Sandra led the group into the park. Gingka and Tsubasa were sitting at the roots of a tree talking while Kenta and Yu played tag. "I'm going to get you, Kenji!" Yu shouted as he chased Kenta, nearly running Sandra over. She sighed with relief but then heard them run into someone behind her. Sandra turned to see Ash on the ground with Kenta and Yu on top of him. Kyoya had an annoyed look on his face while Cilan was staring at Ash with a worried look in his eyes.

"Ash! Are you alright?" Cilan asked.

"I'm fine," Ash groaned. Kenta and Yu got off of him and he sat up. Pikachu climbed back onto his shoulder. "You ok, buddy?"

"Pika-pika!" Pikachu answered.

"I'm so sorry!" Kenta apologized.

"We're really sorry!" Yu added.

Ash smiled. "That's ok," he said. "No harm done. I'm Ash and this is my partner Pikachu."

"Wow! It's so cute!" Yu exclaimed as he gazed at Pikachu with sparkling eyes. "My name's Yu."

"I'm Kenta," Kenta introduced himself.

"Want to play tag with us?" Yu offered.

"Yeah!" Ash agreed.

"Then..." Yu reached out and tapped Ash on the shoulder. "You're it!" Yu and Kenta both took off.

"Hey! No fair!" Ash exclaimed as he dashed after them. Cilan laughed as he watched Ash.

"Just like Ash," he said. They then walked up to Gingka and Tsubasa.

"Hi Sandra, Kyoya," Gingka greeted and then he saw Cilan. "What's new?"

"Gingka, Tsubasa, this is Cilan. Cilan, meet Gingka and Tsubasa," Sandra introduced. "And Ash is playing tag with Kenta and Yu."

"Nice to meet you Cilan," Gingka said with a smile.

"The pleasure is mine," Cilan said and he bowed in greeting.

Pikachu suddenly weaved between Sandra's feet. Ash came after him but Pikachu avoided him well. "Come on, Pikachu!" Ash said.

"I'm not an obsticle, you two," Sandra said stepping aside. Ash reached for Pikachu but Pikachu swiftly avoided him and climbed up onto Sandra's head. "Hey! What are you doing up there?" Sandra asked.

Come on, Pikachu! Get down!" Ash said.

Pikachu quickly leaped onto Ash's head and stole his hat. "Pika!" it cried as it ran off with the hat.

"Hey!" Ash exclaimed as he dashed after Pikachu. "Give me my hat back!"

Cilan laughed. "Those two are two peas in a pod," he commented.

"Are they always that energetic?" Sandra asked.

"Most of the time, yes," Cilan answered.

"Haha! This is so much fun!" Yu laughed. He was running with his eyes closed which caused him to run into Kyoya, but not knocking him over. "Opps! Sorry, Yo-yo!" Kyoya growled and glared at Yu as he ran off. Sandra sighed. Yu just had to make Kyoya mad. Sandra glanced at Kyoya. He's still as cute as ever, she thought.

"Come on, Kyoya! Lighten up!" Gingka said. Kyoya narrowed his eyes at his rival but said nothing.

"Heads up, Sandra. Here comes Tyler," Tsubasa warned.

"Who's Tyler?" Cilan asked. Sandra turned and glared at Tyler, who was walking up to them. Cilan then got a look of understanding and shut his mouth.

Tyler stopped in front of Sandra and smirked. "Hey Sandra," he greeted.

"What do you want, Tyler?" Sandra asked.

"I want a free ticket to your show. You give your friends each one. Why not give me one?" Tyler responded.

"Because you're not my friend," Sandra growled, turned her back on the arrogant boy. He immediately grabbed her shoulder and fiercly turned her back around.

"Don't turn your back on me, Sandra," Tyler warned.

"I'll turn my back on you if I want to," Sandra retorted. "And don't act like you're tough because everytime you try to beat me up the one on the ground is always you."

"I won't be put on the ground by you today," Tyler growled.

Sandra raised an eyebrow. "Maybe not by me, but I know of one other person who can put you on the ground," she said. Tyler's eyes widened and he shot a glance at Kyoya. Kyoya was glaring at him.

"I-I'm not afraid of him," Tyler stammered.

Sandra snorted. "I-I'm not afraid of him," she mocked.

"That's not funny, Sandra!" Tyler snapped.

"Oh really? Then why are they laughing?" Sandra asked pointing at Gingka, Tsubasa and Cilan, who were trying not to laugh.

Tyler gritted his teeth. "You'd better stop!" he warned.

"Make me!" Sandra retorted. They held each other in a glare for a moment before Tyler launched a fist straight at Sandra. Sandra dodged by falling to the ground. She then trapped his feet between her's and he spun onto his side. Sandra got up and looked down at him. "Ready for round two?" she asked.

"Why you...!" Tyler growled and lunged for her again. Sandra neatly jumped out of the way.

"Opps! I forgot I was supposed to stay still. You'd think I'd learn," Sandra taunted. Tyler gritted his teeth and lunged one last time. Sandra stayed where she was. She smiled when Tyler was jerked back by his shirt collar. Kyoya had grabbed it. Tyler fell to the ground, exhausted. Sandra laughed. "Now that was funny," she said.

"It was!" Gingka agreed.

"No!" Tyler shouted. "It wasn't!" He got up and glared at Sandra and Kyoya. "I'll get you next time!" he promised before he ran out of the park.

"He says that everytime. He's a broken record," Sandra joked.

"He's definately broken," Tsubasa said.

"Hey, I just thought of something. Where's Benkei?" Gingka asked.

"He was supposed to meet us here," Kenta said running up.

"It's surprising he's not here already. He's usually with Kyoya," Tsubasa pointed out.

"Who's Benkei?" Ash asked coming up.

"He's a friend of ours that was supposed to meet us here," Yu replied. "Has anyone seen Ben-ben today?"

Gingka, Kenta, Tsubasa and Sandra all shook their heads. They all then heard heavy footsteps running straight for them. They turned to see Benkei running toward them with a paniced look in his eyes. Sandra exchanged a glance with Kyoya before Benkei reached them, panting and sweating.

"We've got trouble!" he puffed.

"What's wrong Benkei?" Kenta asked.

Benkei held up a finger in a signal to let him catch his breath before he answered. "It's Nile! Nile's been kidnapped!"

"What?!" Kyoya exclaimed.

"Demure called and told me how it all happened. He was taken by two people, a weird talking cat, and some other weird creatures," Benkei explained. "There was nothing Nile could do to save himself. Nobody has seen those type of creatures in their entire life." He then saw Pikachu on Ash's shoulder. "Ah! Another one!"

"Whoa! Hang on!" Ash exclaimed when he noticed Pikachu begin to get mad. "Pikachu is a nice Pokemon!"

"Is that what they're called?" Benkei asked.

"Benkei, calm down," Sandra said. "We can figure this out. We just need to find who took Nile."

"Demure said there was a lady and a man. The man had purple hair about as long as your's, Sandra. And the lady had pink hair. They both wore black uniforms with pink R's on their chests," Benkei described.

Ash and Cilan exchanged uneasy glances. "Team Rocket," they breathed.

"You two mentioned them earlier," Sandra said turning to them.

"They're the ones who are always trying to steal Pikachu," Ash said.

"So, you know them well?" Gingka guessed.

"Sort of, but they only ever go after Pokemon. Kidnapping people is a whole new thing," Ash explained.

"This leaves a bitter taste in my mouth," Cilan said darkly.

"We've got to find them and save Nile," Tsubasa stated.

"I'll go tell Alex and Madoka what happened," Kenta said. "Then I'll search around the west side of town."

"I'll help you," Yu said and the two younger boys ran out of the park.

"I'll take the north side," Gingka said.

"I'll go with you," Cilan said and the two ran out of the park.

"I'll go tell Ryo and Hikaru and check the south side of town while Hikaru checks the east side," Tsubasa stated and he left Sandra, Kyoya, Benkei and Ash in the park.

"Come on," Kyoya said to them as he began to lead them out of the park.

"Where are we going, Kyoya?" Benkei asked.

"The woods," Kyoya answered simply.

"That is where we saw them last," Ash piped up.

"But would they really be hanging around there?" Benkei questioned.

"Where else would they go? They come from a different world and I'm pretty sure a hotel wouldn't allow people in it who have a kidnapped person with them," Sandra pointed out.

Benkei nodded and followed Kyoya in silence. Kyoya had a determined look in his eyes. Sandra knew what he was thinking. We'll save you, Nile, Sandra promised silently.