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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

"All aboard!"

I stood at the deck in front of the rails. Passengers were waving to their loved ones standing on the harbor. The crowd was loud and annoying, and I easily became irritated to the sound. I wished desperately to escape to my room that I had to myself.

The year was 1912. It was the tenth of April, the day the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage. Everyone was very excited and was expecting great things from her in the future.

I was heading to New York with my father and mother, Charlie and Renee Swan. Father was a successful businessman, very well-known in all of England. He was famous for his fair ways and ingenious plans for the future. He was very ambitious, and was eager to pursue his career further in the New World. Therefore, he had gotten our family first class tickets to the Titanic, and following us to New York was his friend and business partner, Billy Black.

Billy had one son, Jacob. I was to be married to this young man within a few months. I was already wearing the unnecessary big, diamond ring on the fourth finger of my left hand. It sparkled brightly, making me look away from the reflection.

Mother was an ideal woman and wife. She was very diligent and obedient to her husband, never failing to fulfill her duty as the perfect mistress of Charlie Swan and the mother of Isabella Marie Swan.

The ship began to take off. Everyone waved frantically, shouting out and whistling excitedly. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I turned and fought my way across the crowd, lifting my skirt slightly with my hands to avoid it getting stepped on. I made my way into my room, which were filled with expensive furniture and decorations. I wouldn't have minded if Father had bought second class tickets. I knew that we were rich and could afford it easily, but I didn't need all these.

I sat down on an armchair after unpacking my clothes. I took out the book, Pride and Prejudice, and began to read. Classics were truly my favorite books. A little bit of fiction and fantasy didn't hurt either.

After about ten minutes of reading, I heard a gentle knock on the door.

I set down my book on the table and drifted to the door. I opened it halfway and found my mother staring at me sternly.

"Come in, Mother," I said politely. I had always been raised to act like a lady. At first, I had refused, but finally relented when I was still eleven. After training and learning, the lady-like act came naturally, like a habit.

Mother drifted in, looking proud and beautiful in her purple dress. She looked around the room and opened my closet, then nodded her head in approval.

"You should not have left early, Isabella," she said sternly. "That was not very ladylike of you. Waiting for your father is courtesy, darling."

I bowed my head slightly. "I'm sorry, Mother. It won't happen again."

"Make sure it does not," Mother said haughtily. "Now, come along, dearest. We should go meet with the Blacks."

I flinched, reluctant, but did not say anything as I felt Mother's glare on me. She and Father knew as well as I did that I did not wish to marry Jacob. He was a heartless, cruel man with vulgar thoughts about all women. But of course he played the charade of a perfect gentleman in front of the adults. When we were alone, that was when he changed.

My parents had refused to believe me, or even listen about Jacob's two-faced personality. They believed strongly in him and thought that I merely made the stories up to get out of the engagement.

"Come along, Isabella," Mother snapped.

I moved to get my gloves and purse. I followed my mother out of the cabin and onto the deck where the three men stood, waiting for us.

"Where have you been, Isabella?" my father scolded. "We've been waiting for you."

"I'm sorry, Father," I said quietly. Jacob smiled good-naturedly as he took in my appearance.

Jacob was a tall man. He had slightly darker skin than my pale skin, had a lanky build, and had short, black hair. His eyes were brown and had a very stylish way of dressing in suits.

He was very polite and charming when the adults were around, but the way he looked at me changed completely when we were alone. His eyes narrowed and he became abusive. He didn't care for me, though he claimed to love me. He had cheated on me and was extremely good at womanizing. The only reason he had proposed to me was due to my background, and as my girlfriends had put it, "A beautiful face, perfect body shape, curves, and long legs."

And I could tell that they had been right. Jacob only wanted to use me for sexual activities. He would never love me for me. As I would never love him. Fair enough.

"Where have you been, Bella?" Jacob asked cheerfully, reaching for me. I stood next to him with my arm tucked into one of his arms as the adults began talking about the engagement again.

"Behave," Jacob hissed in my ear, too low for the others to hear. "You have to be a good young lady, do you not?" He smirked when I didn't reply.

My life was miserable. It was always routine. I obeyed instructions from my father and focused on the subject of being a good lady like my mother told me to. I had exceeded in my education so far, intelligent and wise. I was very quiet and obedient, gentle and caring, like a proper lady. But deep down, I could never stop the dark and bitter resentment towards everyone in my life.

"Shall we go rest up before dinner, then?" Billy, my future father-in-law suggested brightly.

Father nodded. "We should. We'll meet you during dinner, Billy. See you later, son," he added towards Jacob.

Jacob smiled and said, "Yes, sir." He shot me a sweet look before escorting his father out of the deck.

I watched him walk off with a bitter smile on my lips. But my parents could never tell. For all they knew, I was smiling because I had grown to love my fiancé. It truly was my fault for not complaining about Jacob for nearly a year.

"Come along, Bella," Mother chided. She took my elbow and led me back to my room.

"We're across the hall, dear, if you need anything," Mother tossed out carelessly. All she ever saw was her husband. Her husband was her first and only priority. I was just part of her husband's priority. Taking good care of me meant a good reputation for Father. Father was the same. All he cared about was his wife and reputation. I was nothing to them.

"Yes, Mother," I said softly, watching as my parents left. I closed the door and sighed, locking it. I had grown used to this treatment when I was merely five years old. No more tears were left in my eyes to express sadness and bitterness. I merely kept it bottled up inside me, hoping that someday, the life I wanted would come find me.

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