Kurt wasn't exactly sure why it was necessary for him to be here. Cooper could have handled everything on his own just fine. But last night at dinner there had been begging from both Blaine and Cooper, and Kurt realized that it was difficult to say no to a pouty-faced Blaine... Cooper? Not so much. So now, Kurt was sitting in the chair beside Blaine's hospital bed, waiting for Cooper to finish up paperwork, and for Blaine to finish getting ready in the bathroom, so they could take Blaine home.

"You okay in there?" Kurt asked once he realized Blaine had been in the bathroom for over ten minutes. Cooper had brought him sweatpants and a jacket, knowing that would be the easiest thing for Blaine to put on.

"Yeah, I'm..." His voice trailed off as the bathroom door opened, "Done," He finished.

Kurt turned to look at him, "You even got the zipper up? I'm impressed."

Blaine smiled, wobbling his way back to the bed. "I've had practice," He replied casually as he sat down on the side, facing Kurt. As much as Kurt wanted to ask what that meant, he knew now was not the time.

"You feel okay?" Kurt asked instead, noticing how Blaine was holding on to his hurt arm and wincing a little.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," He replied, looking down at the floor.

"You know you'd be more believable if you answered me instead of the tile."

Blaine sighed then looked up at Kurt, "Okay, it hurts a little."

"You really should let them give you pain medication, you know?"

"But I'm not going to."

"Not even a prescription? Just in case?"

"I'm sure someone's giving my brother one right now, but I don't want it. I won't use it. I'll be fine."

"You want me to let it go, don't you?" Kurt asked, noting the expression on Blaine's face.


"Okay, fine... I just hope you know that I mention it because I care."

Blaine smiled gently, "I know you care, Kurt. Thank you."

Kurt nodded once, "You're welcome."

Just then, Cooper came into the room, clapping his hands together, "Okay, B, a nurse is going to get a wheelchair, then we'll be on our way."

"Sounds great," Blaine replied.

Cooper turned to Kurt, "You don't have a car with you, right? I mean, I saw you come up in a taxi this morning, so I figure..."

"No, I don't have a car."

"Okay, you can come along with us then. It'll be like when Blaine was little and I'd drive him and his friends around."

"You hated doing that, Cooper," Blaine reminded him.

"No, I hated the fact that I was forced to do it. You and your little munchkin friends were so cute though."

Blaine rolled his eyes, and Kurt tried to hide his smile as he thought of a tiny Blaine talking with his friends in the back of a car while Cooper drove.

"Okay, let's get going," A nurse said, coming into the room with a wheelchair, and a smile on her face.

"I'll go get the car," Cooper said, heading out the door. "See you guys out there."

Once they got outside, Cooper was already waiting by the door. He got out of the driver's seat and helped Kurt and the nurse get Blaine into the car, much to Blaine's displeasure. He tried telling them that he didn't need all three of them helping him into the car, but they did it anyway.

He had to sit sideways, with his legs resting across the seat. Because of this, Kurt was going to sit upfront... until he opened the door and saw that Cooper had most of his belongings thrown in the front seat.

"Yeah, I didn't really pack," Cooper said, getting back into the driver's seat, "and I haven't taken anything inside the house yet, so... You'll have to sit in the back with Blaine."

"There's no room," Kurt reminded him.

"Just have him put his feet in your lap. You don't mind, do you, Blaine?"

Blaine glared at him through the rearview mirror. He wasn't stupid. He knew what Cooper was doing. "Of course I don't mind," He replied, looking over at Kurt with a soft smile.

Kurt took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay," He said, moving to the other side of the car to get in.

It took a little bit of situating, but soon enough Blaine's legs were resting over Kurt's lap.

"You okay?" Kurt asked, wanting to make sure Blaine was as comfortable as possible.

"Yeah, I'm great," Blaine replied.

"Okay, we ready?" Cooper asked, looking back at the boys to see that they were situated.

"We're ready," Blaine replied.

Cooper nodded, "Let's go home," He said, turning back around to head out.

Blaine dozed off the whole way home, jumping awake every time Cooper hit a bump in the road. After the third time, Kurt began gently patting and rubbing Blaine's okay leg, which seemed to help him relax a little more, and soon enough the bumps weren't waking him anymore.

"I've got all your stuff downstairs," Cooper said as they pulled up to the house.

"Um, I think he's asleep," Kurt whispered.

"Oh... Blaine!"

"What! What happened?" Blaine exclaimed, jumping awake.

"Really, Cooper?" Kurt said, "I could have woken him up without scaring him half to death."

Cooper just shrugged. "We're home, Squirt. Your stuff's all on or by the couch, so you can chill there for now. Let's get you in before you drool all over my seats."

"I wasn't drooling," Blaine replied, attempting to discreetly bring his hand to his mouth to make sure.

"Mhm. Come on."

Blaine leaned his weight on Kurt and Cooper a little more now than he had at the hospital. Kurt hoped it was simply because he had just woken up, and not because the pain was getting worse.

"Living room's in here," Cooper informed Kurt, nodding his head toward the right.

The couch was fixed with pillows and blankets; and remotes, movies, a laptop, an iPod, an iPad, and an iPhone were lined up on the coffee table.

"Get comfy," Cooper said as Blaine settled down onto the couch.

"Did you bring enough of my stuff out here?" Blaine asked sarcastically as he glanced at the coffee table.

"I know how bored you get, and I don't want to have to take a million trips up to your room. You're so whiney when you're needy."

"Am not."

"Are too."




"Boys!" Kurt exclaimed, breaking up their... whatever it was.

They both went silent and looked over at him.

"That's better," He said. "Okay, now, Blaine, you need to lie down. Prop your leg up. Cooper, put a pillow under his bad arm so there's not too much pressure on his shoulder."

"How do you know all this stuff?" Cooper asked, getting a pillow and doing as he was told.

"Because I listened when the nurse was giving instructions on how to take care of Blaine."

"She gave us instructions?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Yes. You would know this if you weren't trying to seduce her with your eyes the entire time."

Blaine snorted, and Cooper cleared his throat. "You, um, you could tell? I was trying to be subtle."

"Yes, well, you failed. Miserably."

"Well, I guess that acting class was a waste of time and money!"

"You took an acting class on seduci- You know what, no. I don't want to know."

"Good decision," Blaine mumbled, earning him a glare from Cooper.

"I'm going to the kitchen to get a drink, and to get away from you negative people," Cooper said, leaving the room.

"How's your arm?" Kurt asked, turning his attention to Blaine.

"It's good now."

"And your leg?"

"I'm fine, Kurt. Really."

Kurt took a blanket off the end of the couch and put it over Blaine, "Just throw it on the floor if you get hot, or whatever."

Blaine smiled. "Thank you, Kurt."

"No problem."

Blaine yawned as his eyes blinked heavily.

"You need sleep," Kurt said. "A lot of it."

"No, I'm okay, really-"

"Don't, Blaine. Get some sleep. I'll go find your brother and fill him in on everything else he needs to do."

Blaine was going to protest, but he was really tired. "Okay... Just don't let him try to seduce you with his eyes."

Kurt stared down at Blaine. "He wouldn't."

"He would if he got tired of listening."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Oh God. Sleep well, Blaine."

"Thank you, Kurt."

Kurt found the kitchen rather quickly, as it was only a hallway away from the living room. He told Cooper everything he needed to know, only having to stop twice to scold him on eye seducing.

It seemed Blaine would be sleeping for a while, so Kurt called a cab to pick him up. Cooper had offered to drive him home, but Kurt wouldn't allow him to leave his brother.

"Kurt!" Cooper exclaimed, running out to catch Kurt before he got into the cab.


"Could I get your number?" He asked when he reached Kurt, "You know, in case something... bad happens and you need to know."

Kurt's eyes widened, "Oh God, um, of course."

After giving his number, Kurt left, now a little more terrified than before as he never thought about the possibility of emergencies coming up that he'd need to know about... And Cooper went back into the house with a bright smile on his face, quietly picking up Blaine's phone to add Kurt's number to his contacts.

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