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When a group of girls get together, it doesn't matter what they're doing, the conversation will eventually be turned to the subject of the opposite sex.
While it doesn't matter how the subject was brought up, what does matter was that the girls from the Generation of Miracles were now on this topic and their red haired captain came to a decsion from that.
"I think it's best to let your friends meet someone before you start dating him. Just so that they can be sure he's good for you," Seijiko Akashi said, her two different colored eyes glinting in a way that made clear that what she meant was 'If you start dating someone without telling me first, I will kill you and him without a second thought.'
"It's true," Atsuko Murasakibara agreed. Even if their ex-captain had...questionable intentions, it was always nice to introduce your boyfriend to your friends.
"We should do that next week," Ryouna Kise suggested. They all met up whenever their scheduals would allow, so usually once a week. "We can all introduce the guy we wanna go out with, right?"
"Hah? Is there someone you have in mind, Ryou?" Daika Aomine asked in a teasing tone.
"It's not like there's anoyone specific I'd want to bring..." Shinai Midorima muttered, being her usual tsundere self.
The quiet sixth member of the group, Tetsuna Kuroko thought it over silently. To bring her new light? Or not to bring him? Either way could cause a problem.
"It's decided then," Akashi said, slapping the table with her hand, causing the chatter to stop. "The next few times we meet, one of you will bring the person you want to go out with to meet us. We'll test them one at a time."
There wasn't really any room for discussion once the heterochromantic girl had spoken and everyone knew that, so they decided the order they'd bring their respective boys before turning the conversation to basketball. Tomboys at heart...

The order of things turned out to be: Kuroko, Kise, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara, and finally Akashi in terms of meeting their boys.

Kuroko was glad that it wasn't too hard to get her chosen partner, Taiga Kagami, to go somewhere with her. She didn't mention that her former teammates would be there for obvious reasons (his refusal to go).
"Uh, you know how you usually just follow me to Maji Burger after school?" Kagami asked somewhat awkwardly.
"Yes," the girl replied in her usual deadpan.
"Well, uhh, you asked me to go with you to this restaurant...Is this a...d-da-date?"
The pale girl walked so she was in front of him and he wouldn't see her blush. "Not really. Maybe a...pre-date...?" she said thoughtfully. It was the best way to put it without having Kagami run off.
"So, like...a trial-run or something like that" he asked.
"Exactly like that..."
She felt a rough hand on her head. "Idiot. Just say something if you feel that way. It's the same for me, after all."
Kuroko couldn't stop the small smile that came to her face.

Once they got to the restaurant, the waiter showed them to the large booth where the other girls were already waiting.
"Kurokochii!" Kise shouted, glomping the smaller girl.
"Please let go, Kise-san..."
"Hey! Woah! What are they doing here?!" Kagami demanded.
"An interesting choice, Tetsuna, though not really an unexpected one," Akashi said, figuring if it was to be anyone, it would have been him for the bluenette.
Kuroko calmly explained the situation to her light and he would have walked out if not for the fact that this meant the girl was seriously considering going out with him. He grudgingly sat down at the booth with the girls.
"So, yeah! I don't like him!" Aomine said bluntly. "A guy like that doesn't suit Tetsu at all!"
"Whaddoya mean 'I don't suit her'?!" he demanded angrily.
"I dunno, Aominechii. You might be wrong about that," Kise piped up.
"Whatever. I handed his ass to him enough times to be allowed to say he doesn't deserve her," the tan girl huffed, still not ready to accept being replaced by Kuroko's new light.
"Well, why don't we let Tetsuna and Taiga speak for themselves about why they make a good couple?" Akashi said, but even though she voiced it as a suggestion, it was an order for everyone else to shut up. "Taiga, why do you deserve to have us hand over Tetsuna to your care?"
"What is this, a marriage meeting?" he grumbled.
"Then, it's not your intention to be in a commited relationship with Kuro-chin?" Murasakibara asked as she chomped down on the pizza she's ordered to the table.
"I never said that!"
"Then be clear about it, Bakagami!" Aomine snapped. "What does Tetsu mean to you?"
"Kagami-kun. I know they aren't the easiest people to put up with all the time, but please try to bear with it for now," Kuroko said, noticing the twitching in her light's jaw.
He sighed. "Jeez. What do you even want me to say? I mean...Kuroko's a part of my life. It feels wrong when she doesn't suddenly pop up and scare the crap outta me. She's do I put it...other half, I guess. Kinda like a yin-yang or something?"
Kuroko sunk down in her seat, face burning. "Kagami-kun can say some embarrassing things..."
He grabbed her head a bit roughly. "You rubbed off on me, dummy!"
"Stupid couple..." Midorima muttered. "It's too obvious with them."
"I think they're cuuuuute~" Kise sing-songed.
The rest of the time they spent there was relatively normal, save for the fact that they were all, well...themselves.
"Well, while I think that Tetsuna could certainly do much better," Akashi began, causing Kagami to let out a small noise of protest, "it's clear that they certainly do suit each other well."
"Yay for the new couple!" Kise cheered.
They all started to file out of the booth, leaving just Kuroko and Kagami alone.
"So..." Kagami began, but didn't continue.
Kuroko looked at him expectantly.
"Uhh...wanna go a real date sometime?" he asked, face red.
She smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes, I'd like that."
"Those bitches stuck us with the check, didn't they?"

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