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Two: This chapter takes a little inspiration from fics 'They Say' and 'Invisible Road' by Lyricwritesprose on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind. Should you read them? Yes. Yes you should.

The End

The field that would someday be a cemetery had been to depressing a place to stay for long. Rory had quickly left, eventually settling on sitting by a roadside, waiting. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but it had always seemed to work in the past. He was in the past, of course. He had no idea when, exactly. But he didn't have much of an idea of anything right then (Whenever then was). He'd seen his own gravestone and sealed his own fate.

So he was stuck. Here, until he died.


Well... that was a fun thought.

A horse trudged slowly down the road towards him. It was a dirt road, so that didn't present much hope that he'd been teleported in to the future by some beautiful random happenstance. The horse stopped in front of him, and its rider, a bearded man in his fifties, eyed him up.

"Hi" Rory said after a moment, waving at him uncertainly.

"Hello" said the old man in a gravely Southern American accent. The man watched him for a short while, and Rory stared back, trying to hold back the sheer amounts of desperation threatening to overrun his brain. After about a minute the man spurred his horse on and they cantered back in the direction they had come in.

Rory sighed as the sun began rising higher in the air. Most days he would be worried about sunburn or some other mundane problem. But seeing as there were slightly bigger ones at the current time he just pulled his legs up to his chest, wrapped his arms around them and pressed his face into his knees to avoid the suns glare.

He waited like that for a while, mulling over plans in his head. First he would have too find out what time he was in and acquire time-appropriate clothes somehow. More than that, he'd have to find a way to become a citizen of the USA in whatever time period he was in.

"Four years" came a female voice from above him. He hadn't noticed any footsteps, but he had kind of drifted away from the real world on his own private tide of worry. "I know it doesn't quite match up to two thousand, but I figured we'd probably stopped counting by this point" said Amelia Pond, good natured snark tinging her voice.

Rory looked up, for a moment too scared to actually believe that she was here. Had the Angel taken her as well? Had the Doctor brought her here.

"What? How?" Rory spluttered as she grinned at him. He could see from her foot digging into the dirt with its repeated shifts side to side she was holding in a huge amount of excitement. And if what she had said was true and she'd been there for four years, then it was understandable.

"I touched the Angel. Like I could go without you for more than ten minutes" she said.

Rory stood shakily. After a few hours of pure despair, this new feeling, of pure elation, was a welcome replacement.

"This is the point where we snog in the shrubbery, by the way" Amy said with a good natured wink. "I'll explain everything later but right now the detached snark isn't easy and I'm really happy to see you"

"You aren't going to ruin my homework again are you?" Rory asked, with the air of someone making an inside joke, purely to make sure the person they're talking too will still get it. She smiled, eyes filled with mirth and replied by simply stepping forward, pressing her lips to his.

"It's kind of my job"

"1959?" Rory asked again, taking a large gulp of the drink Amy had placed in his hand, as preparation for telling him when they were. She nodded, and he closed his eyes, blocking Amy's humble abode from his vision. "And you've been here for four years?" he asked after a moment of silence, pinching the bridge of his nose tightly.

"Yes" Amy said, squeezing his non-drink-holding hand tightly. He grimaced at her as she smiled comfortingly back at him, all her usual flare gone, replaced by a quiet, brave face.

"And the Doctor?" Rory asked, not expecting much of a response.

"River explained in a letter... Even if the Doctor could come back here, it's fixed that he'll never see us again. He read it. 'Amelia's Last Farewell'. It's the last chapter of the book..." Amy said, getting up from her armchair, squeezing past the small coffee table, climbing over the settee he was sitting on and searching through the bookcase behind him. She did this with the air of someone who did it every day.

"This place is kind of small" Rory noted. Amy grunted, still peering at the bookshelf.

"Yeah, it's hard finding work near here and this was kind of the only place going" she said absently. "I know I left it around here"

"Why did you stay?" Rory asked, trying hard not to watch her backside as she bent further and further over to look for the book. She stood and turned triumphantly, before registering what he'd said and glaring at him.

"So I'd be near the graveyard. Dick" she said, flopping over the back of the settee to settle next to him, holding the book. "It's just a manuscript" she said, motioning to the book, "I still need to do the afterword. But, seeing as it doesn't get published for forty odd years, I think I have time"

They sat in an odd silence for a moment, a silence of expectation, before Amy spoke quietly.

"I missed you" she said.

Rory didn't reply, just rubbed her knee comfortingly.

Amy stirred, finding the confines of her quilt too hot. For a moment she was ready to blame Rory and his own bodily heat messing up her delicate balance, but she then realised that Rory wasn't in the bed with her. She sat up, shifting the red sheets aside, forgetting her nudity. For a moment she was confused, but then she heard a shuffling outside the bedroom door. Rory entered a second later, equally naked and holding a letter in one hand, scratching the back of his head with the other.

"Look what came in the post" Rory said, holding up the envelope. It was TARDIS blue, the same one they'd received more then ten years ago, summoning them to America. It was addressed to 'Rory Williams', but the Williams had been crossed out and replaced with 'Pond'. "I.D, passport, dual citizenship apparently -wondered how they managed to swing that- drivers license, the works. I am officially a British citizen living the U.S"

"Yeah, same thing happened to me the day after I got here" Amy said blearily. "Now can you come back to bed please? I'm too hot"

"I had noticed" Rory said, eyeing her up and down, causing her to stifle a laugh before glaring at him.

"Bed. Now." she grunted, laying her head back down.

"How will me getting in bed make you cooler?" Rory asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, still peering through the envelope.

"You've been wandering around my flat naked, you're telling me you aren't a little chilly?" she asked, not bothering to look at him.

"Not really" he said glibly. "Hey, look" he said, pulling a note from the envelope and grinning. "'Love you Daddy, xxxx'. That's sweet of her"

"Could have been the Doctor trying to remind you he's your son in law" Amy snarked at him, causing him to frown, before shoving the envelope and note onto the bedside table and climbing back in to bed with her.

"You're right" he said after a moment of snuggling. "It's boiling in here"

They stood in front of a rundown looking office building, with a beaten sign hanging above the door, 'A Charitable Earth'. Amy gripped his hand tightly, smiling at him with that familiar 'Danger=fun' smile. Not that this was dangerous just... scary.

"So, you work here?" Rory asked, looking at the boarded up windows disdainfully.

"Yeah. I help distribute a newsletter to various extraterrestrials living in the area. There are a lot of them, all over the world, but especially here" Amy said, squeezing his hand. "Of course, that isn't what we advertise, and we do work on humanitarian efforts as well"

"Sounds like a lot of work" Rory said, looking at her admiringly. There had been a time when Amy had been drifting through jobs, through life. Until she'd started writing, travel journalism for the paper. It wasn't just something she enjoyed doing in here spare time. It was something she loved, He could see it in her eyes when she sat behind her laptop (Typewriter now, he realised).

"Yeah, it doesn't pay much but there's a stipend, for people like us" she said, hanging her head shyly. "You know, the ones left behind"

"He didn't leave us behind" Rory said, now taking his turn to rub her hand comfortingly. When she looked up and in to his eyes, he could tell she believed him.

"I know. Apparently he put the money in himself. There aren't really any yet, but in a few years... Well, he's picked up a lot of us from the next... well, I don't know how long. But most of us, companions of his, that is, well, we want to help the aliens on Earth, want to stay in touch with the galaxy. It's hard not too, having seen that much beauty. So, we volunteer for A Charitable Earth and we can dip in. I also write the occasional article for local papers. It doesn't pay much, even if you volunteered as well, but" she sighed and hung her head again "Its not like we were planning to have kids"

"No" Rory said, without hesitation, and with strength in his voice. "Just us and our love nest"

"If by 'love nest' you mean sexy nest of sex I'm all for it" Amy said, any insecurity in her voice lost in laughter.

"It has another meaning?" Rory replied.

They both worked, a lot. And hard as well. They both worked to protect the countless alien refugees that came to hide on Earth from all manner of threats. The Dalek's, the Cybermen, the Sontarans. Rory worked as a doctor, treating all sorts of alien wounds, and Amy worked to funnel information, along with occasionally (As in every few days) dipping in to danger.

They'd finally struck a balance between Doctor life and real life. Even if the Doctor was gone from their lives.

They never wavered and never faulted, in their love for each other or their dedication to A Charitable Earth. In later years they would become friendly with many of the Doctor's former companions who passed in to and out of A Charitable Earth, including it's founder. Amy worked with a woman called Sarah Jane for a while, doing corporate espionage on those suspected of doing wrong to aliens. Rory struck up a friendship with an ex UNIT scientist named Liz Shaw.

Amy somehow suppressed her jealousy.

And together they lived a long happy life. Happier than any life they could have lead untouched by the Doctor would have been. In later years both would agree, most of the pain and heartbreak had been worth it.


In 2009, Rory passed. They'd long since given up on A Charitable Earth, instead enjoying a quiet retirement, living on the money they'd accumulated protecting those who needed protecting. Rory had left with a quiet dignity, not letting his wives hand go until he'd long left his body.

Amy finally wrote the afterword to their lives, and had the book that would one day seal their fates published, knowing that the heartbreak then would be worth it.

Soon after she passed, living just long enough to hit her 87th birthday.

And just long enough to the mark the day she had first run off with the Doctor off on her calendar.

The End

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