So bright and early, well early for the two men who spent most of the night having round after round of sex, Asami and Takaba started their vacation off in the limo.

"Come on," Takaba whined, "Where are we going?"

Asami just smirked and answered the vibrating phone in his pocket.

"Asami….yes….we just left….take care of it." Asami ended the call.

Now the ever curious photographer was suspicious of his lover. What needed taken care of and why did it matter that they were leaving?

"Alright," Takaba said sternly as he could, "What is going on?" He paused.

"This isn't just a vacation, is it?"

Asami looked at Takaba but remained silent. He could see the gears in Takaba's mind turning as the younger man held his gaze. Takaba knew that something was up.

"Tell me what is going on, bastard," Takaba yelled.

Takaba hated it when Asami kept him in the dark, which was all the time, but now they were alone in the limo and Asami could not avoid this conversation.

"Tell me. If it involves me I have a right to know," Takaba carried on.

Asami sighed, "Alright," he began slowly, "Tamasaki is out of jail. There are rumors he is looking for you."

"Tama….Tamasaki? That guy from the hotel?" Takaba's voice suddenly quieted.

"Yes. He wants revenge." Asami simply stated.

"So….so you are taking me away, to protect me," it was not a question but a statement from Takaba.

Asami watched his lover's face go from angry to scared in a flash. He was confident that he could keep Takaba safe so he had no worries. His young lover though, didn't appear to feel the same way.

Asami pulled Takaba onto his lap, "I will protect you."

"I….I know," Takaba stuttered.

"Akihito!" Asami said sternly in an attempt to pull the young man from his fearful thoughts of someone being after him. When it didn't seem to help any, Asami grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him.

Their tongues danced in their knowing way around one another, tasting each other. Asami's tongue took control, dominating Takaba's mouth. He held firmly to the younger man so Takaba could not push away from him.

Finally, when he pulled back, both of them gasping for air, Takaba looked more relaxed. Slowly, Takaba moved to the seat and leaned against Asami's side facing the window.

"It's not like this is the first time someone has been after me," he chuckled softly into the silence of the limo.

After three hours, Takaba was restless. He was squirming in the seat, ready to get out of the car. He and Asami fooled around, Asami talked on his phone dealing with work, and Takaba played a couple of games on his own phone but three hours is a long time.

Then the car came to a stop in front of a house. It was not a large house but small and cozy looking. Where are we, Takaba wondered? Asami led him to the door and knocked but told him nothing about who lived here.

The door swung open and Rykou stood in front of them. Takaba sent Asami a curious glance and then looked again at the boy.

"Hey Aki, come in," Rykou said moving aside to allow them entry.

"Mom is in the garden." Rykou offered. "Would you like some tea?"

"Sure," Takaba answered, shrugging.

"I'll be right back," Asami said and headed straight for the door in the kitchen.

By the time Rykou and Takaba sat down at the table to drink their tea, Asami and Maki came in from the garden.

"It is nice to see Takaba-san," Maki said smiling.

"Thanks," he blushed, "You too."

After tea and talking to Rykou and Maki for a while, Asami led Takaba out to the garden, alone.

"What is going on, Asami? Why did you bring me here of all places?" Takaba questioned curiously as he stared at the fountain.

Asami came up behind his young lover and wrapped Takaba in his arms, pressing Takaba's back into his chest and sighed.

"Akihito," Asami all but whispered, "You are mine and I am yours. Maki and Rykou are just as much your family as they are mine." He paused, "You should all get to know each other."

Takaba turned slightly, just enough to look into his older lover's eyes, "You really want to do this? You really want to be with me….be my….my partner?"

"There is nothing I want more." Asami stated confidently.

Takaba leaned back against his lover, "Too bad we can't get married in Japan."

"It's just a piece of paper." Asami said and turned Takaba to face him.

It was perfect. The day was warm and clear. The water made a trickling sound as it fell from the high bowl of the fountain down, down, down, into the small pool continuously.

Asami gazed at Takaba for several moments without saying anything. It was like time stopped and they were the only two people who existed in the world. This was how it should be everyday though Asami was not naïve. He knew that no matter what, someone would always be lurking around a corner waiting to hurt him and Takaba.

"A….Asami?" Takaba said softly, "Take me to bed."

His young lover's hazel eyes were heavy and glazed with desire. Asami tossed Takaba over his shoulder and headed for the house.

"Bastard, don't make a scene," Takaba whined, mortified that Maki and Rykou would know what they were going to do. But Asami didn't listen and strode through the house, up the stairs, and into the bedroom he used when he came to visit. He kicked the door closed with his foot and tossed Takaba down on the bed.

He wasted no time in stripping the young man of his clothes and devouring his pale, lithe body.

It was three hours later when the two men emerge from the bedroom. Takaba was blushing and staring at the floor when they came back down into the presence of Maki and Rykou. He was so embarrassed that he could not look either one in the eye. What made it worse was Rykou obviously had a friend over too.

Takaba was introduced to Eto by Rykou, though the full truth of their relationship remained a secret from Maki so Rykou just called Eto his friend from school. It wasn't until they all adjourned into the dining room that Asami whispered Eto's relationship with Rykou to Takaba who stumbled and inadvertently yelled, "No way!"

"Sorry," Takaba apologized when everyone stopped midstep to stare at him.

The evening was fun, playing games with Rykou and chatting with Maki who told stories about Asami in his younger years. She even pulled out an album with pictures of a young 15 year old Asami in it.

While Takaba laughed and subsequently fell off of the couch during his fit, Asami smiled and said, "Laugh all you want now, Akihito. I will punish you later for it."

Takaba jumped up on the couch, straight faced. Seeing him move so quickly had Asami chuckling at him. Maki's home was the one place where Asami felt he could really relax. Toward the end of the night, Takaba was leaning against Asami's chest with the older man's arm holding the young man close.

Eto stayed the night and the two boys went up to Rykou's room to hang out. Maki talked with Asami and Takaba for a while before turning in herself. That left just the two men alone together in the quiet, dimly lit room.

Without looking up at his lover, Takaba Akihito curled against Asami and said softly," Ryuichi….I love you."

The strong arm around him tightened and felt the small kiss to the top of his head, "I love you, my Akihito."


I know, I rushed it. Thanks all. See you next story.