based off Daniel powter's song which i LOVE!

i own nothing but idea will be shport but whatever

jack was having a bad day. 13 meetings, two hexes to try and fix and many many more. jack had planned on coming home early that day too. "well, i guess when youre the king of halloween you have quite the job. halloween is the only holiday that doesnt get along fully." jack chuckled at that thought. he was sitting in his study going some new plans for halloween. he had a really good feeling about them.


There was a knock on jacks door and jack without looking up said, "come in." sally entered with black death cookies she had just made. jack's favorite. she knew that he had had a rough day. so she decided to do just a little something for him. jack smelled the sent of death and chocolate and looked up. in front of him was the lovely sally his love. and she had black death cookies. bless her! that was just what he needed to finish up these plans. "sally! thank you so much love. this is exactly what i needed." he picked one off the plate. "be careful jack theyre still a little hot." he popped the cookie and started to chew it. mmmmmmmm! sally was amazing! what would he do without her. she helped him if he ever needed it, kept him from being lonely, made him laugh something he rarely did, and kept him grounded he loved that lady. jack grabbed her hand and pulled her with him to the couch. they both sat down and sally sat the cookie plate in the middle. they both talked about their and just took a little while to reconnect with each other. when they finished the cookies, sally got up bringing the plate up with her. " i love being able to talk with you jack its nice to just... talk." and he couldnt agree more.

the end

i know it ended kinda abruptly but i thought that was a good place to start but hey, mi fanfiction, mi reglamento = D thats spanish for my fanfiction, my rulesso review and thanks for reading.