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Chapter 4 - Trust in a Stranger

There was a 50 foot tall jet of water showing us where Sin was, and it was making its way ever closer to the ship.

Every muscle, every nerve, every fibre of my body was telling me that I should run, that I should get off the deck as fast as I could, but I couldn't move. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the creature that I was sure would end my life right there and then.

Members of the salvage team ran about screaming.

"Sin! Sin is come!"

"Under us! Under us!"

I felt a tugging on my arm. I tore my eyes away from the water and looked up at Tidus who was trying to drag me away from the side of the ship. As I allowed him to pull me to my feet, our eyes met. He looked as terrified as I felt.

I remembered that he had said he'd seen Sin before; that he said he'd witnessed first-hand the destruction brought in its wake, and I realised that he must have thought that the ship was going to be destroyed just like his home had.

I gripped his hand tightly, more for my own comfort than his. I'd only known him ten minutes but at the moment he was all I had, and Rikku and Brother were nowhere to be seen.

Sin rammed the side of the ship again, this time causing a huge wave to sweep over the deck.

It swept Tidus and me right off the ship and into the sea.

I tried to scream, but all I got was a mouthful of water. I felt Tidus' hand slipping from mine.

The last this I saw before the darkness closed in on me was Brother and Rikku leaning over the railings, desperately reaching down to try and pull me back up.

They didn't.

My face felt warm, but my back and the backs of my legs felt cool. I could hear a muffled noise filling my ears; it sounded like the noise you hear when you press a seashell up against your ear, but I swore I could hear seabirds too.

I opened my eyes before squeezing them shut again, the bright light hurting my eyes. I opened them again, slower this time, giving them time to adjust. The sky above me was blue and clear of clouds, the occasional gull flying lazily overhead.

I tried to stand up, but clumsily fell over and got a face-full of salty water.

I stood up again, keeping my balance this time. I was standing in shallow water, only up to my waist. I pulled the hood of my dive suit off, allowing my shoulder-length dirty blonde hair to fall down around my face. I tucked a few loose strands behind my ear and looked around. There was an island not too far away from where I was standing. I grinned widely; I recognised that island: Besaid, the island where Rikku, Brother and I spent our summers when we were children, the island I first thought Tidus was from.


I scanned the sea around me, looking for him. His bright yellow jacket wasn't hard to spot.

I quickly swam over to him. He was face down in the water, curled up in a ball. I momentarily panicked, fearing the worse, but my panic was quickly soothed when I remember he was a Blitzball player; Blitz players can hold their breath for ages.

I shook his shoulder and he immediately jolted up, awake and alert. He treaded water and spun around wildly. He didn't seem to notice I was there until I grabbed hold of his shoulder again. His eyes were wide and scared-looking.

"What…what happened?" he asked, before his a look of remembrance grew in his eyes. "Sin…"

I nodded, and he looked around worryingly. "Rikku?" he frowned and I shook my head. His face fell.

That's when Tidus got wacked in the back of the head with a blue and white ball.

I sniggered and twisted round, trying to see who threw it.

There was a group of six tanned guys standing on the beach watching us. One of them, a tallish guy with orange hair held off his face with a blue sweatband, was waving his arms about, presumably meaning that the ball was his.

Tidus shook his head as if he was dazed, before noticing the ball beside him.

"Blitzball!" he said joyfully, and I couldn't help but smile. If his story was to be believed, this would've been the first recognisable thing he'd seen since washing up in the cave that Rikku found him in.

"Hey! You ok?" the orange-haired guy called.

Tidus waved back at them. "HEY!" he called, before diving under the surface of the water.

I grinned and swam backwards, pretty certain of what he was going to do.

And I was right. Positioning himself directly under the ball, he shot up from the water, launching the ball into the air, about ten metres up, before quickly flipping upside down and slamming the ball towards the beach with his foot, diving back into the water as he did so.

I whooped and clapped, grinning my head off at seeing him so happy and carefree, doing the thing he loved most.

The ball whizzed past the orange-haired guy's head, just narrowly missing him. He turned back to face us with his mouth hanging open in shock, before splitting into a grin.

We both swam over and dragged ourselves out of the water. The orange-haired guy had turned around to talk to two other people, both of whom turned and headed up a path as he walked back towards us, while the other Blitz players gather around us.

He looked both of us up and down, a hungry looking coming over his face when he regarded Tidus.

"Yo…" Tidus smiled nervously.

I tried to be a bit more confident. "Hiya!"

The orange-haired guy (I have to stop calling him that in my head! I'm presuming he's the leader of their Blitz team, so I'll call him the leader from now on) nodded at me before looking back at Tidus.

"You wanna…try that move…one more time?" he asked apprehensively.

Tidus looked shocked, before grinning widely and punching the air.

The rest of us stepped back while he repeated the move, this time on land, striking the ball across the water.

All six of the Blitz players were once again staring open-mouthed, and I was once again grinning my head off.

The leader folded his arms across his chest. "You're no amateur. Who d'you play for?"

I grimaced, but before I was able to attempt to warn him how stupid he'd sound, he happily stated, "The Zanarkand Abes!"

Everyone looked shocked, understandably, and I face-palmed.

"What team did you say again?" the leader asked, his face confused.

Tidus' eyes widened when he realised what he'd said. "Uh…I meant…"

He looked over at me, and I circled my finger next to my head, hoping to get the message across to him, and luckily it did.

"Forget that", he said, trying to backtrack, "I…uh…got too close to sin and…my head's all foggy-like."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Some of the Blitz players still looked a little apprehensive, but most of them seemed to accept his excuse.

"So…" he continued, "I don't know where this place is."

I smiled at how he'd slipped that in there; he didn't know anywhere in Spira but he obviously couldn't just ask, cause people would think he was insane.

The leader shook his head sadly. "Sin's toxins got to ya…" He unfolded his arms, a smile forming on his face. "But, you're still alive. Praise be to Yevon."

Then he and the rest of the Blitz players took one step back, swung their arms behind their back and brought them back to their stomachs, cupping their hands like they were holding a small sphere, brought their left leg back forward to meet their right leg, and bowed at the waist.

I bit my lip and sighed quietly. That was the prayer of devotees of Yevon. If these guys were Yevonites, chances are they wouldn't be very big fans of me. Yevonites generally don't like the Al Bhed because we disagree on quite a few things, but these guys seemed really nice; I didn't want them to hate me.

The leader turned back to the rest of the team. "Alright, back to practise!" she said, shooing them away with his arms.

He high-fived Tidus and they both grinned.

"I'm Wakka", he smiled. "Coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, brudda."

"Name's Tidus. And…I'm not really sure about anything else", he shrugged.

I tried not to smirk, knowing that he was lying through his teeth. Tidus, in his head anyway, was perfectly sure about who he was and where he was from, but I knew I had to play along.

Wakka turned to me. "And you are?" he asked kindly.

I smiled. "Sakura. Suki for short. I'm from Bevelle."

I sniggered to myself. As an Al Bhed, Bevelle, the capital of the religion of Yevon, was the least likely place I'd be from. An Al Bhed seen in Bevelle would most likely be kicked out of the city, or that was what was told anyway. Uncle Cid told me that it wasn't unknown for an Al Bhed found wandering around in Bevelle to be held prisoner. There was rumours of hidden dungeons and mazes under the temple in the city where people who spoke against the almost world-wide religion ended up.

Tidus looked confused from the unfamiliar name of the city, but I shot him a look that said, 'I'll explain later'.

Wakka gave me a high-five too. "Good to meet ya both."

Just then, Tidus' stomach started rumbling. He looked embarrassed, and Wakka laughed.

"What, you hungry?" he asked, and we both nodded eagerly.

He rubbed his hands together. "Okay, back to the village. I'll get ya something."

With that he turned and headed up the path in the same direction as the other two guys had gone earlier. As Tidus and I followed him, he quietly asked me questions.

"So, what was with you lying back there?" he asked.

I sighed. "You saw that bow thing they did?"

He nodded and frowned, as if he thought he'd seen it somewhere before but couldn't quite remember where.

"Well, that was the prayer to Yevon, and people who believe in Yevon generally don't like the Al Bhed."

"How come?" he asked, a concerned look on his face.

I shrugged. "Just a difference in opinions I guess. They say that some stuff that we do is wrong according to Yevon, but it's not like what we do hurts anyone."

"What kind of stuff d'you mean?"

"We used machina that they claim are forbidden. That's pretty much all though." I sighed. "I don't know why they hate us so much because of something as stupid as that."

Tidus smiled and playfully punched me on the shoulder. "If it helps, I don't hate you. Or Rikku or the rest of the Al Bhed. Although…" he said thoughtfully. "Brother might be another story."

I laughed. "I don't blame you there. But…" my face fell slightly, "you might not want to be honest about how you feel about us. Most people won't agree with you, and I don't want people to hate you because of me."

Tidus looked like he wanted to ask something else, but he didn't. He just smiled sadly. I smiled back, but I had a feeling that this wouldn't be the end of the conflict over my culture.

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