Since the dawn of time, the armies of Heaven and Hell have waged an endless war. Drawn to the conflict was the Charred Council, an entity bound the ancient laws to preserve order and balance. It held that any great power, unchecked, threatened the very fabric of the universe. In time, Heaven and Hell came to honor the Council and its laws, for none were beyond the swift and terrible justice of the Council's enforcers - a fearsome brotherhood known as the Four Horsemen. Amid the turmoil, the first humans emerged. The Council foretold that these weak, but cunning creatures would someday be integral to the balance. Thus, a third kingdom was named - the Kingdom of Man. By order of the Council, a truce was forged between Heaven and Hell. The great pact was bound by Seven Seals, to be broken at the appointed time - when Man's Kingdom stood ready for the Endwar- a battle that would bring balance, and determine the ultimate fate of the three kingdoms...

There can be no life without Order. Good, evil... darkness, light-there must be Balance in the is the decree of the Charred Council, charged by the Creator to preserve the very fabric of existence. But the Balance has been broken. Even now, Earth smolders in ruin, fallen to the Demon Lords, and the Destroyer carves a new kingdom amongst his mighty Chosen. Some said the Horseman War triggered the Apocalypse... that he rode to Earth, unbidden, and doomed all of Mankind. But what of the other Horsemen, fearless enforcers of the Council's will? What of Fury, Strife... and Death? To know those names, you must first know another. Nephilim- cursed union of Angel and Demon. The Nephilim put countless realms to the sword, and burned them to ash. But Four amongst them grew weary of the slaughter, and feared their conquest would imperil the Balance. And so, a truce was made: The Four would serve the Council, in exchange for unimaginable power. Thus were the dreaded Horsemen formed. And the riders' first task was to purge their own brethren from Creation... To annihilate the Nephilim... And destory their souls.

Let us now cast our gaze to one amongst the Four. Now War, who lies chained at the Council's feet, professing his innocence, but one who would save his brother, above all else. He has many names- Kinslayer, Executioner... Death.

To bargain for War's freedom, Death swore that he would resurrect Humanity. During his quest, Death overcame many obstacles. From helping the makers in the Forged Lands, Killing the first nephilim and his brother, Absalom to stopping the corruption destroying the realms.

" I've killed Absalom, stopped the Corruption... I stand, at last, at the Well of Souls..." He began the chuckle. " ..With no idea what I must do next. "

" It is quite simple." A voice said. Death turned to his side to see the crowfather, standing beside him while looking down at the well of souls.

" And yet, most difficult."

" I'm in no humor for riddles, Crowfather." He replied calmly.

" You may tap the power of the Well to return the Kingdom of Man...or you may resurrect the Nephilim." He started. " But know that choosing one will forever doom the other."

Letting out a deep sigh, Death looked down at his chest where the amulet he stored the Nephilim souls in pierced his chest.

" My brother, War... I would protect him above all." He stated.

" To return Man to the Earth will require a sacrifice." Crowfather said.

Death touched his chest for a moment as he clenched his fist. Walking over to the edge, he took of his mask and handed it to the crowfather. Death finally made his choice.. his choice to help his brother, War. He stepped over the ledge and fell into the Well.

Thus, from Death came Life, and the seeds of Humanity were re-sown. But, Death's journey was not ended. On the shattered Earth, his brother War had slain the Destroyer.

" You will be hunted! The White City for certain... the Council... and there will be others! You would wage this war alone?!" Uriel yelled.

" No."

War turned around and held up the broken seventh seal.

" Not alone."

War had broken the Seventh Seal, summoning the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And the numbers of the riders shall ever be... four.