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Chapter 3

Katara POV

The dark haired man was very handsome in my sight, but I could tell he was unhappy about the blemish on his face. The guy kept turning his head so I would not be able to see it! Well to bad because I already saw it, buddy! I could tell that guys with marks like that were either contributing their services to gangs, or had a bad allergic reaction. It was one of those two choices. We were walking in silence. The only thing that could be heard on the tiled floors, were the clicking of my heels, and the slow breathing of the handsome man walking a few feet before me. Fine! Avoid me if you want to, but you can't get rid of me! While he was trying to avoid me by speeding up a tad, I took time to notice my surroundings. The walls were a beautiful crème color, adorned with portraits of snooty old ladies, looking down on peasants and serfs. The one thing that caught my eye was a gorgeous and sturdy painting right across from the golden elevator.

The background was a nice shade and mixture of gold and brown. The woman in the portrait had dark brown skin-the exact same shade as mine. She was dressed in a tight fitting renaissance styled red dress that dropped to her feet. Her brown curls were in a fancy and royal up-do. Even dressed like this she had a frown on her face. My hand flew immediately to my necklace as I read the small writings on it.

Kya the woman who shall never be forgotten…

That was my mother. Okay so let's pause for a minute. I may not have told you the entire truth. My dad is actually a wealthy business person shamed to look upon his daughter. He met my mother and they fell in love and so on. My mother was a model but instead of working behind the cameras she was a muse. One tied her down to a contract and used her in ways more than one. I recognized this painting clearly. The owner…not so sure about. But the minute I find out I am ripping him to shreds. How could her painting get in here anyway? The ding of the elevator rang through my ears; the dark haired man was already inside. But another was standing there waiting in a hotel uniform a smile on his face. I took one last glimpse of the picture and walked inside the elevator.

He looked at me for a moment and a smirk crossed his face, as he pushed a button to raise the elevator up. He looked toward Zuko-I guess I should start saying his name- and began talking in a language that I detected was Earth Kingdom French. That was one of the easiest dialects there was, and this bastard didn't think I would know it?!

« Vous avez acheté tout à fait le monsieur dame. »(You have bought quite the lady, sir.) The man named Zuko looked at him with surprise and raised a brow.

« Que voulez-vous dire? » (What do you mean ?)

I finally stopped leaning against the elevator wall, as it dinged, as expected. I snarled and got in the man's face and growled.

« Enfoncer trou du cul. » (Fucking Asshole)

He looked at me in surprise and I returned the look before I finally walked out of the elevator, a smile on my face. This guy obviously did not know who he was dealing with. Wait! But before I could stop myself I turned around on my heel and frowned.

"So I'm a prostitute! Don't judge me because of it! I'm not judging you. You're wearing a tight-ass bellhop suit, that makes your legs look like a woman's. Get them pleated!" I yelled angrily. Zuko grabbed my arm, unlocked his penthouse door, and pushed me inside with aggression. I smiled in satisfaction as I turned to face him, propping myself up on an elbow.

"So you like it rough. You should be on the bottom then." I explained. He shook his head and closed the door.

"I don't want to have this conversation with you of all people." He explained going into his large kitchen. "And why do you assume I would want to sleep with you?" he looked appalled to my surprise. Usually guys like to get laid, especially when they offer you help. My eyes widened and I stood slowly throwing my boots in the corner. I made the "rock-on" sign with my two fingers and pointed at him. Shock on my face.

"So let me get this straight. You were nice to me." Check, "You let me drive your car." Check, Check, "You invite me into your home, and refuse to screw me?" Please say no I don't want to screw you. Tui and La if he says that he is my dream guy!

"No I don't want to." He said and shrugged. Oh! THIS IS MY GUY! My dream guy is in this room, before my damn eyes. Call me crazy but I'm in love! Wait it could be a trap. He could maul me in my sleep, put a crazy pill in my drink and I become a whack-job. This guy was being too nice for his own good. I swallowed hard and snapped my fingers audibly and pointed at him.

"You're gay." I stated boldly. He choked on the wine he was drinking and looked mortified.

"What?" he screamed.

"It's okay! It's okay if you are. I have lots of gay friends and family members. In fact my brother was bi at one time, but now he's totally straight. It was just one time, he did it with a guy named Hahn…I'm not really sure-"

"I'm not fucking gay!" he screamed ending my rant.

"Ugh, OKAY!" I screamed making a monster face I was also doing the same with my hands to emphasize my point. This guy was crazy. I just asked him a question. I folded my arms and finally sat on the counter next to him as he sipped more wine.

"So…if you don't want sex, what do you want?"

He swallowed more of his wine and looked me in the eyes. God his eyes were gorgeous.

"I have a proposition for you."

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