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Anyone on the Kaijou High School Basketball Team could tell you what happened when their only female player was trying to get their captain to do something she wanted. It happened too often for them to not get it. Even if Yukio Kasamatsu had never been able to talk to women, he seemed to have no problem shouting all sorts of things at Ryouna Kise and knocking on her head claiming it was hallow.

But then, she would cry. And he would look like the bad guy who was picking on girls. Eventually, the senior would be forced to give in to the cute freshman (much to her delight).

Today was no different from any other time. Kise had asked Kasamatsu if he would go somewhere with her to meet her old teammates from Teiko, which he immediately refused. He'd had enough of those girls to last him quite a while.

"Ehh?! But Senpaiiiii~" the girl whined, her gold eyes watering up. "I already told them you'd be there!"

The brunet growled and put the blonde in a headlock. "DON'T DECIDE THINGS ON YOUR OWN LIKE THAT, IDIOT!"

"Waah! Let goooo! Senpai's so meeean!" Kise wailed, drawing the attention of everyone in the gym.

And this went on for a few minutes until finally, Kasamatsu agreed to go with her begrudgingly and Kise cheered, linking her arm in his. "Let's go, Yukiocchi~" she said, winking.

He flicked her forehead. "Don't jump ahead of yourself, Baka Onna," he warned. She pouted and they left together.

"Remind me again why they aren't dating?" Hayakawa muttered as the team watched them leave together.

Everyone else sweatdropped.

The Teiko girls were meeting at a manga cafe this time and Kise skipped along next to Kasamatsu, humming contently.

"What are you so damn happy about?" her senior grumbled.

"Eh? Why shouldn't I be happy? Senpai and me~ Me and Senpai~ On a DATE~" she sing-songed, rocking her head from side to side, causing her twin tails to tilt with her.

"Ha?! When did you decide that?!" he demanded, turning red and shaking her slightly.

"Uuu~ Why else did you think I was inviting you to meet with my friends? It's normal to introduce the guy you like, right?" she said, her voice shaking a bit as minor whiplash set in.

He let her go and "tsk"ed. "And you decided stuff like that I'd go out with you on your own again, huh? Think about how I feel for once, Baka Onna."

"Hmm... If you don't like it...for can go or whatever. I won't make a fuss," Kise said in a quiet, somewhat timid, very un-Kise sounding voice.

"W-well, I never said that, though," he said, looking away from her.

"We're here," she said, pointing to the cafe. "If you wanna go home instead, you can go now. But I hope you wouldn't leave me after we go in. What are you gonna do, Senpai?"

Kasamatsu sighed and garbbed her head, squeezing it harshly. "You really are a Baka Onna, aren't you? I'm going, so don't cry like an idiot, okay?"

Kise smiled brightly as they entered together. Since it was around the time that students would be there, the place was crowded, but it's not too hard to pick out people with blue, green, purple, and red hair, so they found the other girls quickly.

"Kise, you're 15 minutes late," Midorima told her.

"Ehhh?! Well, that's Senpai's fault for being stuborn!" she said with a pout.

"Oi!" Kasamatsu objected.

"Ah, so it's this guy?" Aomine asked, disinterestedly. "I remember him a little. Kasamako or something?"

"Aomine-san, please try to remember peoples' names if you've played against them," Kuroko admonished with a blank tone but a stern glare.

"Yeah, yeah. Do you remember every bug you step on?"

"Yeah. I'm leaving," Kasamatsu said, grinding his teeth and turning back.

"Nooooo!" Kise whined, grabbing his arm and pulling him as hard as she could to stop him. "Aominecchi didn't mean that you're a bug! It was a metaphor!"

"So I'm as insignificant as a bug she stepped on? How is that any better?!" he shouted in the blonde's face.

"Yukiocchi, pleaase try to stay a little longer!" she begged, tearing up.

"Kise-chin calls Kasa-chin by his first name..." Murasakibara noted as she nibbled on a pocky stick.

"Hmm... Could it be they've progressed that far...?" Kuroko said, mostly to herself.

"This is so stupid," Midorima muttered.

"They're... cute though..." Akashi said in a somewhat quiet voice. She wouldn't admit jealousy. Never.

"Y-yes! Yukiocchi and I are very close! We've even been in the open air bath together!" Kise said, trying to build a case for why they should accept her choice of boyfriend.

"Hey, hey, hey! That was once! And by accident!" Kasamatsu objected, blushing at the memory of that time.

"Hmm... But it still counts, right. You saw everything, right?" she said.

"I saw nothing!" he lied.

"Can we just give them the okay so I can go the hell home?" Aomine asked dully.

"I think Kise-san made a good choice," Kuroko said. "Kasamatsu-kun seems like a reliable person, so they'll be a good fit."

"Kurokocchi! I knew you'd come through for me~" the blonde said, her eyes sparkling.

"Because Kise-san is very immature, so he'll keep her focused," the smaller girl finished speaking.


"I don't really care who she dates at this point. It has nothing to do with me, so it's fine," Midorima said. She was secretly dreading her turn being next, but wasn't going to voice that.

"I wanna throw rice at them..." Murasakibara said with her usual apathetic tone.

"They have to be married for that, Atsuko," Akashi reminded her gently. "Ryouna, if you're 100 percent sure of your choice, I'll agree and make it unanimous."

"Yes! 100 percent! 200 percent! 1000 percent! It has to be senpai!" Kise insisted.

"Baka Onna..." Kasamatsu muttered, flushing.

"Then, it's decided. We'll all support you in your decision," Akashi said, making the matter final.

"So, this was like...a "meet the family" type deal?" the brunet asked his newly proclaimed "girlfriend".

"Yeah. Pretty much."

"You never tell me anything."

"I love you~"

"...Baka Onna... I love you, too..."

Aomine made a fake gagging sound. "Go make out somewhere else, yo."

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