My initial response to the season finale. Well, that's not true—my first response was Rebecca finishing the job she started, but that one got accidentally deleted. Maybe I'll try rewriting that... but for now, please enjoy this one.

Awkward. That's the only way Elena can describe herself. She shouldn't feel awkward, especially when three of the most important people in her life are there for her, but she does.

"She's a vampire," Damon was saying.

"When, and if she wants to, we can teach her that," Stefan argued.

"Bunnies don't help with the control. Now both of you need to shut up, you're overwhelming my best friend," Caroline said haughtily.

"So possessive—" Caroline shoved Damon away before he could finish his sure to be dick-ish and/or perverted quip, making Stefan smirk mockingly. In retaliation, Damon growled and tackled his younger brother. Caroline sighed and rolled her eyes. Taking a moment, she flashed in between them and flung them away from each other.

"Boys. Focus!" Caroline snapped. "Before I take away your Vampire Teaching licenses."

"Its fine," Elena managed. She hated being an inconvenience to her friends. Reading her mind, Caroline slapped her forehead in exasperation, giving Damon the time to make a dumb blonde joke. They continued to bicker and Elena found herself watching with a fond smile.

And then she felt awkward again.

Elena suddenly understood why.

She could imagine Caroline, Damon, and Stefan, meeting over the years, separating—even living together after a while. They were a family. Forever could happen with them. Not with Elena.

She was supposed to stay human, get over her fear of death, fall in love with a normal human boy, pop out a couple kids, and live happily ever after.

But not forever.

Elena watched them, knows it to be true.

She wasn't forever, but they were.