Not sure if this needs a warning, but I don't want to get told off, so: Jokes about death near the end of the chapter.

When Blaine was younger, he was put in the hospital. Cooper remembers the night well. He was twenty-three years old, living in California with big dreams and an even bigger head. When he was awakened by his mom's ringtone at four in the morning, he wasn't very happy. He had spent the day as an extra in a Trident commercial and hadn't gotten home until very late.

He remembered answering the phone with an agitated, "What?" and sighing when a response didn't come fast enough.

He remembered waking up a little quicker when he heard what he thought was his mom crying, and popping up into a sitting position when his mom said, in a whispered tone, "It's Blaine... He- He's in the hospital. It's not... It's not good, Honey."

The next thing Cooper remembers was being at the airport, a bag in one hand that he didn't remember packing, and a ticket in the other hand that he didn't remember buying.

He remembered calling his mom as soon as he landed, making sure he had all of the information correct. That he was going to the right hospital, right floor, right room. His mom had already told him everything, and he had practically burned it into his brain, but he had to make sure.

He remembered walking into the room, seeing his brother lying there, looking so broken, and having no idea what to do. He hugged his parents, then just sat beside his brother and waited. Waited for something to happen. Waited for him to open his eyes and say "Gotcha!" or somebody to just tell him this was all a joke.

See, cause Cooper might often be full of himself, and he might often forget to call or text Blaine back, but he loved his brother. He may not have shown it outwardly, but he would do anything for him. He thought of himself as Blaine's protector, and this was not supposed to happen. He was supposed to be able to protect Blaine from things like this.

Cooper started something the day he arrived at the hospital. Something he didn't even realize he did until a few months later. Sometimes he would just watch Blaine sleep. If it seemed like a creepy thing for a brother to do, Cooper didn't notice or care. He'd watch his little brother sleep to make sure that he was still breathing, to make sure he could ward off any nightmares that may come Blaine's way, and to make sure no one could get near him to hurt him.

He even did it after Blaine got home from the hospital. He slept a lot after that, and Cooper would be his caretaker while his parents were at work. Some nights Cooper wouldn't sleep. He couldn't sleep. He'd sit in Blaine's room and just watch. Protect. Like he was supposed to do. He had failed at protecting his brother before, and he didn't want to do it again. He wouldn't.

"Jesus, Cooper! What are you doing?"

Blaine's voice brought Cooper out of his thoughts, and he realized he was sitting in a chair across from Blaine, staring at him.

"Oh, just watching the adorable little faces you make while you're in dreamland," Cooper replied with a smile, going into joke mode. No one else ever knew how Cooper felt about Blaine being hurt those years ago, and he expected to keep it that way.

"You're so weird," Blaine said, rolling his eyes.

"Mhm. How're you feeling?"

Blaine yawned, "Hurts a little, but I'm okay."

"You want soup?" Cooper asked, standing up.

"Do we have soup?"

"I don't know. I need to get groceries tomorrow." Cooper said, leaving to go into the kitchen, "Half of what's in the fridge is expired now, thanks to someone never throwing anything out!"

"My bad. I was a little busy being in a coma."


Cooper returned a few minutes later with a bowl in hand, "Thank Lord Campbell, we have soup. I'll help you sit up."

Cooper set the bowl down on the coffee table, then helped Blaine sit up. It took a few minutes, and some grunts of pain from Blaine, but he finally got into a comfortable enough position to eat.

Cooper picked up the bowl, then sat down beside Blaine, facing his side, with his legs Indian style on the couch.

"What are you doing?" Blaine asked.

"Feeding you."

"I can feed myself, Coop."

"Yeah, that would go over really well. Knowing you, you'd somehow knock the bowl over and then I'd have to rush you back to the hospital for a severely burned crotch."

"Hate you."

"Yeah, yeah. Here, eat."

Cooper lifted the spoon and Blaine ate the bite, chewing slowly before swallowing it down.

"So," Cooper started as he continued to feed his brother, "You're gonna happy with me."

"Why?" Blaine asked, concern already in his voice.

"Don't sound like that. It's good for you." Cooper smiled widely as he scooped up another spoonful of soup and fed it to Blaine. "I got you Kurt's number."

Blaine's eyes widened and he quickly swallowed down his soup. "Cooper! Wha- Why? How? What did you do to him?"

"Your distrust is saddening, Squirt. I simply asked him for his number, then placed it in your phone."

"I don't believe you."

"Ye of little faith."

"Cooper, what did you do?"

Cooper sighed. "Fine. I may have told him it was in case something bad happened to you and I needed to call him."

"Cooper! Oh my God!"

"Calm yourself, it's not that bad."

"You know how worried he already is, and you're just adding to it. That's horrible, Cooper. Horrible."

"He'll be fine. And the fact that he's worried about you should flatter you."

"You should be ashamed."

Cooper spooned up some more soup, "Yeah, yeah. Eat your noodles."

The pain in Blaine's arm and his leg seemed to hit him around eleven o'clock that night. Of course, it had get worse for the night. It always did with him. As a kid, when he had strep throat, it was always worse of the night. Same with colds, chicken pox, the two times he had pneumonia, and, of course, the incident from ninth grade that landed him in the hospital.

He tried to keep quiet on the couch, but at around two, the pain got too bad and he had to call for his brother.

"Coop! Cooper!"

He heard a thunk upstairs, then a few seconds later there were footsteps. "What? What's wrong?" Cooper asked, his eyes blinking heavily and his hair a complete mess.

"It hurts," Blaine replied, sucking in a deep breath.

"Oh, um, okay," Cooper replied, trying to shake off the last bit of sleep. "Okay," He repeated, "I'll get you some Tylenol." He disappeared into the kitchen as Blaine tried to steady his breath.

A sharp pain went through his arm, causing him to groan. He lifted his good arm up and draped it over his face.

"Alright," Cooper said a few seconds later, coming back into the room. "I have Tylenol and water."

Blaine didn't move as Cooper set the pills and the glass on the coffee table. "B, you're gonna have to sit up to take these."

"Can't move."

"Well, you're gonna have to. Come on, I'll help."

Cooper pulled Blaine's arm away from his face, then bent down and awkwardly cradled his body around Blaine's, keeping away from his hurt arm, and lifted him into a sitting position.

Blaine moaned the whole time, ending in a desperate squeak, as though he were trying not to scream.

"Okay," Cooper said, moving to pick up the pills and water, "You think you can take them?"

Blaine nodded, "Y- Yeah."

Cooper handed him the glass and then gave him one pill at a time, waiting a few seconds between each one to make sure it went down.

Once all three pills were down, Cooper fixed Blaine's pillows so he'd be laying a little differently, then helped him to lay back down.

He sat down in the chair beside the couch, just a small nightlight to help him see, and he watched over Blaine. He could hear the rapid breaths Blaine was taking at first, and he knew the pain must still be terrible.

Every couple of minutes, for about fifteen minutes, he'd ask his brother, "Is it any better?" to which Blaine would reply with a simple hum. It didn't answer Cooper's question, but he was pretty sure he knew the answer anyway.

About twenty minutes after Blaine had taken the medication, his breathing evened out completely, his eyes shut, and Cooper knew he had finally fallen asleep.

Instead of going back upstairs, Cooper stayed in the chair. He slumped down a little, resting his legs on the coffee table, and let his eyes close, but he knew he wouldn't be falling back asleep. He might doze a little for a few minutes here and there, but he knew Blaine would be awakened with pain again soon, so there was no reason for him to try and get rest.

"Mornin'," Burt greeted from the table as Kurt walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Dad," Kurt replied with a yawn.

"Haven't seen you much lately."

Kurt furrowed his eyebrows, turning from the fridge to look at Burt. "You saw me last night."

"Just for a few minutes. I mean I haven't gotten to spend time with you... at all, really. Ever since you got here, you've been at the hospital or in your room."

Kurt turned back to the fridge and got out the orange juice, "You can't really blame me for going to the hospital, Dad. I know you don't want me dwelling on Blaine and what happened, but making sure he's okay is the right thing to do. Plus, he was the one who wanted me there yesterday when he got to go home."

"Don't get snappy. I understand, Kurt, I do. But, I'd still like time with my son."

After he finished pouring his juice, Kurt placed the carton back into the fridge and sat down in the chair next to Burt, "I know. We will. How about to-"

Kurt's voice trailed off as his phone started to vibrate. He brought it out from his jacket pocket, then quickly answered when he saw it was Cooper. "Hello? What's wrong? What happened?" He asked, his heart pounding.

"What? Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if you could come over a little later today to watch Blaine while I go to the store?"

Kurt sighed and slumped back in his seat. "Of course," He said, "Yeah, I'll come over soon."

"No rush. I just want to get some groceries and stuff. Whenever you get here is fine."

"Okay, see ya."

"Bye bye."

Kurt hung up and looked over at Burt, who had one eyebrow raised.

"We'll do something tomorrow, Dad. I promise," He said, standing up to go get dressed.

"Mhm. Be careful, Kurt... And eat before you go!"

Kurt got to the Anderson's around eleven. After paying the cab driver, he walked to the door and rang the bell, then waited.

About ten seconds later, Cooper answered. "Hey, Kurt. Come in."

"Hey. How's Blaine?" Kurt asked as Cooper shut the door behind him.

"We had a tough night. He's sleeping right now, but he'll probably wake up soon. Thanks for coming over."

"No problem."

Cooper motioned for Kurt to follow as he went to the kitchen to get his keys.

"I'll probably be gone a couple of hours. I'd go over everything you need to take care of him, but seeing as you had to go over everything with me yesterday, I think it's safe to say you know what to do."

Kurt smiled and nodded. "Yeah, we'll be fine."

"Okay." Cooper let out a deep breath, then picked up his wallet off of the counter and stuffed it into his back pocket. "Eat whatever you want, but we don't really have anything, so I hope you're not too hungry. There's money in this second drawer," He said, pointing to it, "if you want to order out or whatever. Um, I left the Tylenol on the counter and you can use sink water cause it's filtered, but he shouldn't need any cause he took three at ten o'clock. I don't-"

"Cooper," Kurt interrupted, "We'll be fine... Are you okay?"

Cooper scratched his forehead. "Yeah, I'm just... I guess it's just been a while since I've stayed up all night with him. It's just one night though. I'm fine."

"Well, if you need to go relax, then go ahead. Blaine and I will be okay. Really."

Cooper smiled. "Nah. Thanks though. You're a good guy, Kurt," He said, walking up to him and patting his shoulder before heading back to the front door. "Just what Blainey needs."

"Wait, what?" Kurt asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"Sh, don't wake the injured." Cooper flashed him one last smile before leaving out the door.

Kurt went into the living room to make sure Blaine was still asleep. He smiled when he saw Blaine's messy hair, blankets tucked up under his chin, and his mouth slightly opened as he slept.

Not wanting to seem like a creep, Kurt moved to the kitchen, deciding he would make something for when Blaine woke up. Just in case he was hungry.

He realized Cooper was not exaggerating when he said they had little to eat. But, Kurt did find a box of EasyMac in the pantry, and he wondered if he'd still love it as much as he did when he was a kid. So, after opening five different cabinets before finding a pot, Kurt started the macaroni and cheese.

Since he didn't know when Blaine would wake up, Kurt fixed himself a bowl of macaroni and ate in the kitchen.

He kept the pot on the stove, leaving the eye on warm, so it would stay good until Blaine decided to wake.

After he finished eating, Kurt took out his phone, deciding to just spend time on the internet while he waited for Blaine... Not that he was wanting Blaine to wake up. Although, he did sort of miss his company. A lot. Blaine was nice to talk to. He was probably in more pain now, so he might not be so nice to talk to anymore... But still, Kurt wanted to make sure he was alright. Wanted to be able to ask him if he was alright. Wanted... Well, he wasn't exactly sure what he was wanting. His head was very confused.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by a sound coming from the living room, followed by a, "Coop! Coop, I gotta pee!"

Kurt hurried out to the living room, "Cooper's not here," He said as he reached Blaine.

Blaine jumped slightly, still dazed from just waking, before realizing it was Kurt. Kurt pretended he didn't see Blaine's face turn as red as a tomato. "Oh, um, Kurt. Hi. Wh- What are you doing here?"

"Cooper called me to stay while he went to get food. He didn't tell you?"

Blaine sighed. "No. He didn't."

"Oh... Um, so, bathroom?"

"Oh, I can go myself, no big deal," Blaine said, trying to raise himself up. He clenched his teeth together as he failed to lift himself into a sitting position.

Kurt rushed over to his side. "Let me help you," He said, placing a hand on Blaine's back and helping him to sit up. Blaine twisted his legs around, and Kurt moved to his side to hold onto his good arm and help Blaine to stand.

"Bathroom?" Kurt asked, not sure where to go.

"Um, it's down the hall. I can go though."

"I'm not letting you walk alone. You're all wobbly with the cast, and I will not be the reason you fall in your house."

Blaine looked down and bit his lip as Kurt hooked their arms together.

They slowly made it to the bathroom, Blaine stopping as they reached the door. "I can, um, I can take it from here. Thanks."

Kurt nodded. "Let me know when you're done. I'll walk you back."

The walk back from the bathroom was far less awkward, as Blaine felt much more put together now that he had had the opportunity to put some gel in his hair. He knew Kurt had seen him gel-less plenty of times, but, for some reason that Blaine couldn't even explain, he suddenly wanted to look his best. And, right now, his best meant pajamas and some hair product.

Once Blaine was sitting back down, Kurt left to get him some macaroni. When he came back, he sat the same way Cooper had to feed him the chicken noodle soup the previous day.

"Alright. Bite one," Kurt said, filling the spoon with EasyMac and moving it towards Blaine's mouth. Blaine stared at him for a second, causing Kurt to move the spoon back. "Is something wrong? Do you not want me to feed you? It's just, the nurses said the pain would probably worsen with the rehab and you might need some help with stuff, like eating, and I figured-"

"Kurt. Kurt, no, it's fine, I just... I wasn't expecting it. That's all."

"Oh, well then," He moved the food back to Blaine's mouth, "Bite one."

Blaine took the bite, trying his hardest to control his blush. He didn't know what was wrong with him! Ever since he'd woken up, and Kurt had been there, he'd been a mess.

"I always loved EasyMac when I was younger," Kurt said. "My mom would make it on Saturdays and we'd have picnics outside. I hadn't had it in a long time."

"I love it too," Blaine replied, swallowing a bite. "My mom buys a bunch of stuff every summer before she and my dad go on their anniversary trip. She's always terrified I'll go hungry, even though I tell her not to buy a bunch of stuff cause I'll end up eating it all in two days."

Kurt laughed, "Can't blame you for that. Food is delicious."

"That it is... So, does your mom still make it for you?"

"No, she died when I was little."

"Oh God... What happened? If you don't mind me asking."

"I ran over her with my Barbie Jeep."

Blaine's eyes widened and Kurt was silent for a moment before he snorted, "Oh my God, I'm so going to hell," He said, trying to contain his laughter.

Blaine laughed back, even though he wasn't sure if he was supposed to, but the actual thought of an eight year old boy running over his mother with a Barbie Jeep was kind of hilarious.

"It's just," Kurt continued after calming down some, "It's such a serious subject and I still miss her and everything, but sometimes I have to find something funny to say because people still get so down when I talk about it. It sort of just came out. Sorry."

"No. Don't apologize. I joke about my grandpa's death all the time, but he died in the middle of having jacuzzi sex with his girlfriend."

Kurt doubled over with laughter, "Oh my God, are you kidding?"

Blaine shook his head, "Right in the middle. I love him and miss him like crazy, but I can't just be serious about it all the time."

Kurt smiled, "I think I just might be glad I ran into you, Blaine Anderson," He said, spooning up another bite to feed Blaine.

Once again, Blaine blushed, but he didn't even try to hide it. "Same here."

Blaine took the next few bites in silence, before speaking again. "I'm sorry my brother asked for your number like he did. Nothing bad's gonna happen. I'm sure it scared you when he called you to come over today."

"Oh, it's fine. Just gave me a tiny panic attack is all," Kurt joked.

Blaine shook his head. "He just, doesn't understand boundaries. He'll probably be calling most days for you to come over for some reason or another though, just so you've been warned."

Kurt shrugged. "I don't mind helping out. It's the least I could do."

Not really the reason he wants you here, Blaine thought.

"I don't want you to feel live you have to do anything. I'm fine, Kurt. Really. I just want you to be fine."

"Me?" Kurt questioned, "I'm not the one all bandaged up."

Kurt offered Blaine another bite, but Blaine shook his head no. "Is something wrong?" Kurt asked, setting the bowl down between them on the couch.

Blaine thought for a moment. "You're nice, Kurt."

Kurt's eyebrows furrowed. "Thank you?"

"And I know we don't really know each other, but you seem like a great guy. One I'd kinda like to be friends with." Blaine wasn't sure where this was coming from, but he felt the need to say it, and he hoped it made sense.

"You seem like a great guy too," Kurt replied.

"Then will you promise me something?" He asked, looking up from his lap and into Kurt's eyes.

Kurt took a deep breath, "Sure."

"The next time you come over, don't let it be because you feel bad. Come over because you want to visit or whatever, but not because you feel guilty. I don't like you feeling guilty. Cause, you know how you told me that day in the hospital that you'd probably worry about me forever? It's the same way with me to you. So... Promise?"

Kurt found himself unable to say no to this boy. "I promise," He said, even though he wasn't sure if he could mean it.

"Thank you."

They looked at each other for a moment longer, neither of then ready or willing to break the stare, then the door opened with Cooper loudly declaring that he was home.

The moment was broken, but both boys felt a little more healed.

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