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"This" is speaking

"This" is Kurama/Shenron/Techniques

"This" is thinking

Chapter 1:




These were the emotions one Uzumaki Naruto felt at the moment as he stared down his 'best friend', Uchiha Sasuke now in a more mutated and corrupt form, thanks to the Curse Seal that he had been given as a 'gift' from the missing-nin Sannin, Orochimaru. Naruto growled lowly as he saw the smug expression on Sasuke's face, he really thought that Naruto had no chance didn't he? The orange-clad Genin clenched his fist in frustration, what the hell was the point of all this? Why had Sasuke betrayed Konoha? His friends? His teammates? Why would he go to a corrupt bastard like Orochimaru for power, knowing full well he may not make it out alive? Did Sasuke really feel such strong hate for his brother, that he would abandon those who would have helped him gain the power he needed to defeat Itachi in a much more pure method? Hell, Naruto was there when Itachi humiliated Sasuke, he would be more than happy to help him reach his goal….so why?

"What happened to you, Sasuke?" Was Naruto's only thought as tears sprang into his eyes. "Did I, did WE, ever know you at all?" The promise he made to his other teammate and crush, Haruno Sakura came to him.


"Bring him home, please Naruto, bring Sasuke back to me." Sakura begged her teammate as she sobbed. Naruto frowned slightly, a minute wave of jealousy appeared in him but he squashed it down before it became apparent. Naruto gave Sakura a small smile striking the 'Nice Guy' pose.

"Don't worry Sakura, I'll bring that teme back to you kicking and screaming if I must. I promise that on my very life." Naruto declared, Sakura gave him a tearful smile and nodded slightly.

"Thank you, Naruto."

End flashback

"What's with the look, dobe?" Sasuke chuckled as he noticed Naruto's eyes trying to burn a hole in him. "Did you finally realize that your attempts to make me go back have been a waste of both our times?"

"SHUT UP, TEME," Naruto shouted angrily "WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO-"

Naruto cut himself off when he felt something was..off. Naruto looked down to see his left arm hanging uselessly at his side.

"M-my left arm, I can't move it…I can't feel it." Naruto thought in shock.

"So it seems that power of yours comes at a price as well." Sasuke concluded, referring to the chakra cloak surrounding his old teammate. "You know Naruto, I feel that the Valley of the End is the perfect setting for this battle, wouldn't you agree?"

Naruto remained silent

"Nothing to say, oh well. It's time we settled this fight…AND ALL THE FIGHTS WE'VE HAD UP TILL NOW." Sasuke quickly flashed through hand seals while Naruto used the Kyuubi's cloak to gather chakra in his right hand.

"Chidori" Sasuke held the Raiton assassination jutsu only instead of it being completely white lightning; it was now corrupt and black giving off the sound of birds flapping instead of chirping.

"Rasengan" Naruto's own jutsu also had a corrupt feel to it, rather than a spinning blue ball of chakra, it had a purple shade to it and slightly larger.

The two friends shot off towards each other, holding their respective jutsu and slamming them together.

Chidori(One Thousand Birds)/Rasengan(Spiraling Sphere)!" both boys roared at the same time as they collided. Their chakra was so potent, it created a purple dome around them…and something else. Unbeknownst to both Genin, a strange light had formed outside the dome, a light that would give both of them a new destiny in the coming future.

Within the dome however, both boys were struggling to overpower one another. Both began to reach their limit and their jutsu were beginning to dissipate. Naruto also seemed to be worse off than Sasuke as up till now he had been losing most of the fight and had been taking the most punishment between the two. It was obvious, even to the Uchiha, he was losing.

"Damn it, I can't offered to lose here! Crap, KYUUBI I NEED MORE POWER!" Naruto shouted in his head, hoping the strongest of the Bijuu would help him once more today.

"You've gotta lot of nerve, you little pest. I've helped you plenty today, I don't see why I should help you bring your Uchiha friend back to your pathetic village." Kyuubi explained, in irritation.

"…So you'd let a human overpower you is what you're saying?" Naruto stated with a deadpanned expression. He could swear he felt the Kyuubi's eye twitch.

"You'd better not make me regret this, brat."

Naruto felt a rush of power overflow his body as well as bloodlust. Sasuke's eye's widened as he noticed a second tail forming behind Naruto and his lips becoming outlined in black. Naruto's Rasengan began to grow…and grow…and grow, making the blond smirk he pushed forward…and it was over.

"Oodama Rasengan(Great Ball Spiraling Sphere)!" The extra-large Rasengan slammed into Sasuke's body shooting him like a bullet into the face of the Uchiha Madara statue. Naruto breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the Kyuubi's chakra leave him and with it, a wave of exhaustion. Naruto tried to keep himself steady and used what little chakra he had left to run up the statue and remove Sasuke from the inside of his ancestor's face.

Sasuke was clearly unconscious and was back in his normal form, Naruto winced when he noticed Sasuke's left arm and right leg at unnatural angles. He also guessed that he may have broken a few ribs and that wasn't even including the multiple lacerations the Uchiha received from the Rasengan's grinding effect.

Well I may not have broken ALL his bones, but this is close enough." Naruto mused

"Naruto," Naruto nearly fell off the monument when he heard the voice of his sensei, Hatake Kakashi. Looking up, he saw his sensei, Icha-Icha in hand with an eye-smile looking toward him.

"…Good job," Kakashi said, Naruto grinning sheepishly the whole time.

Sometime later

Sakura and the rest of the Genin who hadn't gone on the retrieval mission as well as the Suna siblings, waited anxiously for Naruto's and Sasuke's return as everyone else had already arrived and were being hospitalized.

"I hope Sasuke's okay," Sakura thought as she stared at the clearing worriedly. Ino noticed Sakura's distress and placed a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder

"Don't worry Forehead, I'm sure your team is okay." Ino said, Sakura flinched slightly when Ino said 'team' and looked down guiltily. Was she really being that shallow, she knew Naruto and Kakashi-sensei were out there too and yet she had only been thinking of her crush.

"Look, there's Kakashi-sensei and he's got Sasuke!" Ino announced, snapping Sakura out of her musings.

The pink-haired girl looked up to see a clearly injured Sasuke on Kakashi's back as well as a bloody, tattered, and exhausted Naruto walking beside him. Sakura however, was not thinking about that. The moment she noticed the extent of Sasuke's injuries, her brain shutdown and all rational thought ceased. Acting purely on instinct, Sakura ran up to a surprised Naruto.

"S-Sakura-" and slammed her fist in his face. She didn't know what she was doing, she didn't know why she was doing it but against her better judgment, Sakura grabbed Naruto by his collar off the ground, pure rage evident in her eyes. "W-what are you-"

"YOU BASTARD," Sakura shouted, surprising everyone around her, she had never been so angry before even if it was Naruto. "HOW COULD YOU!? I THOUGHT YOU CARED ABOUT SASUKE! I THOUGHT YOU CARED ABOUT ME!"

Naruto was clearly confused and frightened, he had no idea what he'd done wrong; Sasuke wouldn't listen to reason so he had to use force. So what was the big deal?

"S-Sakura I-"

"SHUT UP," Running purely on adrenaline, Sakura smashed her fist into Naruto's face, breaking the poor blonde's nose, giving Sakura a twisted feeling of satisfaction even if she didn't want it.

Kakashi blinked when he felt the weight of Sasuke's unconscious body leave him and he noticed Sakura now holding Sasuke over her shoulder with surprising strength. Kakashi was about to speak when Sakura answered the unasked question.

"I'll bring him to the hospital myself," Sakura looked at Naruto who was on the ground holding his broken nose with tears going down his cheeks. Sakura looked ready to kick him for good measure when a voice from behind her stopped her actions before they had begun.

"Haruno Sakura," said pinkette turned to face Senju Tsunade, Godaime Hokage and she was not happy. "I'd suggest you refrain from your next action and bring the traitor in for treatment, unless you want to be charged with assault against a fellow Konoha ninja?"

Sakura turned to leave but not before glaring at Naruto one last time before speeding off towards the hospital, Naruto shed more tears as he heard her mumble 'monster' under her breath.

Tsunade sighed as she watched Sakura speed off with the Uchiha in her arms. Tsunade wasn't stupid, she knew the girl wasn't in her right state of mind and would apologize to Naruto when she calmed down a bit. However, that didn't mean it hurt Naruto any less or dampen her feelings of anger but that could be dealt with later. For now she had to get her surrogate brother treatment for his injuries both physically and mentally.

"Kakashi, bring Naruto to the hospital, I'll meet with you later." Tsunade turned on her heal and walked back into the village, dismissing the Genin around her as she did.

Later that night

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S BANISHED!?" Tsunade shouted, as she eyed the three elders Homura, Koharu, and Danzo standing before her. The elders had called for a meeting a couple of hours after Naruto had returned while she was planning promotion to Chunin for him and his retrieval team (minus Shikamaru who was already Chunin) for their hard work. And now they're saying that the boy was banished for following his mission to the letter? What kind of crap were these old bastards giving her?

"Tsunade you must understand, our medics have found evidence that Uzumaki had used the power of the Kyuubi on the Uchiha. Such power would not be needed to handle a mere Genin even if he had the Sharingan, clearly the boy is unstable." Homura explained, Tsunade felt like laughing in his face, they're calling the boy who successfully brought his unstable friend back home…unstable. Really?

"Uchiha Sasuke has shown to use the Cursed Seal Orochimaru implanted on him whenever he can. How do you know he wasn't using it against Naruto?" Tsunade asked

"Well it's obvious he would need to resort to using that power if he were to keep the jinchuriki under control." Danzo retorted, Tsunade slammed her fist against her desk, turning it into dust.

"Are you suggesting the Uchiha was provoked into using the seal and Naruto was the one who was trying to kill HIM?" Tsunade growled

"Well it's clearly the most logical explanation, why would Uchiha Sasuke even need the power of the seal if Uzumaki Naruto never used the power of the Kyuubi? Uzumaki is simply too weak to even pose a threat to the Uchiha without the demonic power." Koharu explained


"It does not matter anyway, Tsunade. Uzumaki Naruto has already been detained, his chakra will be sealed in the morning, and he will be sent on his way. Now good night." Danzo interrupted as he and his colleagues left the room and Shizune slipped passed them.

"Tsunade-sama?" Shizune said quietly, having heard the entire conversation. Tsunade sighed, those bastards had went behind her back and had the council vote on whether or not Naruto would be exiled and even used the excuse that it was for the benefit of the village and it's safety. Overwriting the exile could make her a villain in the public eye of the civilians and could have her pulled from office. She shuddered, she knew Danzo would immediately act if she ever lost her position and she couldn't let that happen.

Tsunade pulled out a piece of paper, wrote something, and gave it to Shizune. "Make sure Kakashi gets that, Shizune and be quick we don't have a lot of time."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama," Shizune bowed before leaving in shunshin to find Kakashi.


With Naruto

He couldn't believe it, he refused to believe it. How can things have turned out this bad? First, Sasuke attempts to go rogue and tries to kill him, Then, Sakura attacks him for bringing the teme back like he promised, Now, he was told he was being banished for following his mission to the letter? And on top of that they were going to seal his chakra, guaranteeing that he would no longer be able to be a ninja again and he would be a sitting duck for the Akatsuki to pick up later?

"What kind of crap is this?" Naruto growled from his cell with the only light coming from the bars of his window, letting the moon shine through. He was currently hung against the wall with a suppression seal on his gut. Naruto sighed, this wasn't fair at all.


Naruto was still moping from Sakura's assault a few minutes earlier as the medic healed his minor injuries and slowly but surely, Naruto began to regain feeling in his left arm.

"Relax Naruto, I'm sure Sakura didn't mean any of it, she was clearly in hysterics over Sasuke's injuries." Kakashi stated, trying to ease Naruto's mind

"Forgive me if I can't seem to believe you, sensei." Naruto retorted sullenly. The medic healing him gave the boy a sad smile as she continued to heal him.

"Well you're all done kid, try being more careful next time." The medic suggested, as she was beginning to leave the room. The door burst open slamming the medic into the wall and got Kakashi to become alert, pulling a kunai out. At the door were several ANBU with one holding a scroll.

"Hatake Kakashi please stand down, we have been given orders to be here." One of the ANBU said

"On what grounds?" Kakashi countered, still holding up his kunai.

The ANBU unfolded the scroll, its contents shocking both Naruto and Kakashi who slowly turned towards his hyperactive student.

"By order of the council, Uzumaki Naruto you are under arrest."

End Flashback

After that he was given the bullshit charges of assault and attempted murder against a fellow Konoha Shinobi and thrown in this cell.

"Now you know how I feel, gaki. Tell me how does it feel to know that you were betrayed by those you held close, heheh." Kyuubi chuckled at his hosts predicament.

Naruto tuned out the fox as he stared out the window into the moonlit night.

"Never took you for much of a star watcher, gaki." Naruto jumped and turned his head to see Jiraiya leaning against the wall and to his surprise, Kakashi and Tsunade were there as well.

"Ero-sennin, Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-baachan, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked

"Getting you out of course," Tsunade stated as she broke the bars to his cell. She then, walked up and broke the chains holding him against the wall making him fall on his ass.

"Ow, a little warning next time, Baachan." To Naruto's surprise, instead of a smack on the head, he was enveloped in a hug.

"I'm sorry," Tsunade said

"You don't need to apologize, Baa-chan I know it's not your fault." Naruto stated

"He's right Tsunade-hime, you had nothing to do with his banishment, don't beat yourself up over it." Jiraiya added

"Maybe, but it doesn't mean I don't feel partly responsible." Tsunade countered, looking at Naruto "Now Naruto, there is no way I can override the law and because of it, I'm afraid Jiraiya can't train as you are an exile now and training you could be considered treason to anyone who may find out." Naruto's expression dropped a little more at this and Jiraiya walked up and ruffled his hair.

"No need to feel down gaki, this doesn't mean I won't give you the method in which to make yourself stronger." Jiraiya held up a small piece of paper.

"What's paper gonna do for me?" Naruto asked incredulously

"Channel chakra into it Naruto," Kakashi suggested, Naruto nodded and suddenly the paper split in two. Jiraiya whistled lowly, clearly impressed.

"So you're a wind type, that's rare for Hi no Kuni." Jiraiya reached into his gi and pulled out two scrolls, handing them to his former student.

"What are these for?" Naruto asked

"You have an affinity for wind gaki, meaning you'll have the easiest time mastering that element. Those scrolls hold the instructions for basic wind manipulation training and a few wind jutsu you may benefit from once you get the hang of it." Jiraiya explained, Naruto nodded in understanding…even if he was a little confused.

"That's not all you're getting, here." Kakashi handed him another scroll.

"Your mother had an affinity for water, I'm sure water jutsu would come easy to you as well." Kakashi mused, pretending not to notice the shocked look on his student's face at the mere mention of his parentage.

"M-my mother? You knew my parents?" Naruto asked, Kakashi and the others winced at the obvious hint of betrayal and hurt in his voice. So for the next hour the adults explained to the blonde all they knew of his parents, Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage and Uzumaki Kushina, one of the last of the Uzumaki clan when she was alive.

Of course, Naruto was shocked when he learned that his idol was also his father and he felt stupid for not realizing it sooner. The man was practically an older clone of him and why would the Yondaime have another parent do what he himself was against and allow the greatest of the Bijuu be sealed in their child. After Naruto had calmed down a bit he was able to hear the next bit of news from Kakashi.

"Your father never completed the Rasengan you know." Kakashi commented randomly

"W-what?" Naruto gaped, the Rasengan was the most powerful jutsu he knew, hell it was legendary and an A-ranked jutsu to boot…and it wasn't finished?

"Minato-sensei was trying to add his own element within the Rasengan, the ultimate level of shape manipulation. I tried to add my lightning affinity to it and ended up failing. But, on the plus side I was able to create the Chidori because of the failure." Kakashi got down to eye level with his former student and gave him an eye smile. "Promise me Naruto that you will complete your father's jutsu one day."

Naruto began to shed tears and for the first time ever, he bowed to authority. "I promise all of you that I will complete the Rasengan."

"And live a good life." Tsunade added

"…And live a good life." Naruto agreed tearfully.

After going home and packing the rest of his essential belongings, Naruto arrived at the front gate donning a black cloak to avoid detection from any ninja. Naruto arrived to find the three Shinobi waiting for him once again as dusk began to arrive.

"Well this is goodbye gaki, maybe one day we'll meet again." Jiraiya said

"Take care of yourself, Naruto and don't break my promise." Kakashi let out a small chuckle as he said that.

"Be careful and remember to stay out of trouble." Tsunade stated with a mock glare. Naruto let out a hollow chuckle and the others were saddened by the unshed tears in his eyes.

"Don't you remember Baachan, trouble always finds me." He quickly hugged his mother figure, turned, and ran as if his life depended on it even tuning out the cries for Naruto to come back didn't stop him. He just kept running he didn't know where he was going, he didn't know how long he had been running. He just continued to go as he cried his eyes out. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he stopped to catch his breath and took in his surroundings. The waterfall, river, giant statues, he was back in the Valley of the End.

"The last place I ever wanted to see again." Naruto thought as he scoffed in disgust and was about to hop over the other statue and continue on his way until he notice a small light coming from the waterfall.

"I don't remember seeing that last time." Naruto said to himself as he headed toward the light…no pun intended. Naruto reached the bottom of the waterfall and noticed the light coming from a few feet above it. Almost mechanically Naruto pumped chakra into his legs and with a might hop, was directly in front of the light. The next thing he knew, Naruto's world began to twist and melt around him as the shining light became brighter and brighter.


And with that Uzumaki Naruto disappeared from the Elemental Nations only leaving behind the cloak that he wore to conceal himself.

Naruto's eyes fluttered, he tried to pick himself up off the ground…and immediately regretted the action.

"Ohh, my body feels like it went through fighting ten Sasuke's at once." Naruto thought, as he felt pain on every inch of his body along with mild fatigue. He noticed that he was shirtless and his pants had severe tears in them do to the breeze he felt. Whatever happened to him hurt like hell and he needed to know exactly WHAT happened now.

"Are you okay?"

Naruto freaked out slightly when some kid wearing a purple gi with blue wristbands and obi appeared out of nowhere. "I didn't even feel his presence."

Naruto noticed the kid was around his age, he was pale, had a weird, puffy white collar to go with his attire and pointy brown shoes. He had black eyes and wild black hair in a mullet style.

"W-who are you," Naruto asked weakly

"Who me, I'm Son Gohan."

That was the last thing Naruto hear before his world went dark, only thinking one thing as he slipped into unconsciousness.

"Son Gohan, what a weird name."

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