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Chapter 5:

It was done, his initial training complete. His mind sharper, his movement swift, his body athletic, built for a warrior of his stature. His ki surged around him, an aquatic blue lined in a deep crimson. His gi repaired and his ninja gear in the correct spots. Uzumaki Naruto was now the definition of a true Z fighter and his mentor, Piccolo couldn't be any more proud.

"This is our last day in here, Naruto. We will spend this day going over what you've learned during your year of training." Piccolo began, keeping Naruto's full attention. "And to do that we will have a no holds barred spar. No holding back, I want your best and nothing less do you understand."

"Yes sir," Naruto said, giving Piccolo a salute "I'll give you the fight of your life."

"Heh, we'll see," Piccolo retorted with a smirk.

In the blink of an eye Piccolo was a few yards back, cape and turban removed and he was already in his stance. Clearly, he wasn't going to go easy on his latest student.

Naruto took a stance of his own, a combination of Sasuke's interceptor fist and Piccolo's Demon style. Two styles he found worked well together surprisingly and fit Naruto's new status as a ki user. Both stood completely still, waiting for the other to make the first move…

Naruto sped through hand seals so fast the Piccolo almost missed it. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique)!"

Naruto spewed a giant ball of flame directly toward his teacher; Piccolo flew into the air avoiding the fire. He lifted both his hands over his head, one overlapping the other and gathered his ki into his palm.

"Masenko (Demon Blast)!" A wave of yellow ki shot towards Naruto like a bullet. The young Jinchuuriki just barely dodged with a quick back flip, the impact creating a large dust cloud. Before Naruto could regain his bearings, Piccolo shot out of the cloud speed straight for Naruto.

"Crap," Piccolo's fist smashed into Naruto's face, sending the new Z Warrior flying. The Namekian wasn't letting his student off easy though and before Naruto could blink Piccolo was directly above him. Piccolo hammer fisted Naruto in the abdomen, making the young shinobi bounce on the ground and fly back up. Piccolo finished his assault with a swift kick that sent Naruto slamming continuously on the unforgiving ground before skidding to a stop. The green warrior kept his arms crossed while staring impassively at where the blonde lay motionless.

"Get up and take this seriously, brat. I know that didn't finish you." Piccolo said with a clear hint of annoyance in his voice. The pained expression Naruto wore shifted into a smirk as he flipped back up not even looking the least bit winded from Piccolo's assault.

"Nothing gets by you huh, Piccolo? Fine, if you want me to take this seriously then so be it." Naruto's face took on a serious expression as he gathered his power….


Before Piccolo could blink, a now red-eyed and feral looking Naruto sent him flying in the opposite direction. To add fuel to the fire, Naruto began launching a barrage of ki blasts at his sensei relentlessly until smoke covered the entire area. The blonde warrior kept his guard up, he didn't know when or where Piccolo would show himself…

"Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)!"

Naruto's eyes widened as an orange and purple coiled beam of ki pierced his left shoulder.

"ARGH!" he grunted in pain as the blood and numbness covered his arm. Piccolo approached the Jinchuuriki clearly injured with his gi looking as if he was mauled by Frieza…again.

"I think that should settle things for now, it would be difficult for you to fight with one arm." Piccolo said sternly only to raise a non-existent eyebrow when Naruto began chuckling lightly.

"Come on Piccolo-sensei, I remember you telling me that the battle isn't over until it's over." Naruto then went up in smoke much to Piccolo's surprise.

"Kage Bunshin!?" Piccolo screamed in pain as he felt a distinct pain in his back as if something was shredding through his skin.

"Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)!" Naruto shouted as Piccolo was shot forward spinning in the air. The Namekian stopped himself mid-air a turned towards his student, breathing heavily.

"W-when?" Piccolo demanded

"After a used the Goukakyuu no Jutsu I used Kawairimi to switch out with a clone a created earlier and hid out in the palace until a found an opening. It's a good thing that I took the time to make my clones more durable or that plan wouldn't have worked." Naruto explained

"Impressive, well I guess that settles that. Now it's time to head back to the Lookout, our time is up and I know Vegeta is getting impatient." Piccolo said

"Yes sir,"

Meanwhile on the outside

We find the rest of our heroes waiting patiently for Piccolo's and Naruto's training to be complete…


…Well most of them were; turns out Vegeta wasn't exactly thrilled that Piccolo was still in the chamber 'wasting his time' as he put it.

"Now father, you need to remember that Piccolo has Naruto with him as well. It's only fair that he gives his newest student some extra time." Trunks tried to reason as his father's complaining was beginning to annoy him.

"That's time that can be used for Kakarot to train the boy." Vegeta retorted angrily

"Now father that's not-"

"They have come out!" Mr. Popo exclaimed from the palace cutting Trunks off mid-sentence.

"Well it's about time," Vegeta stated, quickly following after the genie with his son on his tail.

Once they arrived to the entrance of the chamber, Trunks couldn't help the gasp that came from his mouth and Vegeta could only smirk in amusement.

"Well it looks like the boy did learn a thing or two." Vegeta thought as he examined Naruto who expression was stern and serious matching Piccolo. His hair somehow stood the same (AN: because I hate when people try to make him look like Minato) and he grew about an inch making him match Gohan an height now. His muscles were the most noticeable physical difference, defined and lean just like the rest of them and his power level was now slightly higher than Piccolo's new level.

"And it will grow higher if he uses that fox's power." Vegeta mused

Naruto noticed Vegeta's eyeing him critically giving him an idea.

"Hey Veggie would you stop staring at me, I don't swing that way." Naruto stated an mock irritation.

Vegeta growled an annoyance and ignored the mischievous prankster. He then turned to Piccolo and gave him one of his mocking smirks.

"The boy has certainly gotten more powerful. But what about you, you haven't changed at all. What were you doing, taking a nap?" Vegeta mocked much to Piccolo's ire and entered the chamber with his smirk still on his face.

"Asshole," Naruto muttered glaring at the door. "How do you guys stand him?"

"You'll get used to it, that's just father's way of complementing others. His just too prideful to say anything remotely nice," Trunks stated.

"Whatever," Naruto said, his expression then went to thoughtful as he sensed someone arriving on the Lookout. "Someone's here,"

"It's Goku," Piccolo stated

"Well let's go see what's up," Trunks suggested

A little while later, the three warriors arrived outside the palace to see Goku still in his Super Saiyan state while in casual clothing.

"Hey guys, how's the training going?" Goku asked

"Pretty well I would say," Piccolo answered

"Yeah I can tell, both you and Naruto have gotten incredibly powerful it's incredible." Goku praised making Naruto blush with a sheepish expression as he wasn't praised often.

"Don't beat around the bush, we're strong sure be we can't compare to Cell." Piccolo admitted

"Nope you're not even close," Goku stated bluntly as Naruto's expression had become crestfallen. "However, I think Naruto might be the edge we're looking for in this fight."

That caught everyone's attention as they all stared at Naruto in wonder, making the young ninja uncomfortable.

"Are you sure about that Goku, he's only a slight bit stronger than me." Piccolo said, shock clear on his face.

"That may be true while he's fighting with his natural ability but what about when he's using the Kyuubi's chakra?" Goku asked

Piccolo had the decency to blush; he had forgotten all about the power increase Naruto gets from the fox.

"I'm not sure exactly, he never used that power beyond his initial release which is without the appearance of the tails." Piccolo stated as he continued to stare at his student "Judging by the increase he gained during his little spat with Vegeta with one tail I'd say he surpasses most of us in sheer raw strength."

"If it helps, the Kyuubi admitted that my limit his two tails and the only way I can unlock the third is if I meet the..requirements." Naruto added, making Goku's eyes widen slightly.

"With two tails he may reach if not surpass my level but with three…can he be like Gohan?" Goku thought in astonishment until he remembered the reason he arrived on the Lookout in the first place. He promised he would look into this matter at a later date.

"Well that is interesting; we should look into that when we begin our training." Goku told Naruto who nodded positively before he turned to Piccolo. "Anyway, I came here to ask if it's possible for you to separate into two beings again."

"For the Dragon Balls right, sorry but it can't be done. Kami and I knew that once we rejoined we could never separate again. Why do you think I was so hesitant to join with him in the first place?" Piccolo said much to Goku's disappointment but then the Super Saiyan had a stroke of inspiration.

"Well what if we just locate where the Namekian's have settled maybe we can have one of them come back and be our new guardian." Goku suggested

"That might actually work," Piccolo muttered

The next hour went by like a blur for Naruto, one minute Piccolo and Goku were talking about a new guardian thing and Dragon Balls and the next the Saiyan warrior was standing with a little Piccolo-looking boy at his feet. All in all, the ninja still had a lot to get used to with his new comrades.

"Hey guys, look who I brought for dinner." Goku exclaimed

"D-Dende!?" Piccolo shouted "Are you sure he can handle this Goku, he's just a boy!"

Dende looked clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation and decided to keep quiet as Piccolo and Goku exchanged words.

"Don't worry Piccolo, the elder told me that Dende was one of the most talented Namekians on the planet. He'll do just fine don't worry about it." Goku stated

"Well if you say so then fine," Piccolo relented

"Well ok then, Dende I'm going to get Gohan." Goku left via instant transmission only to re-appear five minutes later with both Gohan and Krillin in tow.

"GOHAN, KRILLIN!" Dende exclaimed excitedly

"Dende, is that really you!?" Krillin asked surprised and glad to see the young Namekian again.

"It's been so long, so I guess you're going to be the new guardian?" Gohan asked

"That's right," Dende stated

Through all this, Naruto looked on with a smile. Seeing friends reunited like this made him think of the rest of his friends back in Konoha. He sighed sadly, those damn elders ruined everything for him for their own stupid agenda. But all of that didn't matter now, he was not in his world anymore but a better world where he wasn't judged and aliens were common. It was time to put his past to rest and make new friends starting with the young Namekian his comrades were speaking to.

Naruto approached the trio with a casual smile as the others noticed him coming their way.

"Hey Naruto, man look at you, you've certainly powered up. How did your training go with Piccolo?" Krillin questioned, both Naruto and Gohan began to go pale in the face.

"First rule of Piccolo's training, never speak of Piccolo's training." Both boy said in a synchronized voice that made both Krillin and Dende sweat drop.

"Uh..okay." Krillin said a bit unsettled

"So you're Dende huh, Piccolo mentioned you when he told me about Frieza." Naruto said, smiling at the boy.

"Um yes, may I ask who you are?" Dende asked politely

"Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you." Naruto stated putting his hand out to shake

"Yes, you too."

After introductions Dende was given the old Shenron model which was broken into several pieces but after a bit of reconstruction and upgrading Shenron and the Dragon Balls were restored to normal now with a second wish being possible. Once that was done, Goku had brought Naruto, Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo to Mount Paozu while Mr. Popo got Dende settled into his new role.

Naruto took in the surroundings feeling a sense of peace in the nature around him as if he belonged in the environment. A hand on his shoulder knocked him out of his stupor he turned to see Gohan smiling at him.

"Yeah it's pretty awesome huh? Sometimes I lose myself as well when I look around the fields." Gohan said

The moment of silence was ended when Goku clapped once, getting the other's attention.

"Alright Naruto, Piccolo tells me that your power now surpasses his only by a slight margin. You've learned the basics with him but I plan to help you better control your transformations and teach you a technique or two." Goku explained "If you can do this, then I have no doubt that you will be the key to winning our battle with Cell."

"Consider it done," Naruto said immediately

"Okay then, Gohan you and Naruto will have an all-out spar." Goku called to his oldest who looked surprised by his father's order.

Naruto looked excited, wanting to test himself against the half-breed to see where he stood.

"I'm game, what about you Gohan?" Naruto asked smiling at Gohan who returned it.

"Okay I guess, but I won't go easy on you."

"I didn't expect you to,"

The two warriors stood a few feet across from each other in their respective stances, analyzing their opponent. Gohan had removed his cape and his aura was flaring around him, showing that he was taking this fight seriously just as he told Naruto he would. Said shinobi was in his initial Jinchuuriki state with a purple colored aura around him as his blue aura and the Kyuubi's chakra mixed. Clearly, he wasn't going to hold anything back especially against his fellow pupil.

Much to Naruto's surprise, Gohan decided to make the first move moving quickly enough to get through the former ninja's defenses and struck him with a kick to the gut sending him flying. The demi-Saiyan used his super speed to appear ahead of the flying Naruto and threw a ki blast at his vulnerable back hitting the blonde dead center.

"Oh man, I think Naruto might've bit off more than he could chew." Krillin said from the sidelines which made Gohan worry. This made Piccolo give a light chuckle gaining the others attention.

"Trust me, the gaki is just fine that move wouldn't take him out."

As if on cue, the cloud of smoke disappeared from the area to reveal…a burnt log?

"What?" Gohan thought in confusion

"Makousen (Light Grenade)!" Gohan snapped his neck behind him to see a powerful yellow ki wave flying towards him fast. The young Saiyan brought his hands above his head, gathering ki in his palm

"Masenko (Demon Blast)!" Gohan launched his counter, both techniques exploding on contact. Gohan didn't even have a chance for a breather as Naruto shot out of the cloud of smoke created by the blasts and slammed his fist into the demi-Saiyan's face followed by a hard knee to the gut. Gohan doubled over in pain, Naruto saw the opening and took a page out of a certain spandex wearing friend's book with his next move.

He kicked Gohan in the chin, sending him in the air. He then appeared behind him and grabbed him tight before taking a nose dive back to the ground at high speeds.

"Omote Renge (Primary Lotus)!" Both boys slammed into the ground with Naruto recovering with a huge backflip. The others were dumbfounded, they had never expected such an attack before and Goku was hoping Gohan wasn't too hurt from the attack's brutal nature.

Naruto laughed nervously as he noticed the damage to the area and the fact that Gohan was nowhere to be found. "Maybe I over did it a little,"

Then Gohan's ki signature spiked…right from under Naruto! The Jinchuuriki tried to move only to find Gohan hands were firmly around his ankles, keeping him in place lest he risks breaking his legs.

"HAAAHH!" Gohan's Super Saiyan power broke through the ground easily as he levitated in the air with a firm grasp on Naruto.

Gohan then began to spin…and spin..and spin until they were blurs to the others. When he felt that he gained enough momentum, Gohan hurled the very, very dizzy Naruto in the air. He crouched down, cupping his hands at his side and began to chant.


Naruto began to lose his dizziness, albeit slowly as he focused to regain his control.


He regained his bearings and sensed a strange ki spike. He looked in Gohan's direction to see the boy creating a white and blue ball of ki in his hands. He quickly made a cross shaped hand seal, creating over a dozen clones who all flashed through a string of hand seals themselves and slammed their fists into their stomachs.


"Futon: Chou Renkudan (Wind Release: Super Drilling Air Bullets)!"

Gohan launched the Turtle School's signature technique, colliding with a giant wind blast that was actually pushing it back. Gohan pumped more ki into his wave while Naruto pumped more chakra from his mouth to keep his bullet going.

Piccolo watched the struggle with a calculating look, seeing both his students fight it out like this filled him with pride.

Goku looked on with excitement and hopefulness, maybe these two are the answer for Cell.

Krillin just looked on with a look that said 'Not fair'.

Yes the mighty struggle was truly a sight to behold, two young men with power unimaginable hidden within them were giving it their all it the ultimate battle of-


Both boys lost concentration to their respective technique and they both blew up in their face, sending them flying in opposite directions.

"OW," they shouted as they hit the ground.


Both yelped when an irritated Chi-Chi hit them both with a frying pan and glaring menacingly.

"M-mom, we were just-" Gohan began before Chi-Chi hit him again

"You were fighting near the house and woke up Goten from his nap." She growled "I spent three hours just trying to get him to sleep."

"Uh, sorry," Naruto said in a rather small voice only to get hit as well.

"Say it like you mean it, I don't know who you are young man but you're as guilty as my son."

While this was going on, the three older males watched on with a sweat drop.

"We should probably go back to the Lookout before she notices us." Piccolo suggested, he was not a fan of Chi-Chi's temper obviously

"Uh yeah," Krillin agreed

"Let's go..fast," Goku quickly grabbed his two comrades and got out of there.

It was on this day that Naruto met Son Chi-Chi…great first impression.

And that ends this chapter hope you all enjoyed. Now I've kind of hit a bump in the road so to speak, I'm starting to think I may change Goku's fate and just let him die like in canon but part of me wants to keep him alive. So I decided to leave it up to you, you get to choose whether Goku lives or dies. So until next time have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you all in the New Year with Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan..later ^^.