So I finally got the G. The Rise of Cobra movie (WOO!) and while watching it on my new laptop (also WOO!) an idea popped into my head. So now I'm doing a drabble series. Well, try. 100 words per will be hard but I'll try.

- Behind the Front -

At Peace

A quick glance around showed no one was in the small gym. Smiling, the young nurse strode to the center of the floor. She took in a deep breath and began to dance. It wasn't dancing like you would see in music videos, or the formal waltz of the ballroom. She was dancing a fast ballet to music only she could hear.

This was the time she felt at peace. When she danced there weren't soldiers who needed blood or bandages or shots. There was just her and the floor she danced on. She was at peace while she danced.