Never Alone

Vanessa always dreamed about the perfect love, but everyone was telling her that the perfect love only exists in stories. everything was bad until the day she meet him.

it was the first day of the high school. it wasn't everything so perfect that day.

i come to school, my friends were waiting for me, but i didn't wanted to talk to them because i wasn't so good and happy as always. my friends come to me and started to talking about something but i didn't listen to them, i was just thinking about everything that happened this summer.

Violet, my best friend was so happy today"hey Vanessa" she waved with her hand in front of my face"are you listening?" i heard she asked something but i didn't really understand what, i just answered "hey,yeah...yes totally". the school ring started ringing and i totally nervous came in the class and heard a voice said"goodmorning!". i sit on my place and finally the hour was done and so the next two hours and than was time for the school lunch.

i came in the school cafeteria,i took my food for lunch, started walking to my table totally in my thoughts and so i didn't realized that i bunched into a boy with my lunch.

i was totally nervous, i started to clean his shirt, but than he started talking"you don't need to do that, it's just more worse"i looked at him and just answered "I...I'm...really sorry"but his eyes were looking at me, so beautiful. he whispered "it's okay, don't worry" he was so nice to me, i didn't know what to say, we just looked at each other for a few seconds and than he said something"i think you don't have nothing to eat now, so if u want you can eat with me" i didn't answer anything, but than i said"well,okay" i followed him to his table,we sit there and was eating,he just said "i think we haven't meet, i am Jake" i just stared at his beautiful blue eyes and answered"hi,Jake.I'm Vanessa" his beautiful eyes and his voice" nice to meet you Vanessa,you have a beautiful name". it was silence for a second "nice to meet you too and thank you". a boy talked to me" hmm...hey Vanessa i think we should go to our class" i was confused "ohh,hmm...yeah". i walked to my class and still thinking about him. he was so cute and so sweet to me, his beautiful blue eyes, his voice so perfect. until the end of the day i was totally happy.

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