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Chapter 1

Ever since mom died when I was real young I was introduced into the real world; a cold and heartless place, when an opportunity was given you would take it, and that's exactly what I did. My friend and I whose name is Yue, went into the life of entertainment at a fairly young age. Every time we would walk on the lower streets of Hollywood Boulevard, we would of course hear mocking sounds of men calling us 'sluts' and 'whores' which we were used to, but it still hurt. Yue and I finally arrived in our small dingy apartment, of which we share together, a simple and modest room. Two twin beds, a small kitchen, one bathroom, but most of posters of famous stars, and magazine posts of fashionable clothes, yes we have dreams of becoming successful fashion designers, wear our styles and what not. That night had been extremely low on business, but Yue had seemed to get a couple of customers. I was reading a magazine that night sitting up in my small warm bed; it was all about Azula Agni, the famous and rich daughter of former business mogul Ozai Agni.

"Don't tell me you're reading about the bitch again," a lovely white haired Yue growled, pulling off her skin tight pants, and changing into worn pajama shorts, walking to the small fridge, pulling out a pint of ice cream. Katara chuckled in response but admired "the bitch's" strong facial structure. She was every woman's dream after all. She put the book down and placed her hand on her necklace, a skinny silver chain, with a beautiful circular orb hanging from it. Without thinking she expressed her feelings.

"I miss my mother," she blurted honestly. She saw Yue's facial expression drop and she walked over to her weary friend.

"Kya was good people, you would have made her proud." Said Yue licking some ice cream from the large spoon.

"Make her proud?" Katara started with a shocked expression over her face, hurt and pain in her eyes, and even a hint of embarrassment. She faced her friend in the eyes, tears ready to fall, but she kept them in as long as she could.

"I'm a whore, a prostitute, how could I make her proud, by fucking everyone I see for money, I'm nothing!" Katara yelled. Now it was Yue's turn to look shocked, she shook her head actually hurt that Katara would think she added up to nothing.

"Listen to me and listen well," Yue began which earned an agitated moan from the blue eyed beauty across from her.

"Okay so you're a whore, a slut, whatever you wanna call it! But you found a way to make a life, no matter what the circumstances added up to, and you're amazing, you're not really a slut like me," Yue explained making sure the last part of her lecture had a bit of comic relief.

"You choose what men to sleep with, something I would never do, and you're independent and strong!" she added thus ending the pep talk. Katara only smiled at her friends words and began to look at the magazine once more.

"Thanks but I'm still not changing the way I feel at the moment." Katara explained.

"Aang's in town." Said a sing song voice. She looked at Yue with a continuing look on her face.

"He's one of your clients and he pays you pretty good, all things considering you did date him in high school for a while, that counts for something." Yue teased. I felt like I was going to puke in that very spot, as I felt my stomach churn non stop. Me and Aang did date in high school for a while, and yes he was my client but that ended badly. Surprisingly he had gotten into a relationship with Azula the beauty in the magazine. He was famous after all. I hate all this talk about past relationships so I threw the magazine on the other end of the bed, and pulled the large bed covers over my head.

"Shut up," I said to a snickering Yue, and finally drifted into a slumber.

The sound of hoots and hollers were heard through the shattered apartment window, that's how it was on Hollywood Boulevard, prostitutes everywhere, each and which way, and pimps followed right behind them. I didn't need a pimp to feel protected I could handle myself. My brother always said I was too independent, but of course I was too stubborn to believe him. My brother Sokka is a successful stock broker in Beverly Hills, we haven't talked for five a total of five years since he thought I was busy hoarding his money; which wasn't true! I've decided to stay away from all amount of family that I had, and continue on with my life.

"Oh! That is sexy my friend!" Yue exclaimed coming from the bathroom. I chuckled at her enthusiasm scanning myself in the tattered but long mirror. I did look good for you're experienced prostitute. I thanked my friend for the positive comment as I zipped up my boots finally scanning my full bodied image, and was happy with it. I wore a white tee shirt that ended three inches above the belly button, and my famous skin tight black shorts, that luckily allowed me to hook on dark blue suspenders and last my black calf length boots with a three inch heel.

"Don't forget this!" Yue yelled throwing a black object in mid air which I caught successfully. My famous wig that was in a bob cut hairstyle, I quickly put bobby pins in my chocolate brown hair that held it in place, while I finally put the wig over my real hair.

"Thanks I'll see you later." I waved at my friend and exited our dingy apartment and into the streets. It was cold that night luckily I remembered my dark blue jacket with black accents that hit the thigh. I gave a small smile as I saw my famous client Aang White standing there, staring at me lust in his grey orbs. I walked up to him and folded my arms.

"I hear you're dating Azula Agni," I began leaning on his limo in the process. I saw Aang give a small smirk.

"Yeah it's for business affairs, different reasons. I thought you would be honored to see me." He joked. I kissed his lips quickly, without any emotion.

"Where should we do this at?" I questioned rubbing his silky tie.

"Anywhere let's just do this." He smirked. Katara grabbed his hand and led him into a bar in one of the stalls of the bathroom and they started to have sex, which was not the greatest in the world; on Aang's part. Katara was a pro after all and knew what she was doing, but right now she regretted it.


"Yes, yes, I understand thank you very much!" Zuko yelled and slammed the phone on the receiver. I had just received news that the companies I had bought to help the companies financially, but my stupid sister had caused the other businesses to go bankrupt, and she took all their savings. I walked out of my office going through another hall corridor and finally entered my sister's "oasis," which she called it. He saw her chuckling sensually on the other line of the phone, wrapping the phone cord around her long and polished ruby red nails.

"Thank you for your call I'll see you later, I promise." She cooed and put the phone back on the hook.

"Zuzu what are you doing? Spying like a helpless komodo rhino." She accused standing from her seating position.

"I just found out something very interesting!" he mused.

"Oh?" she questioned while stretching her arms over her head, smiling wickedly.

"You totally cut Bumi Enterprise! We agreed we would help them with their business for five years not three! Five! Now their bankrupt!" I yelled feeling all the fire rush through my veins at this very moment. She was always so manipulative even as a small child, I think she's a spawn of the devil… literally! I walked closer to her desk close and plopped down in the chair. Ever since my father died I felt like it was my responsibility to handle everything, but of course my sister tried to beat me to it.

"Bumi is a useless old man he's going to die soon anyway I thought it was the perfect time to cut him in more ways than one, I actually have to deliver these forms to him right now Zuzu, now if you excuse me," she said and quickly stood with gracefulness. He saw an evil glare in her eyes as she gathered the reports, something was going on and he wanted to find out, now. He quickly snatched the papers from his sister and smiled.

"I'll take them!" he yelled and left the office, leaving a shocked Azula.

It was an hour when Zuko had delivered the papers to his former client. Bumi was a good man it was a shame his death would occur in two months. Right now Zuko just wanted to get home to his warm penthouse and ignore the outside world full of vicious and irrational human beings. I started to think more on life and it could be ended at any time, sadly. I wanted to have the regular and perfect life, and be known for myself not my money or cars, or that my dad was psycho business mogul and money hoarder, but me Zuko Agni. I had broken up with my moody ex-fiancée Mai, due to her crave for money instead of a relationship, we ran a good two years but our relationship ended before after the first eight dates.

"Good evening Mr. Agni." A friendly voice called. My eyes were glued to the figure that was walking toward me in the night breeze. He noticed it was his assistant Jin Itsami, who also works a second shift at his uncle Iroh's tea shop a mile away.

"Nice to see you Jin, how are you doing?" he questioned the female. She smiled at him she had quit only three months ago, hoping to become a famous artist but for some reason preferred working with tea instead.

"I'm just fine Mr. Agni I'm moving to Ontario it should be a great start to open an art and tea shop down there, not to mention I do have family members down there." She explained to her former boss. "Anyway you should get home it's not good to be out here at this hour, good night." She said and finally walked into a brick building. I stood there for a moment and took thought to the idea. I got into my new and aggravating car; it had a total of four gas pedals and multiple gears. He only bought it because it looked classic and luxurious. Real reason Azula has one. He started at a slow drive taking his time only doing a mileage of ten, much to his embarrassment. He turned his vehicle to the left instead of going to the right, but he was so caught up into learning about his new car he took the wrong turn. I of course have to admit I wasn't watching where I was going but finally looked up around me as I stopped my fancy car on the side of the street. I swallowed nervously as I saw different women in revealing and short outfits prancing around with different men, some even injecting drugs into their system.

"Fuck," I whispered anxiety getting to me. My car had just died on me, or so I thought. I exited my car and popped the hood open, scanning and tracing any signs of damage, but found none. How was I supposed to get home now?! I felt as if my life was over as finally I heard a voice from beside me.

"Need help?"

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