In which Sophie cuts Howl's hair.

Howl, was sitting at the table eating bacon and eggs. Sophie was cooking with the help of Calcifer, Michael chomping on his bacon. Sophie sighed looking at Howl's hair... it had grown a lot; it was now down to the small of his back.

'Sophie!' Calcifer yelped. 'Watch it!' Sophie had a cup of tea that had almost spilled on Cal.

Cal groaned looking where Sophie had been just minutes ago.

'What's wrong, Sophie?' Michael asked looking at her with his mouth full of food.

'Nothing.' Sophie laughed. 'Close your mouth, sweety.' She smiled warmly at him, he returned the gesture closing his mouth in the process.

'You never call me sweety...' Howl grumbled under his breath, getting up and mumbling something about her being more nice to Michael then to him.

He slugged his way up the stairs, not wanting to do anything.

'I'm going to talk to him about his hair...' She said determined to get him to cut it even if it meant not talking to him or going to worse tack ticks...

Sophie climbed her way up the stairs and up to his bed room door, knocking lightly. 'Howl?'

'Humm?' She heard from behind the door.

She opened the door, sighing when she found that he was laying down on his bed with his back to her.

'Howl,' She said, making him turn to look at her.


'Youhavetocutyourhair!' She blurted out fast.

'What? What did you say?'

'You have to cut your hair!'


In the end, after three weeks of silence, and him having to make Michael, Heen, Sophie, Calcifer, and himself food everyday.

And Sophie not saying anything to him, Howl couldn't take it any more.

So he had Sophie Cut his Hair.

After a LOT of pacing around the room he sat down and said.

'Not to Short!'

'Sure.' She smiled holding the shires in her hand high in the air as if to kill his hair.

'It won't hurt a bit...' Her eyes glowed in the blackness that had started to grow around her.

He gulped at her statement.

She started at the bottom and went up from there.

By the time Sophie was done, his legs were starting to fall asleep.

'All done.' She said cleaning off her apron by holding it out patting it lightly.

'Ummm.' He said, as he got up he stumbled a bit.

He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, his hair was in a Mohawk!


Howl ran out of the house screaming.


He ran as fast as possible, flying into a puddle.

Cal looked at Sophie with a questioning nod to the door.

"I cut his hair a little to short...?" she smiled innocently.

"YOU WHAT?!" Cal spattered.

"You cut Master Howl's hair?"

Micheal asked looking to the door a surprised expression.


The end!

(A/N: Hope you liked! :p)