So, I guess today has been productive, depending on how you look at it. I was going to see a band perform with Apollo and I just may have made a friend. Yes, I know. Anti-social actually made a friend in the first couple days of school. I suppose my demeanor and looks tend to scare people off since I typically dress in dark clothes and wear dark thick eyeliner. I'm not emo or goth; I just feel more comfortable looking, well, dark. I ponder it all as I stared into my closet, wondering what in the world I'm supposed to wear to this shindig. Deciding that I don't want fancy, but at the same time nothing too casual, I pull on a pair of dark jeans along with a nice loose-fitting tee. Satisfied that I'm presentable wander into the kitchen where I see Mom making dinner. She hums to herself as she busies around the spotless kitchen. Unlike me she has always been just shy of a neat freak.

"Hey Mom. Smells great, whatcha making?" I sat down on a barstool pulled up to the island in the middle of the kitchen with my head propped up on my palms.

"Chocolate soup." Did I mention that she was well… a little 'off?' She's not certifiably insane, but she definitely has her moments.

"Come again?" She glances over her shoulder with a smile.

"Yes, chocolate soup. Just some chocolate, confectioner's sugar, milk, flour, and nutmeg." I cringe inwardly when I see the bubbling witch's brew she had concocted, but I smile at her knowing she loves and means well.

"Well, I'm actually going to go meet a friend at the park today and we are going to grab dinner." I don't actually know if we are going to grab a bite to eat, but I'd rather not have to disappoint mom by turning her "chocolate soup" down.

"Oh ok. That's nice. I'm impressed you made a friend so quickly. I know you Aurora and social butterfly you are not." She winks at me before humming tunelessly again and stirring. I shake my head in amusement and laugh under my breath. She may be a little of her rocker, but she is crazy perceptive. I hop down from the stool and shuffle to the front door, grabbing a jacket on the way out.

Once I arrive at exactly six o'clock, I can already hear music pouring out of the park. Green Hill Park is a small one, but it is used to hold most of the concerts, festivals, etcetera, therefore making it a regular hang out for just about everyone. I stand just inside the intricate wrought iron gate since I don't see Apollo anywhere near. I roll back on my heels and hum along with a song that I know by Three Days Grace. I was impressed. I was expecting the exact opposite of what I like, but the taste in music is pretty great. Fantastic even. After I stand there like a stalker waiting on the one stalked peering around for Apollo. He wouldn't have forgotten right? The more I stand there the more I begin to doubt he's ever going to come. With an angry huff, I begin to walk back to my truck, but was met with gold eyes the second I turned away.

"Leaving so soon?" He smiles and grasps my hand. "Come on. Let's get closer." I laugh feeling suddenly carefree and weightless. He pulls me through the crowd until we are in the dead center of the rocking out crowd. I pick up from people around me that they were a local band that plan to go national soon. They are by far good enough. In fact, they are freaking amazing. I dance and sing along with the songs I know. Apollo pulls me closer and we dance together completely unworried about anything at all. I bump into someone. I stop dancing immediately shocked. Whoever it is that I just knocked into was cold. Their skin was deathly chilly. I look at the person and gasp. A guy about my age with sunken eyes, black hair, and pale skin grabs my arm and leans close. Goosebumps dance across my skin as the cold of shadows licks at my arm where he grabs me. His mouth is near my ear and I try to pull away, but despite frail appearance the guy is extremely strong. He begins whispering quietly and really quickly sending shivers down my spine.

"You are in grave danger. You need to go home. You will not be safe. You will never be safe near-"

"Aurora, do you know him?" his eyes hide something in them that makes me shudder, "I think we should move away. He probably does drugs or something." Apollo gently pulls me away from the desperate guy with a frown. I wrinkle my eyebrows disturbed by it all. Creepy-guy stands in the middle of swaying fans staring into my eyes with black eyes like a shark's. Suddenly, I hear an explosion and feel intense heat. A scream rips through the air that stops the band cold. An eerie silence falls over the crowd as another small explosion sounds.

"The car! Lightning just struck it and it just exploded! Someone help! Someone was in it!" Since it is a small park I can see the entrance and the leaping flames from a charred SUV that had parked just outside. I gasp in horror. The roof is completely caved in where the lightning hit, and fire is licking at the sides. It had rolled over on its side from the sheer power of the bolt, and the flames are leaving black marks on the faded pavement. The engine kept making small popping noises and hissing angrily. Whoever was in that car is dead. No one could have survived that. A large handful of people pull out their phones and dial 911. Their hushed voices fill the void of noise somewhat. Apollo pulls me to him, and I bury my head in his chest without shame. He guides me away from the hushed voices and panicked murmurs towards a grove of ash trees. The bonfire created shadows of light across the quickly darkening landscape. I hadn't realized how late it had gotten since I had actually been having fun, throwing caution to the wind. I Glance back at Apollo and immediately clam up. His eyes are hard and his face is morphed into an expression of malice and conceit. This day just keeps getting better and better. I slowly back up and hit my back against a tree. I gulp as I realize he had successfully lured me away from a crowd where no one could hear or pay attention to little ole' me. I know in an instant he plans to kill me when he pulls out a wicked sharp knife and grins manically.

"I know! I definitely deserve an Oscar's award for that performance don't you agree? Maybe I really should take up acting. I managed to get you to come on a date with me and then come here away from everyone. I reassured you when that shadow of Nyx tried to warn you against me. Yes, they do seem like druggies don't you think?" He slowly advanced towards me like a predator and prey. I don't think I really like the feeling of being prey. At all. I rack my sluggish brain for an escape plan, but I draw up a blank. I take a deep breathe to scream for help, but he is there in an instant with a hand covering my mouth and nose. He presses me up against the tree, his toes flush with mine. With the hand not trying to suffocate me, he presses the knife against my neck with just enough pressure so that if I so much as swallowed, I would end up slitting my own throat. I struggle to breathe and claw at his hand, but it is like trying to cut steak with a plastic-ware knife. Impossible. My eyes tear up as I see spots in vision that I don't really think are supposed to be there. So this is how its going to end. I have always figured I'd go out with a bang. Well, you what? I am not going to sit here and let this knife wielding maniac cut me down without a peep from me. With what little strength I have left, I kick out with my foot and hit him where the sun don't shine. It wouldn't have made a difference if I had kicked a marble statue with the amount of response I got. That is supposed to be every man's weakness! That should be considered cheating. Suddenly he releases his hold I crumple like a deck of cards while gasping for air. He crouches down beside me and covers my mouth again, but he doesn't cut off the air through my nose. I feel weak, like I had run a marathon.

"Well," he looks down at me on the ground while crouched to my left, "I had almost expected more of a challenge from the 'great daughter.' You know what. I think I'm up for a chase, how about you? I'll let you have a ten second head start before I come after you?" He looks at me with contempt. He tilts his head like a dog and begins to tremble. I watch in disbelief as the gold eyes, hair, and body melt away leaving the real him. Hair like bleached silver and eyes like autumn leaves replace the guy I had met only a few days ago. After his transformation he is much more bulky with muscle instead of lean. He straightens up to his full height, a good 6' 5. He glances down at me coolly with no emotion before stepping away. I still lay down on the chilly earth numb with brain overload that is kicked into gear as he begins talking.

"One…" I hate playing his game, but if it means I have a chance, granted a really small chance, then I will gladly take it.