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"Thane, I lost them in the crowd, the fucking club is too packed, let's head them off at Tallied's apartment." Selene cursed under her breath at failing to keep up with their target. She sprinted on the catwalks, following the directions Bailey had given them to Tallied's apartment. She couldn't see Thane at all, but she knew he was down below, moving as quickly as she was.

Shepard stepped over the stock boy she had just punched in the stomach, causing him to pass out. She didn't want to hurt the kid but she didn't have time to play twenty questions, plus he would be fine after a few minutes. She ran through the next door and was able to see the apartment building in the distance and a ledge a few feet in front of her. She jogged to the ledge, below Tallied and his body guard was making their way to the apartment doors; leaning against a wall near by was a blue scaled drell. Half of him was hidden in the shadows but Selene was able to make out a very tall and well built frame, the same skin tight leathers that she was used to seeing on Thane were also worn by his son. Selene instructed EDI to shut down the cameras in the square, she didn't want any video footage to be taken. She watched as the young drell rubbed his at his eyes tiredly, his full lips turning down in a frown as he stepped from the shadows. Selene had a moment to ponder why he would be going through with this assassination when it was clear he was so conflicted with the action. However, Kolyat pulling his pistol from his hip cut short her thoughts and the Commander acted quickly, pulling her sniper from her back and taking aim.

The shot rang out loud and clear across the court yard, startling the few people walking by, causing everyone to scatter in panic. Selene quickly reloaded, wasting no time in taking out the Krogan, who was trying to see where the shot had originated from and only saw Kolyat. The drell didn't see the Blood Pack guard aim at his head as he himself was trying to figure out who had shot his target. The last bullet flew by Kolyat's face, barely missing him, causing him to duck down in alarm. She smirked as she looked through her eye piece at him.

Kolyat franticly scanned the area in front of him, seeing no one with any sort of fire arm. His eyes traveled to the catwalks, finally spotting a human woman, crouched down with a sniper rifle, looking directly at him. Kolyat could only stare as she stood up and with out any effort, she jumped down from the balcony. The distance between the floor and the balcony had to be a ten foot drop, which would usually cause someone to break their legs, but she just kept on walking towards him. She was clad in all black, black boots, black skin tight jeans, black low cut shirt and a black high color leather jacket. Even her damn hair was black, it came to about her waist and was stick straight, framing a thin, light brown face. Her big full pink lips fit her face well and her straight nose had light freckles across it. Her black eyebrows were thick and had a slight arch to them and under them sat her silver green eyes, which held his gaze unfaltering, rooting him to his kneeled position on the floor. Kolyat could only stare up at her as she stopped three feet from him, his eyes traveled from her boots to her face, noticing the large menacing knife strapped to her thigh and the pistol on her hip. Even through the slight fear and confusion fogging his mind, the male in him couldn't help but notice how attractive her body was; short but thin and athletically built, with shapely hips and a toned stomach. As he met her face, her lips quirked in a small smirk, her sniper rifle was held loosely in one hand.

She tilted her head to the side, the orange scars on her face seemed to glow brighter, "You going to get off the floor or you just going to continue to kneel at my feet?" Selene spoke smoothly.

Her voice had a strange accent to it, one he had never heard. Her words seemed to roll off her tongue with ease. Kolyat was still a bit stunned by her presence, the lights above gave off a kind of silver glow around her that made her appear both ethereal and dangerous. She reminded him of the warrior angles of Arashu his mother would tell him about as a child. When he was young, he had hung on his mother's and father's every word about the god and goddess of old, but when his mother was taken from him in the cruelest manner possible, he stopped believing in those gods. Why should he pray to gods that did not care for him? Why should he believe they were there? The woman in front of him almost made him rethink those questions.

Kolyat shook his head, his face hardening as he stood. This is a human, not an angel, pull yourself together damn it! Kolyat towered over the small woman, he was probably a full foot taller than her, standing at 6'3". Kolyat thought about raising his gun to her, which was still in his hand, but that would probably be unwise, so he spoke instead, "What do you want? And why did you kill those men?"

Kolyat was oblivious to the figure behind her, watching from the shadows, where he had been since the first shot had rang out. Selene knew Thane was there and turned to the side, looking over her shoulder to him, jerking her head so he would know to come out.

Her attention went back to Kolyat, "I think this man can answer those questions for you."

Selene moved out of the way, revealing Thane, who was walking towards them.

Kolyat's face fell in shock, then quickly changed to anger as he gritted his teeth, the hand that didn't hold his gun tightened into a fist.

Shepard gave them some space, she placed her sniper on her back, but her hand rested on her pistol just in case Kolyat tried to fire his gun.

Thane stood before his son, she noticed he was about an inch shorter than his boy and now that she was able to get a good look at the blue drell next to his father, she could compare their looks. Kolyat had a more prominent chin then Thane, and his lips were slightly wider and the bottom lip thicker. Kolyat was also made up of varies blues that faded into teal and the ribbing at his neck was a dark purplish red. Other than being much darker than his father in hue, he was the spitting image of Thane; same nose, same dark eyes and same facial markings. Even the freckles and the hexagon shape at the top of his forehead was unmistakably derivative from his father. The only markings that were different were the ones at his cheeks, cutting swirling and jagged edges down his long face.

Selene looked him up and down with her eyes, he was thinner than his father but did not lack for muscle. Drell clothing did little for the imagination so she could see every contour of his body. She remembered she had thought Thane was very attractive when she met him and it turned out the son inherited his father's good looks. One thing was for certain, this one didn't have the stoicism and control Thane did, because he was giving his father a death glare that she was sure might kill him if Kolyat tried hard enough.

"Kolyat." Thane's voice came out as little more than a breath, his expression falling away to worry and uncertainty, not something Selene was used to seeing on her friend.

"This . . . this is a joke. Now, now you show up?" Kolyat couldn't believe that his father was standing before him. His attention went to the human that stood behind his father as he turned his glare on her, "Why did you even bother bringing him? What ever it is you want, you wont accomplish by having my father talk to me." He spat angrily.

Selene narrowed her eyes at him, "I didn't bring him, he brought me. We came to stop you from making a horrible mistake Kolyat, I suggest you listen to what your father has to say, he doesn't have much time in this world."

"What, so you came to get my forgiveness? So you could die in peace or something?" Kolyat spat, glaring at his father.

Thane walked closer to his son. If I cannot have a relationship with my son, so be it. But Kolyat needs to know everything. "I came to grant you peace." He whispered. "You're angry because I wasn't there when your mother died." Thane looked lost, but knew this was something he needed to do.

"You weren't there when she was alive, why would you be there when she died?" The young drell snarled at him, the gun at his side lifted, and Shepard did not hesitate. She drew her pistol fast, shooting at the hip, the bullet grazed Kolyat's arm, causing him to drop his gun and hold his arm.

"Oh my gods!" He looked murderously at Shepard, "You fucking bitch!"

Selene smirked at him, putting her pistol in its holster; and just to add insult to injury, she gave Kolyat a wink, "Your lucky that's all I did, I usually kill people who pull guns on my team mates." She didn't think he was actually going to shoot Thane, just probably hold the gun to his head, try and scare him or satisfy his own anger. The young drell probably could have been talked out of it, but Selene was more of the shoot first kind of woman. She wouldn't necessarily kill first but definitely shoot you.

Thane looked down, shaking his head at the Commander's choice of action. He wasn't shocked by any means and he was the one who asked for her help, knowing what she was like. Thane looked to his son, who he held his arm and continued to stare down Shepard as if he wanted to kill her. Thane noticed some blood escape through the boys fingers but the wound was not fatal. "Kolyat." Thane brought his son's attention back on him, "Your mother . . . they killed her to get to me. It was my fault."

Selene wanted to cut in, she wanted to say it wasn't his fault but knew this wasn't the time to try and rid him of his guilt, besides she saw Kolyat drop his hostile expression, his body relaxing a bit.

"What?'" Kolyat's brow ridges turned down in confusion.

Before Thane could answer EDI's voice came over both their comms, loud enough for Kolyat to hear.

"Shepard. My scans are picking up a squad of C-sec officers headed your way, I recommend departing from your current position." The AI's voice almost sounded concerned, if that was possible.

Thane and Selene shared a quick look before they nodded to one another, Shepard looked to Kolyat, who looked lost, "Come on, you two can continue this conversation on the ship. Also, we can get that little cut fixed. Pick your gun up." She turned her back on him, Thane fell in step with her to her left, they both could hear Kolyat right behind them.

"Shepard, how are you going to explain those bodies?" Thane's voice held disproval.

"I had EDI shut down the camera's, Kolyat was never taped and neither was I, The crowed did not see me and Kolyat never fired a shot, I doubt anyone even saw he had a gun." Selene hailed a cab. She grabbed Thane by the neck of his coat, "You seem like you don't like what I did back there."

"It was an interesting solution, shooting them." Thane's voice and face held no emotion, but Selene had spent enough time with him to know that he was put off by what she did.

She pulled a data pad out of her jacket pocket and pressed it into his exposed chest, "Look at this, then tell me what you think. Sit in the back, I don't want him behind me while I drive." She looked over her shoulder at Kolyat, giving him an amused smile.

"Afraid I might kill you, Commander Shepard?" He sneered.

Oh, looks like Jr. knows who I am. Selene stepped away from Thane to get right in Kolyat's face, well as close as she could since she only came to his shoulder. Thane looked on with concern at what she might do.

"No. I don't want to upset your father more by putting another bullet in you. This time." She stood on her toes in order to get closer, it caused Kolyat to stiffen, she was so close that he could feel her warm breath fan his face, "I might just aim lower." Her eyes looked down at his waist as she whispered her words. Kolyat winced slightly at what she implied, he turned his stance a bit to better cover himself. She laughed at him, a cheerful one that was completely unfitting for the encounter they were having.

"Come on you two." She jerked her head to the car, closing the doors once everyone was in and she took off into traffic.

Thane sat in the back, reading over the data pad that Selene had given him, his face growing more disturbed as he read. Selene looked over at her front seat passenger, noticing his holo belt wasn't on.

Shepard returned her attention back to the traffic, not looking at Kolyat as she spoke, "Put you seat belt on."

Kolyat looked at her, his face mirroring defiance, "No."

Selene looked at him, meeting his gaze dead on, "Now."

Kolyat leaned over towards her, "No."

Shepard clenched her jaw in order to keep the smile from her face, she looked back out the front window, "Fine, have it your way. Thane is your belt on?"

Thane didn't want to answer, he knew what was coming and she had already shot his son, he didn't want to help aid in causing him more pain, but there was a part of him that felt his rude son deserved what was coming to him, so he answer Shepard, "Yes Commander." Thane's hands tightened over the seat and arm rest.

Selene allowed the smile to grace her lips before slamming on the brakes. Kolyat flew forward, hitting his head into the window, he yelled in pain as he clutched his forehead. Shepard didn't stop there, she pushed on the gas, reaching high speeds in seconds, Kolyat flew back in his seat, knocking the wind out of him. Selene made a sharp turn, Thane had to tighten up in order to stay in his seat, poor Kolyat went right back into the window, only this time it was the side one, his face knocking against the glass loudly. Shepard had a large grin on her face now, loving not only driving but teaching the young drell next to her a lesson.

She finally slowed as she came back into traffic, a pleased expression on her face as she looked at Kolyat beside her, slumped in his seat and breathing hard. It looked like he had a bruise forming on his head, the scales turning a darker color. His lip was split but nothing that would leave a scar. He looked over at her with narrowed eyes and a slightly gaping mouth as he sucked in air, his hand coming up to press the button that activated his holo belt.

"There! Are you happy?" He asked her, straightening in his seat.

"No, but now I know you wont go through the window if something happens." She stated with amusement, looking away from him.

Kolyat wanted to call her a crazy bitch but thought better of it. He had taken enough abuse from this woman, whom he had only met twenty minutes ago. It had surprised him to hear his father say her name. Shepard, Commander Shepard. The same Shepard who was the Savior of the Citadel and survivor on Akuz, the only survivor. He had heard stories about her, of her bravery, her ruthlessness, her kindness, but none of the stories had prepared him for the real thing. Kolyat sat back in his seat and stared out the window, this day had not ended up the way he planed, he was sitting in a car with the Great, and crazy, Commander Shepard and his father who had abandoned him, going to some ship in order to hide from C-sec. What the hell have I gotten into?

The group came out of the decontamination chamber and stepped onto the CIC. Kolyat stood behind his father and the Commander as he stared down the long hall of chairs, occupied by many crewmen operating the ship together. To the left was the main pilot, who swung around in his chair in order to walk over to them. He had a limp to his step and was hunched over on one side.

He had a cocky smile on his face as he addressed his father, "So Krios, is this your baby boy?" His brows crinkled in confusion for a second as he looked at Kolyat, then the smile returned as he moved his attention to Shepard, "Let me guess, you shot him, then did that to his face."

Selene returned his smile, "Yes." She said simply. She turned to Kolyat, causing him to lean back from her slightly, giving her a weary look, his bloody had still covering his arm. His appearance just made her laugh, "Kolyat this is the ship's pilot, Joker."

Kolyat looked at the man, only nodding slightly, which seemed like the right thing to do because the human did not offer his hand to shake.

Joker tipped his hat to the drell, then spoke to the Commander, "Shepard, EDI says C-sec discovered the bodies, no witnesses know what happened only saying they saw shots from the distance, they couldn't even pin point where, but they did give a description of a woman in black talking with two drell walking away from the scene. I think you will be expecting company."

Selene nodded her head, folding her arms lightly across her chest, "It would have been coming regardless of the ID, Bailey knew we were going after Kolyat and he knows where to find me."

Thane looked down at her beside him, "You do not seem particularly concerned about that Selene?" Thane was worried the C-sec captain would blame Kolyat, he did not want his son to go to prison, and if that happened he was blaming Shepard.

Shepard gave her friend a smile and nudged him with her shoulder, "Come on Thane, relax. Remember who your speaking to, I get shit done, and it's always done my way." She winked at him, noticing the corners of his lips pull up slightly.

Kolyat was looking at the two with confusion, it was strange to see his father act this way, hell it was strange to see his father at all. He wondered what exactly his relationship with the human woman was, because they seemed very close. This made him scowl, but before he could continue his thoughts, Shepard spoke.

Selene placed a hand on Thane's shoulder, "Now, go speak with your son." She nodded down the hallway.

Thane nodded in return, turning towards Kolyat he told him to follow, which surprisingly Kolyat did with out protest.

Selene watched them go, disappearing in the elevator to the crew deck.

She spoke to herself in a whisper, "Please. Listen to your father."

She turned to Joker, who was leaning against the archway, "So, what happened?"