So I had to stay off Twitter for a bit because I needed to wait for Doctor Who to finish and then watch it on iPlayer. I was given 4 song prompts to choose from, to keep me busy. I wrote three drabbles. This is the first - Sum 41's 'In Too Deep'.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

"Not quite. One more time, Vlad, you've got to get the hang of this." Personally, Vlad thought that if it was essential for him to master every complex fighting move Bertrand could think of, it didn't say much for the bodyguards he was bound to be appointed the moment he took office. And oh, yeah, he hadn't done that yet, and already he felt like there was way too much going on in his life.

It was the summer holidays, and Bertrand was keeping him awake for more and more of the day as well as the shortened nights, running over combat move after combat move, vampiric law after ancient vampiric law, protocol, etiquette, a million different things to remember and a thousand different vampires to pander to. It was getting too much – sometimes it was all he could do just to keep his head above water.

He messed up the move again, and would have landed awkwardly on the floor if Bertrand hadn't caught him.
"Hmm, maybe we're trying too hard. Take a break for five minutes. Find a way to relax." Bertrand had offered to teach him to meditate before, and he'd given it a go, but his thoughts always wandered back to all the things he had to learn. Still, Bertrand insisted that he tried to clear his mind during these rare short breaks, and he was running out of ideas of how to do it.

It was a mark of how addled his brain had become that he thought it would be acceptable to try kissing Bertrand. But it certainly cleared his mind. And as Bertrand kissed him back, five minutes slipped away into ten… fifteen… yes, this was the best break he'd had in a while.