Birds full high in the sky as they passed the now setting sun. Many horses ran throughtout the field as one man rode behind them on his steed. He continued to ride when he passed up three separate, different color portals. One lead to the Demon realm, where Samael once ruled over. The second, to the white city, where the Hellguard were strengthing their numbers. And the last, to earth, where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse laid in wait.
The man slowly rode past portal to earth when he noticed four horses and four bodies, laid out on the ground.

" Hmmm..." He said, turning his horses towards them. Once he was close, he took a moment to examine the bodies.

'..who are you all?..' he thought. Dismounting from his horse, he glanced up at the four horses that were feeding on the grass. A look of surprise and shock came upon his face at the same time.

"..It can't be.." He said. Sighing softly, he turned his attention back to the kids.

"... I guess I should take your four in.. until I get some answers."

{ Sometime later on that day}

Chris awoke slowly, clenching his head and groaning softly.

"..what.. happened.." he mumbled. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and saw that he was laying in a bed.

" Huh?.. How'd I get here?.. I remember being in the barn with.." His eyes widened as he glanced around the room. Chris saw Cassandra, Shane, and Tyler sound asleep on different beds.

Letting out a sigh of relief, he got up from the bed slowly and left the room, closing the door behind him slowly.

Once outside, he took a moment to examine the scenery around him. It was a large field, filled with trees and a huge lake. Chris started to walk towards the lake when he heard a voice.

" I see your finally awake, young man." The voice said.

Chris quickly turned around to see a man on his horse. Chris eyed the man up and down. He had long blonde hair, stopping to his shoulders. He wore a red cloth around his neck and the upper torso of his body. Behind his were two swords, both placed inside their separate scabbards.

Chris swallowed the lump in his throat and finally opened his mouth.

" Who.. are you?" He asked, questioningly.

The man smiled a bit and dismounted his horse.

" I am the Horsemaster.." He said.

' Horsemaster? This guy must be loose a few screws.' Chris thought, narrowing his eyes slightly at the Horsemaster.

" What is your name, stranger? And furthermore... How did you come in possession of the horses?.. They belong to the Four. Only they can control them." He said.

Thinking for a moment, Chris shook his head. " What are you talking about? My dad owns those horses. He's had then before I was born.. before my mom died.." He said, his gaze towards the ground now.

' Hmmmm... The horses appeared here with them.. But only the Four know of this realm. This could only mean.. No.. It can't..' He thought. Walking up to Chris, he placed his hand on top of his head. " It is not time yet...Chris.. You four shouldn't be here now.. not yet.."

Before Chris could get a word out, the Horsemaster casted a sleep spell on him and then erased his memory of their encounter.

Whistling, the pale horse appeared from the ground.

" Sorry, old friend. It's time for you to go now.."

{ Back at the barn}

Chris's father walked to the barn to find the kids laid out on the ground.

" Chris!" He yelled. Running to his side, he help him out while calling to him. " Chris, wake up. Please, wake up."

Opening his eyes slowly, he looked up at his father and rubbed his face. " ..W-Where am I?.."

" Your in the barn. What happened to you and the others?" he asked.

" I.. don't know.." Chris started. " Everything is all.. a blur.. I remember all of us getting on the horses.. and that's pretty much it."

Chris's father helped him up as he went to check on the others. " C'mon, we'll talk more later on. Let's get them up." he said.

Nodding, they both helped Scott and the rest up. They too didn't remember what happened after mounting the horses. Chris's father directed them inside the house to rest up. As they walked inside the house, their parents ran up to them, all having a worried look on their faces.

" You guys can go into the guest room for now. We'll be in there in a while to check up on you, okay?" Chris's father said.

" Okay, dad." Chris said, walking to the room.

Once inside, Chris sat down on a the couch as Cassandra, Shane, and Tyler walked in. They all found somewhere to sit and glanced at each other. After a while, Shane was the one who finally had said something.

"..Just what happened, exactly?.." He asked, looking directly at Chris, who immediately shrugged.

" I wish I knew myself, Shane. I honestly do.." He replied, putting his hands on his cheeks and letting out a sigh.

" ..If only I could remember.. Ughh.. " He started, his gaze turning down at the ground. " That would really help right about now.." Looking up, he glanced at the three of them. They were all looking at him, as if he had the answers to their question. Cassandra sighed and put her hands in her lap.

" ..So what do we do now?..." She asked softly.

" I dunno Cassie.. but.. my father might know.." He said, standing up as he walked to the door. " I'm gonna go ask him now."

Suddenly, Tyler stood up. " Chris.. I'm coming with you. " He said.

Nodding, Chris opened the door and walked outside as Tyler followed him. Once they made it to the end of the hallway, Chris halted Tyler with his arm. Confused, Tyler opened his mouth to say something when Chris shushed him.

" Ssh.." He whispered. " Listen.. I think our parents are talking."

They hid against the wall while they eavesdropped on them.

{ Their parents conversation}

" So what are we gonna do about Lilith? We can't let her come near us. We would be vulnerable.. and plus.. our kids.." Scott said. Chris's father paced around the living room, his hand against his chin. Selene sat on the couch while Nicolas leaned against the wall.

" She wouldn't dare come near our children, Scott." Nicolas started. " She knows fully well she cannot kill us. Yes, she did create the nephilim, ergo, us.. But we've grown more powerful since the day of our creation.. and the day we pledged our alliance to the Charred Council."

Selene shot Nicolas a glare. " Boasting about, as usual.. eh, Nicolas?" She said. " Lilith knows we have a weakness and knowing her, which we do, she will try and exploit that weakness as best as she can. Just thinking about her putting her filthy hands on my daughter just makes my skin crawl.. I swear if she does, she will wish she never existed.." She said, growling slightly under breathe.

" Ah, hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned.." Nicolas smirked. Suddenly, Selene quickly stood up and slammed him against the wall.

" What's wrong, Fury? It is your name, am I right?" He teased.

" Don't.. call.. me.. that.." She hissed. " Or should I bring up the many times you lost your two pistols, Mercy and Redemption, huh Strife?"

Chris's father and Scott glanced at the two and sighed. Selene released Nicolas and sat back down on the couch, shooting him a look.

" ...I'll consult Azrael on this matter.." Scott said.

Nodding, Chris's father walked over to a window and stared out into the deep black sky, only lit by the many stars in the sky.

" ..We should go check on the kids.. Just make sure they're okay.." Nicolas suggested.

" C'mon then, let's go." Scott said. They all began walking to the guest room the kids were in. Suddenly they all halted where they were, as if some unknown force just stopped them.

" ...Did... anyone else... feel that?.." Chris's father said softly. They all looked at him with a shocked look. He glanced at them and made his way to the front door and walked outside. Selene, Scott, and Nicolas followed after him.

{ Back in the hallway}

Chris and Tyler still stood there when Tyler finally said something.

" What in the hell were they talking about?" He asked.

" I wish I knew myself, man. " Chris replied. Listening in on their conversation made him think long and hard.

' What's going on dad?...' Chris thought.

Turning around, he and Tyler headed back into the guest room where Cassandra and Shane waited for them. Cassandra was the first to quickly greet them as they returned.

" Chris. Tyler. You guys were gone a long time. Is everything ok?" She asked.

" Yeah, yeah. It is." He said. Tyler looked at him and then back at her.

" We..ummm.. eavesdropped on our parents talking. " He started. " They were talking but what they were saying seemed really weird. Shane, your father called cassie's mom " Fury " for some strange reason.. And cassie.. Your mom called his dad " Strife". What.. do they have some weird nicknames for each other or something?"

Before she could answer his question, Chris suddenly fell onto the couch. Shane jumped up and quickly made it to his side as Tyler helped him up.

" Dude?! Are you okay?" Tyler asked.

Chris was out cold. Cassandra started to panic a bit.

" Oh no... What are we gonna do?.. Should I go get his father?" She asked Tyler.

" Yeah! Go get him. They all went outside." He said

Cassie began walking towards the door when Chris started to groan and slowly open his eyes.

" Wha?..." He said groggily. He raised a hand to his head and glanced up at the three of them. " What... What happened?..'' He asked.

Shane let out a sigh of relief as he looked at Tyler. Cassie was on the verge of almost crying.

" ..You blacked out dude.." Tyler said, sitting down beside him.

Chris gazed down at the floor as he mumbled something. Cassie tilted her head slightly, confused about what the young male had said. Kneeling down before him, she placed a hand on his.

" ..What did you say, Chris?"

Chris glanced at her then sighed.

" I..I dunno.. Everything was dark.. Felt like I was floating... Then I saw something.. or someone..." He started, rubbing his face. " ...It only said a name... over and over..."

Confused, they all looked at each other before looking back at Chris.

" Well what did it say?.." Cassie asked.

Chris sighed and narrowed his eyes slightly.


Suddenly, a very loud shriek ranged throughout the house. Jumping up, Chris ran out the room and searched the house, to find it very much empty.

" They went outside.." He mumbled

Making his way to the door, he reached out and grabbed the door handle when a eerie sensation immediately struck him. A chill went down his spine as he stood there, holding the door handle in his now sweaty palm. It's as if he wasn't in control of his own body

' What's going on? Why can't I move?' He thought.

He started to wonder if something outside was affecting him inside, his fear growing with every second passing.

' Argh... C'mon... MOVE!' he yelled at himself in his mind. His hand began to slowly turn the handle, opening the door. Once he quickly ran outside, what he saw made his heart sink to his stomach. There, laid out on the ground were Cassie's mom, Shane's dad, and Tyler's dad.. surrounded in a pool of their own blood. Chris wanted to yell but he couldn't because of the lump in his throat. He slowly walked over to them and fell to his knees. He thought that this was just a dream.. that he was still passed out on the couch, with his dad wondering what he should do with him. Chris closed his eyes tight and told himself to wake up but to his surprise, he didn't. All of it was very much real. His new friends parents were on the ground, dead. He reached out to touch Nicolas lifeless body when suddenly a hand gripped his shoulder, making Chris jump from fear.

" Chris.. you and the others need to leave.. now." His father said, bleeding from his face and his chest. Chris was speechless, not knowing what to say or how to react to what was going on before him.

" Chris, snap out of it!" His father yelled. " Get up and go into my study. There will be a black book sitting on my stand. Get that and go to the barn afterwards. Recite what is on the first page and the rest will follow."

Still trying to collect his thoughts, Chris just sat there staring up at his father when a loud crashing noise was heard from the side of them as a large dust cloud quickly came up. A low growling sound came the cloud as a large shadow began to form. Chris's father cursed as he grabbed two scythes from his sides, connecting them to make one large scythe.

" D-Dad? W-What's going on?.." Chris stuttered.

His father didn't look at him. He kept his attention to the large figure, now stepping towards them.