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Chapter 3: Canoes and Conversations


When we got outside, it was really dark out but the moon was high in the sky illuminating everything. It was silent and we were walking next to each other. I interlaced my fingers with her and she looked at me. I smiled and she did right back at me. She has such a beautiful smile. We walked over to a canoe and I flipped it over. We climbed in and made our way onto the water. It didn't take long until we were going in circles like normal. She laughed. "We really aren't getting much better at this." I laughed and agreed. We really weren't at all better. We put the oars down and just looked at each other. "We look ridiculous."

"Just a bit. But I have an idea to make it better." She looked at me like I was nuts and I made the canoe tip over. We were now underwater and it felt amazing. I broke water and was now keeping myself up. She came up a few seconds later and looked at me. "What! It got rid of the flour didn't it? I can now see your face completely and not just look at a flour covered one." I smiled and she laughed. My hair fell into my eyes and so I shook my head so it would get out of the way. She laughed at this and I just rolled my eyes.

"You are so weird."

"Thank you." I went under and I swam so I was behind her. I poked her in the sides and heard a squeal.

"What was that for?" I laughed and shrugged. She hit me on the arm but I made sure to get a hold of her arm before she could retreat. I pulled her into me and I looked at her. She was looking right back at me and I pressed my lips against hers. She reacted immediately and kissed me back. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me as close as I could get her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and played with my hair. God that felt nice. She bit my lip a bit and a moan escaped me, I touched her lips with my tongue for entrance and she immediately accepted and we had a battle of the tongues. I then kissed her jaw and made my way to her neck, she let out a moan and I made my way back to her lips. We made out for a while longer until we had to get air and get back into the canoe because our legs gave out. I flipped over the canoe and jumped in, well tried to without knocking it back over. Not as easy as you'd think. Then you have Mitch laughing behind me. I turned and smiled at her and tried again. She laughed again. "Haha, Mitch. It is not as easy as you'd think." she smiled at me and swam up. She hugged me.

"Sorry. Want a hand up? I can boost you in then you can help me." She smiled and I nodded in defeat. "Just put a foot in my hands and I'll push you up." I followed her instruction and she pushed me up and I flopped over into the canoe and banged my head off something.

"Ow. You could have been a bit more careful." I said jokingly as I put a hand out for her to grab onto. She took it and I pulled her up. She was rubbing her shoulder.

"And you could have maybe found an easier way to get me back in. Ow, I feel like my shoulder was like dislocated or something." She said jokingly right back at me. I rolled my eyes and pulled her in for a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and buried her head into my chest.

I kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly. "At least the flour is pretty much gone." We burst into a fit of laughter again and sat down. "Now I can actually see your beautiful face clearly without flour abstracting my view." I kissed her forehead and she put her head on my shoulder.

"And I can see yours without the flour. Much nicer. I mean, the flour is a good look for you but its way better without." She smiled and giggled against me. She sighed, "This is nice. It's just so nice out and peaceful. I love it out here." I laughed and held her close to me. It really was so peaceful out here. She looked up at me still against me and I looked down at her, I kissed her forehead.


It felt so nice just lying in his arms. Everything seemed perfect and nothing could touch us. I nuzzled into his chest and just inhaled. He smelt so nice it was captivating and just made me lose myself in my thoughts. We were both still soaked from when he pushed us in. It was getting a tad chilly because it was dark and I was drenched through. I shivered and pulled myself closer to Shane, even though he was soaked like me, he was warm and was like a radiator. He chuckled and pulled me closer, "Chilly Mitch?" I just nodded into his chest and just laid there. He pulled me closer and wrapped his arms tighter to me. I looked up at him and he looked at me, he pulled me into a kiss and I leaned into it. He deepened the kiss and I responded immediately. My hands found their way to his hair that was curling because of the water. He pulled my waist closer even though I was pretty much completely on his lap already. He brushed my lips with his tongue and I gave entrance, I was trying not to let out a moan but there was no way to prevent it. We were having a tongue battle but this time I finally beat him, he let out a moan and moved down to my neck, he touched a sensitive spot and my eyes closed immediately but slowly and my head fell back a little. I could feel his mouth form into a smile as he kissed me. He laughed a little and met his lips back to mine. We pulled back out of breath and looked in each other's eyes. "Mitch, you are absolutely amazing. You amaze me every time I see you. You are so gorgeous and are the girl with the voice. I don't think I can go on in my life without you, will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded and I think probably the biggest smile came across my face.

"Yes" I kept smiling but now it was contagious and he had that same goofy smile on his face as well. He kissed my nose and I giggled. I put my head into the crook of his neck and kept smiling. He still had his arms around me.

"We should get back. You are shivering; we should change into dry clothes. Plus, it looks like the festivities are still going on so we should probably make some sort of appearance even though they said we didn't have to."

I nodded even though I wish we could stay like this forever. "Okay. You're right. Plus, knowing them they were probably joshing us and actually wanted us to make some form of appearance. I wish we didn't though." I said sighing.

"Me too. Let's go." I nodded and we got up and sat in the canoe. We grabbed the oars and paddled our way over. It wasn't too pretty and we ended up going in a few circles. We were laughing but finally hit land. He got out and gave me a hand to help me out. We made our way towards the cabins hand in hand and were lost in the trance of each other that we didn't hear Caitlyn and Nate call to us. Then I felt fingers poke me in the sides and I jumped and screaked. I turned to see them staring at us and there was an awkward silence. Caitlyn laughed at my reaction and looked at me with that look that said spill your guts. I gave her a look that told her later.

"Caitlyn! You didn't need to poke me."

"Well that was my last resort. I called you like 10 times and you didn't respond and neither did Shane when Nate called him so I decided that this was the only way to get your attention."

"Oh, I didn't realize that you called me." Whoops, I guess we really were in our own land. I looked at Shane and he looked like he was thinking the same thing as us.

"Why are you guys all wet"

"Oh you know." She shook her head no and looked at me. "We went for a canoe ride. Shane pushed us in though when he tipped over the canoe." I told her.

"A canoe ride? You disappeared for an over 3 hour canoe ride?"

"Nate, no. We were helping out Mitchie's mom with something in the kitchen first. Then took a canoe ride after." Shane was telling him. If my mom were here she would have been like call me Connie. She felt old being called mom. The only one who got to call her mom was me, to everyone else she was Connie.

"Kitchen? You? Shane you know that you and kitchens is dangerous."

"We were making cookies for my mom. He did absolutely fine. No burned down kitchens, or almost burned down. So no need to worry."

"Ah, that's good. Wait is that flour in your hair?"

Whoops I guess we really never got all the flour out by the water. We both burst into a fit of laughter and had the two of them staring at us like we had gone insane. I nodded while wiping tears out of my eyes. Nate raised an eyebrow and looked at us. "Flour fight. Long story." This just made us laugh harder.

"Well you should probably go and join the festivities. Brown and Connie have been wondering where you were."

I nodded at Nate, "Okay, they knew where we were though. They were fine with it. But okay, I just want to get into something dry first."

"Yeah, me too." Shane turned to me, "I'll meet you outside your cabin in a few." I nodded and he kissed my forehead. Then he walked towards his cabin with Nate in tow.

"I should go change." I told Caitlyn and started towards mine. But a shrieking Caitlyn attacked me stopping me from getting any closer to the warmth of dry clothes.

"Oh my god! What was that?! Spill your guts or I will tie you to a chair until you tell me." She sounded completely serious and I blushed. But she caught it immediately. "You are blushing, oh my god! What is going on with you and Shane! EEP!" I laughed at how crazy she was acting,

"Okay Caitlyn relax! I don't know if he wants everyone to know and neither do I, so you have to promise to keep your mouth shut, got it?" She nodded and pulled out a pinkie. I took it with mine and we shook. "Okay, so during our performance, you know how he interrupted. Well I guess I am the girl with the voice he was looking for all along. He heard me playing the piano version of 'This is Me' on the first day. Well we are kinda dating."

"EEEEAAAAPPPP! AAAAHHHHHH! OH MY GOD!" She was going nutso and was hugging me and jumping all over the place. "I can't believe you are dating him! That is so amazing! You two are so cute together. And you are the girl with the voice?! I should have figured. But wait that is the reason? Something seemed to up with you two all summer and when he found out about your mom and that you were lying he seemed so mad. I don't get it."

"I know right! The thing is, we did kinda get close-ish during the summer. We'd hang out and stuff. But then he got so mad at me. The whole lie thing got to him but I never was pretending around him. Except the part of my mom and stuff. But I guess somehow when I sang at final jam and I was all it's me and everything. That song kinda spilt a lot and I guess he realized something. He was mad but then I guess final jam and finding out I was the girl with the voice sealed the deal and then bam he wasn't mad at me. I don't know. We talked about it and he said its okay. Now things are great. I am so happy. But you promised to not say anything." She nodded and brought her fingers past her mouth as though she was locking it and throwing away the key. "Good. Now what is going on with you and Nate? You two seemed as though something was going on."

"Nothing is going on."

"Yeah right. That is so debatable. You both wouldn't have come together to look for us. If anything you would've looked for us separately, since you probably had no idea we would have been together in the first place. So there must be something going on." I found a dry change of clothes and changed behind the door to the closet. "And I would tell me because I will tie you in in a chair as well. Because if you lie to me about it and say there is nothing going on and I find out differently then you will be in a lot more trouble. So spill." I said coming out of behind the closet door. She was sitting on the bed looking at the floor. She was being very silent. "Caitlyn? Are you okay?" I said sitting next to her.

She nodded slightly, "Yeah I am fine. I really don't know if there is anything going on. You see, my first year here was their last year as campers. It was the year they won and became the legends of Camp Rock. Throughout the weeks, I became really close friends with Nate. We would hang out all the time, in our free time and the classes we had together. The thing is I developed feelings for him, but near the end of that summer, he started distancing himself and was hanging out more with Jason and Shane. I barely saw him and when I did we barely talked. So when I saw Shane here this summer we barely acknowledged each other since we weren't really friends in the first place. But when I saw Nate, things were just totally awkward. I saw him and talked to him for a little bit and I knew I still had feelings for him, but things couldn't really go back. That was at the Beach Jam. But then, when I saw him at the end of Final Jam today, he walked up to me and asked to talk. I agreed, nervously and we walked along the water and talked. He told me that he was sorry for the way he treated me that year that he shouldn't have acted that way because we were like best friends. I tried to tell him it was fine that I understood. But he wouldn't accept it, saying that I shouldn't be so nice and understanding. He was sorry because he knew how close we were with each other and he didn't feel that I deserved the way he acted. That he just caught up in the coolness of being able to hang out with Shane and Jason, that it was cool that they wanted to hang out with him even though they were a little older. He fit in with them and he got lost in it. But later on, after I congratulated him and the others on their win, I guess he felt horrible about it and wanted to talk to me but was scooped up in label stuff and getting the chance to live a dream that he always wanted. He tried to contact me, but I just ignored everything and we lost touch. But then when I saw him here, I felt as though nothing was different, you know. I felt as though everything was the same as it was back then. It was as though my breath was knocked right out of me when I saw him and that I was still in love with the same person. He looked the same just a little older but the same Nate. But when we didn't talk at the Beach Jam, I was saddened. I thought maybe he would say at least hi or acknowledge me. But he didn't. I asked why, and he said that he wanted to, but he didn't know what to say to me. He felt as though, he screwed up so badly that he couldn't face me. But I guess something changed today because he came right up to me and wanted to talk. It was just like old times but not totally. It was still a little rocky but then we both said some things and it got better. I still like him though. But I don't know how he feels about me. But I really wish he felt the same way."

Aw, that is so cute. They would be so cute together. I feel so bad for her. But by the looks of Nate earlier I think he has feeling for her too. I didn't tell her though. "Aw Caitlyn! That's so cute. I think you guys would be adorable together! Do you want me to ask Shane about it?" I said lifting my eyebrows a couple times. She laughed at how silly I looked while doing it.

"Nono. Its okay, I can just look at him from afar. And thanks, I think so too, but all of this is just too complicated. I am just going to ogle him from far away when he isn't looking. And I don't want to get you or Shane mixed in it. I can deal with it. It's fine."

"Are you sure I don't mind. And I don't think that Shane would mind either."

"I wouldn't mind what?"

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