Chapter Two

The next morning when Riivi woke up, she was somewhat startled to see Ringo staring at her with her big eyes, and adorable smile.


Riivi jumped. "Ngh...hello, Ringo."

"Did you sleep good?"

"Yes, I slept very fine."

Ringo grabbed her older sister's hand and started pulling her towards a cliffside. "Look, down there!" She let go and slid on her behind to the bottom.

"Ringo! What are you doing?!" Riivi exclaimed, following the little girl.

When she got to the bottom of the hill, all she could see were Bandits. Ringo wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Ringo!" Riivi yelled for her sister. "RINGO!"

"SISSY!" Ringo's voice sounded far off, and…scared.

Riivi ran towards the sound of Ringo's voice, only to see her being held up by a Bandit.


Riivi knew she would have to sacrifice herself for the little girl. "LET HER GO! SHE'S NOT CASSHERN!"

The Bandit dropped Ringo, and his gaze averted to Riivi. "KILL CASSHERN…DEVOUR CASSHERN!" In place of Ringo, he picked up Riivi and held her above him.

But suddenly, Riivi heard the sound of breaking metal, and the giant Bandit dropped her.

Her immediate reaction was to dart towards the terrified, crying Ringo and cradle her in her arms. She could feel the smaller girl's heartbeat pounding against her chest.

And Riivi looked up, she saw a man in a white bodysuit fighting all of the Bandits. And as he killed the last one, he turned towards the two girls, and Riivi saw the most identifying feature on this man.

Emblazoned across his chest was the infamous, blood-red "C".

"Are you girls alrigh- …Ngh…Ringo?!"

Ringo looked up at the man. "Casshern!" She jumped out of Riivi's arms and up to Casshern.

Riivi stood up. "You are Casshern?"

Casshern seemed a bit uneasy. "Your voice…you almost sound like… Luna…"

Riivi looked at him. "Thank you for saving me and my sister…we will be going now."


Riivi looked behind her to see Ohji standing there.

"I think you should stay with Casshern. I will keep Ringo with me, but you will be safer if you stay here."

"Wh…what? Papa…how…why?" Riivi's eyes teared up.

"It will be safer..for all of us…"

"All of us…?"

"Yes. Darling…you…you are too dangerous to be around Ringo."


"Yes. You will snap eventually…and who knows what you'll do when you blow a fuse."

"You actually think I would hurt Ringo?!"

"If you were not in your right mind, maybe." He walked up to Riivi and kissed her cheek. "This won't be the last time you see us, I promise."

"But, Papa…"

"Hush. Ringo, come on."

The younger girl looked up at Riivi, and handed her a seashell. "I love you, sissy."

"I…I love you too…"

And then they were gone.

Riivi slowly turned around and looked up at the very man she had put all her being into hating.

Casshern smiled somewhat sympathetically.

"You were planning this, weren't you? You and Papa planned this, knowing I hate you!" Riivi's voice was accusing and sharp.

"Sort of. We planned this because he believes I can help you."

"I don't need help!"

Casshern shrugged. "Let's get going, shall we?"

Casshern was walking up a big hill, and Riivi wasn't too far ahead of him, walking backwards so she could see him.

"I don't like you. I don't like anything about you. I don't like who you are."

"Yes, Riivi, I understand."

"Don't call me that. I don't like you. People I don't like use my real name."

"Which is…?"


Casshern stopped. "Olive?"

Riivi sighed. "Yes. It means Olive. Don't remind me I was named after a vegetable."

"Do you like olives?"

"No. I don't like you either."

"Why don't you like me?"

"You're killing me."

"I'm killing you?"

"Yes. You're killing me."

"Ohji was right…you DO need help," Casshern muttered.

"Shut your face, Cashew."

"It's Casshern. Not Cashew."

"I don't like cashews."


"You are Cashew."

Casshern decided that it was a good time to shut up, lest Riivi torment him more. She was a stubborn girl, stuck to the fact that Casshern was evil.

He didn't blame her. He WAS the one who started the Ruin, why WOULDN'T she hate him?

But it would still be easier if she only disliked him. It's not easy to put up with someone who hates you, so it might be simpler if she just disliked him.

He knew that it would take a while before Riivi's feelings towards him. In fact, they might never change. He didn't know. She was pretty fixed on mentally dismembering him, which would explain the malicious glare she had been giving him the past few hours.

And there it was started. The olive hating the cashew.