's hospital bed and stared. "Is he in any pain?" He asked, shocking himself by being able to speak without stumbling over his words.

He could feel Maggie walking closer to him and, soon enough, an arm was resting on the middle of his back. "He shouldn't be," She answered. "He's been put on a lot of pain medication to keep him comfortable while he recovers."

"If he recovers," Kurt replied bitterly.

"Hon, you gotta have faith. Faith is what keeps us going."

"I don't believe in God."

"Never said that was a requirement. Have faith in him, if nothing or no one else."

Kurt was quiet for a moment before he spoke. "I- I should go."

He turned away from the boy, leaving Maggie behind as he hurried for the door, suddenly feeling the need to just get out of there.

The next day went by the same way, except for Maggie coming in a little after one o'clock, practically shoving a sandwich in his face. He tried to tell her he wasn't hungry, but she wouldn't listen. She informed him that when one works as a nurse long enough, you begin to realize when someone hasn't eaten in over twenty-four hours… Plus, his stomach kept growling so loudly she could have sworn a tiger was in the room.

That night, when she came to tell him visiting hours were over, he had another question.

"Doesn't he have any family?"

"I thought you were his friend?" She questioned back. Her voice stayed light, however, which made it clear that she wasn't accusing him of anything, she was just curious.

"I- I haven't known him for that long."

"Mm," She replied with a nod, clearly not believing him. "Well, he does have family. His parents aren't available right now, but his brother is trying to get here as soon as he can. He's tried catching three flights already, which have all been canceled due to storms in his area. I talked to him a little earlier and he said if the next flight gets canceled, he's driving."

"Okay," Kurt replied, not sure what else to say. "Okay."

The next day was the same. He reluctantly ate the sandwich given to him by Maggie, then watched as the boy's chest rose and fell, rose and fell. Like maybe, as long as he kept watching, that wouldn't change. As long as he kept watching, this nameless boy would somehow magically heal. Wake up. Do something positive!

On day four, Kurt walked into the room feeling exhausted, as usual. He plopped down in the chair and began his hours of staring.

Halfway through, however, he was interrupted. And it wasn't Maggie. It was a man.

"Oh God, B."

Kurt's head spun around toward the door. His heart began thumping harshly, pounding in his ears. He had forgotten about the brother! He wasn't supposed to be here now!

The man, who Kurt figured was the boy's brother, shook his head sadly as he stared at the broken boy lying in the bed. He began to make his way closer to the bed, only then noticing Kurt there.

With the man now staring at him, Kurt began to stand, "I- I'm sorry, I'll just-"

"You're the one whose been sitting with him this whole time?" He asked, interrupting Kurt.

"Um… Yes."

The man moved closer to him, sticking out his hand. "Nurse Maggie told me about you over the phone a couple of days ago," He said as Kurt shook hands. "I couldn't place who you were, but she said you were a friend. I'm Cooper, B's brother."

"Kurt. N- Nice to meet you," Kurt replied, instantly regretting his choice of words. "I mean it's not, but-"

"I understand."

With that said, Cooper moved closer to the boy's- or B's- bed. "I just… I can't believe this happened," He said, looking him over. "No, scratch that, I can, I just didn't think it would happen in Ohio."

Kurt's eyebrows furrowed, but before he got a chance to ask what he meant, Cooper continued. "The way they talked to me on the phone… they made it sound like he was trying to commit suicide or something. I know better than that though. Squirt was always talking about his future. Constantly. He wouldn't do that."

Kurt took a deep breath. "It was the driver's fault," He said, and it wasn't a question, but Cooper took it that way anyway.

"No, I heard what the witness said. B's just…" He paused, turning to look at Kurt. "He's so oblivious sometimes. And he has horrible perception. See, he wants to live in New York someday, or any big city really, and I always told him that he shouldn't. I always said, 'No, Squirt, you'll dart out in front of cars without realizing you're doing it and get yourself killed.' Then he'd laugh and say I was crazy." Cooper turned back to B, "I can't wait until he wakes up for me to tell him I told you so…" He took a deep breath, then barely whispered. "He better wake up."

The burning in Kurt's eyes was overwhelming. He needed out of the room now. "I- I'm gonna go so you two can…"

Receiving a nod from Cooper, Kurt tried to hurry out of the room, but his name was called before he got out the door.


Kurt turned back around, hoping Cooper couldn't notice his red-rimmed eyes.

"Thank you for sitting with him all this time. Come back whenever. I'll be here a lot, but I like company."

When Kurt got home, it was almost six. Burt was sitting on the couch in the living room, while Carole was in the kitchen fixing dinner.

Kurt wanted to get upstairs, take a shower, and go to bed early. However, before he got halfway up the stairs, Burt was calling him back down.

"Kurt, come here, kiddo."

Kurt closed his tired eyes and took a couple of slow breaths before turning back and going to the living room.

"Yeah?" He asked, standing at the end of the couch.

"'Yeah?' That's all I get? Kurt were the heck have you been going everyday?"

"I told you, I needed to think."

"I know what you told me, and I've let you have a few days to do just that. But you can't keep leaving every morning before everyone else gets up, then coming home when we're all about to go to bed."

"Why does it matter?"

Burt sighed. "We're worried about you, Kurt. Ever since that day-"

"That day?" Kurt cut in, somehow finding the strength to become angry. "You mean the day I hit some boy with my car?" He yelled, "The day I watched him bleeding out on the road because I slammed my car into him? Is that the day you're speaking of, Dad?"

"Kurt, we all know it was bad. Rachel was there too-"

"Rachel wasn't the one behind the wheel! Rachel wasn't the one who took her eyes off of the road while she was driving! Rachel was not the one who froze up and forgot everything you're supposed to do in an emergency! Rachel is not the one everyone will blame if he dies! And he's not getting any better, Dad! His nurses always say, 'Well, at least he's not getting any worse,' thinking it'll make me feel better, but how is that supposed to make me feel better? He's still in a coma because of me! His brother thanked me today! Thanked me! He thought I've been there every day cause I'm his friend! He doesn't know I'm the person that put him there!" Kurt was breathing heavily. Tears clouded his vision. There was so much more he wanted to say, but his voice was wearing out.

Neither noticed Carole leaning against the wall in-between the kitchen and living room, tears filling her eyes as well.

Burt stood up, taking a step closer to Kurt. "That's where you've been everyday? Morning to night?"

"Of course, Dad. Where else would I be going?"

"Kurt, I figured you'd go there once, but not every day. That's not healthy."

"It doesn't matter where I go, Dad, I'd still be thinking the same things. I'd still be worrying constantly. At least if I'm there I'll know right away if he wakes up or if he… if he dies." Kurt began to sob, "Oh god, D- Dad, he c- could die."

Burt moved even closer to Kurt, wrapping him in his arms. They were both silent for a few minutes, the only sounds coming from Kurt crying. Once Kurt calmed down a little, Burt spoke. "I can't tell you how to spend your time, Kurt. You're nineteen and you can do whatever you want, but… don't let this take over your life. Okay?" He pulled back so he could look into his son's eyes, "No matter what happens, don't let one mistake control the rest of your life."

Kurt nodded, but he wasn't sure if he was truly agreeing or just trying to pacify his dad.

Kurt found himself in the back of a cab, making his way back to the hospital the next morning. He had planned on giving Cooper more time alone with his brother, but he just couldn't stay away.

However, when he got there, Cooper hadn't arrived yet. He sat down and began his normal routine of staring at the boy, who he now called B in his head, as it was the only name he had heard for him.

About an hour in, the door opened. But, it wasn't Cooper, it was Rachel.

"Kurt?" She said, gaining his attention.

He turned to her, "Rachel," He replied, looking a little shocked.

She smiled sadly at him. "I've wanted to come for a while, but my dad's wouldn't let me out of the house."

She looked over at B, and sadness took over her face. "Oh my God," She said, moving closer to the bed. "I can't… I can't believe this is…" Her voice trailed off as tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Kurt stood and made his way over to her, putting a hand on her back. "I know."

Rachel took her hand and placed it gently on B's shoulder. "I'm so sorry," She said quietly to him. Then she turned, looking at Kurt. "I'm so sorry, Kurt."

His eyebrows furrowed. "Wh- What for?"

"I shouldn't have been talking to you so much. I distracted you. This is my f-"

"No. No, Rachel. Don't you dare say that. You weren't doing anything different from what you always do. It was me. I looked away. It was my fault. Don't blame yourself."

Rachel left a while later, and Cooper came. They didn't talk much, but Cooper did say he was glad Kurt was there. It made Kurt want to vomit, hearing how happy Cooper was that Kurt had been there while he wasn't. And how happy he was that Kurt continued to be there… If he only knew, Kurt would think. But, there was no way he was telling him. Cooper would never let him back into the room again, and he couldn't handle not knowing what ever happened to B.

Kurt supposed he could have just asked what B's name was in the beginning- obvious he couldn't now, with everyone thinking they knew each other- but for some reason he just didn't want to know. He wad glad that Cooper only ever used nicknames.

Three more days passed. Every day was the same. B wasn't doing any better, but no worse. He showed no signs of waking, but Maggie would daily reassure both Cooper and Kurt that they shouldn't give up. Just have faith.

One day, while Kurt was in B's room and Cooper had gone downstairs to have lunch, Maggie came in.

It was an all around bad day for Kurt. He had suffered through nightmares all night and was just so exhausted. It just came out. He didn't mean for it too, but it felt good to confess it to someone who wasn't family. Someone who didn't already know.

"I hit him with my car."

Maggie stopped checking B's IV bags and turned toward Kurt. "What?"

"I hit him with my car," Kurt repeated, staring at B. "I didn't know him before. He's not a friend. I looked away from the road for just a couple of seconds and… and then this happened." He didn't cry as he confessed. He was pretty sure he was out of tears. "Everyone keeps saying it was his fault. The officers at the scene hinted that he was trying to commit suicide, they told that to Cooper too, the witness says he walked out in front of my car, Cooper says he's just oblivious, but I can't-" He shook his head, "I can't accept that."

Then it was quiet. Kurt suddenly became nervous. He looked up at Maggie with pleading eyes, "Please don't kick me out."

Maggie took a deep breath and moved over by Kurt. "I'm not gonna kick you out, Honey," She said, placing her hand over his. "I've seen you torturing yourself enough here every day. I figured you were more than just a friend, but I have to say I didn't figure this."

"I just have to know if he's going to be okay."

"I wish I could tell you something to make it all better, but I can't. Only time will tell."

It had been two weeks now. It was a normal day of Cooper sitting on one side of the bed and Kurt on the other. Cooper would talk sometimes, and Kurt would reply when necessary, but it was mostly just watching and waiting.

Around six o'clock, Cooper left to eat in the cafeteria and see if he could finally get ahold of his parents- who, Kurt found out, were on their yearly anniversary trip which they rarely ever turned their phones on during- when it happened. B's good hand twitched.

Kurt immediately stood, but then he waited. If it was a single twitch, it might not mean anything. But, it happened again, and his head moved too.

The next half hour was filled with nurses and doctors running in and out, asking questions that Kurt couldn't hear responses to from his spot just outside of the room.

Cooper was there now too, pacing back and forth in the halls.

Eventually, Maggie came out with a smile on her face. "He's doing very well. You can go in and see him now."

Kurt let Cooper go first, giving them time to be together. Honestly, he wasn't even going to go back into the room. Once the feeling came back in his legs, he was going to walk away.

B would be okay. He would make it. That's all Kurt needed to know.

Just as he was going to start his walk to the elevator, Cooper's head poked out of the room, "Kurt! Come on in!"

"Oh, I- I really should just-"

"No, come on, I'm sure he wants to see you."

Kurt tried to protest, but it was useless. He found himself walking back into the room. A pair of honey colored eyes met his. B's eyebrows furrowed. But, before he could say anything, Kurt walked up to him and spoke.

He's pretty sure that in the future he'd look back at this moment and realize just how insane everything had made him, but he couldn't help the first words that came out of his mouth.

"Hi, I'm Kurt, I'm the idiot that hit you with my car."

He was expecting a lot of yelling would take place now. Lots and lots of yelling. But, there wasn't.

B, after a long quiet moment, simply raised his good hand for Kurt to shake. "Hi, I'm Blaine, I'm the idiot that thought I could make it across the street before you would hit me with your car."

Kurt was shocked, but he reached out and shook Blaine's hand anyway, their eye contact never breaking. "Nice to meet you, Blaine," He said in his trance-like state.

"You too, Kurt."

I have no idea where this came from, but once it got into my head it wouldn't get out. I didn't want to make it a multi-chapter story though, so I squeezed it into a one shot.

I know we all knew it was Blaine all along, but a part of me just didn't want Kurt to know until Blaine could say it himself.

Title of the story comes from the song Crashed by Daughtry.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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